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Teengenerate were: Fink – Vocals/Guitar, Fifi – Vocals/Guitar, Sammy – Bass, Shoe – 2nd Drummer, Suck – 1st Drummer


"Audio Recordings" 10"/CD (Munster & Cruddy) 1994

Their first big vinyl release... This charts TG's raw power as they dart through 11 songs including "I Don't Mind", "White Talk", and "Dirty Robber." More than half of this record contains covers of bands like the Zeros, Pagans, and Radio Birdman. Most of these songs appear on at least one of their 7"s, so this record is not a necessity. However, it does feature their first drummer Suck. (JD)

"Savage!!!" 10"/CD (SFTRI) 1994/1996

Teengenerate's second 10"... The sound running through these vinyl grooves is muddier than other TG recordings, but everything comes together nicely in a powerhouse of garage punk rock that will knock your socks off! After listening to these 8 songs (including such rockers as- "So Bored" and "Wanna Drink") you'll wanna sit down before you have a heart attack. The CD features 2 extra tracks including the unreleased song "Stink." (JD)


"Get Action!" LP/CD (Crypt) 1994

This is their only fucking album! It is an awesome display of 1977 garage punk rock! Teengenerate drill through nineteen crude and dangerous tunes! This is their best stuff to date, and includes such classics as "Dressed in Black", "Right Now", "Front Page", and "I'm Beat" (only available on the LP). If you don't like this record you do not like punk! (JD)


"Smash Hits!" LP/CD (Estrus) 1995

This record contains some of TG's best songs off their singles and 10"s. If you’re looking for new shit you won't find it here. However, if you don't have the singles (which you should) get this and spend a little less time and money hunting down that which cannot be found. Estrus offers you a little bit from their earlier releases such as, "Get Me Back", "Tore Me Apart", "Grown Up Wrong", and "She's A Dumb." (JD)

"Live at Shelter" CD (Target Earth) 2001

December 23, 1995. I was 15 years-old and perfectly content listening to my Guitar Wolf and Statics 45s in my room, totally oblivious that it was to be the last time Teengenerate ever set foot on a stage again.

I’m not one for live records; I just don’t really see the point. The only way you’re gonna get me to buy a live record is if I absolutely love the band. So you can see why this CD is a no-brainer for me. I love Teengenerate. I have since I first heard their song "Grown Up Wrong" on that split 7" with Stepford 5. So, for you fans out there, let me give you the rundown.

This is a way better recording than that pitiful VMLive 7"; it's not unlike their Crypt album. Teengenerate dash straight through 16 songs such as, "Get Me Back", "I Don’t Care" (by the Kids, never been recorded as far as I know), "Front Page", "Out Of Sight", and "Hippy Hippy Shake", just to name a few… So, I’m just gonna say…if you absolutely LOVE Teengenerate you’ll want this record. (JD)


"Get Me Back"  7" (Wallabies) 1993
"Sex Cow" 7" (Estrus) 1994
"I Don't Mind"  7" (Dionysus) 1994
"Car Crazy" 7" (Lucky) 1994
"No Time" 7" (Dog Meat) 1995
"Out Of Sight" 7" (Rip Off) 1995
"Flying Over You" 7" (Bag Of Hammers) 1996
"Dressed In Black" 7" (Teenage Kicks) 1996
"Wild Wild Teengenerate Play The Kids" 7" (Wild Wild) 1996
"V.M.Live #22 11/2/95" 7"/CD (V.M.L.) 1997

Split Singles:

split with American Soul Spiders 2X7" (Casting Couch) 1994
split with Stepford 5 7" (Demolition Derby) 1994
split with Screaming Bloody Marys 7" (Wallabies) 1994
split with Rip Offs split 7" (Wallabies) 1994
split with Bum split 2X7" (Lance Rock) 1994


"Searching For Cool" 7" (Corduroy) 1994
"The Estrus Cocktail Companion" 3X7" Box/CD (Estrus) 1994
"Pop Goes The Weasel Vol. 1" CD (K.O.G.A.) 1994
"Turban Renewal - A Tribute To Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs" LP/CD 1994
"Watch For Me Girl - A Tribute To DMZ" 10" (Wallabies) 1994
"Cheapo Crypt Sampler" CD (Crypt) 1994
"Tokyo Trashville" CD (Au-Go-Go) 1994
"Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rock Angst" LP/CD (Nardwuar) 1995
"500 Miles To Glory" LP/CD (Red Devil) 1995
"Oh Canaduh!" LP/CD (Lance Rock) 1995
"Flipside R.A.F.R." CD (Flipside) 1995
"Not So Pretty" LP/CD (Corduroy) 1995
"Wild News From The World" CD (Lollipop) 1996
"Viva La Vinyl Vol. #2" LP (Dead Beat) 1996
"Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2!" CD (Crypt) 1997
"Flaming Burnout! - An Estrus Benefit Comp" CD (Man's Ruin) 1997
"Rip Off Records - The Early Ones" LP/CD (Rip Off) 1999
"Wild Zero - Original Sound Track" CD (Sony)


Fifi started a power pop band with Tomoko of Super Snazz called the Tweezers. In 1997, the Tweezers put out one full length LP/CD called "Already!" on Time Bomb Records (Japan), a 7" titled "Favourite" on Target Earth Records (Japan) in 1998, and are on the LP/CD compilation "Rockin' Jelly Bean's Jumpin' Jukebox" on Dionysus Records (USA), which was released in 2000.

1998 brought us the Raydios featuring Fink and Sammy. They've released one 7" called "My Baby's Back" on Target Earth Records (Japan) and a full length LP called "Original Demo Recordings" available on Screaming Apple Records (Germany).

Shoe is drumming for the famed Japanese pop punk band Super Snazz. He is featured on their full length LP/CD "Diode City" on SFTRI (USA) released in 1999.

At the moment, Fifi, Fink, and Sammy are in a band called Firestarter. Fifi has taken center stage in this power pop/punk group and writes most of their songs. They are featured on the "Factory" CD compilation on Colombia/Triad Records (Japan) and the "ad vice" CD compilation on Mangrove Records (Japan). Firestarter have released their first self titled 7" on Target Earth Records (Japan) and have a self titled album on Mangrove Records. For more information check out Firestarter's web site.

Extra thanks to Masao Nakagami for Teengenerate's compilation info and the Tweezers, Raydios, and Firestarter info; much obliged.

Article by Joe Domino.

© 2003