Record Reviews - January, 2000

Active Minds "Welcome to the Slaughter House" LP

Active Minds are a thrashy UK hardcore punk band from '88. This record is now back in print and ready for distro. These chaps are crazed and they have plenty of politics to shove down your throat. If you like power violence or HXC you should check this record out. (JD)
(Loony Tunes Records 69 Wykeham St. Scarborough, N. Yorks Y012 7SA, England)

Against All Authority/Criminals CD/10"

Against All Authority, the ska/punk band that had a stunning debut CD in the mid 90's, now has a split record with those East Bay punk rockers, the Criminals. If you’re a fan of these bands you might want to get this, but I doubt it. What we have here is one of many records where two bands cover each other's material. I, for one, am sick and tired of this shit! There are no new songs here or anything remotely of interest that would make me pay for this piece of filth. Wow, seven worthless songs, yippee. (JD)
(Sub City PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)

Ann Beretta "to all our fallen heroes..." CD/LP

Ann Beretta has a very well produced East Bay punk rock sound equine to early Rancid or One Man Army, minus the street punk. The melodic vocals are gravelly and the guitars do their usual chugging. Ann Beretta performs this type of punk justice and breath new life into a dying style. The CD contains 14 songs including, "Eye for an eye" and "Like a Riot". (JD)
(Lookout! Records PO Box 11374 Berkeley, CA 94712-2374)

Brentwoods "Do the Bug" 7"

Hee hee, that's a pretty cool "news" intro. Oh, I'm on, ok; the Brentwoods are a kick ass rock 'n' roll combo outta Cali. This 7" sounds sort of like the first Donnas 7"ers, except better. This is primitive 60's garage rock with added organs that are a total plus! The Brentwoods also feature one of the Bobbyteens, so now you have no reason not to buy this way out 45. You get two enchanting songs including "Buri Buri USA", Yahoo! (JD)
(Telstar Records PO Box 1123 Hoboken, NJ 07030)

Beatnik Termites "Bubblecore" CD/LP

Wow, I didn't think I'd ever get to hear this record. The Beatnik Termites are one of the more valuable pop punk bands to come out in the 90's. It's your rudimentary Ramones inspired snotty punk rock for the kids. Although there was some previously release stuff on this record, for the most part you get some new shit. There's 14 songs here, including "I don't wanna hang around", "Shit, Fuck", and "Eddie's got a new zit". Pop punk fans go forth and seek out this record! (JD)
(Recess Records PO Box 1112 Torrance, CA 90505)


Crack "The Best of the Crack" CD

Captain Oi brings another classic band home to the populace. The Crack are an Oi band from around the 1980's that probably gave Cock Sparrer some steep competition. Every song on this CD is a catchy sing 'a' long outburst intended to satisfy you kids. There is a lot of vocal might behind these boys, so kick back and enjoy 19 tunes like, "Going Out", "My World", and "Mister Mister". (JD)
(Captain Oi c/o PO Box 501 High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 8QA, England)

Dils "Class War" CD/LP

Cool, I'm so glad someone decided to reissue some of the Dils old records. They're just so difficult to find these days. The Dils are a Californian punk band from the late 70's. They're fucking raw ass, striped down, punk baby! This particular CD contains the "I Hate the Rich" single and their hard to find live album. Anyone who digs the early American punk rock  will flip for the Dils. There's 12 rarities on here including, "You're Not a Blank", "Red Rockers Rule", and "Class War". (JD)
(Bacchus Archives PO Box 1975 Burbank, CA 91507)

Dwarves "Come Clean" CD/LP

I am not digging this record at all! Unlike their last record, which was a perfect blend of pop and rock 'n' roll, this disc is just too overdone. This happens to many bands that get a large sum of money to record with. They start using all of these pointless effects, employ overly hyped producers, and overall ruin what could be a notable record. This particular record is stale and tasteless. With only 12 songs, 2 of which I only mildly enjoyed, "How It's Done" and "Act Like You Know", this is a record that should be dumped in a trashcan as soon as possible. (JD)
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd. Los Angles, CA 90026)

Killer Klown "S/T" picture disc LP

Yeow! Killer Klown are fucking awesome '77 classed punk band out of Italy. These cats sound just like those Euro fucks The Kids! They've got organs, and style, and motherfuckin attitude. What are you sitting there for! Get your hands on this album! (JD)
(Mad Driver Records: VIA Germanasca 12 10138 Torino, Italy)

Loose Lips "Talkin' Trash" CD/LP

After their debut 7", which failed to stand the test of time with my jaded self, I wasn't expecting much from Shane White. Surprisingly, this record sounds nothing like their previous recordings. The Loose Lips have gone Glam! Sadly, they imitate the 'Dolls and 'Brats more than praise them; many chords sound exactly the same in songs like "Young Girl Tease" and "Jones St. Boneyard". As the CD progresses I get more and more apathetic. I think I'll just listen to "Personality Crisis" with out the Loose Lips thank you very much! 12 songs, take it or leave it. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)


Muffs "Hamburger" CD

Need that hard to find Muffs 7"? Well get CD this instead jerky! All the great Muffs songs from 1991 to the present are here plus tons more pop punk! There's 30 songs here, that's a lot of Muff, including, "Get Me Out of Here", "I'm Confused", and "I'm a Dick". (JD)

New Bomb Turks "The Big Combo" LP

I can take or leave the New Bomb Turks. Some of their records just don't do a thing for me, but fuck man; this record is the shit! This is a compilation of some LP, 7", and comp songs, here your getting the primo stuff from the 'Turks. If your not too familiar with this highly respected band's material check out this album, it has some of the best punk 'n' roll, not unlike the Lazy Cowgirls, you'll ever hear from these boys. This record has sixteen rock 'n' roll tunes including, "Feel It", "Streamline Yr Skull", and "Fuck It"! (JD)
(Drop Kick Records PO Box 192 East Melbourne Victoria 3002, Australia)

Rabauken "Hey, Mein Freund" CD

These boys are from Germany and sing in German, cool, but I can't understand a word they're saying. No matter, their Business-esque Oi will cool my temper. These kids can write some catchy ass tunes full of great, German, choruses and rockin' guitar riffs. It's nice to hear some Oi with a soul. 13 tracks and all of them are great! If you're looking for a decent Oi CD look no further. (JD)
(Oi Hammer Postfach 2303 59013, Germany)

Safety Pins "Just in Fun" 7"

The Safety Pins really grew on me; I can't tell you how exactly, they just did. So they're momentously on the rock side, so what. Their newest 45 will fix you right up, sheer punk fucking rock Espainol style. They're down with the Boys so I'm down with them. Check this 45 out at your local record store for a taste of things to come. (JD)
(No Tomorrow Apdo 1134 12080 Castellon, Spain)


Snake Charmers "Rock 'N' Roll Deathwish" CD

More adamant punk rock that I'm sure all those Norwegian kids are gonna go maniac for. There are plenty of guitar solos, screaming, and nutty behavior for all. Eleven snot nosed tunes including, "Queen Fuck", "Thunder Alley", and "Wired". (JD)
(Sonic Tone PO Box 264 Newport Beach, CA 92651)

Sterns "Error Their way Through it..." CD

Much points for the DIY release of their CD. The Sterns are an average pop punk band in tune with the likes of Screeching Weasel and the Queers, just a bunch of kids hangin' 'round and having fun. This record is full of lots of songs about girls and teenage angst. I'm a little old for this type of punk, but I can imagine liking this 7 years ago. 18 catchy tracks including, "Tara's on LSD" and "Optimus Prime", Transformers rule, GI Joe sucks! (JD)
($6.00 ppd : The Sterns c/o Eric Rogers 1 Carleton Sq. Apt # 8 Bradford MA 01835)

Teenage Knockouts "Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's and Gun's" 10"

Hey, I saw these guys with the TV Killers! They definitely had some style, but their music didn't fully grab me and shake my drunken body to its knees. Well, it seems these dudes have been sharpening up their rock 'n' roll skills cause this 10" rocks! I was floored by their excellent '77 punk 'n' roll sounds. They remind me of early Dimestore Haloes. They've got the handclaps, the backing vocals chiming in at just the right times, and 8 catchy rock 'n' roll tunes that'll make you scream! Some cool songs include, "Flip, Twist and Shout", "Don't Get Close to Me", and "Chainsaw Love". (JD)
(Dead Beat Records PO Box 283 Los Angeles, CA 90078)

Thee STP "The Super Sound of..." LP/CD

Hey! Thee STP have a full length out! These Italian stallions rock all motherfuckers! A total '77 punk 'n' roll blast from the past! I dig the swanky vocals, what a full-blown rock fest! They give ya 12 songs on this CD including, "Feelin' Blue", "She Bangs the Drums", and some CD only bonus tracks! For fans of Zeke and other rock gods! (JD)
(Hang Over Records c/o Luca Cattarvzza via Mi Di Cefalonia 47 20097 S. Donato (mi)

The Ten Buck Fuck "Big Share of Nothing" 10"

Fucking Christ! This is a fucking hit! The Ten Buck Fuck combines the bad attitude of the Infections with the sonic power of the Humpers! Rock 'N' Roll with teeth, it's what I like! You get 9 songs of raw power including, "You Can't Get Me Down" and "Waiting On My Girl Friend". Oh, by the way it’s on pink vinyl too. Pink is punk! (JD)
(Radio Blast Recordings PO Box 160308 40566 Dus seldorf, Germany)

V/A Back From the Grave "Part One" CD

Like it sez on the CD cover - "Rockin' 1966 Punkers!" This has some great primitive shit to get you in the mood, honey. The bad boys are back with some ace 60's punk. Check out these cool cats - The Fabs, The Rats, The Outsiders, The Chentelles, + more! This CD has over 70 minutes of pure unadulterated good times. (JD)
(Crypt Records)

V/A "Scene Killer" Vol. 2

This CD has a lot of good bands on it and a lot of shitty bands on it. Basically, this is a street punk comp. Anyways, here's a run down on some of the better bands featured on this CD, the Dropkick Murphys, Showcase Showdown, Anti Flag, Beerzone, and Clit 45. The comical thing about this CD is it has two boorishly performed songs from Menace and 999. The horror... (JD)
(Outsider Records PO Box 92708 Long Beach, CA 90809)

Vegas Thunder "No One Fucks With" CD/LP

Smokin' punk 'n' roll from the south, oww! Vegas Thunder has wild vox, thumping drums, and roaring guitars, all going at Mach 5! If you can picture the joining of Zeke to the Candy Snatchers you will get the vehemence that is Vegas Thunder! 15 songs including, "Sweet Young Thing", "R R Ransom", and "Let's Rodeo". Be on surveillance for this in a store near you! (JD)

Zeke "Dirty Sanchez" CD/LP

Fuck Yeah! The new Zeke record kicks my ass, your ass, and your mom's ass! This CD is a total rock attack baby! If you like Zeke's first two savage records you'll go ape for their latest release "Dirty Sanchez"! 16 fuckin' songs including, "Let's Get Drugs" and "Fucked Up City". Hail the kings of punk 'n' roll motherfuckers! (JD)
(Epitaph Records 2798 Sunset Blvd. Los Angles, CA 90026)

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