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B. THE SOCIALS (Charged Atoms! Charged Atoms! PART ONE)
C. EXXON (Charged Atoms! Charged Atoms! PART TWO)
A. SCENE FROM Ceen U in the Bushes!
OPENING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The Iraqi people had taken to the streets. Oh, excuse me, let me CLAIRIFY things.... The LIBERATED Iraqi people had taken to the streets. Looting, chanting, hitting pictures of Saddam in the face with their Nike Air gymshoes and holding up their thumbs saying "America good!" and "We love Bush!"
Yeah, we ALL love Bush buddy.
These same Iraqi’s ... Oh, excuse me, let me CLAIRIFY... these same LIBERATED Iraqi’s, were also seen waving a United States flag that also doubled as some sort of promotional item left over from the rise of the ROCKY Movies back in the Dark ages.
It was a standard Star Spangled banner.... But this had the outstretched arms of a gloved Rocky Baloboa on it and in one of the bottom corners said ‘ROCKY’.
It was at that moment that I began to love the NEW Iraq and began to love its people... Oh excuse me, let me CLAIRIFY things... Its LIBERATED people...
War in Iraq: TOUCHDOWN!
Goodbye ‘IRAQ’.
Hello THE UNITED STATES OF ROCKY BALOBOA! all its liberated glory. Lets loot a hospital!
04.16.03 -
scene from Charged Atoms! Charged Atoms!
It may look as if theres not much action around PARTY CENTRAL.... To even me this episode of THE SHAWN ABNOXIOUS LANDING PARTY looks slim. Really thoguh, lots of action....
The band Im in, THE SOCIALS are recording the whole weekend of Good Friday. We have ten songs targeted for our third CD that we are tenativly calling KILL OR DIE OLL KERECT. Heres the funny part.... Even though our first CD, NARROW MINDED ENTERTAINMENT FOR A CLOSE MINDED AMERICA is still selling fine and getting reviews pretty regularly, if you notice we are recording for our third CD! No, you read correct, THIRD CD. so what happened to your second CD you ask? Well, just as NARROW MINDED was released we recorded seven songs for what was planned to be two 7"s released over last winter... One of these songs, "Targets of Innocence" was used for the LETS GET KILLED compilation by Cock Punch Records. Well, we STILL have plans on releasing these seven, with two re-recorded versions of "Never Never" and "Slave to the Low Wave" from NARROW MINDED for a CD we will call NEW VIBRATIONS OF LIGHT. Since we dont want to saturate the market with Socials CDs, we are going to get a lil’ bit into KILL OR DIE OLL KERECT before we put the finishing touches on NEW VIBRATIONS. We are looking to spend lots of time with KILL OR DIE OLL KERECT so dont get antsy.... In may we have three shows booked. Two in the Cincinnati area, with one being in support of SEXUAL TENSION and one in the Columbus Area in support of THE JEFFS. If you are reading this and book shows within two states of Ohio, gimmie a e-mail and maybe THE SOCIALS could come out sometime...
I dont know how many of you out there know or not, but I also do a zine called THE NEUS SUBJEX that has pretty much the same type focus that you will find here on the LANDING PARTY. In fact, alot of stuff I write about here on the LANDING PARTY ends up in one form or other in THE NEUS SUBJEX. In February of this year I just celebrated the Seventh Anniversary of the zine and have set about with a rather vigorus publishing schedule... Each issue of The Neus Subjex floats around 10,000 written words with pictures and has a print run of 300. I am involved in every aspect of the zines productio from writing and editing to folding/building each issue and distributing them... If you want a sample issue, send a SASE to THE NEUS SUBJEX PO BOX 18051 FAIrFIELD, OHIO 45018
04.16.03 -
scene from Charged Atoms! Charged Atoms!
Remember the last installment of THE LANDING PARTY and me writing about a guy I was calling The Lion Cub and a release called POPULUTIONWORKS: FISSION SAMPLER 2054? Well he called the other night and awoke me from my regular nervous sunday night slumber and asked me a pretty awkward question.... You see, The Lion Cub is hosting an experimental music night at a famous Cincinnati, Ohio female ‘aternative lifestlye’ bar he tends at. Theres going to be five total acts of the night featuring The Cubs very own LAW OF FIVES and another local ‘out there’ called BURNING STAR CORE as well as three others. I dont know what two of those others are but one of the unkowns is me... or rathr one of my projects.... I call it EXXON.
it alls tarted with a friend who is now living in Alaska. he was telling me about a PLAYSTATION ONE game called MTV Music Generator. Its basically a one package studio where you can write songs and gingles and stuff. I went out and found th game used and brought it home and within 15 minutes was laying down some wicked dance music. I recorded three "songs" to a mini-cassette recorder and during my brief stay in Zero Crag and even at some Socials shows, would put the recorder in my shirt pocket, press play and load equipment in or out while the music played. I referred to the sounds as my ‘theme music’. Well, after Zero Crags demise I set out to release a cassette of more compositions under the name EXXON. A few minutes here, a few minutes there and Im just about ready to finish the cassette. The Lion Cub called one night when I had jsut got done working on some tracks and told him about it.
He was really interesed. Interested enough that it stuck with him and when he got down to planning his experimental music night, asked me to be apart of it.
So on Thursday, May 8th I will debut as/in EXXON. I will play seven tracks overtop a slide show of greater Cincinnati cell Phone Towers... I dont feel as if theres anything experimental about the way my music sounds, but i will admit, my delivery is sort of wierd. Theres also a deal on pabst Blue Ribbon that night at the bar. $1.25 per can! So I been telling everyone that its a Experimental Music CHALLENGE and everyone will get a BLUE RIBBON!!!! Go figure! If you are in the Cincinnati area and are interested in this e-mail me... I will give you the details.
Well, thats about it.... Hope you like this installment of The LANDING PARTY... take care!
NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Lets start off with some F-hole news....Paddy, guitarist and vocal man form F-HOLE, wrote me electronically just after the March update to give all youwse guys out there in THE UNITED STATES COALLITION interested in attaining a copy of their "Gives a Fuck" 7" (given an Abnoxious Pith rating of 8 in the March Blank Generation Landing party Update) information about how to attain your own copy. The release is available through UNDERGROUND MEDICINE which by chance also has their first 7" in stock too or you can contact Paddy direct and send $4 (postage paid) for a copy to 295 Frances Street, Teaneck, NJ 07666. I suppose F-Hole have some interesting band dynamics and all because I had the impression they were totally a san Francisco outfit but this aint the first time I been wrong and wont be the last. Paddy stated that the end of F-Hole has been named and set in motion but not before Lizzy (bass and vocals) and Jake (drums and vocals) go to the East Coast and team up with Paddy for a string of summer shows only to be followed by a west coast trip by Paddy for another string of shows out there around August. Just before everything is set to disintigrate, Paddy also said that he hopes the band will be able to do a "Blatz goes country type single." so we all have that to look foreward to...Long term plans for Paddy include hopes of making F-Holes "label", YOUR PERMANENT RECORDS, a permanent sort of thing and hopes to begin releasing singles from bands thats catches his eye beginning no sooner than the Winter season of 2004. F-Holes website is Look there for up to date news.
By the way, I am now at this moment listening to THE URBAN VERBS "Early Damage" LP and that has nothing to do with what I just wrote.
NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
News from THE MEXICAN BLACKBIRDS via Chris Trashcan.... He said that DIRTNAP RECORDS will in fact, after all, release a full length by The Blackbirds sometime around August of 2003! Subsequently, the split mentioned in the last LANDING PARTY with THE ELECTRIC EYE is OFF... But The Balckbirds still are on deck to release a split with THE HUNCHES. If you missed the boat, The Mexican Blackbirds are keeping the flame of break-your-whiskey-bottle-over-your-marshall amplifier rock and/or roll that THE MOTARDS ignited a few years back. Chris also talked about getting me one of those Dirtnap Compilations thats now reached that of mythic porportions with me... I probably will EVENTUALLY get one and when I do it will probably be like getting Excaliber itself in the mail... I am keeping my forces at PARTY CENTRAL on RED-ORANGE alert about The Blackbirds and will inform you, the Landing Partyitself, of any new case developments.
ceek-n-destroy with extreme prejudice:
By the way, I am now at this moment listening to SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES "The Scream" CD and that has nothing to do with what I just wrote.
NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hey, how many of you remember DIGITAL BLOCK? Well, something that I wrote back there, back then just now got a reply... A guy who first called himself Barry, then giving me a 'AKA' as 'Roger' (cool!), wrote to inform me that the WHOLIGANS that I mentioned back during the days of my DIGITAL BLOCK is NOT his version of the band.... It was during a ZERO CRAG show, a Cincinanti band called THE WHOLIGANS just murdered a set of covers and took up all the time leading to near violence between me and the other portions of Zero Crag and the venue we were playing at...
Heres his note:
" I just read a review you gave of seeing The Wholigans at some ice cream parlour about them murdering who songs. This band was not me, I don't know who they are, but I have been around since 81-82. Is there anyway you can delete this review because whenever anybody searches our name they see this and it makes us look bad, I assure you these imposters are not me. Thanks, Barry................ aka Roger"
So I replied to Barry AKA 'Roger' and told him that I would tell Joe Domino about the occurance but it wasnt looking like there would be any sort of 're-editing job' on past articles. I offered to use some space here in THE LANDING PARTY to write some wrongs....
Barry, AKA 'Roger' replied:
" Shawn, Thanks a lot man , I appreciate any help. We have been around forever since 81, we just finished playing Germany and are headed to Canada in June, then off to England and Europe in September, so if we were The Wholigans that you mentioned I doubt that we would be playing here there and everywhere, if you get a chance check any of these sites, you may have to join.......but ask anybody there what they think of us."
I found this really interesting... Something I would write possibly hurting the image of a band that plays in Europe? Yeah! Right! Non-the-less, I have hopefully corrected any form of confusion between the internationally known Wholigans and the Cincinnati Wholigans. I also cant wait until I see the LAME Cincinnati version of The Wholigans again and break the news to them...
Below is a list to seek-n-destroy at leisure:
our sites
Barry/Rogers e-mail:
By the way, I am now at this moment listening to SLEATER-KINNEY "Dig Me Out" CD and that has nothing to do with what I just wrote.
Before you get to the few reviews.... a short explanation of my ranking system....
My own personal rating system.... Like it or love it. I could care less what you think because Im the one with a column.
-Horrid. A Waste of time, effort and money
Not much to offer.
A Few Redeeming Qualities; A couple good tracks
Interesting. Average in its overall delivery but by no means bad though....
An above average release. Must have? Maybe....If you got the $$$$
-Very interesting. Suggest you get a copy.
- Go and get one. Music to kill yourself by! A MUST-HAVE!
----------------------------------------MUSIC REVIEWsssssssssssssss..sssssss.....sssssssssss
" Family Affair" CD-R
--Lookatmebumpole Records :::: :::: Jim Westrick 513.896.4824
This band hails from my very own local scene. They are a three piece with no bass player. Believe me though, one could listen to this whole disc and not miss it one bit.... Skeleton bands is what I call bands with unconventional or stripped down line ups. A bassist is usually the most common thing to go in most Skeleton bands... Look at The Raveonettes (drums/guitar), The White Stripes (drums/guitar), Sleeter-Kinney (guitars/drums), another Cincinnati local, Croatan (guitar/drums) ... Most of those bands all have their moments USING a bass at times so its not like they totally ignore the bass, for whatever reason the better part of each bands thing is bass-less... The whole skeleton band concept just sort of makes sense. The intertwining aspects of bands and their structures is a VERY ‘spent’ area. Lots of time, ebergy and even money, is spent on any band. More members, more problems. Bands like the aforementioned keep it simple, they keep it MINIMUM and most inportantly, they STILL get the job done!
Now DRIVER is nothing like any of those bands I mentioned, I was just making a point... Well, they are closer to CROATAN than The White Stripes but thats about it....
Putting the CD in and hitting play the first comparison that came to mind was FILTH from the infamous Shit Split from Lookout years ago. Fast. loud, grovel vocals... Clean breakdowns. Good build-ups... Catchy... Angry as fuck and TIGHT!... Then around the sixth track Pain of Mind era Neurosis came to mind. Driver dont let up and follow through with a dizzying array of fist in the air angst.
Favorite tracks include "What A Show" which sort of has a hidden DC Hardcore FAITH/VOID feel... The opening track "Tired" and "Blitz the Media". Clocking in UNDER 20 minutes, DRIVER had brought forth the goods and left me wanting more. Reports have began to trickle in about their newest material via my local connections at DRIVER live shows and Im liking what I hear... Faster, louder, meaner. If you are like me and cut your teeth on heavier bands like all that old DC hardcore stuff or the aforementioned FILTH or NEUROSIS and have become what your friends now call a "Strokes Fag" like me, then hey, suprise them by putting DRIVER on for a spin. I mean, over the years one couldnt possibly think that in ten years time I would STILL be playing the same old stuff... Im going to grow and discover new sounds. Go ahead and call me a "Strokes Fag" all you want, but at the Driver show, IN THE PIT... YOU ARE MINE!!!!
THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 8! An above average release. Must have? Maybe....If you got the $$$$
" Pierce My Brain" CD
--Smog Veil Records 316 California Ave. Reno NV. 89509 :::: ::::
Its almost like the olden Rubber City Rebels of yesteryear were put into some sort of time machine and instantly transported from 1979 to 2003. Some could find that harrowing since its pretty much a given fact that time machines DONT exist. That would mean that these guys have spent nearly 25 years GOING NOWHERE.
This CD is all new, untreleased material, except for the covers... But really, its like listening to something put out around 1981 or something... Its Ramones style rock and/or roll with a big metal influence. Its good, dont let my GOING NOWHERE opening and what you read after that before this, to give you the wrong impression. This CD is good... Theres some really good stuff on this disc, like the second track early on titled "Grip of Fear" or the tribute song to the great traitor of the Empire, Stiv Bators "Dead Boy" (great, well written song), or "Born Dead", or "Your Television Lies" which is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT FROM THIS BAND RIGHTCH NOW!) and some stuff I would rather do without, the last track "Pinhead" whose lose nature wasnt well received on my part and "Warlord" which combined with the more prevailing metal sound than one might imagine from a group of guys referred to as PUNK LEGENDS, sort of gives the overall release a image of being a gag.
" Pinhead" is really the blemish I am talking about. This song alone made the overall puith rating one whole point lower than what it was going to be... Stupid, stupid track...
But hey, this is The Rubber City Rebels and I should show some respect right? I mean, who the fuck am I to pass judgement on anything this band does. After all, 25 years from now I still want to be playing music myself and even writing about it in some form or other and who knows, maybe I will be even more of a GO NOWHERE than the Rebels ever could be. My book has not been written yet... One could only imagine me 25 years from now....
This is a good CD, I was glad to get a chance to chime in with my impression of this release. I guess in the long run what I wanted this to be, isnt what it ended up being. I wanted this CD, and I wanted The Rubber City Rebels, to really punch a hole in the mediocrity of todays current re-punk revival. In my opinion, its just not in this disc. Theres some good points to this CD, after all my bitching and my ramblings of being ‘let down’ this release still sits high in my own PITH RATING. In fact, the score is the highest rating I could give before I suggest you DEFINITLY lay down cold cash for. Really, if only a couple things were different it would have scored higher but Im JUST Shawn Abnoxious, one guy. Im not the fucking producer or anything... Go figure. Im happy for The Rubber City Rebels and joyous for them still getting out after all these years... What they are doing IS inspiring and I am honored to live in the same OHIO EMPIRE that guys like these shed blood, sweat and tears for...I can say that much.
THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING: 7 A very interesting release by no means bad but a couple points kept it from scoring a 9 which is what I expected when I first got this disc in my hands....
" Goin’ Down on Jesus" PROMO 3 song CD-R
Getting promos like this is what doing THE LANDING PARTY is all about. I wanted, and feel its coming to pass, that THE LANDING PARTY has its PLACE, its BANDS, its READERS and its PURPOSE.
Then I come down and realize that no one reads my stuff because Im not ‘user friendly’. Fuck you users!!!!
--What a great band name... THE USERS.... Anyway, THE JEFFS hail from Columbus, Ohio. They personify the ol timey concepts of sex drugs and rock and roll and leave no stone unturned when it comes down to debauchery. The tales of this band that has reached my ears make even me blush...and laugh histerically.
This band is good, no... more like this band is fucking great. I can hear comparisons to THE STICHES in jeffs material which I believe hold true, but whereas recent Stitches has FAILED to really stand up to what I feel the band once WAS, The Jeffs are a fresh reminder of what the still burgeoning ‘re-punk’ movement is all about; what the re-punk movement SHOULD be.
The Jeffs offer up four tracks on this soon to be 7". The first track some of you will recognize.... Its none other than "Sicko" from the Cock-Punch Records Lets Get Killed compilation...I have also heard that the cover art on this 7" is also going to be done by Sarah Rinear who also did the exceptional cover art for Lets Get Killed. Theres three other songs that are defintily sending The Jeffs to burning places once they pass but the energy level is kept up high. I recognize the last track from that Live CD placed in my hands by the band themselves the first time I seen them... Its called "She Wants to Fuck" and is such a great song that despite the limited distribution of The Jeffs Live at Bernies CD, when they were in Kent, playing the release show for Lets Get Killed they had to play the song again, at sets end, before they were allowed to end!
The Jeffs are a great band. They realy offer something to my ears... If you are a fan of Older Stitches, Dirtnap Records stuff or more specifically a fan of The Spits... then I highly suggest you check this band out.
As a side note, I have procured several copies of the first CD-R the band gave me thet I reviewed a while back called THE JEFFS LIVE AT BERNIES. I know how hard it is to get stuff like this and how important it is to get stuff like this when you are really into music so if you want one, go ahead and send me $4 and I will send you a copy. Even my supplies are limited so act fast fuckers... My address: Shawn Abnoxious c/o The Neus Subjex PO Box 18051 Fairfield, Ohio. 45018-0051
I dont really feel that THE ABNOXIOUS SCALE OF MUSIC PITH RATING is really necessary or fair concerning this ‘promo’ because I dont have the finished product in my hand. Im still going to go ahead and award it a 9 despite this fact. This means this release is very interesting and I highly suggest you get a copy. thank you.
CLOSING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
04.16.03 -
scene from Ceen U in the Bushes! A phone coversation with Joe Domino. Print this out and find a friend to re-enact this scene.
Shawn Abnoxious: Hey, what did yout hink of that Socials demo I sent you?
Joe Domino: What demo?
Shawn Abnoxious: The one I sent you at the beginning of the Live Socials CD?
Joe Domino: I got a laptop that is wireless and now I can write while I lay on me bed from across the room.
Shawn Abnoxious: Wow, thats really cool, but what did you think of that demo? I haven't let anyone else hear it yet.
Joe Domino: What demo?
Shawn Abnoxious: JOE! It was the first song on the live CD!!! I sent it to you a couple weeks ago along with a copy of LETS GET KILLED?
Joe Domino: Oh... You did?
Shawn Abnoxious: YEAH!
Joe Domino: OK.... Hold on and let me go check. (Joe puts the phone down and shuffles off returning several minutes later) OK... Yeah, I see it here... The first song. Its called ‘Mythical Sea Creatures’ Right?
Shawn Abnoxious: Yeah, right.
Joe Domino: Haven't listened to it yet. I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Shawn Abnoxious: Wow! Thats sort of funny.
Joe Domino: Yeah, I remember you saying something about sending it to me, but most stuff goes in one ear and right out the other with me....
Shawn Abnoxious: Damn Joe, maybe you should think about getting an earplug, or something.
--the end.
In all fairness, Joe Domino is a pretty innocent fella.... I mean, FUCK! At least he can spell better than me (but really, I hope most people can). I consider his phone conversations wiht him a treasure even if he does wanna talk dirty to me most of the time.....
till next time... Dont let the party stop!

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