1.Human Eye "They Came From the Sky" LP (Sacred Bones)

2.TV Ghost "Mass Dream" LP (In the Red)

3. Sex Church "Growing Over" LP (Load)

4. Homostupids "Strawberry Orange Peach Banana" mini-LP (Fashionable Idiots)

5. GG King "Esoteric Lore" LP (Rob's House/Scavenger of Death)

6. Brain F≠ "Sleep Rough" LP (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)

7. Folded Shirt s/t LP (Fashionable Idiots)

8. True Sons of Thunder "Spoonful of Seedy Dudes" LP (Jeth-Row)

9. Liqour Store "Yeah Buddy" 2XLP (Almost Ready)

10. Video "Leather Leather" LP (Play Pinball!)

Human Eye LP was the undisputed winner here, there really was no question. TV Ghost LP made an impression early that lasted all year, thanks to a perfectly sequenced A-Side and a mid-year live show mindblow. Sex Church were another band in my mind all year, again thanks to a killer LP backed by a killer live show. Homostupids come in at the 4 spot, I've heard some people are down on this record, but I don't get that. They turned that studio into just another weapon in their already well-stocked armory, and I think this holds the definitive version of the definitive Homostupids tune ("Beneath the Blackman" you dope.) After that it's a free-for-all. Such a great year for LP releases. GG King record got over on sheer force of will, Brain F≠ are the new young turks, Folded Shirt is genius, TSOT delivered some monster rock, Liquor Store should be headlining arenas and Video just outdid The Wiccans LP by a hair for the Denton title. I should also note that I disqualified both the Brown Sugar and Plates LP due to them being local releases (and I don't want to seem biased) but both of those records are Top Ten for sure. Other LPs that just missed out: Wiccans "Skullduggery", Hygiene "Public Sector", Feeling of Love "Dissolve Me", Degreaser "Bottom Feeder", Mordecai s/t, La Hell Gang "Just What is Real", Rational Animals "Bock Rock Parade", NASA Space Universe, Predator, Pygmy Shrews, Butcher Cover, Factorymen, Apache Dropout, and shit there were a lot of solid LPs last year...

The Singles/EPs:

1. The Sleaze "Weird Truck" 7" (Three Dimensional)

2. The Sleaze "Called You Once" 7" (Total Punk)

3.Flying Trichecos s/t 12" EP (Mastermind)

4. White Load "Fuck Jams" 7" (Batshit)

5. Watery Love "Two Thrills" 7" (Negative Guest List)

6. Low Life "Sydney Darbs" 7" (Negative Guest List)

7. Ralph s/t 7" (Scavenger of Death)

8. Hungry Gayze "Roadkill" 7" (Floridas Dying)

9. Puffy Areolas "Gentleman's Grip" 7" (Hozac)

10. Hatefuck "R&R Letdown" EP (Negative Guest List)

2011 was as lacking in quality 7"es/EPs as it was packed with great long players. The Sleaze came very close to being band of the year, based on two of the best punk rock singles I've heard in ages. You should own their entire catalog. Trichecos one-sided 12" sneaks into this category and should not be ignored. White Load are the best shit-rock band on the planet, I smell a great 2012 ahead for these morons. "Two Thrills" really knocked my socks off, and Watery Love need to make an LP. Now. I liked this one better than the Siltbreeze 7", although that one also sounds great at both 33 and 45 rpm. Low Life made one of the nastiest records of the year, and Ralph made one of the best young hardcore-punk records. For some reason the Floridian retardation of the Hungry Gayze single stuck with me all year. So catchy, so dumb. Rounding out the top ten are the Puffys punkest and the drug-core of Hatefuck. Other notable singles by Naked on the Vague, Bloody Hammer, Women in Prison, Bad Vibrations and Pink Reason should be mentioned...

The Reissues/Retrospectives/etc. (LP):

1. Fungus Brains "Ron Pisto's Real World" LP (Load Records)

2. Black Humor "Love God, Love One Another" LP (Superior Viaduct)

3. The Reatards "Teenage Hate + Demos" 2xLP (Goner)

4. Poison Idea "Darby Crash Rides Again" LP (TKO)

5. The Clap "Have You Reached Yet?" LP (Sing Sing)

6. Cheater Slicks "Our Food Is Chaos" LP+7" (Almost Ready)

7. Normals "Vacation to Nowhere" LP (Last Laugh)

8. Gruberger Brothers "Greetings From Reading, PA" LP (Rerun)

9. Astronauts "Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)

10. Tyvek "Fast Metabolism" LP (M'Ladys)

The Reissues/Retrospectives/etc. (7"):

1. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "Burning Trash" 7"(Negative Guest List)

2. Hammer Damage "Laugh" 7" (Last Laugh)

3. Art Yard "the Law" 7" (Ride the Snake)

4. Death Trap "No Hicks" EP (Feral Kid)

5. Shitdogs "History of Cheese" 2x7" (Last Laugh)

Again, a massive year for reissues of all kinds. Load Records took care of #1 on my wantlist via the Fungus Brains platter, The Reatards double set was incredibly well done and the bonus material delivered, Black Humor reissue was also very impressive and makes me look forward to the rest of the projects SV has planned. The Poison Idea reissue came out spectacularly, and deserves a purchase whether you dig TKO or not. The Clap LP was a long time coming (too bad my bootleg is worthless now), Grubergers and Astronauts seemingly flew under the radar but are essential. Tyvek gets included on this list, since it really is a reissue of sorts, and it's great to have this material as one solid piece. TJSA 7" was a revelation, Ary Yard single is fantastic, Death Trap is an underrated ripper. Other reissues that should be mentioned include stuff from Feederz, Electric Wizard, Void, Roach Motel, Dow Jones & The Industrials and anything else on Last Laugh/Mighty Mouth...


1. The Ropes "Demo II" (self-released)

2. Gary Wrong demo (self-released)

3. Death Wish 3 demo (Batshit)

4. Cops demo (Scavenger of Death)

5. Uranium Orchard "Four for Survival"(Cold Vomit)


SPLIT OF THE YEAR: Animal Eyes/Green Screen Door split cassette (Midas) - yes, this tape was that good, both of these bands should have a record out. Honorable Vinyl Mention: Le Face/DVA Damas, Mayday/Brown Sugar, Wizzard Sleeve/TSOT.

COMP OF THE YEAR: V/A "Wings Over Gabba: The Best of Songs of Negativity" LP (Negative Guest List) - a comp without a single dud that relied on outstanding tracks from bands you probably hadn't heard too much of before this record. One of my most listened to pieces of vinyl all year. And the Mordecai cut on this might be my favorite song of the year.

FAN CLUB RELEASE OF THE YEAR: Really Red "Crowd Control" 7" - this one snuck out there with little fanfare, as boots tend to do. My favorite Really Red tune.

WORST BAND NAME:...Nacho Business and Irony Butterfly really irked me the most this year.

POPULAR RECORD/BAND I JUST DIDN'T "GET": The Men - sounds pretty average (at best) to me.

ZINE OF THE YEAR: Negative Guest List - Issue #24 - little to no music in this aside from a great Sex Church interview, but Brendon's focus on film is as exciting as his music writing, including the Buddy Giovinazzo piece and film reviews here. But the best thing about this is Monty Buckles' breakdown of 'Snitch'd', one of the most fun things I read all year. And really, every issue of NGL could have won this. Honorable Non-NGL Mentions: Sex Before Suicide #1 - some of the best and craziest layouts I've seen since Sick Teen, plus an Anus interview that is essential reading // Put the Music in It's Coffin #2 - I just like reading this guy.

BEST ARTWORK: Sex Church 'Growing Over' LP - this one might not have struck a chord with everyone, but for me, it really was art that fit with the music perfectly. Weird and ambiguous and perfect to stare at while listening. Well done Lortz. I also have to give Liquor Store a lot of credit for using Vanessa Blue as cover model, a truly unsung siren of cinema. And to Butcher Cover for copping images from Bloody Iron, one of my favorite books.

LIVE SHOW OF THE YEAR: Total Control/Thee Oh Sees - Nov 21 @ Bugjar, Rochester, NY - Total Control simply DOMINATED the crowd, and the Oh Sees delivered an incredible two-drummer set with newest addition Lars Finberg that almost topped it. Close Second: Human Eye at Horriblefest.

BOOK OF THE YEAR: Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries - Jon Kristiansen - if you haven't seen this book, you need to. So impressive. Leave it to metal dudes to do a fanzine retrospective the right way, the attention to detail here is unbelievable and leaves me pondering the possibilities of why someone hasn't done this with various punk zines of the past yet (the Touch & Go book comes close). A tome like this dedicated to Forced Exposure would blow my mind. As it is, Metalion was a great music zine in it's own right, and the content here is fantastic as well. Also, surprisingly affordable ($40ppd I think) for a monster 744 page hardcover beast.

SONGS I'D JUST LIKE TO MENTION: Mouthbreathers "Anxiety", Estrogen Highs "Kings Run Errands (For Me)", Rational Animals "My Treat", The Oh Sees "Carrion Crawler" and "The Dream", Rayon Beach "Death Rides A Horse", Timmy's Organism "Mind Over Matter", Hoax "Fagget"...

MYSTERIOUS GUY HARDCORE 7" OF THE YEAR: Suburbanite 7" (Youth Attack) - pretty damn good and clean hardcore with meathead vox.

YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Ask the Phelper with Jason Jessee, which really came out in 2010, but fuck it. Watch every episode. Jake Phelps = #1.

COVER SONG OF THE YEAR: The Ropes "Down in Flames" - best Dead Boys cover since The Reatards did this same song ("Elvis Wong on lead guitar..."). Also wins the award for best use of Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol promo.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: BRAIN F≠ - these kids first laced em up in 2010, but '11 was their first full season, and along with my home team Brown Sugar, I feel okay placing the future in their hands right now. Looking forward to another release soon.

WRESTLER OF THE YEAR: This award was traditionally given out by RFA every year, but after he vacated the title last year, I feel the need to jump in. In keeping with Richard's standards, he gave the award to a non-WWE grappler who had a great run outside of the all-seeing eye that sits atop Titan Towers. So, since I didn't see so much ROH this year (but The Briscoe Brothers, aka Dem Boys, surely deserve a mention for the promo of the year) I'm going to have to dip into the Impact Wrestling roster, and I think the one man dererving the award here (although Austin Aries was one of the most entertaining performers on my TV this year as well) is none other than current TNA Champion, Robert "Bobby" Roode, who despite almost being buried by Hulk Hogan (who "knew what he was doing" when he made the comments) and surviving questionably booked title match(es) to win the belt, has turned into a top flight chickenshit heel champ as well as being one of the most skilled workers in any promotion. Congrats!

BAND OF THE YEAR: HUMAN EYE - Timmy Vulgar is at the peak of his powers after years of honing his vision. Clone Defects were amazing, but with Human Eye he's reached another level, both live and on record. The Sleaze were the only other band considered for the award this year.

LABEL OF THE YEAR: NEGATIVE GUEST LIST RECORDS - that Brendon's been able to run a record label as fantastic and diverse as his zine is a testament to his beyond-his-years wisdom and unbelievable work ethic. Comps, tapes, reissues, jukebox singles series, this kid's doing at all. What's next, feature films? Load, Fashionable Idiots and the Last Laugh/Almost Ready Media Empire all made runs at the award this year as well.

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