Record Reviews - March, 1999

Against All Authority "Destroy What Destroys You" CD (Far Out)

This CD is loaded with over 20 songs about the pigs, rebellion, and revolution. Sort of a punk/ska band, but I think their more punk than ska. Tunes like "Another Fuck You Song", "Walking Revolution", and "Under Your Authority" are fast, hard hitting, and leave you pissed off. This is one excellent album so don't miss out! (JD)

Anti-Socials "Forwards We Move, Backwards We Progress" LP (Wrinky Dink)

The combined assault of the UK Subs and the Partisans make the Anti-Socials one of the better bands in punk rock today. Political lyrics with powerful beats shape up this record as a must. It sounds like it was recorded in a basement, which is punk as all fuck! The sleeve is D.I.Y., although it could have been put together a little better. However, they don't rip you off like most labels today, cause it only costs $6 bucks! Every song on here is a gem, but my favorites are "Middle Class Lads", "Working For Them", "Let's Go!" and "What Kind of Life". Support the self sufficient PuNkS and get this. (JD)

Assholes "Revenge of the Kung Fu Punks" 7" (Krakatora)

Here's an interesting 7" EP that you should take some notice to. These dudes are from Italy and sound like The Kids, except their lyrics are goofier. With songs like "Punk Rock Star", "I like pornography", and "I hate ska (together with punk)", you probably get the idea that these guys are a bunch of nuts. Six songs here so rock out! (JD)

Avengers "S/T" LP

The Avengers are one of those bands that stick out amidst the many punk bands of the 1970's. Their lyrics defined what was going on with the class of '77. With Penelope Houston on vocals the Avengers are complete. This is a great reissue(?) of that expensive record a true punk could never afford. All the greats are on here like "We are the One", "The Amerikan in Me", and "Second to None." A worthy buy indeed. (JD)

Beatnik Termites "Lineage" 7" (Coolidge)

The Beatnik Termites put something new out? Oh wait, no they didn't, it's just some Descendents rehash. Why was this record put out? So I could get a pack of crayons with it? There are two songs on this 7"! TWO! What the fuck! Honestly this is bullshit! If there were four or five songs this might be worth getting, but two! Anyway, the BT's cover "Suburban Home" and ALL's "Minute." Not really worth getting unless yr a hardcore Descendents freak. Did I mention it comes with a pack of crayons? (JD)

Bonecrusher "The Animal" 7" (Hostage)

Whoa! A blast of punk coming straight at ya! Bonecrusher play loud and fast punk rock. You can sing to all three of these gems. "Hell, I've already been there" is the best song on this single. This is almost street punk, but in a better and less generic sort of way. I hope these guys have an LP on the way. (JD)

Boris the Sprinkler "8 testicle POGO machine" LP/CD (Bulge/Rhetoric)

Many people I talk to think this isn't a very good Boris release. I disagree. Although it isn't the usual geek rock infested mania like the later records, it definitely rocks. "Drugs and Masturbation" is one of the best songs on the album. It's punk and that's all you need to know! For those of you who do not know the splendor that is Boris the Sprinkler, I'll break it down for ya. They sort of sound like the Rezillos, who ate too much sugar and puked up marshmallows. So there ya go. (JD)

Crumbs "S/T" LP/CD (Lookout!)

The Crumbs are from S. Florida and play fast Ramonesy Rock 'N' Roll. Raf Classic and company rock out just like all great punk bands should. Their songs deliver a much needed kick to the punk groin. The album was recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios by the stupendous Mass Giorgini, so it's sounds clean and fresh. (JD)

Decibels "Radio" 7" (G.I.)

These dudes have a cool "power pop with less punk" sound and decent harmonizing with catchy songs. The guitars sound rad with 60's licks. The vocals are total pop and the whole band backs the vox up. The first song, "Radio", is catchy and could be an instant hit. With four songs any fan from the Beach Boys to Mods would enjoy this. (JD)

Devil Dogs "30 Sizzling Slabs" CD (Crypt Records)

Can you say "ROCK AND OR ROLL"? Well ya better start cause that's all you'll be hearing when you listen to this great CD. The Devil Dogs play 50's/60's rock 'n' roll with a Ramones influence. Or, like the Heartbreakers with a little fewer drugs and a little more guitar fuzz. The CD actually has 32 sizzling slabs o' rock. It includes their debut LP and their 2nd LP. The booklet has loads of info on how the band started and what the members are doing now. In case you didn't know the Devil Dogs broke up. So support them and buy this disc, cause with songs like "Baby I'm the King" and "Ball Me Out" they can do no wrong. (JD)

Donnas "S/T" LP (Super*Teem!)

Hello, it's the Donnas, of course this is good. This was the best record of 1997! If you find it, buy it, you won't disappointed. Now, the Donnas play fast, Ramonesy, garage, and their chicks! 14 songs and their all rab.! Fuck! I'm not even going to bother, just get it or the re-release on CD on Lookout! Records. (JD)

Dummies "S/T" CD/LP (Get Hip)

Put the vocals on distortion and the guitars on "cranked up really high!" These garage punk rockers play some, not too shabby at all, hard edged rock 'n' roll. It's energetic with a mean streak. It lacks some catchy riffs, but if all you wanna do is rock out these guys are for you. 12 tracks including, "Burn", "Get outta my way", and "Record Store". (JD)

5,6,7,8's "...Can't Help It" CD (Rockville)

All right! This is some fantastic trash/surf rock 'n' roll! Three chicks in leopard outfits couldn't be more sexy and enticing! These Japanese ladies graciously give you 14 songs to sooth your ears. This particular CD has songs from different times and band members of the 5,6,7,8's timeline. Let's have a Party with the 5,6,7,8's! (JD)

Groovie Ghoulies "World Contact Day" LP/CD (Lookout!)

The Groovie Ghoulies are a pop punk party. Kepi, Roach, and now Panic, and B-Face rock all. This record has 11 great songs that all start with the classic Ramones intro. Kepi's southern vocals don't make it their music sound generic at all. My only complaint about this record is the short amount of songs. With only 11 songs I'm left with wanting more. (JD)

Jet Bumpers "Blast Off!" LP (Radio Blast)

This is a decent record. The vocals are sung in a pop punk tone yet the rest of the music is rock 'n' roll punk. Thunderous chords and catchy songs are the norm. They seem to be having fun and it shows with songs like "My girlfriend is a Techno-Bitch" and "I want U to be Punk". But the song "The Day I Quit Smoking Pot" has no point whatever and is just plain stupid. The rest of the album is super. (JD)

Johnnies "12 Steps to Nowhere" CD (Lo-Mag)

From Boston, MA the Johnnies will rock your world. These guys play wild power pop Rock 'N' Roll in an Undertones vein. The guitars and vocals on this album are extremely good. I really dig the guitar solos because they're not so cock rock. The Johnnies give you 14 songs, all superior punk rock. "King of the Meat" thunders like no other, while "You Don't Know Me" gives me the catchy hooks that I crave, the art work is a plus too. Good Shit! (JD)

Long Gones "Heads or Tails" 7" (Shake It)

The Long Gones play some fast garage punk 'n' roll and look like the Devil Dogs. However, they don't sound like the Devil Dogs. There just simply aren’t enough catchy guitar solos, which usually get me boppin'. I bet they're a blast to see live. If your in to Motor City garage punk and have money to burn, go for it. Otherwise put it in the "OK Box." (JD)

McRackins "Planet Of the Eggs" CD (Stiff Pole)

Pop punk given to you by two eggs and a dog. I'm serious. There're only 10 originals and one super cover of the Forgotten Rebels "Surfin' On Heroin" on this disc. These guys are all right, but nothing special. They're kinda humorous in the song "Beating the Evil Vegetarians" but most of their other songs are lengthy and boring. (JD)

Milkshakes "Thee Knights of Trashe" CD (Hangman's Daughter)

Thee Milkshakes play a rocking set of 60's punk! Totally lofi and stripped down R'N'R. Primitive songs about chicks and three instrumentals. Rock and Roll Fuckers! (JD)

Modernettes "Get It Straight" CD (Zulu)  

The Modernettes, from Vancouver Canada, were a band outta the early 80's that wrote incredibly catchy power pop tunes. They were very Ramones and yet with more of a pop twist, the Modernettes didn't fit with the other punk bands in Canada back then. This CD includes songs from demos, live recordings, the Teen City EP, the Gone But Not Forgotten LP, and View From The Bottom EP. So, if you like pop punk you should really be in to this stuff. (JD)


Nashville Pussy "Let Them Eat Pussy" CD/LP (Noise Amphetamine)

I don't see what's so great about these cats. Yeah the chicks are hot and they're pretty fast rockers, but there isn't much else. It's your basic early Motorhead rock 'n' roll. Aside from the wild shows I hear about, I wouldn't recommend this to people with bad hearts. It's all right, and that's that. If you want this record, go to your nearest Wall and pick it up for $17 bucks. Fuck these guys! (JD)

No-Talents "S/T" LP (Wild Wild)

The No-Talents first ever release is a full-length record baby! They play awesome Killed by Death punk rock! 17 songs on glittery red vinyl and cover's of the VKTMS and Black Flag! Buy it now! J' suis punk! (JD)

Pietasters "Willis" CD/LP (Hellcat)

Their last album was a lot less rockin' than this one. I think this is the best Pietasters album ever. They're special blend of ska and soul mixed with rock 'n' roll kicks ass. There are 13 songs on this CD and almost everyone is a blast. The vocalist, Stephen Jackson, has a raspy voice that works nicely with the rest of the band. The best songs here, in my opinion, are "Out All Night", "Fat Sack", "Higher", and "Bitter". Don't be thrown off by the freaky babies on the sleeve. This is one of the best albums of 1997. (JD)

Pud "I'm The Shark..." LP/CD (Recess)

Nothing I can say will emphasize the awe I'm in over this record. It is truly one of the best records I have ever heard. It ranks 2nd to the Donnas for best record of 1997. Pud play loud Generation X and Clashesque punk fucking rock. The vocals are different though, they're sung with a lot of feeling. Every song has guitar solos streaming through it, and every song on here is a masterpiece. You can't go wrong with songs like "Too Fast for Life" and "Tonight We Rock Tomorrow We Roll." Do your ears a favor and get this. (JD)

The Queers "Don't Back Down" LP/CD (Lookout!)

The Queers play bubble gum pop punk rock. This record heads more towards a Beach Boys sound yet keeps the snotty lyrics. All the songs have the Queers touch and sound just as good as their second and amazing album, "Love Songs for the Retarded." "I'm OK, You're Fucked", "I Only Drink Bud", and "Born To Do Dishes" are my favorite songs. The Queers are the leaders in pop punk today so buy this if you’re into that stuff cause it doesn’t get much better than this. (JD)

Rip Offs "Got A Record" LP (Rip Off)

This is one of the best punk albums of all time. (JD)

Servotron "No Room For Humans" LP/CD (One Louder)

These Devo duplicates are electronic to the max. Servotron have a punk combination of keyboards and guitars that is a hard thing to conceive but Servotron do it with style. With songs like "People Mover", "User Error", and "Red Robot Refund" you get the idea that these cats don't like us humans too much. Recommended for people with a fuckin' sense of humor. (JD)

Sonic Dolls "Boy's Night Out" LP (Radio Blast)

A lot of good pop punk bands comes from Germany. The Sonic Dolls are definitely one of those bands. This is total Ramones punk, but in a good way. The lyrics are very cliche, but still interesting. They sing about chicks, anti-social problems, and having fun. One of the best tunes on this record in the cover of "Let's Dance On"; some other greats are "Julie's Outta Hands", "Everybody Hates Me", and "Where the Punks Are". Overall this a descent pop punk album, so pick it up if you like that snuff. (JD)

Teengenerate/Bum "Spilt" 2X7" (Lance Rock)

What's not to like about Teengenerate? They are one of the best punk bands in existence! They bring back the fun spirit of late 70's punk. These particular songs are a bit more sped up than their other records, but you'll love 'em anyway. The two songs from TG are "Stab Your Mind" and Bum's "A Promise is a Promise". Bum are a celebrated pop punk foursome from Canada, home of The Kid in the Hall! They're extremely infectious and you would be wise to get everything they've put out. The two songs from Bum are "Here Comes the Magic" and Teengenerate's "Don't Come Close to Me". Get! (JD)

Thee S.T.P./Bingo "Split" 2X7" (Rapid Pulse Records)

Bonjourno, and welcome to your tour of Punk Italy; your guides S.T.P. and Bingo. '77 lives in Italy, these two bands play great old school punk rock. Thee S.T.P. rock 'n' roll out with songs like "Action" and "She Don't Want My Love." Bingo are a little faster and snotty with songs like "Exorcise My Cock" and "We Don't Care." The bonus single is limited to 300 so get a move on. If you buy one record this week let it be this one. (JD)

Usuals "S/T" CD (No Idea)

These cats are an awesome traditional ska band from FL! The soothing horns, female vox, and just all around great songs are fantastic! They give ya 11 originals and one cover of "Moonlight Lover" by Joy Landis. "Rocket Power", "Carry On", and "At Shirley and Juicy's" are catchy upbeat songs while "Tokyo Rose" and "St. John's (The Lazy River)" will cool you down from dancin'. A refreshing change after those fowl repetitive punk/ska bands like Less Than Jake. (JD)

Workin' Stiffs "Liquid Courage" CD/LP (TKO)

The Workin' Stiffs have been around for awhile and know their shit. They're last record was great and this one is even better. Since they've got the street punk thing down cold, all the song's lyrics have a fist raising vibe to them. The most notable of songs are "Three Ring City", "Bootstraps", and "One More Day". They are all very catchy and rock like a monster. One of the best LP's I've heard all year. (JD)


V/A "Back Asswards" CD (Interbang)

Well... some of the songs on this 30-band comp are ok. Those include Side Car, The Nobodys, Moral Crux, Groovie Ghoulies, Discount, and Boris The Sprinkler. However, there are some others that are pretty bad. It's all pop punk and more than half of it sucks. (JD)

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