Record Reviews - February, 2000

American Heartbreak "Postcards From Hell" CD

Rock stardom and MTV spring to mind while I listen to this CD, I can't help but not dig their sweet, candy-coated songs. American Heartbreak thrust thick power chords down your throat and sprinkles pop melodies for added pleasure. They keep their tunes tight and short, and have obviously spent a lot of time with these songs ironing out the wrinkles. There's thirteen tracks included on this CD such as, "White Girl", "Please Kill Me", and "Seven Time Loser". Trash! Pick it up! :) (JD)
(Coldfront Records PO Box 8345 Berkeley, CA 94707)


Antidote "My Life" CD

Loud, fast and fucking punk rock Netherlands style! Antidote sound like Oxymoron and GBH in a blender! Here's some pogo punk with a violent temperament and a bad attitude.  This is pogo punk rock to the max for all the bondage punks out there. 20 tracks including, "Let's get Drunk" and "Waste of Time". (JD)
(Charged Records PO BOX 157 High Bridge, NJ 18829)

Blood For Blood/Hudson Falcons 7"

Blood For Blood are a hardcore band outta the streets, hmm... They're good for a hardcore band, but overall fairly inanimate. They do, however, cover the Wretched Ones' "Going Down to the Bar" very poorly. On to the Hudson Falcons, another routine street punk band singing about working... I wish I could remember the second song but I fell asleep! (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Booked "Feel The Pride" CD

Yeah, I'm feelin' somethin' alright... The Booked appears to be doing the whole working class, street punk thang on this disc. They kick it up a bit with songs like "The Union" and "Strike Against Corporate America". However, they fall short on keeping my attention for more than five songs. It's like beating a dead fucking horse; I get it, working, yeah. If I had to compare 'em I'd say Anti-Heros; the Anti-Heros blow these guys outta the water, so. (JD)
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St. # C2-21 NYC, NY 10012)

Busted Lives "Leave Me Where I Lay" CD

I wanna die! Yeah! The Busted Lives are a conspicuous rock 'n' roll trio in retrospect to the Drags and Los Ass Draggers! These boys are raunchy little perverts looking for some action, so you better give it to 'em! There's 12 tracks here including, "40 Fuck Me" and "I Wanna Be Dysfunctional". I am motherfuckin' dig this shit and you should to! Go garage or die! (JD)
($8 ppd: Blueball Records 6517 Farallon Way Oakland, CA 94611)


Clone Defects "Scissors Chop" 7"

This A-Side is vexing; it's just a bunch of noise. Ah, there we go. The Clone Defects are so much better on the B-Side. I'm hearing the Pagans, Stooges, and all of that snotty, dirty rock 'n' roll that is associated with the mid-western part of the USA. The Clone Defects' guitars are ferocious and I'm demented for their spiteful lyrics! This 7" is why I still fucking love rock 'n' roll! There're 3 songs here including a classic in the making, "15 Minutes Long". (JD)
(Italy Records 4530 Avery Detroit, MI 48208)

Coyote Men "Headin' for Trouble" LP

Here are the Coyote Men! This is the Italian release of Estrus' "El Mundo!" CD. Now, for all of Italy to hear, the Coyote Men have reached the overseas. These suave wrestling fans will lure you to the garage with their rad rock 'n' roll. Fuck it all and buy their records bitch! 15 songs here, including "Loopey Lopez" and "Until I get you". (JD)
(Mad Driver Records c/o Goti Luca Via Broni 4 10126 Torino Italy)

Demonics "Formeldahyde Injection" LP

This is the vinyl version of the Man's Ruin CD. These guys make the Gotohells look pretty stupid. Similar gear-head rockin' punk, mit gusto, lots of racing sound effects and such. Aha! If the Long Gones were more together/pounding and wrote catchier tunes, they'd be the Demonics. This is about as original as... ah fuggit, there ain't much original shit out there. This rocks, and I've spun it a hellova' lotta' times since I got it. This is typically great artwork from Alien Snatch, probably the best of the lot. (TK)
(Alien Snatch, Moerikeweg I, 74199 Untergruppenbach, Germany)

Frustrators "Bored in the USA" CD

The Frustrators are a pop punk/rock 'n' roll foursome. They start the CD off with a decent song called "I slept with Terry", so I was excited to hear some more. To my dismay, I found the other 7 songs to be quite attenuated and boring. They know how the play their instruments but don't know how to write solid songs. Overall this was a poor CD and probably would have gone over better in 7" format. (JD)
(Adeline Records 5337 College Ave. # 318 Oakland, CA 94618)



Havenot's "Kids All Right" 7"

The Havenot's kick so much ass it's absurd. What's with the apostrophe? It must have been that feeble death metal band over in Europe that got their panties in a bunch because they had the same band name, fuckers. The valuable Havenot's are basically a cross between the Ramones and Teengenerate. It's great! You have the catchy guitar chords of the Ramones combined with the fuzzed out recordings of Teengenerate, two of my favorite bands. This 7" will most certainly get your booty shaking. If you have any common sense at all you'll pick this up. Only two songs, but it goes great with their full length. (JD)
(Screaming Apple Records Dustemichstr. 14. 50939 Koln, Germany)

Highschool Rockers "Danger" 7"

Part 1 in German label Alien Snatch's "Teen Trash Series." Makes me misty-eyed for the early Rip Off lo-fi trash. A few years ago, this stuff came out every time you blinked, not anymore. Sounds like Loli & the Chones' "Straightjacket Baby" 45, if that helps. Side A kicks the crap outta' Side B. 600 copies, 4 tunes. If you have any interest in the genre, this'll be just what the doc ordered. (TK)
(Alien Snatch, Moerikeweg I, 74199 Untergruppenbach, Germany)

Hookers II "Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom" CD/LP

The Hookers have returned from the depths of Hell and released their sophomore album. As expected, they've lingered with their metal framework. This time however, Adams vocals have more of a Glen Danzig savor to them. This record is even more overproduced than their last. Unless you take pleasure in hearing those metal bands of the 1980's, you won't appreciate this CD. 11 songs are on this disc, including "Black Magic Stallion" and "Hell Bent". (JD)
(Scooch Pooch Records 5850 West 3rd St. Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036)

Huntingtons/Darlington "Split" CD

Knockout! A suitable pop punk release. The Huntingtons sound like their from the Queers "Move Back Home" era. A time where many pop punk, Ramones influenced bands actually sounded good! The Huntingtons give you 8 hook laden pop tunes including, "Judy Jetson" and "Glue Sniff Death Shocker". Darlington, another good Ramonesy punk band, are totally digging the pop. Get hip to the catchy tunes from these lonely boys. Heh, I can't believe someone actually wrote a song about Donna A! You the drill. (JD)
(Melted Records 21-41 34th Ave. Suite 10A Astoria, NY 11106)

Intensity "Virtue of Progress" 7"

This is fervent early hardcore, plain and simple. There's no showboating or inadequate attempts to act like tough guys here, just great hardcore the way it was meant to be played. Intensity are very domineering and full of energy. Plus you get 7 fucking songs here! Anyone who can fit 7 good songs on a 7" gets my pick. (JD)
(Six Weeks 225 Lincoln Ave. Cotati, CA 94931)

Johnnies "12 Steps to Nowhere" LP

I'd heard quite a bit about this Boston band, but never heard 'em. Great lyrics (how many bands would actually sing "I wish I WERE drunk" in the proper tense? Somehow, this is significant to me) and funny as hell. Kind of a mid-to-slow tempo pop rock band--- they have elements of pop punk, but they add rock 'n roll guitars and never fall prey to the "one-two-one-two" drumming or borin' Ramones-esque guitaring. The only other band I can think of right now doing similar shit would be the Stiletto Boys, but that still doesn't really hit the mark. I dunno, if well crafted but rockin' tunes with cool lyrics are yer bag, eat up. I'm liking this more w/ every listen. Oh--- the vinyl & thick cardboard sleeve make for a single LP thicker than "Sandinista," and you get a poster and a 20-page booklet in the deal. (TK)
(Alien Snatch, Moerikeweg I, 74199 Untergruppenbach, Germany)

Midnight Evils "Powerhead" 7"

Saw this Minnesota band a few weeks ago, and thought they were real players in the dying/dead Speedealer/Zeke dumb-guy rock arena. Liked 'em quite a bit. I opted to buy beer instead of their record, but when I saw it in the store the other day I snatched it up. Damn, the song on the A Side is a leaden misshapen piece 'o shit thud rocker. The original on the B-side is pretty decent, and the Standells cover ("Riot on the Sunset Strip") is an OK treatment of a much-covered classic. Eh, I'm not sure if they weren't as good as I thought at the time or if they just need the right studio treatment. They get one more shot from me. (TK)
(Dart Records, P.O. Box 1843, Fargo, ND, 58107, USA)

Mooney Suzuki "Your Love Is A Gentle Whip" 7"

These guys are cool. They have kind of a 60's garage thing going for 'em. The guitars remind me of early Makers but the vocals sound like fuckin' Devo, that's the one thing that sounds confusing on the record. If they got a better guy on vox they might prove formidable in the garage scene. Three tunes including "Turn My Blue Sky Black". (JD)
(Telstar Records PO Box 1123 Hoboken, NJ 07030)

Oddballs Band "Last Bullet Blues" 10"

The first thing you need to know about any Alien Snatch release is that yer getting amazing packaging. The LPs are thick slabs of vinyl, and the EC-inspired artwork is simply great. These guys inhabit space between 80's style re-creation of the blues/early rock and the 90's fuck-with-yer-roots shit--- think Neckbones & the like. While they don't quite have the personality of the Neckbones (perhaps the most sadly-unappreciated band that's been kicking around for a while), this is mega-cool   supercharged roots damage that gets better every time I listen to it. I'd love to see these fuckers live. (TK)
(Alien Snatch, Moerikeweg I, 74199 Untergruppenbach, Germany)

Quadrajets "When The World's On Fire CD/LP

Alright fuckers... The new Quadrajets record is out! This is rock 'n' roll in overdrive, balls out wailing, lotsa guitars, Punk 'N' Roll with some power! Yeah, full on, punk rock shit! Anyone into the heavy sounds of Zeke will love these guys. 11 songs including, "Light Speed Kings", "The Tomb of Johnny Reb." and "Fly On". (JD)
(Estrus Records PO Box 2125 Belingham, WA 98227)

Registrators "Sixteen Wires From The New Provocate" 2XLP/CD

Aww jesu... Wha... Fu... Oh what a world... What a world! The Registrators new record sucks! First, the emo cover, what the fuck? Second, these backing vocals are so high-strung and annoying! Third, they're slaying their classic punk tunes like "TV Hell" and "Automatic Exit". Oh man, at times I think to myself, "Self, is this Meatloaf?" Oh fuck, I have a headache! (JD)
(Rip Off Records 581 Maple San Bruno, CA 94066)



Rocket From The Crypt "Dancing Birds" 7"

Wow, these dudes are still alive? Well, it's more of the same from RFTC. They have this horn section in their songs that I particularly didn't enjoy. Still, they can rock out with the best of them, when they want to. Two songs including "Black Eye" for super fans only. (JD)
(Glazed Records)

Rock 'N' Roll Stormtroopers "Hanging Out With the Boys" 7"

I've heard some good things about these guys, so I had to check 'em out. They aren't bad, though I don't see what the hype is all about. The R'N'R Stormtroopers have a 70's pop punk feel to their music. They can write some catchy tunes along with a speck of wanking on the guitars. But overall, nothing electrifying to my ears. This is an average release with three standard pop punk songs including, "I Love It". (JD)
(Incognito Records Senefelderstr. 37a, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany)

Screeching Weasel "Thank You Very Little" 2XCD

Two CDs only a Screeching Weasel zealot would desire. These records contain over 50 tracks of b-sides, comp. tracks, demos, and more from '86-'99! There is a lengthy letter from Mr. Weasel depicting all their demented mishaps that go along with these songs, how generous of him. I would recommend this to someone who is curious about Screeching Weasel's pop punk and hardcore punk roots. Some cool songs include, "I wanna be a homosexual", "Jeanie's got a problem with her uterus", and 50 more, I guess. (JD)
(Panic Button PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)

Submachine "Fresh Out of Give-A-Fucks" CD

I can't believe these fuckers are still around! Amazing, I haven't heard these boys since their split 7" w/ the Pink Lincolns. OK, most of you should be familiar with Submachine; they have been around forever. This is your fundamental 80's hardcore punk. They're very aggressive and accelerated punk rock. There are a lot of heavy guitars, screaming, and breakdowns; the fun part of hardcore. Submachine are nuts so check 'em out. Hey, 19 songs, including "Mind Your Own", "Fight", and "TV Preacher". (JD)
(Radical Records 77 Bleecker St. # C2-21 NYC, NY 10012)

Supersuckers "The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll" LP/CD

Hey! The Supersuckers are back babeez! Maybe I'm alittle late here, but I'm talking about the rock 'n' roll blasts straight from Hades - - The Supersuckers!! I'm talking about their heavy roaring guitars and sweet seductive melodies that will get your head bopping motherfuckers! Punk Fucking Rock 'N' Roll that will soon be a classic in the hearts of many. 13 songs including, "Cool Manchu" and "Dirt Roads, Dead Ends, and Dust". (JD)
(Reptilian Records 403 S. Broadway Baltimore, MD 21231)

Truents/Suburban Crisis 7"

The Truents are from NYC. The singer is a real cool guy. His band however, ain't so hot. The Truents aren't dreadful, but they aren't what I'm looking for in a street punk band. They need more power and rowdiness in their tunes. Moving on, Suburban Crisis saves this 7" from being a dud. They pick it up with some toe-tapping pogo punk! They're fast little fuckers and can rip shit up. There are 4 songs as total here. I'd see 'em live if I could. (JD)
(Guillotine Records 314 79th ST #8E Brooklyn, NY 11209)

TV Killers/Temporal Sluts split 7"

French monsters the TV Killers & Italy's best unit since... umm... Hitler SS? I dunno'. Anyway, they do the thing where they cover each other's tunes, plus one original. Been done hundreds of times, but w/ these two it's alright w/ me. I like the Sluts a little better (maybe it's the Leaving Trains song-title-fer-band-name deal?) because they rock the punk where the Killers punk the rock. Either way, a cool thing to track down if'n you can find it. (TK)
(Rockin' Bones c/o Gualtiero Pagini, Via Cuneo, 2 - 43100 Parma, Italy)

Wretched Ones "We Don't Belong to Nobody" CD

Most of the Wretched Ones material never thrilled me. They're good, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't stick to my brain and make me wanna listen to it over and over. These legends in the oi/street punk field have decided to give it another go, who am I to oppose them? As for all you WO fans, you will be overflown with satisfaction when you hear their newest installment; even I noticed my head boppin' to such classic tracks as "Welcome to the East Coast", "Rules", and "Dead Man Working". (JD)
(Headache Records PO Box 204 Midland Park, NJ 07432)

Zeke "True Crime" CD/LP

So, you can't find all those old Zeke records that are way out of print. You poor distressed little punk rocker, don't fret, Dropkick Records has just saved your ass. I hope your happy, 16 blazing tracks of early Zeke! These fuckin' non-stop rock 'n' roll furies are the shit! This is a great compilation and has all the chart toppers like, "Fight in the Storeroom", Schmit Valu Pack", and "Overkill". Yesss, it is sooo sssweet... (JD)
(Dropkick Records PO Box 192 East Melbourne Victoria 3002, Australia)

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