Record Reviews - October, 1999

Angry Samoans "Play the Songs of Vom" 7" (Bulge)

So these are demos from 1978. They definitely have a garage punk tune to 'em. Not the outlandishly fast, insane, minute long songs I love, but still not bad shit. You get two songs including, "Too Animalistic", and "I'm in love with your mom". [JD]

Blanks 77 "C.B.H." CD/LP (Radical)

What an unbefitting cover! Two lesbian punk chicks making out! It's been done, like, a million times! Anyway, aside from that crap, this is praiseworthy. The thick guitar sounds and catchy lyrics with great back-ups make for perfect punk songs. This is straight up punk rock kids. What a deal, you get 18 tracks including, "Off the wagon", "Ghetto Blast", and "If you were a beer". The fans you come in droves. [JD]

Buzzcocks "Modern" CD/LP (Go Kart)

Umm, uhh, well? It's not terrible, but it's not the great 1977 Buzzcocks either. Some songs sound like the older pop punk stuff and some have a techno punk be-bop shit added to them. I found myself leafing through many of the fourteen songs. I did like "Speed of Life" and "Runaround", which doesn't say much for the CD. [JD]

Casualties "The Early Years 90-95" CD (Punkcore)

Isn't it a bit premature to start reissuing Casualties records? Oh well, this CD contains the "early" four 7"s from the Casualties. This is your basic pogo punk taking from early 77 and 80's English punk bands. If anything, you should buy this for the comical lyrics about punk rock drinking, punk rock fuck you's, and punk rock love! I can't really take these kittens too seriously, since I desire more substance, but maybe you can. 17 tracks including, "40 oz Causality", "Oi Song", and "Fuck You All". [JD]


Catheters "S/T" CD/LP (Empty)

This band is gonna give the Black Halos a run for their money. The Catheters are in the same vein as the Dead Boys. The dirty rock 'n' roll and Stiv Bators like vocals are uncanny. These boys tear it up with ass kickin' rock 'n' roll that the past 2 years have lacked. Ten great songs including, "Treat me like you Should", "Teenage Trash", and "The Kids Know How To Rock" [JD]

Crusaders "Middle Aged Rampage" CD/10" (Dionysus)

Here's some cool 60's Rock 'N' Roll with a garage punk attitude! Screeching vocals, I think there's a band name in that, and loud thundering guitars rock the turntable! These drunken fucks are just one colossal overdose of garage punk! Six tunes including, "Got to Gett Awaye" and "Alley Cat Girls". [JD]

F-minus "S/T" CD/LP (Hellcat)

F-minus punk out to some sizzling early 80's hardcore punk. Most of the songs are less that a minute long. The male and female vox are real cool. You get 20 songs including, "Better to Die", "Dropouts", and "You owe Me". Grade A shit geared to fuck you up! [JD]

Hollywood Brats "S/T" LP (Get back!)

Fuck Yeah! I've been waiting soooo long for this LP to be reissued! These Englishmen fucking rock! Formed in the early seventies, the Hollywood Brats were one of the first Glam/punk groups. I truly believe they're better than the NY Dolls. Every song here kicks ass! The guitars break out with brilliant catchy little solos through every song! The vocals are sung with feelings of hatred, sex, and snotty attitudes! 11 songs that will change the way you look at rock 'n' roll; like "Another School Day", "Tumble with Me", and "Sick on You". This is pre Boys and it's also way better! If you don't worship this record you are one lame piece of shit! [JD]

Jetpack "In Change" 7" (Mortville)

This is sort of a little version of the Motards. It is very catchy garage from Texas. This is high-energy 3-chord punk in the raw. You get four songs including, "Throw Down" and their hit songs "My Dreams are Rock 'N' Roll". [JD]

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros "Rock Art and the X-Ray Style" CD/LP (Hellcat)

Ok, those in anticipation for the Clash can stop reading now. Like the title says, this is "rock art" not punk! With the exception of "Tony Adams", which is a reggae song, the rest of this CD is weird stuff. Most songs are 6-8 minutes long and filled with crazy drum beats and slow guitar strums. You've been warned. [JD]

Kosher "Bored in America" 7" (Skull Duggery)

Check out this fresh new punk rock sound from MI! Kosher is sort of in the vein of Dillinger Four in that the guitars produce an enormous amount of fuzz. They sing about girls, drinking and other teenage shit. The vox are especially cool cause the dude actually has that snotty punk rock voice. There's four songs here including, "Bottle Caps" and "Out of Reach", not too shabby. [JD]

Maniacs "Ain't No Legend" LP (Get back!)

Another 1977 punk band thrown into the spotlight by Get Back! The Maniacs are your elementary snotty '77 punk shit. This is good, but sounds like most of the '77 punk bands. So don't expect anything groundbreaking from these kats. However, the songs are solid and very catchy, but you only get like 7 songs including, "Shoot you Down", "TV Tonight", and some live shit. If like punk get it chief. [JD]

No Use For A Name "More Betterness!" CD/LP (Fat Wreck Chords)

These guys have a chunky NOFX/College boy skate rock sound to 'em. They have a polished production and all the rock star trimmings! These poor boys deal with heartbreak in 14 different songs including, "Not your savior", "Pride", and "Saddest Song". Carson Daily has my vote. [JD]

Pillage People "Attack of the Blood Sucking Retards" CD (Oink)

Like a B movie gone severely awry the Pillage People attack with out warning. These young kids know how hardcore punk is supposed to work. Their lyrics are sung with feeling and passion. Their movie intros get tiresome after the first song but the cynical humor of this group is equal that of the Angry Samoans. 15 rad tracks including, "Seizures", Dead Rockstars", and perhaps the best song I've heard all month "Beware of the Blob". Get this CD for a good time! [JD]

Posers "S/T" CD/LP (Oink)

Pissed off drunkards! The Posers are heavy hardcore punk rock with those thick gruffy vocals that scream like McGruff the Crime Dog! This is nothing to right home about unless you dig this kind of punk. Fifteen loathsome tunes including, "Town Drunks", "Someone's gonna die ", and "Drink all Night". [JD]

Ramones "The Lost Album" LP (Teenage Lust)

This here is a collection of rare demos and 7" and covers by the legendary Ramones! Spanning from 1975 to 1995 this bootleg is something that only a true Ramones freak would have to have. The sound quality is decent and you get, like, 15 songs. Some great songs are, "I got you Babe", "Smash You", the NY Dolls' "Chatterbox", and "Spider-man". [JD]

Reclusives "LP" LP (Mortville)

I have mixed feelings about these cats. They put out one blazing fuck off garage punk 7" and one piece of dogshit. This record, however, is not dogshit. It contains whopping 24 songs including their 7"s plus new stuff, which ain't half bad. So if you’re in the mood for a hard-edged garage punk band ala early Hookers give these boys a spin. [JD]

Screamers "Demos 1977-1978" LP

This old punk band was doing some experimental shit way back when. The Screamers contain brusque vocals and pounding drums with the addition of the synthesizer. If you like raw artsy punk rok, check 'em out. 15 tunes including, "The Beat Goes On", "I want Hurt", and "Vertigo". [JD]

Splash 4 "Shame, Shame, Shame" CD/10" (Dionysus)

The Splash 4 are back! Get ready to go garage with these flashy dressers from France! The loud guitars have that stompy, high pitched garage punk sound you've come to know and love. Seven tracks including, "We Don't", and "You're too Kind". Dig it. [JD]

Strychnine "Born Too Loose" LP (MRR)

What's with the heavy metal screams? Oh well, Strych here are sort of a venomous old school hardcore punk/metal band. Their good at what they do, but they just don't do it for me. Songs about drinking and other mad caps ain't my shick. You get 9 songs including, "Liquor & Poker" and "Mental Wake". [JD]

Swingin' Utters "Teen Idol Eyes" 7" (TKO)

What needs to be said about one of the finest '77 street punk bands. This seven-inch is a lot like their previous "More Scared" 10". The songs are solid and Johnny's voice is still strong as ever. Two songs on colored vinyl if your lucky. [JD]

Teen Cool "Skip Skool" 7" (Mortville)

Wow! This impressed me. Straight up punk shit! Fuckin' attitudes galore combined with catchy blasts of cool rebel, rebel songs. This makes me wanna be that troublemaking teenager all over again. Another one of those TX bands that's the shit! Three tunes including, "That's Why" and "Fuck Skool". Is this Teengenerate reincarnated? [JD]



Tiger Army ""S/T" CD/LP (Hellcat)

This is a very interesting CD. Tiger Army is a combination of the Misfits and Rockabilly! These songs are very eclectic with an emphasis on the drums. The guitar is light and the stand-up bass is a'thumpin'! Thirteen tracks including, "Nocturnal", "True Romance", and a great cover of "Twenty Flight Rock", though my favorite is still Robert Gordon. Good stuff! [JD]

Towards an End "Change & Pass Through" 7" (Lookout!)

Melodic post pop punk. These dudes are sort of in the same vein as Fifteen, and if you like that stuff this is your band. I'm not a fan of this type of punk, so I can't rave about it, but don't let me stop you from purchasing quality melodic pop punk. Four songs including, "Permanent Ink" and "Exit Stage Left". [JD]

Valentine Killers "Methadol" 7" (Mortville)

More great hard-edged garage punk! Fans of the B-Movie Rats or the Humpers will be sure to pick this scorcher. The vocals are sang in that lazy, spaced-out fucked up sound that makes punk cool. Four tunes including, "Happy Hour" and "Devil's Night". [JD]

V/A "Zombie Shake" Vol. 1 1/2 2XLP (Rockin' Bones)

That's it! I'm moving to Italy! How can I refuse when fantastic 77 punk, 60's garage, and 50's surf bands like Thee STP, Neolitics, Gene Crazed, and the Superargos + more live there! These bands put everything you heard this year to shame! Step over your own mother and get this double comp! You'll hear 24 bands that rock 'n' roll! [JD]

Zodiac Killers "The Most Thrilling Experience" CD/LP (Rip Off)

With ex-members of the Ripoffs & the Brides you know this is gonna rock your socks off! Fuck yeah I'm right, I'm always right, this record is like a drug! Each song is a minute long '77 garage punk extravaganza! The interchanging male and female vocals are the coolest! This 12-song record is unquestionably worth forking over cash for. Soon you to will be enjoying such famed tunes as, "Die Tonight", "Feed it to your Mom", and "X U Out"! Stick with suicide! [JD]

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