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Yeah. In case you havent noticed I ‘took last month off’. Finally Joe "Frenchy" Domino has enlisted help in the Blank Generation crusade. I always told him he should have got some help but he never would. I mean it took anear death experience for him to come to his senses. Just after his crash he sent around these CRAZY e-mails talking about a tunnel, a bright light and Dale Earnhart saying something about it not being his time. He was talking about the END of Blank Generation which I didn't feel to good about.... Then it all worked out. Blank Generation staff rose to the occasion and more importantly, Joe let them. The next Generation of Blank Generation is upon us. A new level. I figured the LAST thing any new editor type people would need from me would be my reviews and my column mucking up their time. But to no adeu, Im back!!!! The Digital Block is FAR from dead.

I know I promised something I tentativly titled Sparrows. Lions. Drug Deals turned Battle of Armageddon but its just not happening this month. Probably next month. Its been a busy month for me. I began writing what began as a short missive on meeting Clinic while spending a weekend in Gatlinburg Tennessee but what I wanted to be short is now about 2/3 of the way done and floating around 2,600 words NOW with definte plans to grow. I designed this missive, tentativly titled Follow Mr. Moonlight Say Hello to the Sandman to accompany a bundle of reviews that I take from my Blank Generation space and re-print, or print for the first time in PRINTED form in my "un"zine The Neus Subjex.

Then it came open for The Socials to go into the studio. And eveything was coming to head for a past Socials recording being finally put onto CD and having to deal with the Post Orrifice loosing a test pressing being sent to me and then getting final approval on the artwork....

Everything worked out though except that I couldnt even start on Sparrows. Lions. Drug Deals turned Battle of Armageddon or even push and get done with Follow Mr. Moonlight Say Hello to the Sandman. If I intially wanted Follow to be around 100 words and its 2/3 done at 2,600 words then I couldnt honestly say "OK, Im going to sit down and complete this in the next 1,200 words". In fact, its looking like Follow MIGHT become a matchbook novel of its own or a entire issue of The NEus Subjex devoted to the story. At the very least, Follow will eventually find its way to Digital Block, I just cant say when.

Then theres always shows to play but like I said, it all worked out. The Socials have seven freshly recorded songs that we are not quite sure to do with. One of the songs will be on a new compilation thats in the works by Elias The Titan, of the band Sexual Tension (hes the front man). He is compiling tracks from Kill The Hippies, Radar Secret Service, Crimson Sweet, Strange Division, Nowhere Squares, The Socials and Zero Crag plus more! For a vinyl LP. he told me the title but I cant recall its name. Names are not really important because with his line up its pretty much my dream compilation. It encompasses the elements of The Neoteric Punk/Wave all in one place!!!! Maybe Elias the Titan will let me include some sort of printed Neoteric document of sorts in the packaging.... Anyway, look for this by the turn of the new year Elias the Titan said.

The Socials song is called "Targets of Innocence". I had originally written some lyrics for Ms. Communications other band, Because Were Models, that I titled "Little Darlings" about the movie of the same name. Well, Because Were Models never used them so we put them into a Socials riff. Subject matter was changed a bit to parallel a novel Ms. Communication just got done reading called Foxfire so I rewrote the lyrics , re-named the song and we went with it. It turned out amazing too....

i i

The guy said he was calling on behalf of The Ohio State Troopers even though he just kept refering to them as ‘the troopers’. He wanted to send me a decal that would show ‘the troopers’ that I support them in their plan to make Ohio children safe from abduction. I am not sure exactly how this all would work but they were to send me this decal and a kit where I could place a picture of the child needing to be protected from abduction, a thumb print of the child needing protection from abduction and a strand of hair for DNA purposes of the child needing protection from abduction. The file would be stored in databanks at the capital for safekeeping.

I asked if the caller, who might have been a trooper himself but probably wasnt, how many children in this current system were actually saved from abduction because the troopers had a thumb print, strand of hair or a picture.

He told me he didnt have those figures in front of him.

Thats because other than a picture, you cant find a child from his thumb print or DNA extracted from hair. That Amber Alert system relys on photos, first and foremost. When I explained this to the caller he hung up on me. Needles to say, I dont think I am getting the decal. Shucks.

Im not a political person or anything even though this edition of Digital Block will ultimatly come off that way but this whole thumb print/DNA hiar strand seems alittle bit too protective in my eyes. Besides at birth my fingerprints have never been taken. I want them to remain that way. As for my DNA.... Im definitly not clone material.

i i i

Whats my stance on the war with Iraq? Well, I dont really want to go into it now. I dont think its too safe to, but anyway, i want to share with you a lil’ somethin-somethin I came up witht he oter day while Ms, Communication and I were watching the news after a day at work. its funny. Onion-type funny really but more importantly, it makes reading newspapers about the iraq ‘problem’ bearable.

But you must understand my concept of entertainment.

I am a product of the 80’s. I can fight it all I want but I bore easily and Im spoiled translating into the fact that I MUST constantly be entertained. If I find a situation un-entertaining, I will find soemthing, some observation or whatever to MAKE it entertaining. This helps me not fall asleep at my work. About 7AM every morning I begin formulating my ‘Daily Thought’ of which will keep my mind active for the better part of the day.

I write some song lyrics.

I hum.

I people-watch my fellow employees.

All kinds of shit.

Well, Ms. Communication and I BOTH find this whole Iraq thing BORING. We were watching CNN. Just before a commercial brake we both heard the newscaster mention Tony Blairs report on Iraq weapons and that "Iraq has a weapon that can destroy the world in 45 minutes". of course the guy read his cue card wrong.... Saddam Husein is good, but man, THAT good?

By time the commercial brake was over Ms. Communication and I had drew up the comparative that Iraq is to Cobra (you know, from the old GI Joe cartoon from the 80s) as Cobra Commander is to Saddam Hussein. President Bush is to Duke what The United States is to GI Joe!!!!

When reading, or watching news reports on the looming war, replace every mention of Iraq with COBRA. Replace COBRA COMMANDER with Iraq. DUKE with President Bush. And last but not least, UNITED STATES with GI JOE!!!! Stuff like this is going to make this new war a BLAST!!!!

So I go to work and tell everyone there. most dont think its very funny. one co-worker mentioned the fact that Saddam husein, or Cobra Commander, as his weapons hidden all over the desert. I told him that actually he has a gigantic fortress that loosly resembles a pyramid that rises and sinks below the desert at whim. He keep all his secret wepons like his HISS TANKS and shit in there. It rumbles up, launches some missles and a few jets, them rumbles back underneath the sand and hides itself.

"Really?" asked the co-worker. "...It all makes sense!" he said.

"Yeah" I responded.

Ironically enough, guess my favorite aspect of the GI Joe cartoon. Guess who I usually rooted for in all the battles..... I should just stop there. I already said too much.

i i i i

Basic soccer plays and the basic principals of the Nazi Blitzkrieg used to invade Poland (amoungst other European countries) is very similar. Goose-step all the way to semi-finals!!!


Also fun: When listening to NFL game announcers and such put in mind that they arent talking about football, but are generals talking about plans to invade Iraq. "What we have to do Terry is get behind the defense and penetrate into the enenys endzone and score some touchdowns. Were going to start the game in the air but will eventually bring it to the ground somewhere after halftime."


Im close to finishing Sewer Gas and Electric by Matt Ruff. An inspiring book. You see it, I highly recomend it. I also squuzed in a showing of One Hour Photo with Robin Williams. Great fucking movie. Also highly recomended. Velcro Shoes!!!!

I care about the deinitions of words because I want to be understood when I write and talk. George Custer is alive and well in a trailer park he owns in Central Florida called "The Big Little Big Horn Trailer and RV Park". He passes his days still wearing his Calvary Saber that he has become adept at opening cans of BBQ Vienna Sausages with.

This was the seventh installment of Digital Block by Shawn Abnoxious.

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