1999 - 2003

Blank Generation has closed its doors forever. The main reason for this action is that I need to focus on finishing college and my record label, On/On Switch. Other writers, including Filthy Rich, Todd, Steve, Eric, and others from the Blank Generation have started their own zine called Terminal Boredom. So if you want to continue in the debauchery, go at it.

Johnny Rotten once said when you get tired of doing something the easiest way to have it not turn into shit is to simply stop doing it, which is what I have done with Blank Generation. It's been an awesome time for me and I thank everyone who has helped me along the way, a list too long for the internet...

I'm nobody's pimp,
joeee (08/20/04)

The following is a list of other online zines that I think you'll enjoy, or not:

Dusted Magazine
Gravity Girl
Neus Subjex
Smashin' Transistors

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