Record Reviews - May, 1999

Anti-Flag "Die For The Government" LP/CD (New Red Archives)

Well as the LP title suggests this album is pretty political. I say this record punk rocks! Every song is catchy, good old-fashioned punk. Fuck off ya fuck, AF give ya 17 songs that make you question where you are, who you are, and the state of catchy punk rock. Some rad songs are, "Drink Drank Punk", "Davey destroyed the Punk scene", and "Fuck Police Brutality." If you’re into this shit you'll love this record. Even if you’re not, you'll probably still like it. (JD)

Apocalypse Babys "I Don't Wanna Be A Nazi" 7" (Trisomik)

You'd think the title song of this 7" would give you the idea this record sucks. Don't judge the record's cover. This here is very good '77 pop punk. It's catchy and it will have you singing along in no time. The other song "Still Unsigned" is a humorous attack on stupid record companies. These dudes are from England and the English accent sounds cool with the pop. (JD)

Automatics "Go bananas!" CD (Mutant Pop)

The Automatics are fab pop punk group; plain and simple. This isn't as mind blowing as their debut, but it ain't too shabby either. If you liked all of their other snotty punk rock in overdrive this is for you! There are 20 songs here including, "Captain Cool", "Do the Android". and "Pure and Beautiful". There is also a lot of re-released shit from their 7"ers on here too. (JD)

Beltones "My Old Man" 7" (Just Add Water)

This 7" rocks! Everybody who is in love with the Stiff Little Fingers run out and buy all of the Beltones records! These guys sound just like 'em. The singer, Bill McFadden, has a striking raspy voice. His lyrics are well written and the b-side, "Fuck You Anyway", is sung with a lot of heart. There are only 2 songs on here but they’re worth it. (JD)

B-Movie Rats "Killer Women" LP/CD (Dead Beat)

Energetic R'N'R with a side of Rip Off Records fuzz. Loud and powerful is what you get when listening to these Rats. If you’re into that Humpers, Cali sound this is right up your alley. Some cool songs are "What I Need", "Teenage Queen", and "Hell on Wheels", cool. (JD)

Boris the Sprinkler "Mega Anal" LP/CD (Bulge/Rhetoric)

Number 3. Is this getting old? Too bad prick! The monologue is back after it's vacation from their last album, "Sauce to Saturn." This is the last album that Rick Six, the bassist, appears in. But that's beside the point, I not too into this one. I don't know why, I'm just not. However, the songs "Weird Lookin' Woman", "Sheena's Got A Microwave", and "Kill the Ramones" are total hits! The rest is usual Boris fare. (JD)

Bulemics "Can't Keep It Down" 7" (Junk)

This isn't bad shit. It's sort of an early Hookers, in that it's loud rock 'n' roll punk with a bad attitude. The vocals are in "the zone" and have a scratchy sound to 'em. The first song, "If I Only Had A Heart", is a rocker. Unfortunately, the second song, "Austin Strangler", gets old after about ten seconds. (JD)

Crowd "S/T" CD (Flipside)

Now this I like. Melodic old school '77 punk rock. The Crowd are a cross between the Clash's "Give 'Em Enough Rope" LP and Swinging Utters. Fourteen songs about bullshit only punks would care about. Songs like "Run for the Money", Solid Waste", and " Your Generation" get me shaking my fist and tappin' my foot. (JD)

Dead End Cruisers "Deep Six Holiday" LP/CD (TKO)

This is a band that plays sort of a cross between street punk and the Clash. It's not very electrifying to listen to. The vocals aren't powerful enough, and the guitars are kinda mild. Some backing vocals are there, but you really don't notice them either. Thirteen songs around two or three minutes long, so at least you get your moneys worth, but overall this record is just plain bunkum. (JD)

Dee Stroy & The D-Fex "When The D-Fex Come to Town" 7" (Lawless)

Dee Stroy, of The Johnnies, has a new band. Fans of The Johnnies won't be disappointed because this single is in the same pop punk rock vein. The record has more of a poppier Devil Dogs feel to it, with a three slices of Ramones for added catchiness. Backing vocals almost always sound good, and I love hearing them on this 7". Dee and the gang rock out with four tracks including, "When the D-Fex Come To Town", "I Like", "Doesn't She Know", and "Can't Forget About You." Fans of pop punk will love this single as well as fans of plain old R'N'R. This is a possible contender for 7" of 1999. (JD)

Donnas/Groovie Ghoulies "Sweet's covers" split 7" (Gearhead)

This 7" came with GEARHEAD magazine #7. I like this 7". I know other zines trashed it, i.e. MRR. But I think it's really good. The Donnas cover is well produced and sounds rocking cause it's not like their 2nd LP. The Donnas cover the song "Wig Wam Bam" quite nicely. And the Groovie Ghoulies are one of my favorite bands. Their cover of "Funny Funny" is poppy and fun. Plus, They have an all-star line up of Kepi, Roach, B-Face, and Panic. As for the magazine, it combines Punk Rock with Hot Rods. I'm not a big car fan but they mostly talk about Garage Punk, which is good. The problem is the mag costs $6 bucks. So if you like what I described this magazine is all you. (JD)

Eyeliners "Confidential" CD (SFTRI)

If you don't know, the Eyeliners rock! One must only observe their live performance to fully comprehend the rock within these three girls. I mean, three girls who play rapid pop garage punk can't be bad! The Eyeliners have what it takes to make you wanna turn up the volume on your stereo. Twelve tracks including, "Won't Be Long", "Broke My Heart", "Too Late", and "Headache". Anybody who likes the first Donnas album will love this. They are the real deal! (JD)

Groovie Ghoulies "Fun In The Dark" CD/LP (Lookout!)

The fourth album from the Ghoulies is out. For the most part it's pretty good, though I don't think it's better than their other albums. It's more Ramones than "Re-Animation Festival", but not as much as "World Contact Day." While listening to it I find myself rewriting their songs. You know, thinking there should be a guitar solo here, a couple more lyrics there. There are some really cool songs like "Carly Simon", "(She's Got A) Brain Scrambling Device", "Ivy Says", and "Let's Go To The Moon". Thirteen songs in all with a Sonny Bono cover and Johansen cover. The art on the sleeve is fantastic, as always. I think Ghoulies fans will only truly appreciate this record. (JD)

Groovie Ghoulies "Planet Brian Jones" 7" (SuperSonic RefrigeRecords)

The newest Ghoulies sample from their European tour last year - a four song EP, from Italy. If you don't know, the Ghoulies play very good pop punk that gets you bopping in no time. But this latest release isn't as strong as their others. The lyrics for the songs "Valentine" and "Planet Brian Jones" leave little to the imagination. The B-Side contains previously released "Beast With Five Hands" and a cover of "Come On." If you are a super-fan get this, if you are a looking for kickass pop 7", look elsewhere. (JD)

Hate Bombs "Here Comes Treble" LP (360 Twist)

These dudes, in bowling shirts, play 60's garage rock with pianos, organs, and harmonicas. It's pretty good, lots of songs, 17 to be exact, about chick problems, and...that's about it. It gets a little repetitive. If they just broaden their horizons a little it would be great. However, if you just broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend dig in and feel the sorrow. (JD)

Hookers "Satan Highway" LP/CD (Scooch Pooch)

Ugh, what the fuck happened to these guys! Their rad debut 7" is the only good thing these guys ever put out. Everything else is metal. This isn't punk it's metal! Get the fuck outta my CD player! You guys suck! Remember kids, "METAL = GARBAGE". (JD)

Last Sons Of Krypton "Teenage Trash" 7" (Kryptonite)

Now this I like, total garage rock 'n' roll! It sounds like it was recorded outta garbage can, a definite +. The sleeve design isn’t too shabby either, not because of the naked chick on the cover, but because of its totally a D.I.Y. layout. This record reminds me of the good old days of waiting for mail-order records and listening to the Statics. If you like any Rip Off Records shit get this shit NOW baby! (JD)



Makers "Yeah Yeah Yeah" 7" (Dionysus)

The Makers rock! They are soooo good! If the vocals were any weirder, I say this is one of the best Rock 'N' Roll bands ever! Anyway, this is super cool '60s garage that will knock your socks off FUCKER! The three songs on this shit include, "We Don't Love Anything" and "Trouble." Candidly cool! (JD)

Mighty Caesers "Surely They Were the Sons of God!" CD (Crypt)

Thee Mighty Caesers were one of Billy Childish's, of thee Headcoats, other bands. If you liked thee Headcoats you won't be disappointed with this CD. It's twangy, snotty, and full of hate. There is no bass, and that rocks! The best thing about this particular CD is the 33 tracks on it, which is over 70 minutes of trashy rock 'n' roll! These songs are from a wide variety of 12"s, compilations, and a 7" between '85 and '89. Rock! (JD)

Mighty Four "Hearts" 7" (Rockin' Bones)

Wow! This is some of the best Japanese garage punk that I've heard in a long time. Since Teengenerate broke up I haven't heard of very many bands that rock like they did. I hope this wasn't a one-time thing. Ono-Ching, of the Jetboys (GEEK!), is in this band. They cover songs like "Teenage News", and "Chez Maxims", YEAH! Catchy yet totally Rock 'N' Roll, the Mighty Four crank out great songs like "I'll Never Wound Anything But Hearts" and "Right Now." Four great songs! It might be an import, but get it anyway you little shit! (JD)

Nobodys "The Smell of Victory" CD/LP (Hopeless)

The second full length release from these pervert punks. It's not all that good. They try to play the same great hardcore pop punk they're know for, but something's missing. The lyrics aren't up to the level that their first LP was. There are a couple good songs like "Your Girlfriend" and "Joy Got a Tit Job". Get this only if you want to have all the Nobodys records. (JD)

Nobodys w/ Joe Queer "Queers for a day Nobodys for life" 7" (Suburban Home)

This is a lame release! I hope nobody buys this shit! Joe Queer singing 2 of his own with 3 other lame songs with the Nobodys? This is very bad pop punk. Ugh, have some pride. (JD)

Onyas "London, Paris, Bracken Ridge" 7" (1+2)

This is some slowed down R'N'R from Australia. The vocals just plain suck! It's too slow and tedious. Ugh, the lyrics are boring, uninventive, and obviously have no heart put into them. Bad! (JD)

Oxymoron "The Pack is Back" LP (Knockout)

One of the best punk bands around today is Oxymoron. These German punks know how to play catchy '77 punk rock. The lyrics go against the grain and have balls. This record is very "sing-along punk." Songs like "Down the Drain", "Crazy World", and "Weirdoz" are to be enjoyed while sipping a pint, right Jim? (JD)

Pink Lincolns "Back from the Pink Room" CD/LP (Stiff Pole)

This is a reissue of the hard to find original LP on some English label. The Lincolns play 80's style punk rock, probably cause they're from the 80's, duh! Fast and aggressive rock with awesome hard scruffy vocals is what you'll find here. These mean spirited fucks rock out with great songs like, "I've Got My Tie On", "Temporary Friends", "I've Got a Gun", and "Suburbicide". These guys were around for quite awhile and were real punk rock. (JD)

The Queers "Punk Rock Confidential" LP/CD (Hopeless)

I could only stomach listening to this record once. It is the worst Queers record ever! OK, there are fifteen songs on it and about eleven of them are bad love songs; they don't even meet MTX quality. The only good songs are "Like a Parasite", "Sayonara Sucker", and "Idiot Savant". Joe Queer should give it up. He's too old and seems to have lost most of his talent since the departure of B-Face and Hugh. I'll just have to remember the way it used to be. (JD)

Rock 'N' Roll Class "S/T" 7" (Hate)

Italy! Again! Sheesh, another garage band from the boot country. These cats ain't bad. They have alot of heart in they're music. They vocals stick out the most, very dirty and scratchy, but the guitars need more power. There are some catchy songs here, but not enough to hook me, ya know? Plus the fact that it's an import and costs like $5 bucks, sheesh...again. (JD)

Sham 69 "Kings and Queens" CD (Creativeman)

Everybody should know this band. 1977 lives on forever in my eyes. Sham 69 is a 70's English punk band that put out some of the most well known punk songs like "Kids Are United" and "Borstal Breakout." Don't ask me what a 'Borstal' is, but the song kicks ass. Although I wish there were more songs on this CD, the ones I got are great but 10 tracks, arrggh. Get this if you want to here some of their best stuff. (JD)

Smugglers "Growing Up Smuggler" CD (Lookout!)

The Smugglers are celebrating their 10-year anniversary with a 21 song live album. They recorded a live show in Madrid, Spain that had to have been one of their best shows ever. The crowd is going wild throughout the whole show. The recording is one of the best live shows I've ever heard, great sound quality here. They do all their best songs like, "Especially You", "I Need a Vacation", and "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun". They also do some great covers of the Pointed Sticks, the Boys, and the Devil Dogs. This is one of my favorites of 1998. (JD)

Space Shits "60's Nights of Boredom" 7" (Sultan)

These Canucks know how to rock all get-out! Straight up garage punk rock. This is 60's rock 'n' roll with a twist of 70' punk. Pump this shit to raise hell in your neighborhood. It's fuzzy and twangy, and the guitars sound like Teengenerate. As a matter of fact this could be the Canadian version of TG and the Devil Dogs. Two of the four songs of sweet bliss, "Teenage Crime Wave" and "Everytime We Get Married" are my favorites. (JD)

Splash Four "Kicks in Style" CD/LP (Estrus)

Yet another fab primitive rock 'n' roll record. These cats and kittens hail form France, where a booming garage scene is happenin'. This 12 song slab is chuck full of cool sssit like, "Millionaire", "She Was a Boy", "Trop Peur", and the Police's "The Notice". Some parts even sound bluesy to me, and that's okay. (JD)

Splash Four "Do the Earthquake Shake" CD (1+2)

This is a collection of all of Splash 4's 7"s. If you have all of their 7"ers you don't need this. (JD)

Titans "Speed Queen Mama" 7" (Repent)

What if Teengenerate played surf with Chuck Berry? Well here's your answer in the form of the Titans! These two songs are perfection in a mix of garage punk and surf rock 'n' roll! You can hear many influences in this vinyl, including the great Ramones. The Japanese can rock 'n' roll with the best of them. "She Would Back To The Cave" is catchy and just fun to listen to. A must have for any fan of primitive Rock 'N' Roll. (JD)

Tunnel Rats "Our War is Never Over" CD (Wound Up)

This sounds like beer rock. I hate beer rock. There are 26 songs on here about football, fucking girls, and drinking. Ho Hum! Boring like hardcore Queers stuff, B-Face and Wimpy are in this band. Whoop Dee Doo! (JD)

Tweezers "Already!" CD/LP (Timebomb, Japan)

This is some fantastic power pop punk! I am simply amazed at the diversity of Fifi, formally of Teengenerate and Tomoko of Super Snazz, for playing rock 'n' roll. The guitars simply singing throughout the entire album. They remind me of The dBs, except for the Japanese vox. Songs like "I'm the One", "Bad Time", and "Prove It" are my favorites cause they are sung with such heart. I hear this is out of print, so pick it up if you see it. (JD)

Unnatural Axe "Is Going to Kick Your Ass" CD (Lawless)

Unnatural Axe is an old punk band from Boston. They were a bunch of kids in the late 70's playing kick ass punk. A couple of hit songs were "They Saved Hitler's Brain" and "The Creeper". The insert has some lyrics, vinyl discography, quotes, and Rev. Norb. Get back to your roots with this CD. (JD)


Weird Lover Makers "Flu Shot" CD/LP (Empty)

This is more like the Weird Music Makers. A cross between garage and pop punk the Weird Love Makers play fast and snotty punk. The strange thing is that some of it isn't catchy at all and some of it is catchy as fuck. Near as I can figure, there are two different singers, one's really remarkable and the other is really awful. I can't stand this switching from song to song with different vocals. (JD)

Yum Yums "Sweet As Candy" LP (Screaming Apple)

Like the title suggests, this record is pop punk in a half. Which is weird cause there are some ex-members of the Vikings, definitely not a pop punk band, in this group. There are very catchy melodies and what not here. If you like every song to be about girls you'll like this. But 12 songs about girls can get severely tiresome. (JD)

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