Record Reviews - June, 1999

Anti-Heros VS Dropkick Murphys 2X7" (TKO)

Here is a bland release. The Anti-Heros play mediocre street punk with mediocre lyrics. The 1st song "Rich People don't go to Jail" proves that statement. The singer's voice is annoying in that "I'm trying to sound tough" way. Their 2nd song "Election Day" is the better of the two, but it won't save this 7". The Dropkick Murphys are another street punk band. These guys are the better band on the 7"s. It's too bad "The Road of the Righteous" is already on a comp and "The Guns of Brixton" is a cover. There are better records for you to waste your money on. [JD]

Aus-Rotten "The System Works... For Them" LP (Tribal War)

Aus-Rotten play wild political punk rock. Social problems and fuck the government songs are the norm on their records, and they know how to write 'em. The packaging is especially nice, with a fold out cover/poster, colored vinyl, and various reading material all makes the record more enjoyable. They sound a lot like the 80's hardcore punk, which is good. Go get this record whether you like them or not punk! [JD]

Bees/Primitive Rollers Split 7" (Pelado)

What a great 7"! Two bands, two songs, Punk Fucking Rock 'N' Roll! We start off with the Bees who play raw, and fast garage punk. They have decent vocals that have the thrashy sound to 'em. They have it together with they're two songs "Loose" and "Really want to Know". The stars of this record, however, are the Primitive Rollers. I think Johnny Thunders soul inhabits these cats cause this sounds just like the Heartbreakers. Every band today should sound like the wild Rock 'N' Roll these guys play. They're second song "Who's to Blame" has some religious shit in it, which I particularly don't like, but you can't have everything. Get this now!

Beltones "On Deaf Ear" CD (TKO)

The new Beltones CD has been released! It contains ten tracks, six of which are altered versions of previously released stuff. If you don't know, this FL based band jams at playing Stiff Little Fingers/'77 style punk rock. The newer songs, "Naming my Bullets" and "Let the Bombs Fall" are prime Beltones songs. They also do a ripping rendition of "Suzie is a Heartbreaker" by the Newtown Neurotics. [JD]



Bodies "S/T" LP/CD (TKO)

Fucking great is all I can say. The Bodies rock and roll like any awesome punk band from '77. The Bodies write rapid, catchy, punk songs. There are 12 songs here with cool tracks such as, "Tonight", "Pack your Bags", and "California Republic". The Bodies seem to have a blend of influences from the Kids to Operation Ivy to even the Bouncing Souls. It's bound for the 10 best list! [JD]

Boris the Sprinkler "Suck" CD (Go Kart)

Heh, Boris tries the acting thang in their 4th album. It's actually funny in some instances, but Rev. Norb should stick to his day job. No monologue cause the other band members voted out, bastards, Rev. Norb gets his revenge though. This is probably the best Boris album yet. All of Boris' previous album's strength's show up here, plus more technological advancements. There are 13 new songs such as "Dirty Candy", "U.F.O.", and "Got2Fuc2Day". Two previously released songs, "Russian Robot" and "(My Baby Put Me In The) Penalty Box", are here too. [JD]

Chargers "Dont' Mind if I Do" 7" (Saddle Tramp)

Another full throttle R'N'R punk band. The Chargers play decent R'N'R but fall short on Vocal power, either it wasn't produced correctly or the guy is a pansy. Only 2 songs here, "New High and "Not Tonight". This is not worth it. [JD]

Cleveland Bound Death Sentence "S/T" LP/CD (Lookout!)

Featuring members of Dillinger 4 and Pinhead Gunpowder, CBDS has a similar sound. This is a collection of their singles and compilation songs. The chunky guitars merged with hateful melodic vocals are a great combination. I particularly enjoy the mix of male and female vocals. Fans of East Bay Cali pop punk bands will dig this. Fourteen songs that add up to less than 20 minutes of raw punk rock! [JD]

Cuts "Heart Attack" 7" (Lookout!)

I hope this is a fresh new start for Lookout. They're new release, The Cuts, is amazing. The give punk a different sound yet they keep they spirit of '77 alive. The Cuts sound like the late '70's band the Dead Boys with a keyboard player. The vocals are strong and gritty backed up by wild rock 'n' roll guitar licks. They give ya three songs, "Heart Attack", "Lady Killer", and "Chuckie B. Beautiful", and leave you wanting more. Another great record in the clash of '99. [JD]


Delinquents "Young and Drunk" 7" (Beer City)

The Delinquents play fast '80's punk rock. This is in the LA vein like a Black Flag/Circle Jerks/scream till ya hemorrhage punk. It's almost reminiscent of the early superior hardcore. You get 5 hyper fast tunes with song titles like, "Darkened", "Battering Boy", and "What You Want". [JD]

Devotchkas "Oi Toy" 7" (PunkCore)

Hailing from NYC, the Devotchkas are a new street/oi punk band. Where I would like to say this is a rad 7", cause their are 3 hot Byrds and a guy, I can't. It is fast but there is no substance to it. I thought the whole point of Oi and punk was to have something to say, or at least be humorous. Songs like "Shit for Dreams" doesn't even come close. The music just goes around and around with hardly any change. Four songs here and not one of them are any different from the other. [JD]

Dillinger Four "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" CD/LP (Hopeless)

D4 are a four-piece band from Minnesota. I loved their cover of the Dils on the VML comp, so I thought I'd check 'em out. This record is loud, real loud. It is full of blazing power chords and slammin' drumbeats. Fast, blistering, melodic punk with thought provoking lyrics. But the vocals are muffled between the guitars. I thought that was annoying because the lyrics are really good, if ya read them. If you want something different from pop or garage then check D4 out. [JD]

Dropouts "Too Far Down" 7" (Sleepking)

Holy r 'n' r blast! These Texas fucks perform garage rock 'n' roll to its fullest. The Dropouts are slower blusey sound with that western type shit playing in a lounge. This record is filled to the brim with catchy little guitar solos and complaining about chicks. Four songs at 33 rpms yeah baby! [JD]

Eater "All Of" CD (Creativeman)

There are a few punk bands that people never forget. One of these is Eater. This is a young punk band from England, 1977. They play very catchy, fast, and raw punk. All Of Eater has, well, all of eater's songs on one disc. Some notes from the singer, Andy Blade, and pictures are in the sleeve. Songs like you, room for one, and thinking of the U.S.A. are truly one of a kind. Fifi, of Teengenerate, likes em, and so should you. [JD]

Fireballs "Holiday" 7" (Man's Ruin)

The guy singing sounds like he's auctioning off something. That would work in a power violence scene, but not with garage punk. The guitars are just one incessant sound. There are no breaks in the guitars at all. Altogether this makes an unexciting record. You should pass, unless you like that shit, and if you do your fuckin' dumb! [JD]

Foxations "Teenage Rampage" 7" (Scooch Pooch)

Yeah, this is some great garage with chicks and one guy. Fucking snotty punk the way it should be played baby! Four tunes that shriek raw, primitive Rock 'N' Roll! Buy this and you won't be disappointed! [JD]




Gasoline "S/T" LP/CD (Estrus)

Hello? This is some astonishing Japanese garage punk rock 'n' roll! If you like Guitar Wolf these cats have the same kind of instro/vocals integrated in their songs. Its turbulent and trashy rock 'n' roll, so dig it! 14 songs including, "Nobody Can Tell Us What To Do", "Let's Rock", and "Shake ya money Maker". [JD]

Havenots "S/T" LP (Repent)

These punk rockers hail from Japan. This is sort of a cross between Teengenerate and the Ramones, not a bad combo. Very catchy chords and yet I can't understand a fucking word, I love it and you will to! One of the years best. [JD]

Intimate Fags "Break the Back" 7" (Ripoff)

This is a standard Ripoff Records got a Teengenerate clone! Their garage sound has been done a lot better by others, but the second song, "Fake", has caught my ear. The simple guitar solo through out it sounds sweet and I could listen to it all day. But one song is not enough for me. Come back with a full length of this song only. [JD]

Last Years Youth "Modern Living" 7" (GMM)

Considering the band name is taken from a Menace song, I was hoping for a similar sound. But what are you gonna do. These guys play above average street punk that's fast and snotty. (Considering most street punk is total garbage, this was suprising.) There are four songs here including "Gone but not forgotten" and "Burn Washington Burn". Not bad if you’re into the political anthem shit. [JD]

Moral Crux "... and nothing but the truth" CD (Vandal Children)

More political pop punk from a band that's been around longer than me. Mr. Farris X writes very radical lyrics. Only 11 songs here but they are all outstanding. Some songs on this album are "Democracy", "Yesterday's Rebels" and "Solider Boy". You can't improve on perfection; this is well worth you attention. [JD]

Murder "Chainsaw Love" 7" (Broken Rekids)

This was recorded in '82 and features members from the Lewd and VKTMS. They have more of a peace punk sound than their earlier rock 'n' roll bands. The sound quality is thick, so every instrument sounds awesome! However there is a bit of a metal crossover here, if you can put up with it your set. Three songs including, "Murder", "Chainsaw Love", and "Slight Return". [JD]

No One's Victim "...On a Thin Line" CD/LP (Cyclone)

These guys had a 7" on Pelado Records not that long ago and that didn't thrill me too much. I'm afraid that history shall repeat itself. Ok, No One's Victim plays street punk with  hint of Rancid's earlier shit. The Bassist is too good for this band. I love the bass lines; they’re so bouncy. If their guitars and vocals weren't so weak this would be a kick ass record. The lyrics themselves are monotonous and repetitive. Just look at the titles, "The Chase", Working Class Man", and "'77". Well you at least get 11 songs; too bad they are good. [JD]

No-Talents "Talent is a Crime" 7" (Royal)

Oh god, these guys and girls are so good. '77 garage punk rock, super fast and snotty. A rab girl sings the vocals. Three greats here including "Talent is a Crime", "Meeow", and "Life is just a so-so", my favorite. You’re not punk if you don't like this. Fuck You! [JD]

Pinkerton Thugs "Life Liberty and Pursuit of Shit" 7" (Police)

This is damn good. Damn damn damn good! The thugs rock out to total pogo punk rock, yeah! They are fast, catchy, have great lyrics, and shove them down your throat. You get SIX SONGS including, "Suburbicide", "Freedom", and "The Warfare Division". If you’re into political punk in the vein of Showcase Showdown or Anti Flag check these guys out. [JD]

Problematics "The Kids All Suck" CD/LP (Ripoff)  

Long since gone 10" from the Problematics has been repressed with more shit. WooHoo, too bad I haven't heard a garage band that sounds this good these days. They cover the Undertones, Gizmos, and Zero Boys; so they know their shit. These Rock "N" Roll fuckers are snotty as all get out. Just get it, you can thank me later. [JD]

Randumbs "Back from Samoa" 7" (TKO)

This 7" has a funny recreation of the Angry Samoans "Back from Samoa" cover, so I had to pick it up. Four songs at blistering speed of  LA punk in the 1980's. You can call it street punk if you want, but I'll can it faster than your ass punk rock! These guys could've played along with Black Flag. "Money Shot", and "Last Dad" are the best on this 7"er. The Randumbs are fast, loud, and snotty. If you like 80's LA punk this is right up your alley. [JD]

Room 41/Teen Cool 7" (Mortville)

This is standard garage punk from Teen Cool. There is nothing outstanding here, but at least it's not bad. Everything is distorted ala Teengenerate, but this is not Teengenerate! Two songs including "Rock 'N' Roll Bitch" and "Fag for a Friend". Room 41, from Japan; don't help this 7" with lame songs like "Deep Shit". They have a lot of room for improvement. They try to be like the Registrators, but ultimately fail. The second song, "Yes you're sick", is more on the Ramones side and a hardly any more valuable. Overall not that cool of a record. [JD]

Special Duties/The Creed 7" (Bricks Records)

The Sp. Duties are back with a new 7". They're hard punk/oi sound is the same but the vocals sound, well, old. Fuck me, this is good shit. The Creed are close to the Sp. Duties sound but fail to keep up. The vocals are tame with no bite to 'em. There are two songs from the both of them. The only problem with this 7" is the price. I've seen this go for $8 bucks, ouch; maybe that's for the colored vinyl. [JD]

Spoilers "Primitive Rock 'N' Roll Sounds" 7" (007)

One of the best 7"s of 1998. The Spoilers are Rock 'N' Roll Garage Punk with killer songs. The Spoilers spoil you with Teengenerate production and catchy, snotty Heartbreakers licks. Fast and furious these Ausies play R'N'R, the way it was meant to be played! Two songs [I want more], "Pump Action" and "Lookout". [JD]

Super Snazz "The Devil Youth Blues" LP (Time Bomb)

Japanese girls are sooo cute. Uhh anyway, Super Snazz used to be garage punk rock. But this newer installment sounds more power pop than garage. That's ok because it sounds great. This is only a 9 song LP, but it feels more like a twelve song LP with the atrociously long two part "Devil Youth Blues" song. It's really not all that good to be two songs. So now we're down to 5 songs, which could have been a 10" or CD EP The song "I Can't Wait" is worth it if you got the spare cash. If you dig Super Snazz and cool looking pink colored vinyl go for it. [JD]

Teenie Cheetahs "Teeny Smash" 7" (Lipstick)

Japanese trash/garage punk rock 'n' roll. Low productions are usually the sign of a good record but this is not the case for this one. The vocals are almost nonexistent. The drums distract you from the songs. As a whole, the band is too unkempt and can't keep their shit together. They give you three songs, which is too many, including "Meet the Teenie Cheetahs". [JD]

Upsets "TommyGunHeart" 7" (TKO)

From California the Upsets deliver pounding guitars with rock 'n' roll fury. There are three songs on this 7", "tommygunheart", "sonic reaction", and "vampires"; and I have a problem with all three. For one thing the vocals are kinda tame. The songs are also very choppy and long. One minute they're doing a great solo and the next they're doing a totally different solo. Overall this is a so-so 7". [JD]

V/A Murder Punk Vol. 1 "The Austrailian Years" CD (Murder Punk Inc.)

What a brilliant idea! Rare as fuck 7"s on one CD. I love this CD! It's got all those 1977 7"s that you'll never ever find at a fraction of the price. Not just one song off the 7", but the whole 7"! The Victims, Razar, Suicide Squad, The Babeez, Thought Criminals, Psycho Surgeons, The Scientists, and The Chosen Few are all on one CD! The sound quality is fantastic. Buy it if you can find it. [JD]

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