Columns - "The Landing Party" 01.01.03

First Edition
January, 2003

Part One: From A Digital Block to THE LANDING PARTY!!!!

Many of you die-hard Blank Generation readers know me already. For those of you tunning in, you should proly go and read someone else’s column. I am nothing special. I have no great music knowledge or anything. I am just Shawn Abnxoious. One guy from Cincinnati, Ohio with bad taste enough to go around. I have been with Blank Generation since about November of 2001.... I started off as a music reviewer and eventually became a pretty semi-regular columnist with my column I called DIGITAL BLOCK.... Well, since Joe Domino, faithful HEAD of has deceided to re-make Blank Generation, I have decided to sort of re-make myself too...

The Shawn Abnoxious Landing Party. My section of!

Ok. So, NO, Shawn ‘Abnoxious’ is NOT my real name. Just like Joe ‘Domino’ isnt his real name, but trust me: ‘Abnoxious’ and ‘Domino’ is cooler than our real names. Me? Whats my deal? well, I am thirty years old. I work full-time in a machine shop making screws for electrical panels.... I am the current bassist for THE SOCIALS, a Cincinnati local band that you will undoubtfully hear more about here in THE LANDING PARTY and other Blank Generation columns as well as past bassist for a band called ZERO CRAG thats now on a ‘brake’.... Not only do I write here, for Blank Generation but I also publish my own zine, THE NEUS SUBJEX, that I also dually publish many of my Blank Generation writings in from time to time. I have been published in other zines including Maximum Rock and Roll and a new publication headed up by SHAKE IT RECORDS called SHAKE IT INK where my column is also called THE SHAWN ABNOXIOUS LANDING PARTY.

Oh yeah, I have also created my own genre of ‘punk-rock’ that I call THE NEOTERIC PUNK WAVE. it has sort of caught on in some places, like Blank Generation. I dunno... Sometimes I think myself to be witty but then I wake up and realize I am just me.... Nobody special thiking maybe I was.... What a fucking joke, just like "punk rock" (without the dash).

So, whats THE LANDING PARTY going to be about? Well, Joe wants us to combine all of our previous Blank Generation duties into one thing. Here Im going to do just that.... since I am re-inventing myself I am also going to try and keep my ramblings down to a minimum. Seriously, I dont put much faith in anything I have to say. I am going to TRY and be TO THE POINT.... BRIEF and WITTY. Now, if I actually do this, it remains to be seen. As with anything I write, you get Shawn Abnoxious here. In the raw, it gets no more real than me. I can call it Digital Block or The Landing Party or whatever but its as real as it gets.

I tried getting Joe to establish a Blank Generation e-mail list to let everyone know when the site has been updated but he never has. So, I am establishing a LANDING PARTY LIST. E-mail me and I will put you on the notification list telling you when a new landing party has been declared..... Just send me an e-mail and its done (See contact below)!!!

Well, here we go....Its not going to be pretty, but non-the-less...Prepare for the landing....

I start with my own hometown. Cincinnati, Ohio..... THE SUNDRESSES are a pretty new band that has really captured my interest as well as others around Cincinanti here lately. They have formed their own band-label called Hooray Records with their first release is a four song demo CD-R that they have distributed for free by leaving copies for people at record stores like Shake It Records. The self-titled CD-R is tight as fuck combining blues-boogie with CLINIC type softness with Trombones from time to time to boot.... I like to refer to The Sundresses as Dixie-land Blues Androids. Whereas their sound is basic and blues rooted rock and/or roll, theres an odd sci-fi quality to them. Brooding, spooky and darkly funny... Truly, The Sundresses are the soundtrack of the coming WAR ON TERROR. Recently I seen them live and they played the songs from this CD-R as well as some other choice work like one song I remember they called THE SUNDRESSES PLAY MECCA... It was pure fucking magic!!!! I cant tell you how to get ahold of a copy of this because they give it away for free. I suppoe you can use my lsit of contacts below to get in touch with them and work out some sort of postage deal.

"Were in a war again. I hope you can dance my friend. Kill them. All you do is kill them. I dont agree with you. Please stop saying I do. Warning..... to the states!"
-The Sundresses from ‘To The States" a song from the CD-R.

A Cincinnati label called DATAWASLOST has dropped a ton of stuff on me in the past month including the beginnings of a new split single series still early enough for you to hop on board and collect'em all. Two bands adorn each volume with the music being released on a mini-disc CD-R. These mini CD-Rs are detrimental to MOST CD players except those of which you have to pop the CD directly onto the spindle. You try any other form of CD player, like the tray kind or a car stereo type one and bam! It will proly screw the thing up. Theres no explanation of this anywhere on the packaging either. No ‘how to’ or nothing!!! Its just something you have to figure out on your own. Which is fine with me. In todays modern society, everything is becoming more and more CONVIENENT. We, the downtrodden; and yes, you are DOWNTRODDEN too-- no matter how you think your fucking above it-- have to do whats in our power to embrace such concepts as IN-CONVENIENCE. DATAWASLOST got my attention with their CD compilation called BUILDING a while back and I been keeping an eye on them ever since. They have become one of my favorite local labels here lately. Well with this CD single series, they have a hold of something that is pretty damn interesting.

The First two volumes are out. Volume One features two songs each from VELCRO ONE and FOLK? I have spoken about both bands in the guts of Neus Subjex 49 as being terribly alternative and teribly artsy. As bad as this POSSIBLY sounds, I dont mean for it to at all. In fact, these two bands are right up my alley. The songs are well written, catchy and pleasent to listen to. Its NOT last cigarette rock and/or roll... but hey, I like it. You see, DataWasLost dont dare limit their focus on any certain ‘form’ of music. They is a varied label with varied bands taking bits and pieces from allot of different scenes and give each a home.

Volume two features three songs also by Cincinnati area artist. BURNING STAR CORE, providing the first track, is more mechanical/Dust Brothers sort of electronica type shit. Pretty ambiant... Sonic-art.... It sets moods. COLTRANE MOTION provides the last two remaining songs. The first "Supersexy’67" is drum heavy with moody soft guitars. Braking in and out with bass hooks. Its laid out like a techno dance track building and building throughout the song with layers. Catchy though, like The Breeders. The second Coltrane Motion song is a softer, mostly acoustic number and sounds like something you would hear on Nirvana unplugged. That isnt an insult to me either so dont get any ideas.

In the coming months Volume’s three through five of the single series will be released involving local bands like Pike 27, Swissfarlo, Clabbergirl, Color Test, Post-Haste and Zero Crag as well as a new compilation that will feature more Cincinnati acts like the aforementioned Sundresses and even The Socials. You can look on the Datawaslost website for release dates and such...

The DataWasLost onslaught continues with a band that really sneaked up on be to punch me in the fucking shin, SWISSFARLO and their CD "Boxed". Swissfarlo are an indy-rock band but the thing is; they exhibit great song structure and have an inpressive guitar sound thats soft but yet crunchy at times and revealing. Within the boundries of the BOX I am going to throw out some comparisons to The Velvet Underground and The Modern Lovers which propel Swissfarlo the the graces of my Neoteric Punk/Wave. Swissfarlo ‘draw me’ with songs like "Her Lifes been Copied", "Cans for Money", "Coil" and "Simple Faults". Good band. Worth the time.

Swissfarlo bassist, Matt Gosset, has released a limited solo CD titled GOSSET "A Guide through the Casio Forest" that expands on one mans vision and hopes to be cloned. I know this because each seven song CD features a lock of his hair! For Cloning purposes. On the trek throught he Casio Forest maybe its a good idea to have a strand of hair because the trek is SO dangerous that one may die and need re-cloning to right the wrongs from past replicants. Gossets solo stuff is nothing like Swissfarlo and yes, like the title sez, has keyboards upfront for most tracks. There are layers to gossets sound that make the whole release sound bigger than a release limited to 50 copies can be. The songs are catchy and dont dredge on ones attention span. I have a feeling DataWasLost is going to be one of those labels that will be judged one day for putting their name on releases like this and HONORED for their risk.

has re-issued their past collection of EP’s and chose me to re-lead the revolution. Post haste are a good band. Now I just have to convince everyone else I suppose. The journey begins in 1998 when the band got a four track and set it up in a living room and belted out material that they would split up into two different releases; the "Gregs in Germany" and "Stormtrooper Percussion Unit" CDs. Eighteen songs would compose both the releases and would feature great moments like "Kids in Church", "Salty Chum", "Androids Dungeon", "The Academy of Two Different Kinds of Strange" and more. These songs really established a future for this band. A future unhindred by defintions and plans, a future where a band realized ANYTHING can happen so they just let it. Coming from a Embarassment side of "pop", Post Haste have an element to them: a whiny and cringing element that you will swear is old and used up; a nasalness to the vocals that sounds like it had been done a hundred times over but your wrong.... On these two EPs a sonic-honestly is discovered....

The third "ep" and I use that term lightly because in my vision EPs are supposed to feature one to five songs. The Post haste CDs have more than that, each one.... is titled "Adventure of a Mathmetician" from 2000. This EP reveals a more mature band/ These songs are from a real studio and because of that are more polished. This EP is my least favorite of the three prolo because of this fact. The four track stuff had a certain hiss to it that made the music feel warmer. Adventures starts off with a strong track, "A.O.A.M" (title track) and continues on the second track "Are U Covered" but it sort of slips from there because judging from the second song title, "A Good Pop Song" the band realizes and acknowledges that they are part of something bigger and that puts them out of the trenches where they wrote the first eighteen songs and recorded them on the four track.... Adventures sort of evens out from the second song till it hits the finishing line. Its not bad stuff at all, in fact, these songs have a really good guitar sound... Its just that something was missed when jumping from their OWN thing to a studio thing.

Below is all the contact info for Post-Haste including a mp.3 site for those of you able.... These CDs were a blast to listen to. They do deserve to be re-issued but its in my opinion that it would be best maybe if they were compiled all onto one CD. It would make the tracks from Adventure alot stronger and who knows, maybe theres some unreleased stuff out there to shove onto a comprehansive CD.... Recent Post haste releases include a song on the DatawasLost BUILDING compilation. Their song onthere is the toughest one on the CD. it was the first Post Haste track I have even heard and got me interested in the band. Despite what magic the band had or didnt have with past material, they have it now. I am very much anticipating the DataWasLost single in the coming months and who knows, maybe even another CD or something....


"Theres not going to be an end! Its going to go on and on forever. Its never going to stop."
-said by my dad who answered me when I asked ‘Whens it all going to end?’ referring to armageddon.


I was in Shake It Records and looking through the records looking for something new, fresh and exciting to adopt into my family of music. I succumbed th the fact that I choose some records and sometimes they choose me; thats how the whole adoption thing works.... One record, one band that chose me was GOGOGOAIRHEART. Their album "Exit the UXA" released on GSL reached to me, called out to me from its place....’Take me home’ it screamed.

And floored I was. Thirteen tracks with a sound that falls somewhere inbetween The Make Up, The Fall, James Chance and the Contortions, neo-disco like The Liars, and Television Even thopugh you can hear alot of someone else on this disc, GoGoGoAirheart come off sounding fresh and new; exactly what I was looking for the day they chose me!!!!

A week later I went back down to Shake It to get the new Stitches single and found a two song 7" by GoGoGoAirheart from GSL also. I picked it up and whereas its good, if you were to hear this 7" first, you proly would’nt get the full length. I can really appreciate it after hearing the full lenght though.... The two songs from this 7" are actually one longer song split at one certain point where you have to flip the record to hear the ending, or second song, of the single. On this GoGoGo Airheart come more from the make Up side of things.... More funk too.

"Fletcher grabs his whistle...."
-Opening line from "Witch Hunt" by GoGoGoAirheart

I read a review in some major maga-zine about a band called VIVA DEATH and went and immediatly got their self-titled debut on VAGRANT RECORDS. The review mentioned some comparisons to Bauhaus and Wire and something else about how this was a band made up of big-name people from other big-name bands or something.... I got it and gave it some listens and it isnt half bad. I couldnt give a fuck WHO is in the band and WHAT band they come from really. I figured the worse that could happen was I would put the disc in and it would be rap-rock like Limp Bizkit or something....

Well, its not. I actually like this band and I even get a lil’ suprised at the fact that I am starting to see this CD in used bins from time to time. Theres 15 songs on the CD and most are pretty decent. Theres only one or maybe two songs I deem ‘filler’. Loud guitars. Fast paced, DRIVING beats. Angular at times, I can see a faint Wire-ness to them at first but toward the end its more apparent... Subject matter is pretty controversial to some mainstreamers I suppose but nothing thats really making me stop and reassess my way of life; religion, terrorism, armageddon, darkness....I love ALL things Armageddon! I wonder FIRST if this band would’nt have even formed if Columbine and/or 9-11 hadent happened.... When its all said and done Those two events will be purely responsible for the re-emergence of goth.

Viva Death is a neo-goth band... Its apparent when you get to the fourth track which is slower and really shows through the comparisons to Bauhaus.... "Desire Us A Flood" is creeping, dragging and haunting-- cascading beats-- something that appears in other instances throughout the remainder of the CD.... Like on "Murder by Proxy" but by its end, byt THE END I see Viva Death as a pretty decent band with something to offer.... If your a fan of Bauhaus, Wire or Im going to say Pegboy then I suggest you put this on yer list.

Concerning plumbing in my house..... Something wierd happens when someone takes a bath or shower. When the water drains the smell of sewer gas comes up through the kitchen sink. Apparently the ‘j’ trap was only to be installed in a way where the whole workings of the ‘j’ trap were not able to be taken advantage of. The sink drain is fairly straight in its connection and resembles in no way a ‘j’. A ‘j’ trap is designed to leave a small bit of water left in the pipes to keep the shit smelling sewer gas from coming back up through the plumbing like it now does.

Theres nothing we can do about it but FUCK! Why am I referring to this problem as ‘we’? Its not like its your problem.

I had heard "To Hell with Good Intentions" sporadically on 97X for about a month until I finally got up nerve to just buy MCLUSKYs fucking CD "Mclusky Do Dallas". I mean, FUCK! You take a real chance when you just go out and buy a CD because you heard one good song.... But I did just that and despite all the times I got burned real bad on deals like that, the day I got Mclusky Do Dallas was a damn fine one....

This CD is amazing. I am completely fascinated by this band.... They are like one part Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and one part Pixies. Mclusky are a band that seems to understand their place in the whole deal. They layer themselves with their recordings and leave no room for a breath. Their sound is as thick as one might imagine pouring a glass of half beer, half syrup.

That sounds good to me.

ANYTHING GOES and now hear the soundtrack!!!! I need to hear more bands like Mclusky. A Band thats dreamy and in yer face!!! Loud, abbrasive.. Cut with rusty nails.... New wave trash and roll. Mclusky are meeting you halfway at the fringes of THAT and the land of Neoteric Punk/Wave..... They are the border patrol taking you in and using all the handsignals to let the lookouts know its safe. The alley is dirty and filled with trashcans that appear to be always full never empty. Every bit of imaginable refuse is in this alley. At the end of the night, bands like Mclusky end up here. Trhown out, or let out or just naturally gravitating to this place where they know they will not be judged nor laughed at... Only enjoyed. Sparsly lit, the cigarettes do a better job.

You have track after track of sonic mastery on this CD!!!! "Alan is a Cowboy Killer"... "Day of the Deadringers"...."Fuck this Band" all will do the job good. Like I was telling someone a while back. When I hear SOME bands they are so damn good I wish I was dead because what I hear is THAT GOOD.

When I listen to Mclusky I wish I was fucking dead.

"Secret Furhers got your tounge and bitches got your car and if it wasnt for the ‘86 World Cup It wouldnt have got this far"
-From "Dethink to Survive" by Mclusky

A Louisville Kentucky based label called TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN ROCK sent a CD by a band called A LITTLE REVOLUTION titled "What is Your Purpose on the Planet?" that really grew on me.... It comes off to me as a mix between Kent Ohio’s CD Truth, Queens of the Stone Age and Kings X or even Brian Eno stuff at times. Yeah, a pretty out there range of bands but this is a pretty out there band.

From what I can tell, A Little Revolution hold themselves to no pre-set genere of music. They do what they want AT YOU not FOR YOU. I cant find a problem with any band doing that. In fact, in the latter moments of the CD they even dive into a rap/hip hop thing (track nine "Vicious MC") that I didn’t really like too much at first but when I really listened to it I can hear a subtle funk beat to the song as well as synthetic hand claps at the very beginning and it drew to me.

I mean, FUCK! Its allright man!!! Allright! After all, I cut my earliest form of music enthusiasm with rap itself. I suppose just as The Clash and The Slits had their infatuation with Reggae, I as well as others have had our humble beginnings with rap. Run-DMC, LL Cool J, UTFO.... It was the music of true rebellion in the 80s. My brother had AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Given that, it was only natural that I found my own thing, and rap was it!!! Imagine an over-weight suburban white boy wearing an army shirt with Run-DMC buttons!!!! I bet that if it was really researched, The Members of A Little Revolution and I may have some similar childhood rebellion issues.

Purpose on the Planet
is varied in its overall picture but theres some great songs on this disc, the varied sounds just keep the whole release interesting. Some standout tracks include "Earth to Mars" which sounds very Eno-ish and surrenders some psyched-out minimalist progressions throughout the song that make you fucking dream, "Vote for Kent State" which is where I get the whole Kings X thing and tells me that once again theres something about that area of Ohio that connects me with a elite amount of people into a greater unit, and "Final Love Letter" which kind of comes across as sounding like an Embarrassment song. Then theres the sixth track "Through Thick and Thin" which reminds me of some lost Queens of the Stone Age song. Good shit. Recorded well and a gift to listen to.

The other night someone asked me if I ever write a bad review. I told him that I have written bad reviews and would write more but the majority of stuff sent to me is sent to me for a reason. I, Shawn Abnoxious, represent something to most bands who send me a CD to review and most readers who read my stuff. Im a spokesperson of sorts which is REALLY funny if you know me. I explained this to that guy. In the end I think he gets it but Im not too sure. After all, I mean FUCK! He has a Smiths back-patch on his denim jacket!!!! He has driven to Denver to see Morissey!!!! Smiths back-patch!!!! He might not realize it but he IS infected!!! Yeah, Im pretty sure he knows what I mean about the things I say.

Well, A Little Revolution found me. It seems to be the thing nowadays.... Maybe in some ways all the joking I have did about the Neoteric Punk/Wave thing isn’t so fucking funny. Through my reviews bands and people are finding me, I am finding them, we are finding each other. We are discovering similarities in dis-satisfactions and forming our own nation within a nation. Like a splintered vein; first through Ohio and expanding outward. Cities become stations become intersections. Onward, outward connecting the dots, the stations. Across Ohio, the Midwest, the United states, the world and beyond. In our minds, in our hearts, in our breath. UZA for ever more.

All is silent before the dawn....


On the cover of THE MEDEA CONNECTION disc "Through The Fields" is a Pegasus!!!! Right away!!!! I am hooked. The Medea Connection is a band I haven’t even heard of before I got this CD and one now that I feel I cannot live without. I get this promo sheet talking about how good this band is, which is true, and about how they already have three full length’s under their belt, which is also true... and I wonder why I haven’t gotten my teeth sank into them by now.... Another band finding me through the fields, through the grey citys. Neoteric ambrosia!!! They have found me and now I am never going to let them go!!!!

Theres six songs on this CD so I suppose you can call it an EP. I dunno, I am not really into all these definitions when it comes to exactly what is or isn’t a full length or whatever. The six songs on this CD is the perfect introduction to this band. It hit me in my Pearl Harbor and destroyed all my largest battleships. No matter how the defense was met, I am left wanting more and conquered all over.

The Medea Connection remind me of what might happen if Queens of The Stone Age had maybe listened to more new wave records. The Medea Connection remind me of what might have happened if The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl had replaced Black Francis from The Pixies after Trompe le Mond. The Medea Connection remind me of a bit more abrasive Kent 3. I hear some classic Pegboy in the Medea Connection. Through the Fields is varied, layered and thick as the fog the envelops you by a fresh water lake on a fall evening. They get artsy and angular at times. Stop-flash-beat punk rock. Mythic; sonically charged walls of sound. They are heavy but not overbearing. Great, fantastic fab-fab-fab songwriting. The Medea Connection is a band you can get totally lost in.

Music to kill Pigeon Forge vampires by....

Of the six songs on this CD five are all original. One is a cover of Turbonegro which further shows this bands diversity "A Dazzling Display of Talent". Of the five, all are very worthy. All top shelf high dollar item songs. Total gold medals! "Grey in the Grey Morning" is a truly amazing song. The last track "Spectral Halos" is where you hear some of that Queens of the Stone Age stuff....

This is a good band. Im really happy they found me. Just this past weekend they had came to Cincinnati to play a show with Chalk. Unfortunately I missed the show but it wasn’t because Xena: Warrior Princess was on, I had to play a show myself. I swore to this band that I wont miss them again and I wont. From what I understand they will be in the Kent, Ohio Area soon with Sexual Tension. If you can, go to their website and stay up to date on them. Also, before I go I suppose some members of Medea Connection can also be found in a band called The Hidden. Look them up to. Its my guess anything anyone does from this band is fucking gold. I still have yet to determine what brings great bands like this to my attention but whatever Im doing, I want to keep doing it!!!!

"Ever heard of these guys?" Andy asked me.

Andy Slob. Bassist for Cincinnati legends, The Slobs. CEO of his own "label", Centsless Productions. Recording Engineer for countless bands he dragged down to his basement and still other bands who dragged him. Andy also does reviews for Punk Planet.

Thats something we share. He contributes to Punk Planet. Me? I contribute to Blank Generation. We both step outside our scenes to be part of something bigger. We have that much to talk about; that much in common. In a way it is our thing. He understands what I do for Blank Generation and I understand, to a degree, what he does for Punk Planet. He deals with more ‘pressure’- I suppose thats the right word. Me? I sort of have a creative license on Blank Generation. I use it to talk about Joe Dominos swelling testicles or his love of Nascar or his Harry Potter obsession or just call him "Frenchy" from time to time and move on.

‘Move On’ is an order. ‘Move On’ is a demand.

Looking at the record cover I responded: "Uh, No. I haven’t. You?

"I hear they play that jerky new wave stuff that you talk about" said Andy.

That album was Q and Not U’s other record form Dischord. The yellow one with the party on it. I really wished that I could tell you which one EXACTLY but JUST NOW I went into the official Shawn Abnxoious ROOM OF RECORDS, where believe it or not LP’s are kept arranged in alphabetical order, and looked up said record in the ‘Q’ section and it was not there. I looked hastily through the rest of the records because since the record wasn’t in the ‘Q’s" it had to be somewhere, but no luck! Not in the "Q’s", the "U’s" the "N’s" or anywhere! My own self-designed record cataloging system has failed me!!!!

Oh, like, whoa is me or something!

Like, I humble myself and accept the fact I am not perfect which is once again a humbling motion. Let me put on my headphones, press play and look for my inner pieces.

Needless to say, Different Damage isn’t the first exposure I had to Q AND NOT U. Personally, I am in the midst of having a Dischord revival of sorts. I been buying Fugazi CDs again and checking out other Dischord bands like El Guapo. I bought their CD a few weeks or so ago. I would have wrote a review for it but I spent all I had on other material actually sent to me. El Guapo is pretty damn good too!

Getting the used Q and Not U LP that day after talking to Andy was also part of this revival. What I found is that as usual, I come late to the trend.

Even my Neoteric Punk/Wave movement is long overdue.

is once again a fantastic label with fantastic bands. I left Dischord when they got over my head sometime after Circus Lupus. I cant justify my leaving but I will be a man about it and note that it was me and me alone. I did leave. Whats important though is I am back! I have returned now and finding that Im not really that original of a person. Im just one guy with a striped T-shirt. Character flaw, thats true. I never said I was THAT important.

Well, Q and Not U is one band that I feel like I cant live without now. Seriously, that whole disco Gang of Four art-punk stuff is making a big resurgence now. I like to refer to it as Neoteric Punk/Wave though. The Liars, The Radio 4, Les Savy Fav.... Q and Not U. Personally, I would pick Q and Not U over two of those but not a third. Listening to Different Damage I somewhat connect more with it than the other two bands. It feels more real to me. I listen to Different Damage and its almost like I could reach out and touch the music itself. The whole approach that Q and Not U just MAKES SENSE!

Jerky. Angular. Ever wondered what a Triangle or Rhumbus would sound like in 3-D sound? Well, I have a better idea now. Sometimes jazzy, Q and Not U really layer themselves and from the looks of it, they are a three piece! Damn Nanapompilo! Damn!!!!

Sonic-art. Theres some songs on here that are phenomenal. In fact, the majority of tracks would fall under the classification of phenomenal. The sort of songs which build a new psyche. I listened to the ninth track, "When the Lines Go Down" and while I do so I sort of proofread what I wrote. I go back to that line where I mention a ‘Rhumbus’. The way you see it is the way I initially spelled it. I highlighted the word, hit the spell check icon and immediately the computer told me that I spelled it wrong. So I let it correct my mistake. In the place of ‘rhumbus’ was now ‘rhombus’.

So, I am listening to the ninth track, "When the Lines Go Down". I go through the motions and correct the word and read over the intense lyrics to the song. Then I look at the corrected ‘rhombus’ again. I think the computer lied to me. Q and Not U and "When the Lines Go Down" does this, makes me question. I change the word back to the way I had it. Wrong or not, lied to or not, Im going to learn to trust my gut. If I thought the computer lied to me, then I am going to stick with my gut feeling that it did lie! So I misspelled a word.... Aw, Fuck It Mr. Lebowski! Im going to 1) Humble myself and 2) Move onward. THIS! THIS is what Q and Not U do. Take you to a higher level of understanding.

The back cover of the CD, just a picture of tree leaves. The inside CD card, another picture of leaves. I re-position the CD booklet to replace the store bought cover with the trees. Now on my Q and Not U CD theres a front cover of a tree’s leaves and the back cover with tree’s leaves. Done.

I highly recommend Q and Not U. Especially for fans of Les Savy Fav, Gang of Four and last but not least, Fugazi. I could definitly see Q and Not U being a band made up of individuals who formed a band after pretty much growing up listening to the Dischord bands from their neighborhood.

If Les Savy Fav represent a motion, Q and Not U represents the silent thought process for that motion. Get this. You need to hear it.

My Face hurts from making out all winter long....


is a double bass and drums three piece. They sent a note along with their debut CD, "Our Minds have Been Electrified!" saying that they appreciate my "passionate reviews" and also stated that this is something that may bite them back. But its me. I am the one bitten. Well, really TORN to fucking shreads. My head, smashed against the rocks.

Named after a mythical creature refered to as a siren, Lorelei lure you down to the murky depths and smash your heads against the rocks. Remember that scene in Oh Brother Where Art Thou where the three fellows are lured down by singing to a creek where half naked water maidens are washing their clothes? Thats the power of a Siren AKA Mermaid!!!!

Hypnotic. Trances. Mythic dangers. I know what I am talking about, I have enough logged hours of Xena:Warrior Princess to know facts like this.

Lorelei are part of a new movement WITHIN the Neoteric Punk/Wave representing the embracing of myths and realms of fantasy. I see it in other bands, Like Crimson Sweet and all but its really strong in Lorelei if for no other reason than their name and its point of reference. Me? In a one month time I have written songs in my own band about Giants and Ice Dragons living in Mystic Mountains, Squids. A new compilation on a label called Cock-Punch Records features Minotaurs, Cherubs and Dionosaurs on the cover. Myths.Yeah, the dinosaurs are not myths per-say but I was told that the cover features lightning bolts striking each dino.Yeah! I am going to have to run it by the boys in the league office but I think that will be allowed. Lorelei dont sing about fairys or gnomes or anything but its their name!!!! Lorelei!!!! Smashing your head against the rocks! That mess you see, that bloody mess where your head will be planted, thats where mine was.

I blame the whole Myth movement in The Neoteric Punk Wave on Lord of The Rings. personally, I like what The Lord of The Rings is about and all but at times, about every 20 minutes or so I go through this moment where I just break out in laughter at the over dramatic overacting. Really though, its not just Lord of The Rings, its everything. Overacting represents a fakeness of modern society. Over the top for Over the top. ‘Modern Society’. Just today I got off work early and came home to watch Days of Our Lives. Hilarious!

" turns to lillies". Softspoken but yet ripping. This is Lorelei. Layered. "Multi". Buildinb, building, building. All fall down. Complete. I cant belive what I am about to say but the name Jane Speed isnt new around here. Lorelai remind me of a Jane Speed with two basses and no keyboards!!!! That should be enough to send a few readers running to find this. I know who you are... your names are on a dockit.

You will love Airstrip One. Our ememy is Eurasia!

I guess Lorelei are on some Kill Rock Stars compilation. Yeah, thats fine and all but this CD is on what I see as a fledgling band made label; Ice Made. Hmmm. Lorelei are definitly a Kill Rock Stars caliber band but just because they fit in doesent mean they dive in. I see, I hear: a bright vein of independence with this band. AT YOU is FOR YOU to those WITH YOU.

Did I lose you somewhere back there? Yeah? Well, that sounds like your problem. No applause please. You will love Airstrip One.

Lorelei give us 10 songs. They all are pretty similar in speed and attack. The double bass is nice. The un-traditionalness of this band is refreshing. Female fronted vocals. I already said Jane Speed. Im also going to throw out a comparison to Sleeter-Kinny too. Thick. Loud. Lorelei’s songwriting is a strong plus. Swaying vocals. Mysterious. I would like to see a elevated level of sound. Like feedback. Nothing is more irritating than bass feedback and this band has two basses! They could really make some guts rumble. Theres plenty of Attack on here, plenty of bite. I mean, my heads smashed as it is... Lorelei and their Our Minds Have Been Electrified CD leave me with the feeling that this band has yet to really throw all they have to offer on the table. This band is still new. This band is fresh. I think I am going to see more from Lorelei.

I am reminded of what I heard in Crimson Sweet in those early days when listening to Our Minds Have Been Electrified. Lorelei; I hear a fresheness. I hear a silent roar. I see the forming on the horizon, in formation is Kill The Hippies, Crimson Sweet, Radar Secret Service, The Piranhas, Gazelles, Chalk... I could go on and on. The Neoteric Punk/Wave armada is growing at unseen levels since its discovering. Adding new members along the way our horde is growing. With each passing moment, with each passing month. Here, there.

I think they are getting nervous. They know their days are numbered. Our enemy is convention. Vikings are surfers.

UZA: Anzo (Kent, Ohio). UZA: Omaha W.K. (Cincinnati, Ohio). Lorelei, welcome to the wave.

Here we are, successfully landed. Here you got the FIRST landing but man, I could have went on and on and on. There wass till tons of stuff i want to talk about like some Dirtnap Releases thats really got my attention.... The new SPITS record is something Iw ant to talk about.... Then theres other stuff Im obligated to talk about that I havent yet like The G Strings, The Extras, and the amazing, life altering SWARM OF ANGELS that will change your life because they have changed mine....

And Im still spinning from last weekend and playing the release show for the LETS GET KILLED compilation LP and seeing some of the best bands thats ever lived like CD Truth, Radar Secret Service (People of the Earth), Kill the Hippies, The Jeffs and Sexual Tension.. I could write about all of these bands for days....

I suppose the re-structuring of had to begin somewhere and all.. It was nice talking to joe last night, even if he did whine on and on about how he has to work 40 hours a week and how its leaving him with no time to do REAL stuff.... Welcome to my world Frenchy! I am majorly behind in what I have to do and what I want to do. If you have sent me something and I havent ranted about it yet be patient. I will get around to it.... Until then, subscribe to THE LANDING PARTY E-MAIL List.

Im grounded. Im landed. Im me and you are you. Im glad Im not you but secretly I wish I was dead.

I suppose its not a secret anymore. "Houston, Im all fucked up on Nyquil and feeling woozy. I would like to go out and walk around but a nap feels more like it."

One small step for man, one giant bore for mankind. This has been the Shawn Abnoxious Landing Party

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