Record Reviews - December, 1999

A//Political "Punk is a Ghetto" 7"

These rockers are a fucking cool crust punk band outta Baltimore. Carrying Crass' sound, A//Political features female vocals and ongoing power beats of a society in chaos. This band is ultra energetic and incensed as fuck. (JD)
(Profane Existence Records PO Box 8722 Minneapolis, MN 55408)

Beerzone "They Came, They Saw, They Conquered" CD

All the way from the UK comes Beerzone! I'm willing to look over their really shitty band name on the count that these boys rock! Beerzone is a 70's punk rock band for today's society. Their songs are about today's problems and their write them with wit and kick ass punk tunes. No sir, this ain't no cookie cutter punk band, Beerzone have British influences stemming from '77 to '82. Legends like the Angelic Upstarts and Cockney Rejects would be proud to hear such a facetious punk/pub band. There's 17 songs on this disc including, "20th Century", "Scandal", and "Jerry Springer". Right! (JD)
(Flat Records PO Box 697504 Quincy, MA 02269)

Bulemics/River City Rapists CD

Two Texan bands coming together, right now, for a hard punk rock fest. The Bulemics fall short on power and devotion towards their music and many of these songs have been already released on a 10". The 'Rapists are the defiant winners on this disc. Their way more punk 'n' roll and have speed to boot. The singer is an ex-Motard, so you’re all in for a real treat. Any fan of the Candy Snatchers would be drunk and in love with the River City Rapists. Sixteen songs in all! (JD)
(Man's Ruin Records)

Bulemics "Blurred Visions & Twisted Thoughts" 10"

The Bulemics are a hard punk rock outfit from Texas and have the punk 'n' roll thang goin' for 'em. The vocalist does his job, but he should put more emphasis of on the power behind the lyrics. The rest of the band is, again, fair. The Bulemics give you 6 songs including "It ain't easy being easy" and "Until the end of Time". This falls short by my standards and I doubt I'll remember this record in six months. (JD)
(Man's Ruin Records 610 22nd St. # 302 SFCA 94107)

Clash "From Here to Eternity" CD/2XLP

The Clash, one of the greatest punk rock bands in the history of punk rock. The UK definitely had a prominent punk scene in the late 70's, and the Clash were right in the midst of it all. This live double album has been well designed visually. There are some great shots of the band, linear notes from fans, and pictures of old merchandise. Did you know there was a Clash puzzle set? This double album also contains the best live recordings of the Clash I've ever heard. Some songs sound even better than some studio recorded tracks. Many of these songs like, "Clash City Rockers", "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais", "Train in Vain", "and "Should I Stay or Should I Go", are from different concerts. Sadly, this is something only a Clash super fan would buy. Why? Because this bloody LP cost more than $30 dollars! Fuck major labels, but if you have the cash it's worth it. (JD)
(Columbia Records)

Combat 84/Last Resort LP

Combat 84 is an old Oi group that sounds similar to many street punk bands today, like utter shit! Like I want to hear a bunch of ugly losers screaming about how hard life is being a skinhead. Christ! Then don't shave your fucking head! I think these kids need more political oppression so they can come up with some better lyrics. Well, least they're better than this band, Last Resort. God, could someone tell me why these guys are so well remembered? This is boring! Oi can be so much better than this load of shit! The music is sluggish and the lyrics are so uninspired. If you buy into this your a fucking tool! (JD)
(Step One)

Criminals "Burning Flesh & Broken Fingers" LP/CD

Did these guys leave Lookout? Well, the Criminals play like a LA punk band from the '80s. The vocalist is paying some homage to Darby Crash and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing :) If you’re into these snotty fuck's earlier shit, this is just as good. Thirteen tracks including, "I'm Vintage Baby" and "Scene Monkey". Now go break some bottles! (JD)
(Adeline Records 5337 College Ave. #318 Oakland, CA 94618)

Deep Reduction "S/T" CD/LP

Here is the "long awaited debut album" of Deniz Tek, from Radio Birdman. This definitely has some psychedelic post punk and 70's punk songs in it. But, 60's Rock 'N' Roll is what I hear the most. If you don't like psychedelic rock 'n' roll I would advise against getting this record. Twelve songs including the Vibrators "Whips and Furs, "Downwind of Yourself", and "Mirror." Deniz is a great musician and that's the kind of music you’re going to get on this record. (JD)
(Get Hip Recordings)

Defiance "No Time" 7"

Hey! Listen up! These guys are an awesome punk band! I mean, compared to most of the pogo punk rockers, Defiance blows them out of the circle pit. The can write some extremely catchy songs protesting about this country and the population in general. If that's your bag you'll dig these kids. Three tunes including, "Your Country Is Shit." (JD)
(Profane Existence Records PO Box 8722 Minneapolis, MN 55408)

Detestation "Blood of the Gods" 7"

Detestation are a wicked fast hardcore punk/crust outfit. They have a very dark disposition and scream about like it's the end of the world, and they're probably right. However, I can't say that their songs will excite you in any way, shape, or form. They just aren't coherent enough for my selective self. You get two songs including, "Twilight of my Sanity." (JD)
(Profane Existence Records PO Box 8722 Minneapolis, MN 55408)

Dirtys "Teenage Teenage Problem Child" 7"

The Dirtys must be doing speed! Because these hellions will take you on a rock 'n' roll thrill ride! This is psycho punk 'n' roll at it's finest. Very much equivalent to the B-Movie Rats, Supercharger, etc... These cats are cool. Four tunes to trash out to including, "Rock 'N' Roll Hum" and "Take it off". (JD)
(Transparent Records 6759 Transparent Dr. Clarkston, MI 48346)

Double Nuthins "Got Into a Fight in Special Ed (and the Retard's Winning) 7"

The Double Nuthins are here! A suitable 70's styled pop punk effort in 3-chords. These Rhode Islander's lyrics have improved since I've last taken a listen to their material, but the production was better on the Baby Doll 7". Two songs here including, "So Glad I Don't Care About You". If you’re a pop punker you should go see these guys live, I've heard their shows are phenomenal. (JD)
(Rapid Pulse Records PO Box 5075 Milford, CT 06460)

Drags "Bombshelter" 7"

The Drags are one cool garage Rock 'n' Roll band from way out west. The A-side starts of in classic Drags, me thinks the Makers, me thinks the Stallions, and all that great dirty rock 'n' roll that I adore. Then, I get to the B-Side... What the fuck!!! Is supposed to be a joke? Maybe it was produced by Beck cause this is some looped bebop fucking nonsense. You don't go from kick ass rock to retro beats! It just doesn't mesh. And so I conclude, for 2 songs, one of which sucks assholes, this 7" is a rip off. (JD)
(Kill Rockstars 120 NE State Ave. #418 Olympia, WA 98501)

Grandprixx "33 MPH" 7"

The Grandprixx are a snotty pop punk band from MA. This is off the wall hyper catchy and totally immature, you know, punk rock. They remind me of the late and great Snotboy 77 and some early Screeching Weasel. Six, count 'em, six songs including, "Don't Wanna Work" and "Wish I Could Say". This is a hell of a lot better than some of that whinny music you like to call "pop punk". Hey, get a clue and get this. (JD)
($3.00 ppd: The Grandprixx 2 Gold St. Westfield, MA 01085)

Highschool Sweethearts "Passing Notes" CD

These sweethearts aren't really that sweet. Buncha songs about dumping guys and going out and partying...seriously, this is cool garage pop punk. Rock 'N' Roll with chicks = cool! There are organs, fast guitar solos, pounding drums, and angst-ridden lyrics, my kinda record. Sixteen tracks including, "Cat Got Your Tongue", "Honeymoon City", and "Class Dismissed." Fans of the Muffs, Eyeliners, and Joan Jett will dig this CD lots. (JD)
(Get Hip Recordings)

Intrepid A.A.F. "Songs of Battle" 7"

Here's some Californian street punk for ya. The music and vocals are basic for this form of punk. They carry the political/working class ethics into their songs and voice against Nazi skinheads. These guys could be really good, but their chorus needs work. This 7" gets too mundane after a couple listens. Four songs including, "Shadows of Swastikas" and "The Hard-way" by United Blood. (JD)
(Cheetah's Records PO Box 4442 Berkeley, CA 94704)

Kermit's Finger "Negative Mental Images" 7"

"Dad, what's a Muppet?" Oops, um, anyway... Kermit's Finger reaches their maximum speed of this 7". Most of these songs are a little over a minute long. With a very 80's hardcore punk personality, Kermit's Finger are aggressive yet hilarious. They remind me of the Zero Boys with gruffy vox. Good, good stuff, especially with 6 rockin' songs including, "Not a Goddamn Word" and "Kicked the Bed". (JD)
($3.00 ppd: Kermit's Finger PO Box 458 Boston, MA 02129)


Lombardies "Throw Your Love Away" LP

The Lombardies hey, hey! These juvenile delinquents fire short blasts of punk rock for the kids. Musically speaking, they have the same sound as the Queers "Love Songs for the Retarded" album. The buzz saw guitars are crunchy and astonishingly catchy. But what really makes this LP stand out are the vocals. Few punk vocalists have that vociferous power. He really sticks out with the likes of Showcase Showdown, Snotboy 77, Teengenerate. Fourteen tunes including, "Third Rail for You", "I Wanna Take Advantage Of You Baby", and "Women Are The Problem" that'll getcha pogoing in no time. Fans of snot filled pop punk will be clamoring for this record. (JD)
($8.00 ppd: Lawless Records PO Box 689 Hingham, MA 02043-0689)

Muffs "No Action" 7"

Any Muffs fan should pick this up. The Muffs have been pumping out solid pop punk for many years now. Their brand of melodic guitars and unpolished vocals have are rockin' America. However, this particular 7" is not for the average pop punk enthusiast because it just contains two cover songs; which doesn't showcase the Muffs greatness. (JD)
(Sympathy for the Record Industry)

One Man Army "Dead End Stories" CD/LP

I dig these guys. This is by no means heavy on the rock. It's more of a "I just got home from work and I wanna chill" record. A potent showing of great street punk along the lines of the Swingin' Utters, Dropkick Murphys, and Workin' Stiffs. The guitar chords are catchy and the songs are sung in that "street punk" styled raspy vox. Twelve songs including, "They Never Call It Quits", "Fate At Fourteen", and "Back Then." Good Stuff. (JD)
(Adeline Records PO Box 11470 Oakland, CA 94611)

Real Estate Fraud "F-Word" 7"

Real Estate Fraud are a remarkably great cross between Bikini Kill and Crass, the punk shit. The female vox spilling shit about society is the tops! The drummer in this band happens to be amazing. This is superior political punk with a viscid bite. Four songs including, "The Customer is Always Wrong" and "Belief doesn't = Relief", oh, and some good artwork too. (JD)
(Nice & Neat Records PO Box 14177 Minneaplis, MN, 55414)

Reatards "Grown Up, Fucked Up" CD/LP

The Reatards embody everything I look for in a punk group. The vocals are thrashy and bitter! The backups chime in at just the right moments! And the guitars are catchy, simplex, and totally fuzzed out! Wow, 16 rock 'n' roll tracks including, "You'll See Me", "No One Stands Me", and "Eat Your Heart Out"! If you like 1977 punk along the lines of Teengenerate, Eater, or the Heartbreakers, you'll flip over the Reatards! (JD)
(Empty Records PO Box 12034 Seattle, WA 98102)

Smogtown "Beach City Butchers" 10"

Here's some pretty cool late 70's styled punk rock. In the same vein as the Stitches, this Californian band has a bad attitude and rock 'n' roll to back it up. Some songs could even be compared to Devo, which means they kick! Smogtown grace us with 6 tunes including, "Berlin Girls" and "That's the Difference." (JD)
(Dead Beat Records PO Box 283 Los Angles, CA 90078)

Templars "Phase II" LP/CD

Fair oi from these chaps. Musically, they can fuckin' play, but they don't rock it for me. A lot of punks dig these guys, I don't. They are different, but their music put me in a bad mood and now I wanna break stuff. If that's what your looking for, kudos. Fifteen songs including, "City Traffic", "Freedom has it's Price", and "Make Your Mark" (JD)
(Vulture Rock PO Box 40104 Albuquerque, NM 87196)

V/A "Graveyard Drag Race" 2X7"

Maybe I'm a little late to enjoy this Halloween release since it's Christmas, but whatever. There are some cool bands on this scary orange colored vinyl including, The Candy Snatchers, Street Walkin' Cheetahs, and the B-Movie Rats. This is a great sampler for someone wanting to check out the 90's punk 'n' roll scene. All the bands here are doing spooky tunes daddy-O! (JD)
(Reptilian Records 403 South Broadway Baltimore, MD 21231)

Vindictives "Hypno Punko" CD/LP

Wow, Joey Vindictive's voice is still as irritating as ever! Well, they haven't changed much since I've last heard them. The Vindictives still have the snotty pop punk sound kickin'. The production is real sharp, as most pop punk records are, sigh. I'm guessing the theme here is early 1900's showbiz. It says 17 track on here, but after you flip through all the crap, which is very annoying, there's like 4 or 5 songs. This CD is for the more dedicated Vindictives fans. (JD)
(Cold Front Records PO Box 8345 Berkeley, CA 94707)

Wongs "Reanimate My Baby" CD/LP

Everyone should've heard of these cats by now! The Wongs, or the Rip Offs II, will rock your world! This total '77 garage punk full of slime and puss! Hyped up vox and ribald guitars will give you the boot in the ass you've been waiting for! Twelve kickin' songs including, "Got the Urge", "I'm a Heartbreaker", and "Your Going Down"! Anyone who thinks punk is dead need only listen to the Wongs to get their wake up call! (JD)
(Rip Off Records 581 Maple Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066)

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