Record Reviews - September, 1999

Amazing Transparent Man "No Fun Intended" CD (Lab Rat)

ATM are fresh new melodic pop punk band from IL. These kids are having a blast yelling fuck you to everything and everyone. Dual vocals and catchy guitar hooks for fans of that Screeching Weasel and California pop punk. Thirteen tracks filled with love songs including, "Three", "Euphoria", and decent cover of the Cars "Just what I need". [JD]

American Heartbreak "Please Kill Me" 7" (Pelado)

American Heartbreak are a 90's power pop band with a punk rock attitude. They have a thick guitar sound and catchy melodic songs. This would be better if it wasn't so well produced. They could be on Epitaph Records with this sound, but I like it so it depends on your taste. Two songs including, "Wish you were Dead". This is for fans of pop punk. [JD]

American Steel "Morning" 7" (Cheetah's)

This is a 7" that has had mixed reviews in the past. Well I'm real to set you straight! It's not power pop. pop punk, or anything punk, this is alternative. It belongs with the Epicore bands and Blink 182. The music itself is prolonged and tiresome. The vocals kinda sound like the singer on Dillinger Four, too bad they didn't copy their talent. Just cause you do a Psychedelic Furs cover doesn't make you punk. [JD]

Anti Heros "Underneath the Underground" CD (GMM)

Fans of the Anti Heros won't be displeased with this CD. I'm rocking out to some rad catchy politic punk rock! These dudes are irate as fuck, just the way I like 'em! Thirteen stunning songs including, "More Stupid than Stupid", "Rich people don't go to Jail", and "I'm Sure". Produced by Lars of Rancid, like you care. [JD]

Authority "On Glory's Side" CD (Outsider)

Anybody who loves the Dropkick Murphys will eat this shit up! The Authority can play some catchy working class street punk. There're plenty on tunes about politics, bars, and working for the man. 15 tracks to be exact, including "Two Sides", "Quit tin' Time", and "Barstool Breakout". [JD]

Black Halos "S/T" CD/LP (Die Young)

Fucking Rock 'N' Roll! Everything you've read about these cats in Hit List is true! They have a great sound similar to the Dead Boys "We Have Come for Your Children" LP with a bit more pop. The vocals have Stiv and Johnny coursing threw 'em, and the back ups are phenomenal. With a bit of Glam and a lot of attitude the Black Halos arouse your ears with great hooks and rockin' beats. Twelve beautiful songs including the soon to be classics, "Retro World", "Bombs not Food", and "B.S.F." If you don't check out a Black Halos show you’re fucked! [JD]


Boils "World Poison" CD (Cyclone)

The Boils are like most street punk bands they suck! This shit is not threatening at all! The lyrics are horrible; for example, "There's venom in your eyes, what's this all about? We gotta shut him out!" Boring! It's been done a lot better! Take some lessons from Cocksparrer for cyrin' out loud! 15 tunes including, "It won't stop", Police ME", and "Sweatshop". [JD]

Dimestore Haloes "Revolt Into Style" CD (Pelado)

Rock 'N' Roll, some bands have it and most don't! Thankfully the Dimestore Haloes are still together to give us the punk rock we've been jonesing for. This record will surprise most fans because of its pop sound. This is in the vein of the Saints and later Slaughter and the Dogs. Ten songs including, "Come Bomb With Me", "Born Too Late", "Everybody Loves You When Your Dead", and "Hopelessly in Hate". I do wish there were more songs here, maybe a cover or two. Whatever, this is good and I recommend it! [JD]

Donnas/Kiss 7" (Lookout!)

This is a promotional gimmick for Kiss's new movie Detroit Rock City. The Donnas cover Kiss's "Stutter", pretty fucking good by the way and Kiss does "Detroit Rock City". These are limited to 5000 and when you consider that it's a Kiss 7" that really isn't a lot. The collector geeks are gonna have a field day with these one. [JD]

Donny Denim "Hey You" 7" (Radio X)

Way out cool 70's Glam punk rock! This 7" has absolutely infectious pop songs with an abundant amount of hooks. Nice production too, for a Radio X single. Two songs including, "Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair". Fans of pop punk should give this single a whirl. [JD]

Drags "45X3" CD/LP (Estrus)

The Drags are a lowdown and dirty garage punk band. These angry, sloppy fuck's rock 'n' roll sound like shit, but that's punk rock! However, these songs are all previously released on compilations and singles like, "I like to die", "$7 Dollar Bologna", and "Shovel Fight", plus a shit load of covers. Good stuff if you don't have it already. [JD]

Famous Monsters "Around the World" LP/CD (Estrus)

Check out this wild, uncouth rock 'n' roll. These chicks scribe some ghoulish instrumentals. If you merged the 5,6,7,8,'s with the Groovie Ghoulies you'd get the Famous Monsters! It's cool surfy shit,  except most songs sound the identical. So unless you’re really into the surfy r'n'r you probably won't dig on this. Thirteen tracks including, "Bloody Frankenstein", "Werewolf Wiggle", and "The Reluctant Ghoul". [JD]

Gauze "Low Charge" 7" (Prank)

Gauze are brutal Japanese HXC punk. This is as fast as music can go with out sounding like total noise. Most of the lyrics are in Japanese and are screamed at you with such ferocity. This is rocking punk! There're six songs including, "Low Charge" and "Pressing On". [JD]



Grinners "Psychoville" LP (Incognito)

Whoa! This is scorching punk 'n' roll! Very much resembling of early Hookers, when they were good! There're lotsa fuzz and distortion on the vocals as well as the guitars. This is Rock 'n' Roll at 110-mph baby! There are eleven kick ass songs including, "Blown Away", "Bitch", and "Wasting My Time". Fuck Yeah!! [JD]

Jocks "S/T" CD (New Disorder)

Raw 80's punk rock, in a Circle Jerks vein. The Jocks play some solid rapid-fire punk. The lyrics aren't exactly intellectually stimulating, but that's punk dude! Seven tunes including, "Martha Must Die" and "Give Me Your Germs". This is good to go. [JD]

Lord High Fixers "Is your club a secret weapon" CD/LP (Estrus)

These cats are cool! If you like a bluesy, squalid Rock and or Roll with some feedback, which I do! Total garage punk with an attitude. These guys know how to fuck shit up! 16 tracks including, "Slow Boat to China", "You left me hangin'...", and numerous covers like Bob Dylan, the Birds, and Alice Cooper! Fans of the Makers should take note. [JD]

Mopes "Accident Waiting To Happen" CD/LP (Lookout!)

With members of the Queers, Screeching Weasel, and Squirtgun, you can estimate that this is pop punk. It was produced art Sonic Iguana, so it has that squeaky clean sound. The 11 songs are full of instros and love songs. I like pop punk, but I can't stand listening to 11 songs about a fucking relationships, ugh it makes me sick! This is for fans of the Yum Yums and bands of that nature. [JD]

Mr. T Experience "Alcatraz" CD/LP (Lookout!)

The latest CD from MTX is their popiest record to date. I know, I know, you didn't think they could get any worse, well strap yourself in cause this is a stinker! I never was a big fan of these guys but I know pop punk, and you sirs are not. There are thirteen songs for the Emo and Alternative boy or girl in you. [JD]

Nomads "Big Sound 2000" CD/LP (Estrus)

These cats have been around for a while. They know how to play balls out Rock 'N' Roll. Fans of the Humpers will dig this, or picture a heavier sounding Devil Dogs. I didn't think this was phenomenal, but it isn't terrible either. If you were a fan of the Nomads before, you won't be let down. Twelve songs including, "Don't pull my strings", "Your main Man", and "The Fast Can't Lose". [JD]

Persuaders "S/T" LP (Savage)

Short blasts of wild garage punk rock, '77 style. The vocals really stand out with their vicious bite and obscene lyrics. Recorded by Jay Reatard, so you get the idea of their muddy sound. 17 songs including, "Total Reject", "Baby, Baby C'mon", "Rock Bottom Blues", and "Dixie Buzzards". Recommended! [JD]

Pinkerton Thugs "The Times" 7" (Go-Kart)

Here's more pogo punk from these Boston rockers. This is solid infectious punk that's has all the whoahs they can muster. If you like Rancid, The Forgotten, or any of those TKO Records you'll love this shit. [JD]

Piranhas "Garbage Can" 7" (Tom Perkins)

The Piranhas play some rippin' punk rock with organs as if they from the 1977 era! These cats unquestionably have a Dead Boys/Saints feel to 'em clinched with the slashed up singer on the cover! Three songs including, "Mind Control", and "Redundant". Get! [JD]


Poxy "The Very End" CD (ADD)

With members of Clit 45, Poxy has a similar pogo punk rock attack. The gruffy vocals and dim lyrics give Poxy that perfect blend of the Special Duties and the Casualties. Eight songs including, "Rules", "Empty Day", and "We'll have our Say". [JD]

Riffs "The Lucky Ones Are Dead" 7" (Pelado)

'77 punk rock 'n' roll. The whole band sounds decent except for that singer! It sounds like he doesn't care. Another problem is the songs are too long. It gets a little repetitive after awhile. Two songs including, "Johnny Won't go to Heaven". [JD]

Romeo's Dead/Burdens 7" (Pelado)

This 7" Rocks! Romeo's Dead has to be one of the best new bands today! They're snotty fucking '77 Dead Boys punk rock! They Fucking Rule! Ultra catchy tunes that spare no expense. The insolent vocals, drums, everything sounds unparalleled! The Burdens are more of the same. They are little slower with more R'N'R in their music, but still snotty and fucked up. I'm sorry but Romeo's Dead wins by a landslide!!! If you don't get this you're fucking dumb!! [JD]


Samantha’s Favourite "Whatever Happened to Power Pop" CD (K.O.G.A.)

Koji Ozaki's, ex-Tweezers, new band is keeping the same vein in 70's power pop where Fifi left off. These boys will win you over once you hear their catchy pops. Thirteen tracks including, "Brown Eyes", "You'll Come Back", and "I Can't Sleep". This is for fans of Cheap Trick, etc... [JD]

7 Seconds "Good to Go" LP/CD (Side One Dummy)

7 Seconds new record remarkably sounds much like their earlier, less sucky, ones. The LA hardcore punk vets pump it up with 16 fast melodic punk songs! Some songs included are "Slow down a Second", "True Roots", and "Here we go again kids!" Of course my opinion of this band is that their time has come. However, if you’re a big fan you won't be disappointed. [JD]

Sewer Grooves "Songs from the Sewer" CD/LP (Estrus)

With the lame ass cover I immediately figured this to be garbage, Well I was right, These tools are lame! They have that hard rock with no balls sound that I can't stand! The Sewer Grooves are slow, boring, and on the verge of being metal hacks! [JD]

Subway Thugs "S/T" 7" (Oink)

This picture disc has some impressive artwork on it. The band looks like the skinhead Archies. Anyway, this is some street punk/oi from Canada, remember it's not "oi" it's "eh." The vocals are the downer on in this band. They're gruffy enough, but there is no power to them. And the lyrics! They don't rhythm, carry with the music, or really have anything intelligent to say. Everything else is fine, the guitars are real catchy and the drummer can keep a decent beat. There is four songs including "Our Night" and "Cheers to You". [JD]

'Tone "Wide Eyes & Nonsense" CD (Broken Rekids)

Hailing from England, the 'Tone have been turning people's heads with their marvelous ska/punk rock 'n' roll. Some have compared them to the Specials and the Jam, but I think they sound more like a fusion of the Clash and Operation Ivy. The production is a little too clean, but the music is super catchy and I dig it. There're11 tracks including, "This is a High", "Pauline", and "Back to Basics". [JD]

TV Killers "Have a Blitz on You" CD/LP (Estrus)

What is this, the 5th CD from the Killas? Who cares? They rock! Total '77 garage punk! Fucked Up Baby! These French fuckers pen some catchy songs including, "Space Girl", "Dancehall Music", and "Pain in Vein". Rock 'N' Roll Mutha Fuckas! [JD]

Unseen "So this is Freedom" CD (A-F)

Punk Rockers listen up! Unseen rocks the casaba with pogo punk! These hard-edged mean spirited fuckers will hit with their political lyrics, and their studded jackets. Catchy songs like "Are We Dead Yet?", "Greed is a Disease", and "Don't be Fooled" make this 15 song CD a must for you mohawk pricks! Bonus Michael Jackson cover, WooHoo! [JD]

Workin' Stiffs "Through Thick & Thin" CDEP (TKO)

The kings of Street Punk are back to teach all you fuckers how it's done! The mighty Workin' Stiffs rock out with snotty, catchy, punk! These powerhouses cranked out 6 new tracks including, "Bulletproof", "Letterbomb", and a ripping cover of the Weirdos' "Solitary Confinement". First-rate punk rock you should have! [JD]

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