Record Reviews - August, 1999

Assailants "Unite" 7" (Violent Reaction)

Here's the next generation of pogo punk! This brand of "Up the System" punk rock will have you running around your room in no time. Ultra fast songs with political lyrics and such. Five songs including, "Unite", "We don't Care", and "No More". You better snatch this California band's 7" up; there are only 550 of them. [JD]

Bombshell Rocks "Street Art Gallery" CD (Burning Heart)

Bombshell Rocks is a street punk band with catchy songs and outspoken lyrics. I'd compare them to Rancid's "Let's Go". If you like that these punks are right up your alley. They give ya twelve songs including, "Bad Feeling", "White City Walls", and "Where We Gather". [JD]

B-Sides "S/T" LP (MRR)

The B-Sides play expeditious, aggressive, immature, 80's punk rock that sounds like a combo of Black Flag's lyrics with the Angry Samoans guitars; or maybe an early Queers, but not as ludicrous. This is good, but I would get weary listening to it after about three spins. 19 songs including, "Number One Fun", "Let's get Naked", and "Grandma's Dead". [JD]

Burnouts "Porno Queen" 7" (Pelado)

Average street punk rock similar to the Cali band the US Bombs. This is solid punk but nothing astounding. Four songs including a cool cover of the Vibrators "Automatic Lover". [JD]

Chemo Kids "New York Doll" 7" (Pelado)

This is a great single by a great band. The Chemo Kids have the look, the sound, and the attitude of punk rock ala '77. Face it dipshit, if you don't like this you won't like punk! So get out while your still in one-piece cause this will fuck you up! Three rocking tunes including, "Human Timebomb" and Slaughter & the Dogs' "Cranked up really high". Buy Buy Buy! [JD]



Clit 45 "Straight Outta Long Beach" CD (A.D.D.)

Clit 45 and friends deliver you a motherfuckin' punk CD! This in the artery of the Casualties, but Clit 45 has more of an original sound. With catchy guitar solos and even catchier political lyrics you'll be PoGoing your brains out! Six tunes including, "Strength thru Struggle", "End of You", and "Long Beach Kids". [JD]

Cock Sparrer "Two Monkeys" CD/LP (Blitzcore)

The legendary Cock Sparrer of England are back with another album! One might think they're too old for this shit. Well guess what? Cock Sparrer doesn't miss a beat! This is almost as good as their first record and it's way better than the newer Oi bands. This anthemic Oi will have you Runnin Riot all over suburbia. With 13 songs including, "I Live in Marbella", "Batter Sea Bardot", and "Goodbye" Cock Sparrer, I just like typing Cock Sparrer, will rock your boots! [JD]

Coyote Men "Two Sides of" LP/CD (Estrus)

If you like garage rock 'n' roll and wrestling this is your band! There are plenty of absurd catchy blasts of R'N'R that never skips a beat. These guys are the garage equivalent of Boris the Sprinkler. 12 songs including, "I Swing", "My kinda Stuff", and "Who rattled your Cage?" Cool! [JD]

Dirty Burds "Gotta Go" 7" (Rapid Pulse)

Hey if you’re a groovy cat you'll love this 60's garage! The lovely Dirty Burds, an all female group,  play some lofi rock 'n' roll. In tune with other English groups like Thee Headcoatees, these chicks know how to flaunt it. Three songs including, "Done it Wrong" and a cover of "Almost There" by Howard Kaylan. [JD]

Disco Crisis/Cancerous Reagans 7" (C.I.)

Disco Crisis, with ex-Anti Flag peoples, is some punk shit. This is fast, sloppy, and noisy pogo/crusty punk with attitude. The female vocals are a plus. Four catchy tunes including, "Fuck your System" and "Roommate". The Cancerous Reagans, what a cool name, are of the same breed. The guy's vocals are a little weak, but the music's real catchy. There are three tunes from the C.R.'s including "Right?" and "Robot" Overall Disco Crisis wins this round. The sound quality isn't the greatest but I do look forward to hearing more. [JD]

Donnas "Get Skintight" LP/CD (Lookout!)

Woohoo! The new Donnas CD is out! Too bad it sucks ass! Well if you liked their last record, and I didn't, it's in the same AC/DC hard rock vein. The lyrics are pointless and repetitious. The Donnas have officially ruined their entire flavor. The 14 songs they give you are too many! Songs like, "Hook It Up", "Searching the Streets", and Motley Crue's "Too Fast for Love" are the worst songs I've ever heard from the Donnas! Stay away for your children's sake. [JD]

Gee Strings "Alternative Losers" LP/CD (High Society)

The Gee Strings, from Germany, are a pretty solid 77 style punk band. They take after the Avengers; they even have a female vocalist, but don't compare. This isn't bad nor is it good. Ten tracks including, "Wanna buy a Boyfriend", "Nasty Bites", and "Second to None" by the Avengers. [JD]

Groovie Ghoulies/Chixdiggit "Chronic for the Troops" 7" (Delmonico)

The Groovie Ghoulies are brilliant! I can't say enough about this band. They're catchy; fun filled Ramones pop punk. Chixdiggit, another pop punk band, are appalling either, not as cool as the Ghoulies but defiantly not bad. Try to follow me here, on this 7" both bands cover two Boomtown Rats songs. They also cover one of each other’s songs, that's 6 songs great songs on one '45! The Groovie Ghoulies cover songs are the B. Rats "I don't like Mondays", "Someone's looking at You", and Chixdiggit's song "My girl's retro". Chixdiggit's cover songs are the B. Rats "Don't believe what you Read", "A tonic for the troops", and the Groovie Ghoulies' songs "She gets all the girls". Whew, now none of these are new songs. But all of them are unprecedented! So if you’re a fan of pop punk or a fan of the bands pick this up! [JD]

Hate Bombs "Hunt You Down" LP/CD (Dionysus)

The Hate Bombs 2nd album is here, and it rules! I think only 18+ will be able to handle this. You young in.'s couldn't embrace the sexual content within the vinyl. If your ready to rock out then prepare yourself for garage 'n' roll at it's finest! Wild, untamed screams, catchy guitar licks, and, and fuck yeah! Fans of the Makers will dig this to death! 15 songs including such greats as, "What do you say to a girl like that?", "Workin' like a Dog", and "A Love Like That". [JD]

Hellbenders "Pretty in Public" 7" (Hellbender)

Hey, this is Rock 'n' Roll! As the Stallions would say, "Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah!" These cunts are punk 'n' roll that's implicative of early Humpers! They have all the catchy hooks are rockin' guitar solos to boot! The three songs are "Pretty in Public", previously released "Bastard Son of Epstein Barr", and "Beatin' Around the Bush". This 7" will go well with you beer and pomade. [JD]

Jackie Papers "I'm in Love" 12"/CD (Panic Button)

Picking up where the Pink Lincolns left off, Chris Barrows and the Jackie Papers sound almost identical. This is a blend of snotty 80's punk rock with pop punk and it works for me. There are six songs including, "Everything I know is Wrong", "I'm a Liar", and "Home Cooked Meal". I last two songs get on my nerves a little, but if you like the Pink Lincolns you'll like this. [JD]

Lookers "We Killed Rock 'N' Roll" 7" (Trick Knee)

This is kick ass lofi garage punk rock! The female vocals are good and the screams in the background are even better. The Lookers are one of those punk bands that sound like their having a blast. It just makes you wanna dance. 6 songs including "Going Nowhere Fast", "We don't care", and "Winter Reaction". There are also 2 instros but you won't care cause you'll be too busy doing the mambo. Pop punkers and garage rockers will worship this. [JD]

Los Ass Draggers "Satan Never Sleeps" CD (Stolen)

If you don't know the Los Ass Draggers you should. They are a combination of my two favorite bands, the Devil Dogs and Teengenerate. They are a little belated on this CD than the last one, but I relish that. It lets me attend to the musical side of the Draggers. This is garage punk at it's finest folks. What a deal, you get 22 songs including, "Shut the fuck up PC Boy", "Grandpa's R'N'R", "Babbette's got the Tits", and "Lemme Waste my Time". These guys are absurd and will make anyone laugh their asses off. [JD]

Lost World "Tot Aber Haltber" LP (Skuld)

Cool German crust. The female vocals are as jagged as the music is. These kids are in the 80's speed punk scene. The only problem is the lyrics are in German, so unless you of native tongue, you won't be able to interpret what they're saying. Don't let that stop you from enjoying some great crust punk rock, There are fifteen songs including, "Product", "Scum", and "Double Standards". A plus is the HUGE fold out poster. [JD]

Lower Class Brats "Glam Bastard" 7" (TKO)

Rather boring pogo punk from the LCB's. The vox are grumbly and try too hard to sound tough. The guitars are the best thing on here. I think he should get a band that deserves him. Overall I'd skip this 7", besides it only has two songs, and one is a cover. [JD]

Nerds "I wanna Kill you plastic Slut" 7" (Scary)

The Nerds are malicious punk rock from Italy. This is nothing to get electrified about; it's sort of tedious early, LA, 80's punk rock. Four songs including, "Kill", "Slut", and a second-rate cover of GG Allin's "I wanna Rape You", if you can belive it. [JD]

New York Whores "Play the Fool" 7" (Rapid Pulse)

The NY Whores continue their raid on '77 punk rock with two new songs "Play the Fool and "Kiss Me", which is the better song of the 7". Featuring Mike Spent's off tune vocals and droning guitars the NY Whores are trying to keep the 1977 faith alive. Again, fans of the Spent Idols with have another reason not to slice their wrists. [JD]



New York Whores "Piss Off" 7" (Incognito)

Featuring Mike of the Spent Idols, the NY Whores have a similar sound. Here's that 70's punk rock with outta tune vocals that is all the craze. These cats show too much 'tude and too little rock 'n' roll for me. But if you a fan of the Spent Idols here is their replacement. Three songs including, "NY Whores" and "Sadder Vacation", gee I wonder if it's related to J. Thunders at all... [JD]

No-Talents "...Want Some More!" CD/LP (Estrus)

All right! The new No-Talents is here! Total '77 garage punk rock that rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks! This album is like Teengenerate in 2nd gear with female vox. These frenchies know how to punk! They're also sporting a new drummer and the No-Talents have never sounded so sharp. 13 turbulent songs including, "I don't wanna grow up", "Sick in the Head", "Do it Right" which rips off the Boys "Brickfield Nights", and two covers! This is a good competitor for album of the year. [JD]

Orange Juice from the Crypt "Let's go, Gore Girls!" 7" (Scary)

These Italian studs rock out to great punk! This is snotty punk rock with a hint of garage production. Ultra fast minute long tunes with little guitar solos. OJ form the Crypt, what a cool name, are reminiscent of the Angry Samoans with the omissions of the under production and their not as droll. Five songs including, "I'm not quiet" and "Stop your Cryin'". Recommended. [JD]

Pimps "Wicca Chicka" 7" (Rapid Pulse)

The Pimps sound the bell for all you drunken punks to get to class. They’re instructing their brand of revel rock 'n' roll. These songs about fuck-ups, losers, and thugs will get your stiff party started. If you have to have a label on them, it's early 80' LA punk rock in the vein of Fear. There're four songs including, "Dying Nation" and "Nose Pain". The vocals could be a little stronger; but it's still one of the better records I've listened to this month. [JD]

Pressure Point "Youth on the Street" CD (GMM)

This is some hearty street punk, with a few oi's, in a Dropkick Murphys vein. It's better than most of the stuff that GMM puts out. There are some rough vocals and power chords galore. Fast catchy songs that stick in yr head. However, some of those choruses get a little verbose at times. Twelve tunes including, "Heart like a Lion", "Skinhead Justice", and "Jaded Again". [JD]

Put-Downs "No Sleep" 7" (little deputy)

Here's some Texan hard punk 'n' roll. This has all the trimmings of an eminent rock 'n' roll band except they’re missing one crucial factor, a bite. These songs have no bite, no spirit to them. At least they give you four songs, but I only semi-liked "Haunted Man". That's it, oh, the artworks nice too. [JD]

Razzels "Suck my First impression" CD (Get Hip)

Mind numbingly listless melodic pop punk from NY. These guys aren't catchy enough for me. They remind me of a half way standard alternative band. 15 tracks including, "Sometimes I Think", "Wanna Make You Dance", and "Gin". How original! [JD]

Reatards "Your so Lewd" 7" (Empty)

This is poignant garage punk rock! This is a cool '77 snotty Ripoff Records production. Notable vocals, you can almost feel the hatred. The Reatards are catchy and jubilant with Rock 'N' Roll running through their veins. Three tunes including, "Busy Signal" and "She will always be with me". This is better than their earlier stuff. [JD]

Rupture "Get Fucked Cunt" 7" (Incognito)

Here's some '80s style punk rock. Lots of bad demeanors with a sloppy pogo punk sound. The vocals are kinda hard to understand, but whatever, this still rocks! If you like fast "Don't Give A Fuck" punk here ya go. Six songs including, "Shooting Gallery Alley" and "I'm Insane". [JD]

Scarred for life "Born Work Die" LP/CD (Know)

Whoa! I thought this was '99 not '82! Take a listen to this absolute Discharge UK style Punk Fucking Rock! Here's the way it was, hard-edged and violent! Nice forceful lyrics, blaring guitars, I like! Eleven songs including, "Controlled Confusion", "Your Tomorrow", and "Wasting Away". [JD]

Sellouts "Swinging Bombs" 7" (Rapid Pulse)

If you don't know these Brazilian fuckers you should! They are reshaping garage punk for the next millenium. The Sellouts play a fast, abusive, Angry Samoans approach to garage punk, whew. This is their second single off of Rapid Pulse, and their best. Three songs including, "Go Away" and "NA NA NA". Go lofi! Hey, where the fuck is Greg Lowery; these guys belong on Ripoff Records! [JD]

78 RPM's "Figure It Out" 7" (Cheetah's)

This is standard power pop punk. It's super catchy and has a rapid beat to it. The vocals, however, are a bit peculiar to me. Although I definitely dig the keyboards, there are three tunes including, "Figure it Out" and "Tell Me Something". This is one of those records where you'll have to hear for yourself. [JD]

Shifters "Don't Care" 7" (Ripoff)

Ripoff Records has released another brand name record, garage punk at its best! Everybody sounds crisp here, including the nifty chanting vocals. There is more fuzz on this release than their other records and that suits me fine. Too bad Ripoff Records has to be a dick and put only two bloody songs on a one-sided 7"! [JD]

Showcase Showdown "Permanent Stains" CD/LP (Damaged Goods)

Has Showcase Showdown ever let me down? Nope, I don't think so. This is probably they're best shit yet. These cats are deep in the '77 pogo punk rock vein. They're fast, most songs are under 2 minutes, and snotty yet silly. There are 18 mutherfickin' songs here, all to good for your asses. Some of the cooler songs are "Let's go to Jail", "Another Emergency", and "Fuck You, Norway". [JD]

Sons of Hercules "Get Lost" LP/CD (Get Hip)

These Texans have been around the block and back. They know what they’re doing. They are gonna rock your socks off baby! The Sons of Hercules play superb 60's punk rock 'n' roll! There are tumultuous vocals, which sound like David Jo Hansen of the NY Dolls, and Johnny Thundering guitars! My favorite songs are, "Best Friend", "Hard Time", and "Don't wanna be like you". The new New York Dolls? [JD]

Swingin' Utters "Brazen Head" EP CD (Fat Wreck Chords)

The Swingin' Utters, if you don't know already, are a kick ass punk band with a solid '77 street punk sound. These cats have been around longer than most. Here are six new songs from these blokes. My favs are "Brazen Head", "Something Sticky", and "Movers and Morons". This is a little more produced than I would like but so was the last Rancid album and I liked that. [JD]

Switch Trout "Psycho Action!" CD/LP (Estrus)

Instro garage surf rock 'n' roll from the land of the rising sun. These are impressive instros! If you’re into the surf scene check out these cats! Even if you’re not but want to hear it, choose Switch Trout. 15 slick tunes including, "Electronic Block Surf", "Jack Pot", and "Cyclone". [JD]

Tight Bros "from way back when" LP/CD (Kill Rock Stars)

With the lame ass cover art and the fact that it was on KRS I was hesitant to even review this. To my surprise this is pretty fuckin' impressive. The Tight Bros are rockin' out to some great feral MC5 rock 'n' roll. The vocals sound like the dude from AC/DC, but in a good way. If you like that combo these are your rockers! 12 tracks including such greats as "Hurricane", "Gimme Luv", and "Rip it Up" [JD]

Toilet Boys "Sinners and Saints" CD (Coldfront)

The Toilet Boys look like a cross between the Misfits and RuPaul! Heh, as unsightly as that sounds these dudes aren't too inferior. It's total Glam rock 'n' roll with crunchy guitars and swell backups. There are plenty of catchy songs and cool guitar solos ala Turbonegro. Six songs including, "phln 2000", "Influence", and "Ride". The thing that irks me about this CD is the techno wizardry in certain songs makes it obnoxious to listen to. [JD]

Traitors/Force "Don't fall Asleep" 7" (Johann's Face)

Well at least they warn you with the title of this 7". The Traitors play boring hardcore punk with no innovation whatsoever. It has that 80's punkcore sound, but it's done like shit. The Force are no different. They some more 80's hare core punk with feeble lyrics like "Watch you Burn!". Yes, I am convinced your tough! There're two songs from each. Hard core sucks in the 90's! Period! [JD]

U.S. Bombs "The World" LP/CD (Hellcat)

The US Bombs newest CD keeps up with their regularly great releases. They maintain the same Sex Pistols sound and update it with some catchy fresh beats. The best thing about this CD is you get 18 songs! That's like 50 minutes of solid '77 street punk rock baby! The cool songs: "The World", "Bombs Not Food", "Don't take it back", and "76ixties", plus one cool cover of Joe Strummer's "Joe's Tune". [JD]

Watts "S/T" CD/LP (Estrus)

Watts seems more hard rock 'n' roll than garage punk. If you like wailing guitars and high pitched screaming you'll dig these rockers. I'm not in to this cause it's too wanky and not really punk. Whatever, we all know Estrus puts out some weird shit. 10 songs including, "God Damn Devil" and "Star Fukka" [JD]

Zeke "Kicked in the Teeth" LP/CD (Epitaph)

Zeke Rock! This is Motorhead punk rock at warp speed! You have to go to a Zeke show to witness the awesome power that is Zeke. Although their first two albums are their finest, this should still please many Zeke fans. 17 tunes including, "God of GSXR", "Fuck All Night", and "Revolution Reprise". Play while driving. [JD]

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