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Catholic Boys/Kill-A-Watts 7"EP

Man…"920 Blues" won't let me leave this state alone...
Now, this single...
Two bands with healthy bodies and dirty, sick, scarred minds.

The leader of the cheese-heads, Rev. Norb, recently theorized that the new generation of Rip Off Records' bands are now primarily influenced by the Rip Off bands that came before them. Imitation, of imitation, of imitation… After spinning this single (and THE DIRTY SWEETS LP), the truth is undeniable: NORB IS RIGHT. Duh. Unlike Norb, I don't really think there's anything wrong with bands being heavily, blatantly, painfully influenced by Rip Off bands. Any punk rock band formed over the past ten years SHOULD be ripping off Rip Off bands. If they aren't, they've probably been buying the wrong records. Enough propaganda, enough flattery... Just let the record show: PLAGARISM IS A-OK, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and when it comes to shit like this, it's just the smart play.

The Kill-A-Watts: young, ugly, snotty, speedy, ugly. My initial dislike of this band is now completely, totally gone. I thought they were too...too..."cute." An "Emo Sucks" shirt? Jennifurball? I know I'm not alone here. But, it's all OK now. This is UGLY...what was I thinking??? Pay no mind, I don't care anymore. They obviously know enough to put cheap video game sound effects in a song called "Video Game", they know the importance of speed (tempo AND drug), and they have what every single CLASSIC punk band has had before them: a really, REALLY ugly drummer. And anyone who doesn't hear The Registrators' "Pogo Machine" here just ain't listening.

Finally, The Catholic Boys: ex-Teenage Rejects, anyone? Sure, the two tunes here are about twice the length as the entire Teenage Rejects Rip Off EP, but that doesn't mean they lack the punch. The two tunes here manage to mingle the 'tude and swagger of The Infections with the broken-neck jerk of The Reds. Slower that the Rejects, but equally effective and great. Maybe they can keep their shit together long enough to do an LP. More than likely, they'll leave us wanting more...just like their previous outfit.

So, to recap: Wisconsin bands, ripping off Rip Off, young, necessary.
($4ppd: Electrorock Records/ P.O. Box 13504/ Wauwatosa, WI 53213-0504)

Other 7"s of note:
Jellyroll Rockheads - Kill Trend Thrash Demo 1999 7"EP

I have a full-blown obsession with Japanese might even be a borderline FETISH! Few things bring me more pleasure than hearing a new, fantastic Japanese punk band and searching for their records. My latest discovery may not be news to those of you into Japanese hardcore (don't be scared), but to the rest of you, listen up. The Jellyroll Rockheads are one of the most crazed, hilarious and fantastic Japanese bands I've heard in awhile. They play an incredible mix of hardcore/thrash and tuneful, spastic punk rock. If you find yourself getting into frantic speedsters like Henry Fiat's Open Sore and DS-13, you'll want to hunt down this record, as well as their releases on Mangrove and 625 Thrashcore. "Hopeless! Only big head punk? I LIKE STRAIGHT RAGING ROCK!"
(Youth Attack! Records/ P.O. Box 126321/ San Diego, CA 92112-6321)

The Diff'rent Strokes-"This Isn't It" 7"EP

For all of you going ga-ga over The Strokes, here's the piss-take you knew was coming. The Diff'rent Strokes take the tunes of NYC's favorite boy-toys and turns them into loungey instrumentals that sound like bad video game music. Records like this are testaments to the absurdity of UK record industry hype. Even though it's a totally obvious parody, it's funny to see that someone actually took the time and money to see it through. A novelty record for sure, nothing essential, but likely to please many Strokes lovers AND haters.
(Guided Missile Recordings/ 340 Athlon Road/ Alperton/ Middlesex/ HAO 1BX/ UK/

The Brides-"Born In A Grave" 7"EP
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