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I met up with those Frenchies, the TV Killers, on their first tour of the US in NYC at the Continental on 10.08.99. They're a great garage punk band and I urge all of you to attend their shows to hear exceptional rock 'n' roll.
BG - The first usual question is who plays what in the TV Killers?
Buzz - Xavier plays the drums, Oliver plays guitar, Francios is the singer, and I play bass.
BG - Is this your first tour in America?
Buzz - Yeah, yeah, we arrived yesterday.
BG - How many cities are the 'Killas hitting on this tour?
Xavier - We have 16 dates. We'll be playing in Detroit, Cleveland, Green Bay, other towns, and Los Angles.
BG - And how was your first show here in NYC?
Buzz - Well, Oliver is not so happy with the show, but it was cool.
BG - Are you guys paying for this tour, or is Estrus helping out?
Oliver - We send them wine, (laughs).
BG - I'll take that as a yes. What are the shows like in France? Do you play with a lot of cool French garage bands?
Buzz - We play with a lot of cool garage bands like the No-Talents, Splash Four, French bands, and also American bands on tour.
BG - Is there a difference between the American shows and the French shows?
Buzz - It is hard to tell because it was our first show, and in NY it was so fast for us. We didn't know the amps very well, so we just played. Some of it was cool, we just dance.
BG - Are the French shows wilder?
Buzz - Yeah. The bands are bad sometimes, but if you compare it to tonight, yeah.
Oliver - In France we are at home.
Buzz - So it is not the same.
BG - How popular are the TV Killers in Europe with the punk kids?
Oliver - Like a Rock 'N' Roll band could be popular in Europe, (laughs).
Buzz - It's pretty ok. We got the chance to make 2 European tours, that's not so common for a French band. We've been on an Italian label, German label, and a Swedish label will put out a new 7" soon. I think it will be out in 2 months. We try to play everywhere in Europe and to put records out everywhere.
BG - You guys have a lot of records out!
Buzz - Yeah, well we started the band 7 years ago, but we put out our first record after 3 years of practicing. At the beginning it was just playing and playing and playing and trying to record a demo tape, then a 7". It took 3 years because we didn't know too many people in the scene. But in the past 4 years we've put out a bunch of records.
BG - Do you know if your new record is selling well?
Buzz - I don't know, we haven't heard any critics yet, we just left France.
BG - Are the TV Killers more popular in Europe or America?
Buzz - This the first tour in America so we don't know. But we always send records to MRR and Flipside for exposure. We have gotten good reviews before.
Oliver - We send them wine, (laughs).
Buzz - And when an American band plays with us we give them wine too, (laughs).
BG - Do you guys have day jobs back in France?
Buzz - I'm not working at the moment. Oliver and I work in a wine vineyard. Xavier works in a record shop and Francios works in a small shop. He is also a porno star in Spain, (laughs).
Oliver - His name is Christoph Cologne, (more laughs at Francios).
BG - Ok, the final question I have for you guys is, did you take a shower today?
TV Killers - Yeah, (laughs)!!
Xavier - We'll try, on this tour, to take 2 showers a day. One in the morning and another after the show.
BG - Ok, well you guys have been real cool, for Frenchies, just kidding, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed!
Interview and pictures by Joe Domino.

© 2003