Record Reviews - April, 1999

A-Bones "The Life Of Riley" CD (Norton)

Superb garage rock 'n' roll from these cats. This shit will get you swingin' in no time. The swanky saxophone sounds nice with this type of music. Fifteen tracks to dance to, woohoo! Do the "Sham Rock" kids! (JD)

Angry Samoans "Back from Samoa" CD (Triple X)

Hey punk! This is 80's punk rock at it's best! Totally rabid punk fuckin' rock! Songs like "Lights Out", "They Saved Hitler's Brain", and "Homo-sexual" scream punk! (JD)

Archie and the Pukes "SXE People Suck" 7" (Centsless)

Funny shit. The first song, "Straight Edge People Suck", has already got me hooked. Archie and the Pukes play ultra fast garage punk. Their lyrics are incredibly funny and are snottier than most of records I've heard. You get 5 songs on one 7", what a bargain! Recommended! (JD)

Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters "F.B.I." 7" (Baby Doll)

This record is very rad! Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters are awesome at playing great 77 old skool punk. The lyrics are offensive and the music is fast as hell. Ashley sings on all of the songs with great hate. There are five kick ass songs on here including "Midget", an old song by the VKTMS. It's too bad this group broke up. Don't be a fuck, get this. (JD)



Automatics "S/T" CD (Mutant Pop)

The Automatics play ultra fast pop punk. This shit is very catchy and the lyrics are hilarious. "Don't wanna Work", "Happier than You", "All the kids wanna Dance", and "She likes Girls" are snotty yet up beat, with lotsa wha ohs too. This is their 1st full length and it's a good one. Fans of Screeching Weasel and the Queers lookout for the Automatics. (JD)

Automatiks "I wanna be a Car" 7"(Primitive)

These guys are from Canada; they're not the Mutant Pop Automatics. Ok, now these Auto's sound like a cross between Devo and the Jet Bumpers. They're very tight and their vocals are high pitched and punk. There are three songs here and they are all banner, so buy it geek! (JD)

Basicks "Basick RnR Party" 7" (Records of Rebellion)

This is one of the best 7"ers I got in '97. It is truly a masterpiece of punk rock. The Basicks hail from FL and have two members that are in the Crumbs. They kind of sound like the Crumbs on their "Get All Tangled" 10", and we all know how cool that record is. This is excellent punk rock with a pop yet rock 'n' roll twist that comes together oh so nicely. It has five songs so already it's worth it. One song, "Anotha Generation", has more of an old school ska beat to it. However, I haven't met someone who didn't dig that song. If by chance you don't like that song, so what ya silly fuck! There are still four more awesome rock tunes on this record for your listening pleasure. (JD)

Bladder Bladder Bladder "No-Go Girl" 7" (Pelado)

Bladder Bladder Bladder came over from England. Now living in California, these boyo's can create an awesome Clash'esque sound. They haven't put much out lately. However this 7" makes up for their tardiness. There are four songs on this sucker, such as "Can't Understand Normal Thinking", "One Man March One Man Riot", and a fantastic cover of the Babysitters' "Everybody Loves You When Your Dead." I haven't seen these guys live but I can only imagine that they're fuckin' great! (JD)

The Bodies "Suicide" 7" (TKO)

TKO Records does a damn good job of releasing good records. The Bodies 7" are a good example of a solid 45. There are four songs here, "Suicide", "Left Right", "West End Kids", and one great cover of a Kids' tune "Baby That's Alright". These dudes stick it to ya with rock 'n' roll punk straight outta 1978. I think if you do not like this you should grow some fucking balls. (JD)

Boris The Sprinkler "Russian Robot!" 7" (Lookout!)

That nutty Rev. Norb is up to his old tricks again, lucky you. Geek Rock is back with somewhat of a vengeance. This issue of Boris somewhat lacks that special something that makes them so kooky. It's not bad but I've heard way better from these lads. Besides, there are only three songs here. If you’re a Pop Punk Maniac you probably already have this. However, I would advise getting an earlier BTS 7" or LP on Bulge Records. So until then, do the Go... Kart. (JD)


Boris the Sprinkler "Saucer to Saturn" CD/LP (Bulge/Rhetoric)

The second installment in the madness that is Boris the Sprinkler. Another great pop punk record. Punk = Boris the Sprinkler. The only thing that pisses me of is the absence of the monologue. Fuckers! Rev. Norb is the man, or grasshopper, whatever. "Grilled Cheese", "I Dig Her", and "Scream' demon Martians ridin' go-karts in my head" are my favorite songs. Buy, Buy, and Buy! (JD)

Bottom Feeders "69 Drag Pack" 7" (Scooch Pooch)

The Bottom Feeders play fast and smutty r'n'r ala Zeke. But if your gonna play like Zeke you better be able to boogey like them too. They've got the punk 'n' roll thang going on but they're omitting the 'tude. The Bar Feeders play simple guitar chords with no interesting hooks and their second song, "Doing the Brainless", is way too slow for my taste. (JD)

Chixdiggit "S/T" LP/CD (Sub Pop)

This is an impressive pop punk/rock 'n' roll album. Definitely one of the best records of 1996, Chixdiggit have great song writing skills. Catchy, fun, and loveable songs make for some good listenin'. Every song on this record is a favorite, but here are some songs titles anyway, "Where's your mom?", "Henry Rollins is no Fun", "I wanna hump you", and "I drove to Coquihalla". Excellent Rock Baby! (JD)

Crumbs "Low and Behold" LP/CD (Lookout!)

The second full length from these Florida boys is a turn around to total Rock 'N' Roll. It's not really that punk, more on a blues side, but it's still good. Those fans of their earlier records will be a little shocked. They dropped the Ramones for the Heartbreakers. I personal like this better than their last album. 14 rolling songs, my favorite is "I got my Mojo working". (JD)

Dead Boys "All This And More" 2XCD (Bomp)

The Dead Boys are one of the craziest bands from the late 1970's. They're sets explode with energy and blood. It's too bad I don't have a time machine. However, someone was wise enough to record they're live shows. These CDs contain recordings at CBGB's in 1978 and 1977. The sound quality isn't the greatest, but you can still here Stiv's growling and Cheetah's wicked guitar licks. Every punk should love the Dead Boys, but I would suggest hunting down the originals because they a hell of a lot better. (JD)

Deh Pills "Perfect Day" CD (SuperSonic RefrigeRecords)

This is a total copy of the Queers, but it's ok cause they do their hardcore punk too. These surfer-like chaps are from Italy, you can really hear those accents. There is nothing else to say, except if you like old Queers you'll like this. (JD)

Devil Dogs "No Requests Tonight" CD/LP (SFTRI)

The Devil Dogs are Rock 'N' Roll fuckers! This is a live album dedicated to these departed rockers. "Fucking great!" is all I can say. The only problem I have is the amount of songs, eleven. They Devil Dogs can do more than eleven! Fuck! There is so much else I wanted to here. Oh well, you do get "Baby, I'm the King", "Radio Beat", "Jump on You", and a nice cover of "Babysitter." The interaction with the crowd makes it worth your money, but there should be more! (JD)

Dimestore Haloes "Shooting Stars" 7" (American Punk)

The Dimestore Haloes are from Boston, Mass. I have yet to see them on tour or even playing an outta state show, that's most curious. Anyway they are a three-piece band on this record. For some reason guitars don't sound as full as they had on previous records. Usually they play blaring Heartbreakers Rock 'n' Roll, but they seem a bit off on this one. There are three songs here, including "Shooting Stars", "Graveyard Girl", and "No Happy Endings". Not they're best but still worth checking out if your a fan. They are still one of the better bands of the late '90's. (JD)

Discount "Ataxia's Alright Tonight" CD (Liquid Meat)

Wow! This is rad pop punk! It's very melodic, infectious, and with meaningful lyrics ta boot. The drums and guitars are equally as catchy. The girl on vocals has a great voice. What does every review of this records say... Oh yeah, "Sounds like Tilt." 12 songs and one cool cover of "It's the End of the World" by R.E.M. Good Stuff. (JD)

Donnas "Rock 'N' Roll Machine" 7" (Lookout!)

Oh dear, what can I say that hasn't already been said. Well it seems that the Donnas have changed a bit, well a lot actually. They've dropped their Ramonesy lofi sound, or someone dropped it for them, but anyway they’re into guitar solos now. The B-side is a worthless cover... I guess you could get in to this 7", but it's not very punk. It's lame rock 'n' roll until they decide that's not cool anymore. (JD)

Dwarves "Are Young and Good Looking" (Epitaph) CD/LP

The almighty Dwarves are back again. This new record is astounding! It's very catchy punk rock. One might think this would be a bad record with songs named "We Must Have Blood" and "Demonica". I say do not rule out this great record over something like that. Some of the songs have a pop punk twist, but this is not pop punk, it's just good. Get! (JD)

Eyeliners "Do the Zombie" 7" (Sympathy)

I've seen some reviews of this band and I didn't like how they described them. Basically they just say, "a girl garage band." Well I was at the record store and I was bored, so I asked if I could listen to this 7". I did and I thought it was kick ass. As soon as the needle hit the vinyl pictures of the Donnas old 7"s appeared in my head. The Eyeliners rock just like them. This is definitely garage but there is more to it. The Ramonesy guitar with girls shouting "YEAH!" is a hook! It's too bad there are only two songs on it. I'm going out to get some more of their records, you should too. (JD)


Fondled "Hey We're the Fondled" CD (Theological)

This is quite an interesting record. It's sloppy punk rock that sounds good. The male and female vocals have absolutely no training, that's pretty punk by the way. It's sort of garage but in a pop punk way. I don't know, it's good, don't argue with me asshole fuck! "Wouldn't want to be your girl", "Daddy's a whore", and "Wonder Woman", these tunes are fucking rad! You know, this is one of my favorite bands of the mid 90's. I think they broke up and I don't know if this CD is even made any more, but buy it if you can find it. (JD)

Frantics "Downtown Delirium" 7" (Mutant Pop)

This is weird, but good weird. The Frantics rock out to '80's punk tied together with snotty pop punk lyrics, in a peculiar but adequate mix nonetheless. Four punk rock songs on one yellow colored vinyl 7", cool. (JD)

Gasoline "Lets Go Harley" 7" (Goner)

Japanese trash ala Guitar Wolf. Cool feedback guitar solos with kind of a surf/punk/garage thang. Three songs, two of which are cool instros. The last song, "Book Cover", has some ragin' vocals. If this had vocals on all the songs it would get an A+. Howver, if you’re into the instro thing, knock your self out baby. (JD)

Grieving Eucalyptus "Just Plain Rock 'N' Roll" LP/CD (Just Add Water)

Grieving Eucalyptus has to be one of the dumbest names for a band I have ever heard! But don't let the name fool you, these boys and girl know what's up. Total Buddy Holly rock with that punk teenage angst. Songs about girls and guys, jerks, and Captain Wham! Check this out. (JD)

Groovie Ghoulies "Re-Animation Festival" CD/LP (Lookout!)

From Sunny California come the sweet sounds of the Groovie Ghoulies. These guys and ghouls are one of my favorite bands. With good reason of course, they rock! They have a pop/garage/rock 'n' roll thang kickin' that drives me wild. The best songs on this record are "Tunnel of Love, "Zombie Crush", and "Graceland". The sleeve art is spooky cool. If you haven't seen these cats live it's worth your money. They give out free prizes and have a striking stage presence. (JD)

The Heartbreakers "What Goes Around" LP (Bomp)

The Heartbreakers, R.I.P., were one of the best bands to come out of the American Punk scene in the 1970's. Bomp Records was kind enough to release some live recordings for the punks who just can't get enough of Johnny Thunders guitar licks. The sound really isn't that great, and if you have the original releases you don't need this. But most of us and poor little punks and can't afford $30 bucks for a record. So buy a repress, for like $8 bucks, and enjoy some of the best punk/rock 'n' roll you'll ever hear. (JD)

Infections "Kill the Infections" CD/LP (Rip Off)

Hey, you know the Ripoffs? Well this is the same shit, well maybe even better. Greg Lowery and Shane "ButtHumping" White are in this band screaming about the same stuff as the Rip Offs did, screwing chicks and beating up kids. G@R@GE ROCK doesn't die it multiples bitch! (JD)

Jet Boys "I'm Alone" 7" (Get Hip)

Aww Shit! A new Jet Boys 7"! Yeah! Just when I thought Japanese Punk was dead, here come the Jet Boys to save my rock 'n' roll soul. I said, "Fucking Rock 'N' Roll BABY!" Anyway, the Jet Boys play ultra fast punk rock, the way it was meant to be played. Assman Ono is sporting a new line up, what the fuck happened to Joe Alcohol? They still rip through 4 sizzling songs like "Come on Shit" and "Hit it". I only wish Assman had done some art for the sleeve, oh well. (JD)


Lillingtons/Nothing Cool "Idiot Word Search" Split LP (Clearview/Skull Duggery)

The Lillingtons play decent Ramones snotty pop punk with weird vocals. This record is very catchy and filled with the usual hooks. They do five songs including, "Teenage Asshole", "For the Fun of It", and a cover of "Alien Girl". Fans of Screeching Weasel and the Queers lookout. Nothing Cool on the other hand, play crunchy power punk rock with, again, weird vocals, but in a good way. A lot of distortion and bass are put into their songs. This is a pretty good release, bonus white vinyl too. (JD)

Los Ass-Draggers "Abbey Roadkill" CD (Crypt)

Can you picture Fink and Fifi, of Teengenerate, and Steve Baise and Mighty Joe Young, of the Devil Dogs, on speed? Well look no further cause these guys are the shit. All these songs aren't even 2 minutes long! That means it's punk! 22 songs about wild shit like... Never mind you don't wanna know. This is ground breaking garage punk. (JD)

Murder City Wrecks "S/T" CD (GMM)

Here is an 11 song CD by a boring band that plays irksome music. Sort of a mix of garage and street punk here. The lyrics leave much to be desired. As for the rest of the band, I'd rather not talk about it. Stay away! (JD)

Nobodys "Short Songs for Short Attention Spans" CD/LP (Hopeless)

This is hard punk rock with sexiest lyrics. I don't have a problem with that, if you do piss off! These guys play it fast, loud, and snotty! The Nobodys have songs about girls, masturbation, and many others lewd things! The harshly sung lyrics and pounding drums stand out the here most, plus a bonus visit from Joe Queer... Yay. If you like fun lyrics and 80's punk rock you've found your record. (JD)

One Man Army "Bootleggers Son" 7" (TKO)

Dude, Street Punk sucks, usually, not in One Man Army's case though. This four song EP kicks out the jams with songs like "Never Call It Quits" and "50 Bucks". All the songs are great, combining the anthems of Cock Sparrer and lyrics of the Dropkick Murphys. This is one excellent 7"er with a bonus sticker WooHoo! (JD)

Oxymoron "Fuck the Nineties... Here's Our Noize!" CD/LP (GMM)

Oxymoron's first release shows that they have the power to take the world on by storm. Sucker and the gang rock all with songs like "Dead End Generation", "Dirty Punk", and "Dawn Patrol". Catchy '77 UK punk that will blow your mind, this is music that's not for the calm and weak minded. (JD)

Pagans "Everybody Hates You" CD (Crypt)

The Pagans are of great importance in punk rock today. They are wild untamed rockers who actually know what rock is. The savagery of songs like "Eyes of Satan", "Six and Change", "Yeah Yeah", and the Who's "I Can't Expl-" will never be forgotten. This CD contains 30 of the Pagans songs. That's right, 30 fist pounding, earth shaking rock 'n' roll songs! Buy a piece of punk rock history. If you don't know your roots you don't know shit. OOP! (JD)


Parasites "Burnt Toast" 7" (Just Add Water)

The Parasites can play some rocking pop punk sometimes and other times they can play complete shit. Luckily this is their rocking stuff. Three songs filled with catchy solos and whoa ohhs, hey that rhymed. Anyway, "Burnt Toast" and "Teenage Radiation" are my favorites. They're songs are fast and will stick in your head for hours. If you like The Queers you'll like this 7". Cover art by B-Face, if that means anything to you. (JD)

Pink Lincolns "Pure Swank" CD/LP (Stiff Pole)

This is the last album from the Pink Lincolns. That sucks! These guys were so good live. I wish I could see 'em again. Oh well, I guess this record is a little better produced than the rest. But it isn't my favorite album from the Lincolns. There is a couple of really rockin' songs here, but not enough to wow me. Still, this is better than anything put out in 1998. The greats are, "My car is gonna kill me", "Riot Barbie", and "Your Generation Sucks". If you’re a fan you should get this. If not get the earlier albums. (JD)

Pleasure Fuckers "Simple Needs" 7" (Incognito)

Hey, great wild, primitive, garage punk from Spain. This is good, but not enough to shell out $5 or $6 bucks just because it's an import. So if yer rich wait a sec, if yer rich then your not punk; so fuck you! (JD)

The Queers "Everything's OK" 7" (Hopeless)

It seems the Queers are having a bit of trouble lately. Hugh is sick and B-Face is sleeping with the Ghoulies. Well Joe Queer is trying to pick up the pieces with this record. Here's a four song EP with two new members, Geoff Useless, and Rick Respectable. Personally I think calling themselves the Queers is wrong. Joe should of thought up another name for the band. This record is like the last bunch of Queers records, bubble gum pop punk the girls go nuts for. These songs are fairly tame with songs like "Get a Life and Live It Loser" and "Queerbait". The only decent song is "Everything's OK", the last song is "I Enjoy Being a Boy" by the Banana Splits, another yawner. I hope the album has a few better tunes. (JD)

Rancid "Life Won't Wait" LP/CD (Epitaph)

Rancid's 4th album is a monster! They don't give you one but two LPs chalk full of great music. The boys went all out and gave us 22 songs. This record shows the diversity in Rancid. They still play the Clashesque sound that made them popular but then they turn it around to their old days of speed induced punk. Then they turn it around again for some class A ska to once again put it in reverse for some Rockabilly. The list of guests goes on and on, but to name a few Marky Ramone, Dicky Barrett, and Dr. Israel. If your denying yourself this record because of something stupid like "They were on MTV" Fuck Off! This is the Best Record That Came Out In 1998. (JD)

Registrators "Terminal Boredom" CD/LP (Rip Off)

The Japanese garage punk rockers 1st album. They give you 15 songs to stimulate you into overdrive. Their '77 sound is not uncommon, but at least they do it well. They play snotty and catchy music that's fun to dance to. "No Situation", "Normal", and "Pogo Machine" rock! Tell your friends that they're gay! (JD)

The Rehabs "Read You the R'N'R Riot Act!" CD (Just Add Water)

A very greaser punk band. Here are three happening cats from the South; Rock 'N' Roll is they're thing. This CD has more of that than the fast stuff on they're 7"ers. Some of these songs get pretty slow. There are two songs that have all ready been releases including, "Making out with Mary" and "Motorcity Weekend." 14 songs all together make it a decent chunk of r'n'r. (JD)

Smugglers "Selling the Sizzle!" LP/CD (Lookout!/Mint)

Yo, rock this shit bitch! The Smugglers hail from Canada and kick serious ass. Their debut record on Lookout! Records is one of 95's best. Their special blend of good old fashioned Rock 'N' Roll and punk is what gets these guys in the cool. The backing vocals are what make all their songs like "Especially You", "I Need a Vacation", and "Reno Nickel" sound great. In fact, all songs with backing vocals totally sound better. Check these guys out live, cause I can vouch for myself that you won't be disappointed. Buy it today! (JD)

Spastics "Live!" CD/LP (Rip Off)

The Spastics broke up awhile ago, but luckily some intelligent person recorded their last stuff. This record is all live from a radio station, don't worry it sounds fine. The chick vocals are high pitched and snotty as fuck! This is total primitive garage rock 'n' roll with hot lyrics. My favs are "Take My Heart", "I Wanna Be Rich", and "Gonna Get you Baby". The 7" is basically on here, so if you get this don't bother with the 7". (JD)

Stallions "Hey Baby, It's the Stallions!" LP (Junk)

Whoa! This is a scorcher! The Stallions, from NYC, are rockin' rollin' punk in the Heartbreakers/Weirdos vein. The vocals are a screaming, the guitars are a blasting, and the drums are a pounding! I love the backing vocals by the girls in the band. How can you say no to songs like "Don't Know What to Do", "Fuck Yeah", and "Bruce Lee". By the way, this band is longer, so get this record before it goes extinct. (JD)

Stitches "8 x 12" 12" (Vinyl Dog)

From SoCal, the Stitches are 1977 in 1997. They have the clothes, they have the hair, and they have the music too. They are definitely one of the better bands of today. Although this isn't a full-length record it does have 8 songs on it, and every single one is a rocker. Which is a lot more than what most of these "punk" bands can give ya. The Stitches haven't put out a bad record yet, so you can't lose. (JD)

Travoltas "Modern World" LP (Screaming Apple)

This is sooo Beach Boys it's... awesome! One excellent album delivered to you by these cats from the Netherlands. The sound quality is crystal clear, as it should be with this type of music. Very tight and alot harmonization kicking around here. Marky Ramone produced this record and he knows good music, so get it. (JD)

TurboNegro "Apocalyse Dudes" CD/LP (SFTRI)

If you don't like this you are a pussy! TurboNegro are Rock 'N' Roll gods! Thirteen blistering songs with those sexy innuendoes all the guys like. Some songs are "Get it On", "Rock Against Ass", "Are You Ready (For some Darkness)", and "Good Head". Catchy pop/metal/rock 'n' roll that'll leaves you craving more. This is one of the best re-releases of 1999. (JD)

TV Killers "Playin' Bad Music Since '92" CD/LP (Dead Beat)

French Fuckers! Heh, these cats ain't bad at all. Here is some ferocious garage punk rock 'n' roll. The TV Killers are reckless and snotty with those romantic french accents, awww. They are loud R'N'R with trash and no cash, so get this fast! Sixteen songs including, "You kill me", "Born Weird", and "Deadly Driving". (JD)

U.S. Bombs "War Birth" LP/CD (Hellcat)

These guys are real good 77 Sex Pistols shit. Meaningful lyrics and lotsa wooo oohhhs. Sing along punk rock. 14 songs including "12/25", "Rock in Memphis", and "Her and Me." Go skateboarding with them. (JD)

Vikings "Go Beserk!" CD (SFTRI)

This is mediocre rock 'n' roll punk. The Vikings feature Steve Baise, of the Devil Dogs, after he split from the Devil Dogs. They have a couple decent tunes, but nothing astounding. Their covers are better than the originals. When that happens you've got trouble. (JD)


VKTMS "S/T" CD (Broken Rekids)

This is a re-release from the California punk band from 1979. Their hit song "Midget" is on here as well as 20 others and three bonus live cuts. I have to say I wasn't impressed with their other material; but "Midget" is worth the buy. (JD)

Wongs "Get Away" 7" (Re-Run)

Hello Rip Off Records! Wow, Shane White eat your ass out! The Wongs are the new Rip Offs! Their fast, their snotty, their catchy, and the cool backing vocals top this shit off as one fantastic 7". This is a keeper with 4 songs like, "Let's go to outer space (baby)" and "Quite Drunk?" These guys prove that R'N'R will forever belong to the dullards! (JD)

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