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I know this local band called Murdershift. The guys in this band are a spectacular hardcore punk group with a great sense of humor and a raw sound to match. So I met up with these mental miscreants at the Planetarium on 03.11.01 to do an interview. Now I think Murdershift is ready for the world but the question is, is the world ready for Murdershift?

Eric "The Rollasaurusrex" IllBG – Who is in your posse?

JJ – In our posse? Like our potatoes? Umm… Does that mean the band?

BG – Yes!

JJ – Okay, we got:
Keith "Jesus" on Bass (KJ)
Ciullamania on Drums (CM)
Eric "The Rollasaurusrex" Ill on Vocals (EI)
Mike Collins who’s not on anything (MC)
And I’m Jeff "Jose" on Guitars (JJ)

BG – What are your plans for world domination?

JJ – Mostly birds…

KJ – I think, in order to achieve world domination, we’re gonna dominate the world!

JJ – I like that idea!

MC – Zombie Wedding!

JJ – I have something to say… I’m gonna be in the world because it’s where I like to be… That ‘s all I wanted to say.

BG – Describe your music for all the kiddies out there.

JJ – Basically, we’re a combination of…

EI – Yani and uhh…

JJ – Sleeping Jesus Dance Party!

EI – There you go!

JJ – That’s very important.

MC – KFS rip off!

JJ – Basically, we all have a lot of influences and it all shows in our music.

BG – When will the world see Murdershift live?

JJ – Well, three minutes ago, err…an hour ago…

EI – I think we’re playing the Super Bowel next year.

JJ – Oh! No, wait, we’re playing the Pope’s house! We are playing the Vadican. We are opening up for the Pope. And, umm…we’re just gonna be playin’ around here (NY) as much as we can.

BG – When are we gonna see some vinyl for Murdershift?

JJ – Probably, when are we hoping for, the summer?

EI – The summer (2001). We wanna put out a 7", maybe a split 7".

BG – Do you have any bands in mind?

JJ – We wanna take your web page and make a split 7" with it. (LOL)

JJ – Maybe Mistrel…that’d be really cool.

Bloody JeffyBG – Jeff, is it true you can make your nose bleed on command?

JJ – Without a fuckin’ doubt!

BG – So you could, in fact, be the new Gene Simmons!

JJ – I am much, much, much, better than Gene Simmons cause Gene Simmons is a DICK!

MC – Fuck him!

JJ – And, he bleeds and shit from his tongue or whatever…but I’ve been doin’ that shit since 2nd Grade! I used to get outta class by bleeding. So represent! (LOL)

JJ – I was bleeding when I came here today!

BG – Yeah, I can see the crusty blood in your nose.

JJ – Damn, you’re fuckin’ right! Here, have some! (LOL)

BG – If Murdershift where to become emo, would you:
a.) Cry a lot?
b.) Wear hipster clothes?
c.) Fuck with everybody with those stupid fuckin’ glasses at you shows?

EI – Hey, watch it with the "stupid fuckin’ glasses!"
SIDE NOTE (Eric the Ill wears those stupid fuckin’ emo glasses)

MC – 3.) Mike Collins would kick the shit outta them!

JJ – I think I would a.) Kill myself. b.) Kill myself. And c.) There is no c.).

KJ – If we turned into an emo band… I’d probably start getting chicks. And, umm…my dick would probably get bigger.

CM – I don’t think I’d do anything different.

EI – I’m already emo…

BG – Yeah, take off those gay glasses! What kind of party does Murdershift throw, and how much pizza will be there?


JJ – Jesus brings all the fuckin’ pizza!

BG - Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

JJ – Without a doubt… I’ll go last.

KJ – Gill!

TM – I guess Homer.

EI – Otto!

MC – When you think about the Simpsons you have to think about who makes you laugh the most, and that has to be Homer.

JJ – I personally, I think, on the whole show, my favorite character is Moe, Moe Szyslak, my man.

BG – If you where on Who Wants to be a Millionaire what would you do and how much money do you think you could win?

JJ – Umm…you guys have any ideas?

CM – I’d probably do really shitty.

KJ – I would have sex with Regis.

JJ – I’d win a million dollars.

EI – Yeah, I’d walk away with like $2 dollars, or somethin’.

L to R - Eric Ill, Jeffy, Ciullamania, and Keith Jesus - eatin' Taco BellBG – Is it possible for Murdershift to kill all the trendy HXC kids, and how would you go about doing that?

MC – They’re all emo kids now!

JJ – Well, we all play shows where there’s no re-entry and all the trendy kids will just die when we play. (LOL)

JJ - It’s the truth!

MC – They’ll bleed from their fingernails to death.

BG – So, that's all I got for ya, any last words?

KJ – I hate the environment, and I hope it dies.

JJ – I have some last words……………… In this great country…there are a lot of people that die………your turn Eric.

EI – F.D.H., you got ‘em!

KJ – Daniel Earnhart can’t drive for shit!

MC – I attended a wedding earlier this weekend, even though I’m not in the band, so this really doesn’t count, but driving home I saw a store, and on the way to the store it said, "Ice-cream and Torpedo Factory." What is that about?

JJ – PIZZA 19 FOREVER!!!!! And that’s it.

EI – Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!!!

This interview was conducted by Joe Domino. The Eric Ill picture was taken by Joe Domino. The other pictures were taken by the Murdershift gang. Murdershift has a demo tape out called "The Pope EP." For more information about the best punk band in the entire world visit the Murdershift web site.

© 2003