2016 = DEAD. I don't think anyone wants to hear yet another tirade about how shitty a year it was. But it's true. Personally speaking (and if there's one thing I hate it's zine "writers" getting too personal) my life outside of Termbo HQ was completely fucked. Which of course fucked up Termbo. We've had some bad years (2011 if I recall) but 2016 was the worst by far as far as updates and content go. For this I apologize profusely. I know I'm slow as an editor to begin with, and it's become somewhat of joke to expect timely updates and reviews, but I feel terrible about 2016. I truly appreciate labels and bands sending in review material (and the staff for for putting up with my tardiness in publishing their work), and I'm being 100% honest when I say I lose sleep over the fact I let everyone down. I seriously contemplated closing down the site once and for all but have come to my senses (or perhaps haven't) and am going to have another go at it for 2017. I'm already working from behind in the count to start the year, but I'm going to try and make good on things and get us caught up in some way. Now is the part where I say that even though 2016 sucked it, there was at least a ton of good music to make us forget about some of it. But that's only partially true. This was the first year that my usual unwavering commitment to new music was seriously tested. But more about that that later. The rest of the staff had their lists compiled on time (early January) but it has taken me a few weeks to finally sit down and get this done. I'm sure you'll find some useful recommendations from them (I know I did). So Termbo in 2017 will forge ahead, once again I'm going to attempt to try some different strategies to keep us more timely. Hopefully it works out. If not, you know the e-mail address to send hate mail to. The Termbo print division obviously suffered in 2016 as well, with Termbo #4 and the Best of Termbo: Lars Finberg Edition languishing on the shelf for the duration. The good news is that a majority of the printing is done, with the last few pages and assembly to begin once I'm done typing this. I'm hoping to get #5 out in time for summer reading lists as well. And speaking of reading, another good omen for 2017 is that the long in-the-works Short Eyes tour diary print editon is complete and will be available via the Loki Label on Valentine's Day. I have more backlog projects ready to go as well - I'm planning on making 2017 the year I clean off the desk and all these files for good and then see if we have any ammo/inspiration left for 2018. Who knows how it will work out, but I'm hopeful. In closing, thanks to all the readers and lurkers out there, thanks to everyone still using the Termboard, thanks to all the labels/bands for being good sports, and thanks to the staff for hanging in there as well. All questions, comments and requests can go to termibore-at-aol.com, and if anyone wants to contribute content for 2017, we need you now more than ever. Thanks again, everyone.


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