Record Reviews - November, 1999

Boils "When the sun goes down" CD

This record contains the Boils earlier shit. I dig this CD more than their current CD cause of its raw hardcore punk and not that lame attempt to jump on the street punk bandwagon. The beat has the pogo punk styles and the Boils use it to make you wanna start a circle pit in your room.  There's eight songs including, "Time to Strike" and "Third World USA". Any fan of '82 hardcore punk will eat this shit up with a spoon. (JD)
(Creep Records Suite 220 252 E. Market St. West Chester PA 19381)

Burger Kings "Supergiant Rollercoaster" LP

The Burger Kings are a garage/pop punk band much like the Groovie Ghoulies and early Ramones. They have the buzz saw guitar sound down and the chords are ultra catchy. And even though the vocals have the pop punk pattern down they're sung with little passion. Still this is better than most pop punk bands. You get 13 songs including, "I feel Alright", "She's my Girl", and "I Quit". (JD)
(Incognito Records Senefelder Str. 37A 70176 Stuttgart, Germany)

Consumed "Hit For Six" CD

Consumed remind me of the Descendents and early Lemonheads in a blender. Their sound is clean as a whistle with leads straying towards the metal. The songs here are moderately catchy and have all the hooks that fans of Fat Wreck Chords come to expect. You get 14 melodic pop songs including, "Wake up with a smile", "Do the Duchess", and "Chop Suicide". (JD)
(Fat Wreck Chords PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690)

Derks "Six Spindle Love" 7"

Whoa! This sonic blast almost knocked me off my couch! The Derks are like a gin & juice blend of the Humpers and Problematics. The gritty guitars and distorted vocals make a great combo for some awesome punk 'n' roll. Four outta sight songs including, "Slack-Jaw Hussie" and "Electric Surfboard". The Derks will fuck up what's left of your vapid punk ideals. (JD)
($3.00 ppd: Trick Knee Productions PO Box 12714 Green Bay, WI 54307-2714)

Dropkick Murphys/Business "Mob Mentality" 7"

A must have 7" for any self-respecting punk rocker! The Dropkick Murphys are the premier street punk band of the 90's and the Business needs no explanation! The A-Side contain the superb tune "Mob Mentality" done by an exalting fusion of the Dropkicks and the Business, or McBusiness. The B-Side contains the Business and Dropkicks covering each other's songs. This is solid punk rock the way it was meant to be played!! (JD)
(Taang Records 706 Pismo Ct. San Diego, CA 92109)

Enemy You "Where No One Knows My Name" CD/LP

Enemy You simulate Bad Religion in their "No Control" days. So yeah, they have power chords galore. There's 14 songs including, "Automation", "All Good Things", and "Lock Out." If you’re big on Bad Religion or Epi-core bands check out Enemy You. (JD)
(Panic Button PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)

Furnaceface "Biff, Bang, Pow!" 7" (Skull Duggery)

Damn, Furnaceface cover the Jam's "But I'm Different Now" almost to the tee. Naturally they sound like the Jam and the Buzzcocks, and maybe a little Foo Fighters. The flipside is Creation's "Biff Bang Pow!", again done well. For fans of great 70's pop punk. (JD)
(Skull Duggery Label 77 Scituate Ave. Scituate, MA 02066-3561 USA)

Hi-Standard "Making The Road" CD

Here is more melodic pop punk from this Japanese band. Hi-Standard are speed induced, energetic, bouncy, and full of power. They're a bit reminiscent of NOFX. There is a whopping 18 tracks here including, "Teenagers are all assholes", "just Rock", and "Dear My Friends". (JD)
(Fat Wreck Chords PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119-3690)

Johnny Black and the Assassins "Goin' To Durango!" CD (Buck & Bullet)

Hey, this is rock 'n' roll! I'm tellin' ya, this will fit right in with the Rehabs slogan "Beer Drinkin, Meat Eatin, Rock 'N' Roll!" This is some rockin' Motor City punk! The singer sounds just lie Tesco Vee, from the Meatmen, along with the sound. The guitars are thundering and the backups are screaming, "Go,Go!!!" They also have some Ramones inspired songs to cover all the important bases. So here's 8 rock 'n' roll tunes to kick ass to, my favs are "Blame", "36-24-36", and "Lost and Found" by the Saints. They keep it short, like me. (JD)
(Johnny Black and the Assassins 410 E. 74th St. Kansas City, MO 64131 USA)

Kickstarter "Hangin' On B-Street" 7"

Well, I'm glad I found this 7". Kickstarter are a great 1977 styled punk band! The Damned and maybe a little of the Drones come to mind whilst listening to this record. The vox are sung in that "I don't give a fuck!", "Piss off!" rationale. Four songs including, "Feeling the Wine" and "Too Bad." (JD)
(Pelado Records 521 W. Wilson #B202 Costa Mesa, CA 92627)

Metros "S/T" CD/LP

Here are the Metros! The newest installment on Rip Off Records! Surprisingly, this isn't the normal Rip Off sound I'm accustomed to. The Metros are much more clear, the guitars aren't as fuzzed out like most garage punk bands these days. They're more of a 60's punk band. Compared to the 7" this isn't as good. The vocals don't have the raw bite they did on the 7". And yet, they're still better than most punk bands today. Give this a spin and hear it for yourself. 12 tunes including, "Black Leather", "Lay it on Me", and "Purple Hearts." (JD)
(Rip Off Records 581 Maple Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066)

Nothings "A Lot To Learn" CD

Oh my God! These guys are the long lost brothers of the Suicide Commandos!! If you can picture Generation X's vocals to the Sex Pistols music, only a little slower and you'll get the Nothings. Well I think they should sound like the Sex Pistols cause Steve Jones produced it! The Sex Pistols have a great sound and more bands should take notes from them. Seven songs including, "Do You Remember" and "Reality". (JD)
($10 ppd: The Nothings 22287 Mulholland HWY #304, Calabasas, CA 91302)

Plow United "Narcolepsy" CD

Plow United sound like a crossbreed of Kid Dynamite and Dillinger 4. Fuzzed out guitars wailing on the power chords and breakdowns a bit too much. The vox are fairly angry and angst ridden, but the lyrics are too vague on many songs. Seventeen tracks including, "Freedom or Security", "Walking", and "Attn: Asshole Re: Records". For fans of California hardcore like AFI. (JD)
(Creep Records Suite 220 252 E. Market St. West Chester PA 19381)

Radio Shanghai "2-Dimentional Girl" 7"

Top-shelf Japanese power pop punk, in the same basic neighborhood of the Tweezers. Answer Records has put out quite a few nice records without many people noticing (like the recent Zymotics single), but this is the cream of th' crop. From a year ago, but I figured it needed a mention. The B Side is cool, but the A has it all----hooks galore, female back-ups, and an overall '77 Brit-punk spirit that's lacking in the flip. I'm not sure where you can find this fucker, but it's worth digging up. Try. (TK)
(Answer Records, HASE BLD No. 2 B1.5-49, OSU 3 NAKA-KU NAGOYA-CITY, AICHI 460 JAPAN)

Real Kids "Down to You" 7"

Despite the weirdo 60's retro cover art this 7" sounds amazing! If you like the Real Kids early shit this record is for you. They are keeping 1977 rock 'n' roll pop alive! I'm not a fan of punk rock comebacks but this is really good. Too bad they’re only two songs. Oh well, at least I know the new album will rock. (JD)
(TKO Records PMB #103 4104 24th St. San Francisco, CA 94114)

Reds "Under Control" 7"

The Reds are probably the best live band I'd seen for the first time this year, and this, their Rip Off debut, is the first record to fully capture their live sound...what I'm saying is, it smokes! High tension art punk in a garage/rock 'n roll context. They cover the Urinals, Pagans, and AC/DC in their set, which should give you a pretty good idea of where they're coming from. Stay tuned for the Rip Off LP and another single, and make sure not to miss 'em on the West Coast this spring---what is it about Texans & great rock 'n roll? (TK)
(Rip Off, 581 Maple Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066)

Smalltown Criminals "Crime Does Pay" 7"

The Smalltown Criminals are a great new street punk band from Germany. Their songs are slowed down but ultra catchy. The guitars are light and the bass is heavy, the way street punk is supposed to sound. They seem to have roots in the old Menace and Red Alert records. This 7" belongs right in your TKO Records collection along with such bands like the Reducers SF and Dropkick Murphys. Four great songs including, "Hong Kong Hooligan" and "King for A Day." (JD)
(4,00 DM ppd: Tropical Records PO Box 2363 54213 Trier Germany)

Super Hi Five "Better Life" 7"

Hey, it's punk not knowing how to play your instruments. The guitars do the same power chords and chug 'a chugs for the duration to the four songs. The vocals barely sound like they're there and the lyrics are about...well I still can't figure them out. I guess they're melodic punk. This is like that local band you feel sorry for and end up buying their 7" anyway. (JD)
(Creep Records Suite 220 252 E. Market St. West Chester PA 19381)

Trash Brats "Must be the Cocaine" 7"

Wow! I heard these guys are good, but I didn't think they were this good. The Trash Brats are fucking Rock 'N' Roll! Total 70's Glam punk rock with considerable sway from, my favorite band, the Hollywood Brats! These dolls have been around since 1987 and know exactly how to rock! The b-side features a ripping cover of the Zero Boys' "Civilization's Dying", that's such a classic tune. Well if I haven't convinced you to get this you’re probably emo, jerk. (JD)
($4 ppd: I-94 Recordings PO Box 44763 Detroit, MI 48244 USA)

Trust Fund Babies "Can't Trust Me" 7"

When you run the finest mail order in the world, I suppose you come across some pretty interesting demos. Must be nice! Anyway, this unit has ex-members of the Shifters & Spites, which really perked my interest, since I think the Spites put out the most unfairly-ignored single on Rip Off a few years ago. This is a really good effort, something that woulda' been right in line w/ what Rip Off was churning out a couple years ago.  Just-past-mid-tempo garage rock 'n roll, catchy tunes, and a pretty great cover of a very fine Consumers tune ("Teen Love Song"). There is nothing over the top about it, but more than worthy of your cash if, like me, this is yer bag. First 100 on blue, mailorder only. (TK)
(Rapid Pulse Records, P.O. Box 5075, Milford, CT 06460)

Violent Society "Not Enjoyin It" CD

This is a re-release of from 1996 and a good one at that. The vocals just top this band for me. You know that whinny little punk kid who smokes too much and you wanna beat up all the time? Well he joined this band. Obviously fans of Special Duties, the Violent Society are a pogo punk onslaught. Catchy guitars and pissed off lyrics will make all you crusty kids beg your mom to get this CD for Christmas. 20 songs including such acts as, "I wanna Know", "You're gonna fall", and "Erinie". (JD)
(Creep Records Suite 220 252 E. Market St. West Chester PA 19381)

Violent Society "Totally Fucked" 7"

Pat went through puberty, damn. Now he doesn't sound like a whinny brat, nuts. Well, Their back with the ultra speedy pogo punk rock. It's aggressive, angry, and like a time bomb ready to explode. So spike up those mohawks and liberty spikes boys and girls, Violent Society are gonna fuck shit up! Four songs including, "The Problem" and "Piss On You". (JD)
(Creep Records Suite 220 252 E. Market St. West Chester PA 19381)

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