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MARCH 2003 "Life is a hard Fucker... but were taking steps."


Send me stuff to review... or dont. Either way IS a way I suppose so Im not complaining.

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I got no feedback wether people like it or hated it so i continue to shove it down yer throat...
1-Horrid. A Waste of time, effort and money
2-3 Not much to offer.
4-5 A Few Redeeming Qualities; A couple good tracks
6-7 Interesting. Average in its overall delivery but by no means bad though....
8 An above average release. Must have? Maybe....
9-Very interesting. Suggest you get a copy.
10- Go and get one. Music to kill yourself by! A MUST-HAVE!
5 ........... 4 ........... 3 ........... 2 ........... 1
The Eagle ........... has landed!

02.17.03 -
scene from OK 2 EAT!

Setting: I was home from work. Sore from an accident on the 15th, I spent some time in a vocodin haze on the internet talking with Chris Trashcan from The Mexican Blackbirds over AOL Instant messenger. I would like to think that usually my spelling isnt quite as bad as it is here but this time I can blame it on the Vocodin. I mean I COULD go through and change it but I wouldnt be true to myself then...

Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: Hey shawn, this is chris from the mexican blackbirds
Shawn Abnoxious: gimmie a blackout of my own.
Shawn Abnoxious: what can I do for you Chris?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: thanks for the review a while back, mang. did ken at dirtnap send you a copy of the new dirtnap compilation?
Shawn Abnoxious: I also did a Neus Subjex witht he review...
Shawn Abnoxious: I wish Dirtnap would send me stuff...
Shawn Abnoxious: I usually have to find their stuff in the used bin at Shake It Records
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: i'll send you one. could you e-mail me your address again?
Shawn Abnoxious: Please tell me they have gotten ahold of you
Shawn Abnoxious: The Neus subjex PO Box 18051 Fairfield Ohio 45018
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:who? shake it records?
Shawn Abnoxious: Yeah, its the store i frequent. I found three different Dirtnap Releases there... iw as hoping Dirtnap got ahold of you to release some of your stuff.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:ohhhh. naw, i'm friends with ken dirtnap. we dont pass muster with the dirtnap sound i suppose, hahaha
Shawn Abnoxious: I find all my Dirtnap stuff in the used bin...
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: weird
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: he's doing exploding hearts, triggers, and i forget after that
Shawn Abnoxious: Dont pass muster? Fuck that.. you guys are tremendously great
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: thanks man
Shawn Abnoxious: you got mroe coming out?
Shawn Abnoxious: Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: we have a split coming out with the electric eye in may
Shawn Abnoxious: Sorry for bad spelling... Sore from a wreck on saturday and on pain kilelrs
Shawn Abnoxious: Electric Eye? soudns familiar
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: and we have a song on that dirtnap comp that came out
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: the dood from the hunches has an electric eye patch on the cover of their 45 they did
Shawn Abnoxious: Well, they belived in you that much eh?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: haha, yeah
Shawn Abnoxious: Had a friend in Seattle for a while and thought maybe he mentioend them to me.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:ahhh
Shawn Abnoxious: I dunno though.
Shawn Abnoxious: I was wondering, If Iw anted to get 5 7" for my lil' distro I take to shows how much would I have to send you?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: i dunno if you'll like us now. we did that 7" before we even played a show, only play like one song of it still
Shawn Abnoxious: How are you growing?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: got rid of one guitar player :)
Shawn Abnoxious: I dont see that as really changing you for the worse.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: i dont know if we "sound" like that anymore or not, heh
Shawn Abnoxious: its not like you are playing Happy Mondays type stuff or anything
Shawn Abnoxious:Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: hahaha, i will send you some rough mixes and whatnot
Shawn Abnoxious: I would love to hear some new rough mixesAnswer me about getting some of your 7"s
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:i read your posts on kbd list, just watched that movie myself
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: ummm, i usually wholesale em for $2 apiece
Shawn Abnoxious: I takestuff to shows and sell it along side Socials stuff and what not
Shawn Abnoxious: OK, $12 for 5 copies then?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:$10
Shawn Abnoxious: I was wanting to help out with mailing and stuff but if thats what you want...
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: how about throwing in some socials stuff for the mailing?
Shawn Abnoxious: Yeah, i always get new order and new Model Army confused,....
Shawn Abnoxious: You want some socials stuff? I dunno. I want yousto still like me.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:you sent me a socials cd a while back, but it was just the case, no disc :)
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:hahah
Shawn Abnoxious: Oh yeah,,, i forgot about that. I wills end you our CD for sure. jsut dont let it crush your rock and roll impression of me HAHAHAHA
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: heh
Shawn Abnoxious: Im sure you have a mental image of me thats nothing like the real me.
Shawn Abnoxious: I have one of other people like you
Shawn Abnoxious: I envision you sitting next to a can of beer right now lsitening to the motards
Shawn Abnoxious: im listening to Circus Lupus and sitting around without a shirt
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: would you settle for me sitting next to a can of beer listening to the police?
Shawn Abnoxious: i will have to talk to the boys in the league office but Im pretty sure thats OK.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: but true, my favorite band is the motards. i even just increased my dork quotient by buying a motards test pressing
Shawn Abnoxious: Im goingt o put this dialogue on my Blank G column.... gimmie some more news about The MExican Blackbirds
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:hahahahaha
Shawn Abnoxious: Motards test pressing? WOW!
Shawn Abnoxious: They were a great band
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: insanely great
Shawn Abnoxious: So gimmie news. more news.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: errrrrrr.....
Shawn Abnoxious:Tell me about tis new band I heard from seattle called NIRVANA. They have released a new song I hear.
Shawn Abnoxious: You know those guys?
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds:yeah, theyre gonna open for us next time we play tacoma.
Shawn Abnoxious: man, i hear the lead singer is real friendly.
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: yeah, a real bang-up character i hear
Shawn Abnoxious: I gotta run Chris and submit THE LANDING PARTY 2 to joe Domino. take care and look for a package from me
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: ok mang, later
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: oh, our bass player is turning 40
Chris/Mexican Blackbirds: theres some news for ya

Continued electronic mail exchanges between The Swarm of Angels and Shawn Abnoxious. Like I said in my response to message received 02.23.03, we got good electronic mail. something about THE SWARM OF ANGELS really comes thorugh over our e-mails. I want you to see it too.

Received at Landing Party Sub-Station X1-9Z on 02.23.03

We're having a banner month. First, we inaugurated the monthly instore series at our favorite local record store by renting a limo, arriving in furs with champagne and the rest of bling bling! Second- the south by southwest festival invited us to play, so we get to destroy Austin and all its sad benighted music lovers. Third-- I've been so sick this week that I've missed almost a weeks worth of work. and I like my work. Then I read your article... very nice! and maybe the topper... Chunklet Magazine just rated us on their list of bands they hate so much they would pay us to break up!

ps have you heard The Wiggins? from Kent/Lakewood???Good friends of mine. You may like them.


tx [Nikki Texas]

Response sent from Landing Party Sub-Station X1-9Z on 02.23.03

Dear Texas.

Man, you! You state bigga dan chit man! Bigga dan chit!!!

Soudns like a banner month indeed! I was just watching some of that club disaster on the news box about Great White and all... I want YOU doing THAT at the SXSW!!!! If nothing else take your largest piece of Space Shuttle debris to the show and dedicate your set to it.

Exactly what do you do for a living?

I never heard THE WIGGINS but I am interested. You gonna give me a starting point or are you going to make this difficult for me? This e-mail is going to contunue what was started on my last landing party with THE SWARM.... We have good electronic mail.

Take care and brake something for me. Dont let me down. 1-2-3- Destroy!

-Swarm Abnoxious



If I closed my eyes hard enough I could see into the future. A future with Swarm of Angels onstage at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin. With equipment being quickly set up and leaving the crowd in anticpation of their sets beginning, they would seperate right down the middle hugging the walls makign way for The swarm of Angels and what they carried. If I closed my eyes hard enough I could see into the future and I smiled.

The Swarm of Angels entered the dance floor adjacent to the stage that held their equipment. They each had both of their hands carrying large burnt looking piece of indefinable metal, straining and carrying it through the crowd that gathered to see them perform. The crowd split right down the middle making way for the band and their cargo, provinding a clear path to the stage for whatever it was they were carrying. With silence and bewiderment, spectators watched the Swarm of Angles place the sculpture on the middle of the stage, inbetween all their equipment. Each band member then took their respected positions. The crowd was still dead silent, waiting in anticipation for The Swarm to unleash their dizzying brand of sonic-art and wondering the hidden meaning behind the large sculpture that took the entore band to carry onto the stage.

Nikki Texas approached the lone microphone stand. Each Swarm member was dressed in blinding sequence that ranged in red to white and blue. Nikki was too. Dressed in white sequence from head to toe wearing mirror sunglasses. Hair styled close to his head. Wearing a white scarf with three big letters spelling out ‘UZA’ sown on the the long, flowing end of the scarf... Each Angel was shining and sparkling watching Nikki for the signal to begin. The crowd was still quiet.

"This is a piece of that beautiful machine known as the Columbia Space Shuttle" he said taking the microphone from the stand in his right hand, then bending down and patting the large piece of metal with his left hand continuing: "It fell from the sky and landed in the yard behind our practice space. We feel it chose to come live with us.We would like to share it with you." Saying that Nikki pointed to the drummer with the index finger of his free hand

With a drummer stick count of 1-2-3-4 they busted into "Medea". The shrilling saxophone. The pound of the drums. Spastic guitars... Nikki Texas kneeling down next to the wreckage.. singing like it hurt him.

"What I loved... was the way.... you were young.... and completely easy..."

A memebr of the crowd, becoming offended would go to a pay phone and call ‘the authorities’. By sets end, The Swarm of Angels would find themselves in shackles and being hauled away as some members laughed hysterically while others sang "Our Love is like black magic. Our Love is real hell"

‘The Authorities’ would discover in under an hour that the "shuttle wreckage" brought to their performance by The Swarm of Angels was in fact a piece of an old rusting burnt out Ford from tthe alley behind one of their houses.

The Swarm were then slated to be released. One by one they were reunited in front of the Austin Police department with members of the media close by asking question after question. Locking arms, The Swarm of Angels answered no questions and in unison sang the line "All you Flag wavers" until they were no longer in earshot of the inquiring reporters.


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Pain Reliver/Titanium" 7"EP
--$5 ppd from Girlgang Records and Tapes 3009 Preston St. Houston, TX. 77003

You read about The Swarm of Angels in the last Landing Party. You smart ones would have done what you could to get ahold of a copy of their 7" and you dumb ones... well... Yous till have yet to catch on but hey, its all a part of being dumb. Your just fulfilling your destiny. Good job I guess, I suppose. I am beginning to see The Swarm of Angels as a modern day Crass-like collective of musicians.... All interacting with each other in various sonic projects.... What I hear so far I really like.... This 7" is more of the same as The Swarm but with a different delivery so to say.... Side A features three songs by NTX or Nikki Texas. Side B features two songs by bandmate Erika Thrasher. Like I said, what I liked about The Swarm of Angels is here with Nikki and Erika. The songs take a more dissonant approach though, more ‘electronic’... fuzzed out.... dissonant... like early Public Image Limited... "Annalisa" and such. More amazing shit. The kind of stuff that inspires one to rob banks or grab guitars and make some sonic-dmage of my own. Life moves fast; life is a fast fucker, and just after really ingesting the Swarm of Angels I get a 7" like this thrown at me. I can dig, I can roll with the punches but I hope that receiving a 7" like this doesent spell the end of The Swarm. I mean, I WANT IT ALL and I WANT IT ALL NOW! Best of both worlds.... I want a constant tream of Swarm with a parallel stream of 7"s like this form the same source! I dunno, I dont mean to be so demanding but I am not being JIVE about it. I’m being REAL and honest. As honest as a burning space shuttle and I MEAN it. This summer and fall look for a tour to feature Swarm personel going under the moniker of NTX & ELECTRIC SEX. Get with the Swarm.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 10! Go and get one. Lets rob a bank.

As a side note.... Cincinnati just announced that it has a new arena football team now. Im not one to really get into sports, but I love aports aspects like the stats and terminolgy. The team name, and this is where it gets good.... THE CINCINNATI SWARM. More sonic-voodoo in small, deadly proportions.

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Members Only" CD-R
--Cherry Coated Records

I heard that this band has broken up but Im not sad or anything. Read on: This is a good band--I’m sure the members will move on to something new. They just HAVE to. This is a great CD. Falling somewhere inbetween JESUS AND THE MARY CHAIN ("Psycho Candy") and JOY DIVISION ("Closer"). There isnt that much area between what THE SWARM OF ANGELS have and are doing down in Texas and what Cobrasp are doing in Virginia Beach. Cobraspa are thick, loud and degrading to one psyche. Shrilling. Thrilling. When Michael Jackson fakes his own death and starts a new species of plastic surgery disasters on a secret man-made island somewhere in the mighty Pacific, I could see Members Only being a soundtrack. Cobraspa are a perfect example ofthe new gothic. My favorite track is the one that most reminds me of a Joy Division track. Track three "Wrecked My Car", This is or rather, WAS a great band. I either lost contact info they sent or there wasnt any to begin with. I cant remember anymore. maybe in the next editon of THE LANDING PARTY surviving personel of the Cobraspa estate could re-pass it along to me so you, the humble Blank Generation reader, could get one for yourself.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 10! Go and get one. Music to kill yourself by! A MUST-HAVE!

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" The Land of Stolen Bicycles" CD-R EP
--Vertical Verve Records :::: ::::

This is a four song EP by a band that I suppose gets labeled pop-punk alot but their sound is basiclly emo with indie rock sensabilities. I hear some interesting parts to songs, and the songs are pretty well written but over all a bit of a hard-edge is missing from this EP. I dont think many Blank Generation readers will see much worth in this...

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 4! A Few Redeeming Qualities; A couple interesing points.

03.09.03 -
scene from TEEN TEC NANCY

Setting: After practice, The Socials take a brief walk outside to check up on curtrent weather conditions.

The Juice by Jerry: Man! Its nice and warm out here!

Miss Communication: Wow! Its pretty warm... I would put it around 50 degrees!

The Juice by Jerry: Were having a heat wave... They said were supposed to get snow showers Monday evening.

Miss Communication: Hard to belive because its so nice out.

The Juice by Jerry: Yeah, freal..... Real nice out.

Shawn Abnoxious: Yep. Nice enough for me to sit inside!

Note: Thats exactly what I did. I worked on THE LANDING PARTY by doing some reviews and writing this very scene.... I dont ‘feel better’ when the sun is out or if its cloudy. I hope for inclement weather; blizzards, thunderstorms.... Keep it interesting mother nature.... you bitch.

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Its All About the Sex" CD-R

This is a pretty interesting CD. It floats in the gray area between punk and metal, sort of like Queens of the Stone Age. The Kissing Daylights have alot ot offer anyone. Strong songwriting... For some reason I feel inclined to mention an old Lexington area Punk band called VAIL OF TEARS when mentioning the Kissing Daylights. I think its the vocals. The guy really is a good singer, the first essential part of a band, but really--the whole band deserves a nod. They sound great together. Listening to a band like this is a perfect example of a band whose members all know what they are supposed to do... Its this whole VAIL OF TEARS thing that makes me really like this CD. Vail of tears were from the early 80s Lexington, Kentucky scene. I dont know much about them. I number finding a Vail of Tears LP for $.33 at Shake It Records as one of my best used vinyl finds......On "Its All About the Sex" The Kissing Daylights got a whole sex/relationship thing that really fuels the release. A concept album like something Rush or Jethro Tull would do. I mean, EVERY SONG seems to be something about a woman, a relationship or some sort of sexual act. Some songs have all three involved. Whereas I dont mind the subject matter, I mean, FUCK! The Purple Rain Soundtrack is the same fucking way and I love that fucker, I just crave more indepth lyrical content. Theres more out there than ASS and finding the good hole. Im not going to let that affect my over-all opinion of the release though. This ia a good CD. I mean, I never really had my ‘metal’ phase because when I was a kid every one in my family hated rap so it was only natural that I like it. UTFO, Kurtis Blow... All the old school shit. Recently I been getting into metal, like KROKUS, and KING KOBRA and TYRANNY. It is because of this recent phase, that when The Kissing Daylights came along, I have really been getting into it. In a big way....

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 8! An above average release.


Wartime Haiku! A Landing Party Exclusive!!!!

They fly with commands.
Preset and ready to kill.
Launched with a button!


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" The Milwaukee Sessions" CD-R
--Ball Records PO Box 152 Gardiner, ME. 04345

This CD-R reminds me of something that THE SCREEMIN’ MEE MEEs would do. Two guys that sound like they listened to Jerry Lee for a week then wnet and got some cheap Malt liqour and hit record. A CD like this is what REAL rock and/or Roll is all about. This CD is chock full of the ‘Hit play and go’ belief. Eleven songs. Sloppy and coarse-- just how I like my rock and/or roll. Sometimes out of tune but thats also what I like, how I like it. Rules are for pussys and Jumpin’ Beans and Willie are NOT pussys. They are fucking titans and got the CD to prove it. I think me and these guys would be good friends if we ever met. We would have alot in common. I bet Jumpin’ Beans and Willie are the type of guys who would give you their last HIGH LIFE out of a 12 pack. Sometimes you can get some good impressions out of a CD. Some CDs really have personality. This is one of those things....


03.13.03 -

"Some people will do anything to lay in bed all day" she said halfway laughing, sitting at the foot of my dads hospital bed holding an umbrella that she later said she had been holding all day long for no apprent reason.... I had been raining earlier, so dont let me start this off right away like EVERYONE in my family is crazy or something.... My mom was worried about my dad... But I mean, it was 5:30 PMby time we got to the hospital and she was still gripping it....

My dad, the guy who coined the term ‘hip hop’.... My dad. Today I got a call while on the assembly line. He, my dad, the guy who was calling it hip hop before ‘everyone’ called it hip hop, passed out at work. He came to and said he had pains in his chest.

They took him to Jewish Hospital here in Cincinnati.... its where I was born back in 1972. They cut on my dick there when I was an infant.... Jewish Hospital is where me and my brother were born, where my Mom had part of her lung removed because of her close proximity to chickens as a young girl, and where my dad gets all his heart work done.... I reffer to it as ‘The Shop’.

He’s looking like he will be OK.... No worries there but man, today, just this evening I realized how ‘out-there’ my parents are...

First you have my dad and his whole ‘hip hop thing’.... Then for no reason at all today he was sitting up in the hospital bed talking about how his foor doctor said my dad had "beautiful" feet. My Dad then explained how back in the 80’s, on a trip to St. Peterburg beach, a lady pool-side had convinced my dad that AFRO-SHEEN, a product used by African Americans, was IDEAL to use as a sun tanning agent. He explained how he covered his body in it and the tan he got that summer never left him. Even his feet were tan and that his foot doctor couldnt explain why.... tan feet.... My dad.... Sitting there with IV’s and everything. Proud about his beautiful beautifully tan feet.

Then the nurse comes in to make him sign forms because tomorrow they are doing some sort of angio-plasty (sp?) run-a-camera-up-yer-veins deal.... Its a typical cover-your-ass form, talking about exactly how far my dad wants the hospital to go to save his life if something goes wrong. He was saying NP to everything except CPR but my mom told him to say yes to a respirator because when she was in the shop for her lung, she had to use a respirator, so it was OK to say yes.... Then my dad asked the nurse who couldnt say one way or another what to do... Then my dad jsut said YES to everything. My Mom said it wasnt his time to go and she wouldnt let him suffer.

Then my Mom said that if she was ninety years old, then it was OK NOT to put her on the respirator because THEN she had lived a full life and was... and this is were it gets real wierd.... it would be THEN, at that moment... my Mom ninety years old.... Time to just to let her slip on out of this life to (and I quote) "I can cross the river and join my family on Mount Zion"

"Are you Rastafarian?" Asked Julie.

"No" my Mom said "but I will cross the river and walk on water".

"What river is that?" I ask. "The river Jordon?"

"I will walk on the water and go to Mount Zion to be wiht my people" she replied.

So what the fuck? Does my mom believe in Jah now? Mount Zion= The Zionites, a reggae band that talks about Mount Zion... I wanted to say something about how I thought we were supposed to go to heaven because our family was Southern baptist or whatever BRAND my Baptism Certificate sez, but I just kept my trap shut. If its Jah... Then whatever I suppose... Jah’s just as good as the rest of those guys I guess.

You should have been there... for my Mom trying to figure out the phone.... My dad getting a leg cramp and the nurses freaking out.... Me and my dad trying to figure out how to use the remote for the TV and in the process turning the room lights off and on about a milion times and getting the "You Just Got Done With Heart Surgery" instructional channel stuck on the TV....

It was a hoot. Dont worry about my Dad or anything. Hes a tough fucker... He already told my Mom to forget about bringing a fresh pair of underwear for him for the test tomorrow...

My Mom said when I was a little boy I had a phase where I kept asking her and my Dad if they were my real parents and if I was adopted. I know for sure now....These are my REAL parents and I cannot deny them. No matter how hard I try.


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Dang" CD-R
--Single Round Records C/O Eric 515 St. Thomas Ct. Fairfield, Ohio. 45014 ::::

I got a real kick out of this. I guess some of the guys in this band are from Fairfield a suburb north of Cincinnati thats also where I live. Dead Mission are for the most part a grindcore band. They are loud, play fast and scream allot. Lots of ‘chugga chugga’ in parts....not really bad at all. I did hear some emo coming through in some places. I didnt like going from grind to that shit one bit. I get warm feeling knowing that some kids that play this surround me in my neighborhood and go to the same high school I once did. Warm. The only real deal with this band is sooo American Idol that I cant hardly belive I am going to say it. Dead Mission dont take themselves serious enoguh for me. Their release name, "Dang" and the whole look and feel of the CD-R are pop-punk to the bone. I would like to see that shit gone but its not my band... I feel like Simon Cowell just now.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 6 Its Interesting. By no means bad ....

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" ???" LP
--Gold Standard Laboratories :::: ::::

There was a sticker on the cellophane wrapper that said this is Go Go Go Airheart’s first release for the first time on vinyl. Just like when I was introduced to Go Go Go Airheart on their Exit the UXA release, this record chose me. it called to me...

"Shawn... Psst. Over here. Here I am. Buy me. Take me home. I will be a good record and not shit on the good rug like that Exploited record"

So I got it and man, I dont know how I lived without it. This LP is out there on every level. I couldnt even figure out what the release was called (hence the " ??? ") and all the writing is all squiggly and shit anyway.... This release has less structure than EXIT; MORE chaotic, MORE Electric, but what made EXIT such a fucking awesome record can be seen early on when listening to this release.

Sonic-art. Go Go Go Airheart have more of that MAKE-UP meet THE FALL type art punk/Neoteric Punk-Wave majesty.... Like in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE. Go Go Go Airheart is like the soundtrack to Veger Theres more dub influence on this release also....They do it so fucking well.... I mean, quite honestly, I would consider Go Go Go Airheart one of the best bands making music in the ::Here.Now:: ... Iam blown away by them on every different level. Its a pleassure buying, listening and re-listening to music like this and bands like Go Go Go Airheart.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 10- Music to kill yourself by! A MUST-HAVE! I am already dead by time you read this. Forget calling the ambulance, call the corner!

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Time to Forget" CD
--$5.00 ppd from Matt & The Castronaughts 523 N. Walnut Street Columbia City, IN. 46725 :::: ::::

This is the second CD this band has sent me and I am getting more into them. I bet these guys are real spectacles in their hometown... In fact, I bet they stick out like a sore thumb. A bunch of twentysomethings dressed like Fidel Castro... in central Indianana!!!! Matt and The Castronaughts play EMPTY RECORDS type rock and roll punk with a thick roots in blues and rockabilly. Theres seven songs on this disc with the first track "Time to Forget" definitly in need of mentioning, its a tight fucking track! Follow the empty, crushed cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon to these guys.... I bet they rage live!

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 7 Interesting. By no means a bad release or anything... The soundtrack of a six dollar 12 pack; good times indeed!


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Power Trio Sessions" CD-R
-- ::::

This is a band from the greater Cincinnati area that really took me by suprise. I met than at a Socials show where they handed me this CD-R. Theres nine songs on this fucker taken from three different recording sessions. The Wankers are good, damn good. They are so good that I was wondering how many of these songs are in fact covers. The Second track, "Inside Out, Upside Down" is an old cover from a early Cincinnati punk band; they get bopnus points there. That much I know for a fact but the good tracks on this CD dont stop there.... Its not often that I hear a new band that really has what one can hear in older bands, and are newer ones. The Wankers are an exception.... if you close your eyes hard enough you could sometimes mistake The Wankers for a letter era Gizmos recording...Especially on "Simple Distractions" or my favorite track on the CD-R, "Back to Basics". I hope to god the songs on this CD arent mostly covers, the first thing you want to think when you got a new band like this and great songs like this is that they are a bunch of obscure covers. I mean, theres a lot of shit out there that I might not have even got to cram in my ears yet. I want in my heart to give the benefit of the doubt to this band but I just cant.... Seriosuly thoguh, it dont matter....if they can PLAY songs like this, regardless if they wrote them or not, then this band has onething that 9 out of 10 bands, local Cincinnati or otherwise, DONT have: Good taste in music and/or POTENTIAL. On the CD-R the band said most of these tracks are unreleased as of December of 2002. This is the only time I will tell you this, so you know that I must be dead serious about this band: Go and check out their Mp3’s at the site listed above. Great band, great songs... Good guys too. Im keeping my eyes on this band. The Wankers are punk-rock the way all the pioneers envisioned it.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 7- A very Interesting listen. Check out their Mp3s (you WONT catch me saying that often so soak in it for a while before moving on)

1...2...3... LETS GET KILLED!

I have had the recent pleasure, as being a full time member of THE SOCIALS, to have also been part of two really cool compilations by two different labels. Since it goes well beyond comfortable boundries for me to ‘third party review’ a project I am part of... and also knowing that the pool of available writers to cover any release, much less two releases like this, is relatively small, I am going to say a few words about each. Promotion, my promotion.

First up is a offering by COCKPUNCH RECORDS (, a new label in Akron Ohio that brings backinstant-good memories of Kenny On-Broadway’s ROCK ACTION RECORDS label a few years back... Well more than a few years, but bear with me here. I am thirty years old (and holding).

Elias, AKA "The Original Titan" AKA "White Chocolate" is frontman for the band SEXUAL TENSION. He had began during the latter part of last summer getting all the bands together and forming the label. Just around the turn of the year, everything came together into a compilation titled LETS GET KILLED. An let me tell you, it is a great compilation. Im not just saying that because I am on it; twice in fact, once in THE SOCIALS and again as a part of ZERO CRAG...but it really is good. Elias used connections with close friends, KILL THE HIPPIES and really assembled a lot of bands that really tells a tale of what happens when soemthings gotta happen.... LETS GET KILLED is a soundtrack of a time, of a place of a people. Its really something to listen to but I am biased, I will admit it right from the start. I said it back there and I will say it again later on.... I know most of these bands, ben fans of these bands for years and shared stages with them as a memebr of a band myself.... I consider most of the bands on this compilation not only friends but FAMILY. My brothers and sisters. My comrades in arms.... Comrade, my comrade!

Lets Get Killed is a great place to start for people looking to see what The Neoteric Punk Wave is all about. This compialtion is jammed packed from start to finish! I know some early reviews, like the one from Maximum Rock and Roll really downplay this compialtion but I just dont see it myself. No, not EVERYTHING on here is what I would deem ‘Neoteric Punk/Wave’ but a lot of the bands I have been shoving down anyone-who-will-read-what-I-wrote-throats should recognize the names right away...Great tracks from all those included... KILL THE HIPPIES, CRIMSON SWEET, CD TRUTH, PLAYPANTS, WRED FRIGHT, THE PIRATES WHO CARVE OUT YOUR EYES AND PISS IN YOUR EYE SOCKETS, THE JEFFS, RADAR SECRET SERVICE, THE SOCIALS, THE SWEATY WEPONS, SEXUAL TENSION, THE NOWHERE SQUARES AND ZERO CRAG.

Many of these bands are around in the ::Here.Now:: and playing shows somewhere in the next couple of weeks far away from you... Almost everyone of these bands involved some hard driving to get near as far as Im concerned..... The closer you live to NYC the better your chances are to catch CRIMSON SWEET who call that empire their home. They tour pretty often too and even got as far as Minneapolis before. They have a full length CD out on On/On switch Records too.... KILL THE HIPPIES ( tour pretty often and have been all over the US before. They proly wont do another tour until summer sometime because the drummer is going to spend three months in Eurpoe (wherever that fucking place is). Kill The Hippies have all kinds of releases avialble inlcuding an great 30 song CD!!! CD TRUTH play out pretty often around Akron and do get out from time to time in surrounding Citys. I dont know when, or how or anything but if yer in the landlocked midwest, keep an eye out. CD Truth told me their recording a new CD that judging from their live show, should be pretty kick ass. One of the guys from PLAYPANTS lives next to Kill The Hippies actually. I know Playpants has a 17 song CD-R available that I got a hold of at the LETS GET KILLED RELEASE SHOW thats pretty cool. You could begin your venture of getting one by e-mailing WRED FRIGHT sez soemthing in the liner notes of the comp about looking for a backing band around Cleveland but it sounded like he had a good one at the release show.... He also does that zine I reviewed in the last Landing Party, The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus. Talented guy. I dont know much about THE PIRATES WHO CARVE OUT YOUR EYES AND PISS IN YOUR EYE SOCKETS except that Elias introduced me to one of the guys in the band and he had nice hair and was drinking cheap beer. I think they are broken up now but Im not sure... THE JEFFS are from Columbus Ohio, They play snotty punk and I even told them that with them around, I have no more use for The Stitches and I fucking stand by that! They are working on a 7" EP but Im trying to get a hold of mass copies of an early CD-R (I reviewed it a while back) and sort of ‘distribute’ them.....RADAR SECRET SERVICE in another On/On Switch band with a CD and everything. You can catch THE SOCIALS and RADAR SECRET SERVICE at Codys in Cincinnati Ohio on March 28th if you try hard enough ( Radar are an amazing band.... THE SOCIALS is the first band I am in on this comp... We have a CD out and stuff. We have two CDs planned this year and now have the ability to record tracks for a last minute compilation if you are looking for a band.... Kenny On Boradway headed up THE SWEATY WEAPONS. They didnt release anything and trnasmorphed into THE COCKSPANIELS in a short period of time but the rough track on this comp shows the glory. Supposedly Kenny made three or four now infamous tapes of material he recorded himself under the moniker of THE SWEATY WEAPONS to give to perspective band members.... I know THREE of those tapes exist and if I ever get my hands on a clean copy, I would put it out on CD myself.... SEXUAL TENSION is going on Tour in May. They are hitting Cincinnati too... Stay tuned. They are recording a split 7" with Radar Secret Service sometime soon to be released on Cockpunch Records. THE NOWHERE SQUARES are from Birmingham Alabama and tour pretty frequent. They have CDs out and everything. You actually have a good chance of seeing them if you live in the US Southeast. Last but not least is ZERO CRAG. I played bass in Zero Crag. We were a three piece made up from a kid named Mike who moved to Cincinanti from Florida where he played in a band called Dead Beat Dads and a longtime friend named Andy who was in Cincinati bands like The Geriatrix and The Chemo Kids (who is now in The Gazelles). Zero Crag lasted a little over a year before Mike didnt want to do it anymore... Im working on a 20 track CD collecting everything we recorded on one CD...

Joe Domino also said to me on the pgone that he still misses Dale Earnhardt and that WFMU really liked this compilation and are playing it on the air and stuff. On behalf of everyone on the comp, I would like at this time to say thanks for that.... I mean, I dont have the authority or anything to say thanks but its due... if you live in the earshot of WFMU yer a lucky fucker....

I asked Julie the other day if it would be in OUR power to MAYBE do a LETS GET KILLED Volume Two this coming FALL... In my dreams it is, but in reality its not. Maybe On/On Switch could.... It HAS to continue though in some way...

Allright, Now, for another compilation.... DATAWASLOST.... I have reviewed DATA stuff on Blank Generation before... So it should’nt be unfamiliar to you.... As a label, Data is all over the place with allot of bands doing stuff with them, for them and by them.... The label is apparently a collective of sorts which is something I didnt know until recently but something thats all the much more cooler....About once a year they do a compialtion of bands and this year its "1...2...3". There is 18 bands on this fucker. Whereas Lets Get Killed represents a more close knit unit, "1...2...3" would represent several of these units all in one place. Im terribly close to some bands on this compilation and totally unfamiliar with others, even though they live in my very own city! I know I got work to do, dont remind me, but theres a pleasure to NOT being able to cover EVERY local band out there, that means my Citys scene is LARGE and complex and varied! its just the way things are....The listener will proly not like everything onj this disc but still proly be impressed....With my Abnoxious Pith Rating even if THE SOCIALS were not on the compialtion I would have scored it high because this is a good compilation. To put it plain and simple, theres some terribly great shit on this CD that I think most people will like a bunch. I have listened to this CD pretty often since getting one and continue to put it on from time to time... its a good listen and I even skip over THE SOCIALS track too! I mean, I played it a trillion times and shit. No reason to suck my own dick...... Heres the line-up: SPECTACULAR FANTASTIC, HILLTOP DISTILLERY, COLTRANE MOTION, POST-HASTE, COLOR TEST, GOSSET, SWISSFARLO, FAIRMOUNT GIRLS,FORTY-ONE-NINETY-TWO, A SECRET SAFE, THE SUNDRESSES, THE SOCIALS, MORALS GALORE, HALEYMILL,COMPILER, MALLORY, VELCRO ONE, and last but not least, I must step out of my sterileness to announce, THE DECISIONS, a band that I think could be the next big thing. F-real do! F-real!

Really, Im not pretending here. All anyone really wants is to belong. Wiht these two compialtions I feel as if I do belong. I have my place in many different levels of existence. Looking from the band standpoint to some its JUST a song on a CD., JUST a CD. I cant escape the feelings of closeness I have with each of these bands, despite how I knew them before these comps.... Featuring different levels of bonds, a compialtion brings about a new bond.... Thats what familys are.

features twelve tracks by twelve bands that really, in some cases are in fact only slight name changes.... A guy named Gabe who I call THE LION CUB (long story), handed this to me and I fucking love it. It plays like the soundtrack to the movie THX1138 and ranges from danceable dance beats to beem-bloop-bip art/noise drama sonic-art pieces. The band line up is as follows but remember, many of these "bands" are just different names Gabe came up with for different songs... AFdANS, ONE ABOVE PENTENCE, MY ENEMA MY ENEMY, AFGANS, CULT 45, THE YOUTH IN ASIA, HAIRLESS, PREFECT, SKILLFUL METHODS, FORD, AFGANS vs PREFECT and LAW OF FIVES. Cool, Cool comp. Gabe used a black marker to art-up the CD-R that has one of those classic marker smells that persist despite the fact that I spilled Tequila all over the CD.... Fuck it. I mean, it still plays.... You can catch The Lion Cub AKA "Gabe" in the Columbus Ohio project known as THE AFGANS and hopefully something in Cincinnati too sometime......

Populution Works questions:

A copy of a CD-R compilation called DISSENTCINNATI came my way jammed packed with as many bands as could fit onto a 80 minute CD. Dissentcinnati is an anti-war project of people in bands that oppose GULF WAR 2... There was even a show to coincide witht he project with many, but not all of the bands. The bands are varied in their styles and such and some of you MAY recognize some of the names from my past Blank Generation writings.... Also, the CD sez something about all the songs being availble on a website and for you to make as many copys of the CD-R as you want and distribute them with your favorite anti-war literature... Anyway, heres the bands and at the end the website where you can get some mp3s and some other contact info...ABIYAH, ASS PONYS, KENDALL BRUNS, CARUSO, CHALK, COLTRANE MOTION, FAIRMOUNT GIRLS, THE FOUR POINT FIVE, FUDGIE AND FU FU, HAIRCUTS THAT HURT, THE HAYWARDS, THE IRRITANTS, ISWHAT?, THE NOT, PAPERBACK, POST HASTE, QUAHOGS, CULTURE QUEER, RHYME SWING EMBASSY, ROCKETS TO MARS, RUBY VILEOS, THEE SHAMS, SISTERN, THE SPECTACULAR FANTASTIC, UFO FINGERTWIN, THE UNDERWOODS, THE WOLVERTON BROTHERS, SOPHIA ZAFF..... THE WEBSITE: WWW.FUDGIEANDFUFU.COM..........I cant get enough of these snacks made by the Quaker Oats Company called CRISP’UMS, the Cinnamon Sugar flavor. I cant get enough of them.... I must also talk of a project that involves MORE free stuff.... Remeber that SUNDRESSES CD-R that I reviewed a while back and how I got it free at Shake It Records, a store... What the fuck am I saying, THEE store, where I shop for music.... Well, last week I stumbled upon another free project that even though you might not be one of the three people in the greater Cincinnati area that acytually read Blank Generation and be able to run out and get one, you might be able to e-mail the kid and work out a deal....

is a series of CD-Rs that features music that Jon had composed the previous week... I got Volume Two, copy number 18 of 23. It has Seven song of similar variety like the Populution Works CD you have just read about. More of that beem-bloop-bip art/noise drama sonic-art stuff... Its pretty damn interesting none-the-less... I like what I hear and now Jon gives me another reason to go everyweek to Shake It Records.... Do people do shit like this in otehr cities too or is this a wierd Cincinnati thing? someone answer me!!!!

Jon Caldwell:

----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Gives a Fuck" 7"EP
--Your Permanent Records ::::

Since when did F-Hole become a whiskey swilling cheap beer drinking debaucerous rock and/or roll band? I dont seem to remember them being ‘this way’ but hey, I’ll take whats to offer. I dont want to be rude or anything... And I even went and looked for that first 7" they sent me but I couldnt find it.... I like it like this EP. Theres five songs on this dirty gray colored vinyl.... The two songs on Side A are of the Rock and/or roll vein ala Rip Off Records and remind me of BLATZ a bit... Like if Blatz had been around right-cha now, they would sound like these two F-Hole songs... Side B features three songs that bring to mind early ‘Basement Screams’ NAKED RAYGUN. The songs are a bit more chainsaw and raw than the previous two but Like I said, what the F-Hole got, I like. I like a lot. If yer into Gar-Age punk rock and/or roll then definitly check into getting a copy of this. Like if you dig stuff like THE MEXICAN BLACKBIRDS, get this.... I’m sure it WONT dissapoint. My only real legitimate complaint is no street address. I mean, whats the use of me telling you to send them $4 when I have no place to tell you where to send it?

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 8 Above average release. I like what I hear D-D-D-D-Definitly


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Calculator" b/w "Object" " 7"
--Troubleman Unlimited

The a-side is taken from the LP, also on Troubleman called "Purely Evil" and is also one of my favorite songs from that offering. It pretty typical of other Sisters material, jerky, angular... neoteric. The B-side is a cover of The Cure... It seems to be sped upa little but I dont mind, they do a good job with the song.... Im really impressed with what The Sisters have brought to the table with their full length and this 7". I hope to hear more fromt hem and hear it soon! I could say that this 7" is a good introduction to the band, and it is, but I will end this review with confidence that you will fall in love with what you hear to the point that I NOW recomend you not only get the 7" but go ahead and get the full length for good measure... Go now wee ones... Go.

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 9! Very interesting. I hope this band gets out and tours.


----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEW

" Come On, Touch Me" CD
--Formula 47 Records :::: :::: ::::

So, this is what happens when good kids who rob their parents liqour cabinets and steal their siblings stashes grow up.... This band is from Cincinnati. Its been a big month for Cincy in my Landing Party column and only befitting to end it with these Locals. The Death in Graceland is some good kids. I seen these guys in various bands previously and I can honestly say they each have really matured and found their niche with each other. This band just clicks in kinda wierd ways... Theres something about their sound, their songs... It brings to mind THE MURDER CITY DEVILS in a big way, and the label and band knows it, but I can hear some RITES OF SPRING in there a bit too, and thats what Im liking. In fact, I really wanted DEATH IN GRACELAND to be the Cincinnati equivelant of THE HOT SNAKES but they arent... I mean, with what DEATH have, memberwise and equipment and tallent wise, I think that we, the endearing public, have yet to really see what this band has to offer. They have came a long way, as individuals and even as a band, but this band has been pending the past several months really getting together and working out some kinks in their unit thats bringing about a gelling affect. The Death in Graceland on THIS CD is good, but I just cant wait to see what else they do. They got me expecting something that I know they can deal out.... and now I want the delivery. My favorite track is "Retro Color Clash".... Theres seven total songs on the CD that play pretty well together...

THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 8. This CD is interesting and I enjoy listening to it.

Before I listened to the CD. I told the singer that I was going to punch him in the face once for everytime I hear the mention of the word "baby". I can say and do shit like that because the singer of this band is pretty scrawny and I am signifigantly bigger than him. That kid, and I can call him ‘kid’ because I am 30 years old (its a rule that if yer 30 or older, those 29 or younger you can call ‘kids’; I like to refer to many as ‘good kids’) ALSO said that the pictures on the CD sort of tell a story..."The cover sort of looks like a rip off of Fugazis first one" I said which led the whole band scurrying to find a copy to compare... It doesent really but I still dont get the story....I mean, im getting a murder-suicide vibe but Im not sure.... lots of blood that dont look like blood.... I just wonder why I cant find this kid anywhere....

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