2013 is a wrap and so is a decade of Terminal Boredom. Better late than never (which should become our offical slogan), here are some pages wherein the staff discuss their favorite things of the past twelve months. Lots of differing opinions this year, but it seems like the Total Punk label, Buck Biloxi, True Sons of Thunder, Destruction Unit and Lumpy & The Dumpers are all scored fairly well overall. There are some further introductory comments on the (RK) page, but I'll use this space again to thank all the bands and labels who sents us materials and all the readers, posters and lurkers out there who make me think it seems like a decent idea to carry on for another year. As always, I plan to try and make this next year full of frequent updates, timely reviews and other awesome stuff. This "thing" has been a huge part of my life for the past dozen-plus years between Termbo and Blank Generation, and if it wasn't still fun I would stop. I see the finish line somewhere in the distance, but I think I still have a couple more laps left in me and I hope all of you out there do as well.


Rich K./RK: The Editor.

Rob Vertigo/RSF: West Coast Czar.

Nick Goode/NG: Mid Atlantic Ops.

Erick Elrick/EEK: Senior NYC Correspondent.

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