Record Reviews - July, 1999

Basicks "Little Thing" 7" (Lookout!)

The Basicks 7" starts out with some bland instro garbage, but then it turns into a wicked rock 'n' roll tune! I am once again blown away by the Basicks music. The diversity is remarkable what first seems like Screeching Weasel turns into Stiff Little Fingers, and then into some rad early 80's LA pop punk like the Zeros! Four songs including, "Finger in the Socket" and "Can't Afford the Time". This isn't as good as their debut single, but it comes damn fuckin' close. [JD]

Big Bobby & the Nightcaps "Big Bobby Rocks..." LP (Screaming Apple)

These guys have some rockin' 7"ers, so I thought this LP would rock even harder. I thought wrong. Maybe it's because this is older stuff; these songs were recorded in 1997. Or, it could be the fact that more than half of this record is covers; but whatever it is one thing remains clear, this record isn’t hot. It's punk 'n' roll with the devil in it. Big Bobby's shit is superior to the covers. But I wouldn't pay for 7 out of 15 songs. That is lame. [JD]

Big Bobby and the Night Caps/ Apostles 7" (Black Lung)

Big Bobby starts it up and doesn’t turn it off! Humorous Rock 'N' Roll chillin' with beer soaked pompadours will infect your mind. Two songs from the Night Caps including "Alcohol Suicide" and "Have You Seen My Baby?" The Apostles play fast, aggressive R'N'R with rab angry lyrics. Catchy yet raw these guys play punk like there's no tomorrow. The two songs by the Apostles are "One more Time" and " Hurry up and Die". Two Thumbs up! [JD]

B-Movie Rats/Hellbenders "Distilled" LP/CD (Dead Beat)

Fuck Yeah! The B-Movie Rats rock this CD! This is one healthy shot of Punk Rock 'N' Roll! Nice thick guitars and the lyrics are feral and indecent, jus' the way I like 'em! The cool songs: "Visual", "Breakdown", and "New Orleans". The Hellbenders kick it in the same vein as the B-Movie Rats. This is full throttle punk 'n' roll with attitude. Cool songs are: "Bastard Son of Epstein Barr", "Song 13", and "Alone..." [JD]

Bitch School "S/T" 7" (Lipstick)

Loli and the Chones’ new band are a lot different. They have more Ramonesy guitars but the same girl vocals. Nice moderate guitar solos and handclaps. It has a garage tune but it's a lot cleaner, like the Donnas 1st record. The predicament is there is no energy and the lyrics aren't entertaining to listen to. When that happens I get fed up. Three songs including, "Record Shop" and "I'll be Good to You". [JD]

Brides "Bad Attitude" 7" (RipOff)

Garage punk that's speedy and snotty. These cats ain't no pussies! They're mean and they'll rip out your spleen. "Waiting for you " is a power beat and rocks the best. This is a decent 2 song garage 7". [JD]

Chinese Takeaway "Fuck Billboard... We're The Stars!!!" LP (New Lifeshark)

This knocked me out! Yeah baby! This is fucking outstanding punk rock! It has a Clash sound united with bouncy, melodic guitars with catchy simple guitar solos. The English vocals are perfect! There is chanting and magnificent backing vocals. It's not too over produced and not too under produced. Fourteen rock 'n' roll songs like, "Lesbian Vegetarians", "Passion for Trash", "I need You", and "Too bald to be Rock 'N' Roll". Also, they do an amazing cover on the Ruts "Babylon is Burning". Everybody can get into this. No matter what kind of punk you like, if you like Punk Rock this is your record! [JD]

Chinese Takeaway "Shut Up and Behave" 7" (Pelado)

These guys rock! They are catchy and will fuck you up! If you like your punk snotty, Clashesque, and with attitude to spare, this is for you.  Three songs, all great, including a cover of the Beat's "Rock 'N' Roll Girl", one fucking great song! [JD]

Chronics "First Time, Best Time" 7" (Ripoff)

The Chronics are a cool rock 'n' roll band, from Italy, off of Ripoff Records. The 1st song is satisfactory but incessant. The next song, "Go On", is where it's at! A sweet little heartbreaker with all the guitar blasts you can handle! You only get two songs, but the 2nd song is worth it! [JD]

Citizen Fish "Active Ingredients" LP/CD (Lookout!)

Citizen Fish are cool kats. If you don't like 'em your fucked, cause your missing out on some of the finest political punk rock and ska you miserable little brats will ever hear. This record delivers you 13 new songs including, "Bitter and Twisted", "Pills", "Habit", and "Heard it all Before". Dick's, ex-Subhumans, lyrics actually mean something so listen up! [JD]

Common Rider "Last Wave Rockers" LP/CD (Panic Button)

Jesse Michael's, former Operation Ivy singer, new band is wretched! This sounds nothing like Op Ivy. It has elements of ska and rock 'n' roll. That might be cool but the rock is barren and vacant.  Most of these songs bore me to tears, songs like, "Classics of Love", "Conscious Burning", and "Deep Spring". And there are 12 more just like those. What happen to this guy? Oh wait, he got too old for rock 'n' roll! [JD]

Die Punkoiber "Dirty Dancing" 7" (Oi Hammer)

Here is some young Oi from Germany. Sort of a Sham 69/Oppressed sound that works for me. Gruffy German/English vocals and blaring power chords rock you. It's good I tell ya! [JD]

Double Nuthins "Make Out With You Tonight" 7" (Baby Doll)

I read a lot of good things about these guys so I decided to check 'em out. They have a pop punk/garage rock feel to them. I really dig the music. They're guitar has a fresh sound to it, but the lyrics leave much to be desired. They're not terrible, but I've heard a lot better. Songs like She's So Cool and Goin' To Sh' Booms don't do it for me. Although GOIN' TO Sh' Booms is the best song on here. It has a real RAMONES feel to it. Then again, I'll just go listen to the RAMONES. [JD]

Epileptix "Underground Sounds" 7" (Born to Kill)

This is mean ass punk rock! Total '77 sounds are powering this band to the top. The vocals are loud and obnoxious, in a punk way, while the back ups scream and shout. R'N"R guitars and power beats rock this 7"! This is raw shit here with cool songs like, "Disco Slut" and "Ignorant". [JD]

Fevers "Show!" 7" (Lipstick)

The Fevers give you an abundance of blazing Rock 'N' Roll with a side of Punk Rock ala Ramones! Somewhere between '70s and '60s rock 'n' roll you have the Fevers. In the Ripoff vein these cats are even punk enough to cover "Rebel Kind". If you dig California Rock 'N' Roll with a bad demeanor this is your new favorite band. [JD]


Fifi and the Mach III "S/T" 2X10" (Rockin' Bones)

These cats have been around for a while. To tell ya the truth, I was never really wild about them. I could never grasp why they had so many records out. Fifi play grade C punk. Well this record is a compilation of some songs from their prior releases. They do give you four previously unreleased tracks including; "No Babe" and "I go to pieces". If you have to have every Japanese release ok, but for the average punk look elsewhere. [JD]

Grumpies "Who ate Stinky?" LP/CD (Recess)

The Grumpies put out an above average pop punk single a while back and I thought this would be even better, boy was I mistaken! The good parts are their fast as lightning and the vocals are very childish and high pitched. The bad part is the intense distortion on this CD makes it unlistenable! It's very irritating when you don't like your songs mutilated. Another problem is most songs off the 7" are here, I really detest that. You 13 songs clinched with a bad cover of the Fondeled's "Never be Your girl". [JD]

Headcoatees "In Tweed We Trust" CD (Damaged Goods)

Wild untamed Rock 'N' Roll! Total 60's Trash! 12 Songs about punk shit! Rock! Rock! Rock! [JD]

Jewws "Heartbreaker" 10" (Remedial)

Yes! This is what I like! Pure rock 'n' roll garage punk! These Texans present you with eight rockers, and everyone kicks your ass! They're fast, have cool guitar licks, and catchy lyrics. That makes this one hot slab of vinyl! They give ya two ultra rad instros and fine songs like, "Don't Try Me", "Punk Rock Girls", and "There She Goes". You have to dig the lofi baby! [JD]

Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks "Gold Dollar Whore" 7" (Transparent)

J. and the Fast Fucks play some lofi punk 'n' roll. If you like the B-Movie Rats or Zeke this is for you. Sounding like their from Cali, the Fast Fucks are beer drinkin', girl stealin' rock 'n' roll punk. The vox are cool, they have some attitude. I'm not getting exceedingly aflame about these guys, but they don't suck. You'll have to listen it to see if you like it. Five songs including, "Gold Dollar Whore" and "Knock Down Blues". [JD]

Junior Varsity "Juvenile" 7" (Remedial)

JV are a girl pop/garage punk 'n' roll band. Their songs are catchy and lofi, but there is no attitude to them. This means no soul or substance to their music. It all seems very empty to me. There are four songs including, "Texas" and "6-pack to go". [JD]

Loose Lips "Two Time Loser" 7" (TKO)

Shane White is back and better than ever! Loose Lips are an updated Infections that play '60's garage punk slowed down to a simmering rock 'n' roll onslaught. The Heartbreakers are smeared all over this 7". Justin Schenberg's "Two Time Loser" is fast and furious straight from the Infections LP. Shane White's songs "Doll Face" and "Slow Death" are slower, but a constant smack up side the head. [JD]

Metros "Hotwired" 7" (Ripoff)

Another Ripoff garage band that is a rocker. The first song "Hot-wired" is a blaze of garage fury that goes by in a blink of an eye. "Go Mean" slows it down with many guitar feats. Overall it's a suitable 2 songer, but not enough for me to shell out $4 bucks for. If you got that kinda cash, go for it. [JD]

Oxymoron "Westworld" CD/LP (Cyclone)

The latest release by the unstoppable pack is finally here. I'm sorry to say this is not up to par with Oxymoron's last releases. The record doesn't have the hooks that make their songs so fantastic. Another problem is the length of the songs; they're like almost five minutes long. [Music lesson kids, don't make your songs longer than three minutes long.] The third problem is there is only six songs on the record, and not many stack up to the previous records except "Westworld", "Legion 82", and "Petrol Bomb". Those who like any street/oi punk band have a ball. I'm not too impressed, but go see 'em live and thank me later. [JD]

Paxton Boys "Skinhead Rock 'N' Roll" 7" (Punkcore)

This is lame shit. This isn't deserving of being a skinhead record. But I must inform you, the public, of shitty bands such as this so you won't squander your money on inadequate records. Ok, this is tawdry hardcore with US pride, woop dee fuckin' doo! Bootparty on the Paxton Boys. [JD]

Pussycats "Chick-A-Boom" 7" (Hell Yeah)

Mmmm, hey ladies. Err, the Pussycats are here and brought the lofi garage rock 'n' roll to tame the men! These cats rock in the  garage with fantastic, fast, and furious songs! They keep the heat on with songs like "Chick-A-Boon" and "Lazy". Let it spin baby! [JD]

Raydios "Original Demo Recordings" LP (Screaming Apple)

Fuck Yeah This Is Awesome! Fink, of Teengenerate, is back and he's bringing Sammy along with him! This three-piece band blows the shit outta any garage punk bands on Ripoff Records! The Raydios show 'em how it's done. This record is absolute 1977 punk rock. The Raydios are catchy Rock 'n' Roll that will make you pogo your brains out! Fink gives us 11 new tunes and 1 cover. Some great songs are, "Don't Mind", "My Baby's Back", "No Saturday", and "Turning Blue". This is such a great record! [JD]

River City Rapists "Love Hurts" CD/LP (Junk)

This is the singer of the Motards new band. If you liked them you'll flip for this. It has less distortion than the previous Motards records, but it basically picks up where they left off. Raw, snotty, and rocking, the River City Rapists sound like a typical Junk release. But the problem with this record is the deficiency of music. With only six original tunes including, "Go down on Me", "Asshole", "fucked again", and two covers including, "Let there be rock" by AC/DC totals to eight songs. Not much rock for your buck. [JD]

Safety Pins "Power Generator" LP/CD (Munster)

I've been hearing a lot of people telling me this record rocks. Yeah, it rocks if you like punk with metal undertones! The vocals are too gruffy and remind me of today's hardcore. There are 19 songs including, "Why Should I", "Bad Kiss", "Suck you dry", and a decent cover of the Boys "Do the Contract Hustle". For fans of Electric Frankenstein with a 'tude. [JD]

Sex Offenders "S/T" LP/CD (Recess)

Very '77 punk. The SO's are sober punk with 4 chord songs with raspy female vocals not unlike Penelope Houston. It's loaded with attitude and I would recommend it to fans of '77 LA punk rock. There are 20 songs including, "Middle Class Hell", "Suicide Girl", and "Self-Hatred". The problem that I have is with 20 songs I get drained after 13 or 14 songs. Then again others might not get enough, it's your call. [JD]

Shifters "Mix it Up" 7" (Radio)

Not bad '77 garage punk here. It's catchy and features cool backing vox, though the lead vocals are a little sickly. Four songs including, "Baby if you turn me on" and "Razor Tongue". This is not as proficient as the Ripoff Records 7". [JD]

Snake Charmers "Nothin' For You" 7" (Shrukenhead)

Watch out for this wild garage punk, it'll bite you in the ass! The barbarous vocals just knocked this 7" to the top of my list! This California bands gonna rock your world! [JD]

Stilleto Boys "Rockets & Bombs" LP/CD (High Society)

Here's a dose a Rock 'N' Roll that fits somewhere between the fire of the Dead Boys and the power pop styles of the Jetsons. The Stilleto Boys play '77 style pop R'N'R that's alert and infectious. Twelve tunes including, "Killing Me", "Sirens", and an updated "8-Track". Excellent! [JD]

Suicide Kings "Teenage Disaster" LP/CD (SFTRI)

The Suicide Kings are an old band that features members from the Humpers. I love this record in part because it's total Johnny Thunders r'n'r. The guitarist might as well be J. Thunders himself. As for the vox, think Stiv Bators. Rock 'N' Roll the way it was meant to be played, loud, fast, and snotty. Twelve wild songs including, "Suicide", "Bad Love", "Suicide Girl", and "Bitch Boulevard". I think the LP has a couple extra songs, but you cats should be buying vinyl anyway. *Five*Fucking*Stars*!* [JD]

Teen Idols/Spread "It found a voice" CD (Honest Don's)

The Teen Idols used to be a competent pop punk band. Their latest release seems more on the LA new Descendents side. It isn't shabby at all, if you like that stuff. Four songs including, "Monsters Walk the Earth" and "Human Punching Bag". The Spread are almost exactly equivalent to the Teen Idols. The only noticeable differences are it's accelerated and more melodic. Four songs including, "Song for my Friend" and "Trouble". [JD]

30 Lincoln "Avanti" CD (Johanns Face)

I love Rock 'N' Roll with organs. When done right, the results are astounding. Such is the case with 30 Lincoln. They are an exquisite blend of mod, pop, and rock 'n' roll. This is clean and technically advanced; even the cover graphics look sharp. The speed is locked and a speedy pace and does not stop. You get 10 songs, 2 of which are previously released but newly recorded. Rocking songs are "East of Motor City", "(We're the) Rhythm Kids", "I think we need a Doctor in here", and "Death of Saint Valentine". Most songs stay below 3 minutes, although couple are longer and get a little vexatious. Another problem is some of the songs are moderately artsy and stray from the Rock 'N' Roll, but for the most part this right on track. [JD]

Von Zippers "Bad Generation" CD/LP (Estrus)

Get ready for 30 minutes of wild untamed garage baby! Thirteen songs that twist and shout fuck you. The Von Zippers rock all you wussy little Screeching Weasel lovers. There are instros, organs, and four covers including The Hollywood Brats "Sick of You"! This record is a keeper. [JD]

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