2014 was a strange one. I always like to say (and honestly believe) that the previous year was a great one. I'd say 2014 was pretty good. Whether that is due to my own tastes shifting or just a real shift in the quality of music coming out I will leave up to you to decide on. There's certainly no shortage of records and tapes coming out, the ones worth hearing are just getting even fewer and even farther apart. I still think there's a ton of great stuff out there in the world, we just have to work even harder to find it. Between facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, blogs and actual physical releases there's no doubt there is way too much mediocre stuff out there to wade through. Hopefully we have (or will) help you with that process. There's some more rambling on the (RK) page about this, so here's where I'll say thanks to all bands and labels who send us materials and everyone out there reading, contributing and lurking the message board. 2014 saw the first print issue of Termbo as well, and 2015 will see future endeavors on paper, probably sooner than later. The print version will in no way replace the site, but will be more of a vehicle for interviews and articles while the site will be the main repository for reviews. Both will still be fully functional and compliment each other, or at least that's the plan. Termbo year 11 begins, and I still think I have a couple more left in the tank. I hope all of you do as well. Thanks again for everything, all of you.


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