Record Reviews - March, 2000

Against All Authority "24 Hour Roadside Resistance" CD/LP

AAA’s last record on Hopeless was far from excellent. So I was a bit skeptical about their new one. Surprisingly, this ain’t too bad! Like their debut CD, this record has more of that political hardcore punk with some ska mixed in. They seem to be phasing out the horns, but they're still in some of the songs. Of course, the vocals are the tops with that "I’ve smoked way too many cigarettes" sound. The sound quality is a bit overproduced for me, but overall AAA hit the mark. There’re 14 songs including, "I think you think too much", "Policeman", and "Stuck in a Rut". (JD)
(Hopeless Records PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)

Bonecrusher "World of Pain" CD

From the title and cover art I was expecting some aspect of hardcore. No, no, this is some standard punk ‘n’ roll that’s NOT for the kids! The vocals are real strong and gruffy, actually they’re the best thing about this band. Their music doesn’t have the same impact as the vocals. It’s a little too slow and overproduced for my tastes. Their single on Hostage didn’t do it for me and this CD is the clincher. There are a total of 15 songs on the disc including, "Crimewave" and "Porn Star". Listen to it first before making a purchase. (JD)
(Devil Doll Records PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)

Bovver Wonderland "Piss Off!… and Die!" 7"

This old school ’77 styled punk band sounds just like the Spent Idols. The vox are sung in a drunken trace and the guitars are ultra simplistic. I can’t say I actually like this because their music sounds like they don’t give a fuck, but that’s punk I guess… (JD)
(Destroy All Records 3818 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026)

Buzzcocks "Spiral Scratch" 7"

I just wanna original Buzzcocks 7" like every other, but what do I get? Shiznit! The Buzzcocks are one of the best punk bands ever! This is a reissue of their 7" from way back in 1977. The sound quality is absolutely glorious because it was recorded live in a studio. If you can't find the original, this is just as good. There're four songs including, "Time's Up" and "Boredom". Why can't today's punk sound this good? (JD)
(Mute Records)



Clone Defects "Scissors Chop" 7"

Cool Killed by Death-inspired mess. Similar to the Epileptix, in that the TRUE spirit of the era is summoned. Raw, anything-goes slop. "Scissors Chop" is akin to early-Clevo shit like the Electric Eels -- arty in an annoying-yet-rockin' way. "15 Minute Love" is a Heartbreakers-ish ride -- fans of the Stitches oughtta' shit themselves. "Mars" is somewhere between the two. This song is the one where the Epileptix comparison came to mind. Much recommended. (TK)
(Italy Records 4530 Avery Detroit, MI 48208)

Clone Defects "Bottled Women" 7"

This band, I believe, has Tim of the Epileptix singing for them. That motherfucker can punk out harder than Darby Crash. If you liked the Epileptix you love this rockers. The Clone Defects are snotty, sloppy punk rock shit; recorded in a garage no doubt. If you like this 7" you are o’tah. (JD)
(Tom Perkins Records PO Box 970936 Ypsilanti, MI 48197)


Cock Spaniels "You Die!!!" CD

Fuckin’ great punk rock! If your feeble minds can picture the Angry Samoans joining the Dead Kennedys for a jam session you’ll get the Cock Spaniels. The vocals are snotty, trashy, and pissed off! The rest of the band compliments Kenny with catchy blasts of fury. Shit, sometimes I forget how real punk rock is supposed to sound after listening to so, so many faltering records. There’re 10 songs including, "No Class" and "the Eighties the Nineties", soon to be on Killed By Death comps everywhere. You better get this CD before the Cock Spaniels come and break all your Screeching Weasel records. (JD)
(Rock Action Records 10825 Springfield Rd. Poland, OH 44514)

Dickies "Dickies Archives" LP

This is an essential punk band for your collection. The Dickies are one of the greatest pop punk bands of all time! And I don’t mean that lame ass, "Let’s copy the Ramones and sing about my girlfriend" pop punk! I mean totally wigged out 70’s pop punk ala Buzzcocks! This record is a compilation of Dickies songs from the years including, "Monkey See, Monkey Do", "I’m on Crack", and "Walk on the Wild Side". The Dickies play the coolest, zaniest, funniest punk this side of the galaxy! So get with it! (JD)
(no address)

Discount "Crash Diagnostic" CD

I like Discount. Their songs are well constructed and the lyrics are very thoughtful. Although I can’t call them pop punk, or any punk for that matter, they’re still a great band. This record of theirs borders on pop/alternative in the same manner that Weezer covers. There are 15 tracks including, "Math won’t miss you", "TV Kiss", and "The Kill Fix". (JD)
(New American Dream PO Box 265 Balboa Island, CA 92662)

Ducky Boys/The Shods 7"

Hey, the Ducky Boys are back with a new split sevie! These Boston babies are a well-known street punk band and are well skilled in their genre. They blaze through two songs including a cover of "Stand By Me", aww... The Shods are sure to be a hit with the pop punk rockers. Their songs are full of hooks and bouncy chords. These dudes give ya 2 songs as well including, "Faster, Faster". The two bands are an odd combo but they do the job. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Electric Frankenstein VS LES Stitches 7"

These two NYC punk bands have finally decided to converge. Electric Frankenstein are the novelty band of the 90’s. I have got to commend anyone who can successfully round up all of their releases. Unfortunately those of us without a super-sized bank account can not afford to spend our dough on average punk ‘n’ roll bands. The LES Stitches have more of a snotty attitude and faster sound. They put out a better effort than EF, but still flunk in capturing my attention. There are only 2 songs on the fuckin’ thing, which is hardly worth 2 cents even. (JD)
(Devil Doll Records PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)

Eyeliners "Here Comes Trouble" CD/LP

The Eyeliners have been around long enough to make decent name for themselves in the punk scene. Their earlier records were a great blend of garage and pop, much like the early Donnas records. Now these ladies are up to their 2nd album and have relocated to the California pop punk region. I can sum up this CD in one sentence... The Eyeliners' "Here Comes Trouble" album is the female equalivalant to the Queers' "Love Songs for the Retarded" album. These girls could go head to head with Joe Queer and come out without breaking a sweat. There're 14 songs here including, "See You Tonight", "Don't Go", and "Do The Zombie". This is pretty much a perfect pop record. (JD)
(Panic Button Records PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)

Fixtures "One Crisis Short of Chaos" CD

Christ! These kids listen to too many Dead Kennedys and Fear records, that’s a good thing jocko! The Fixtures are an 80’s hardcore punk band united with great political vocal stylings. Here you secure breakneck punk rock by a band that assuredly knows their shit. Cool, a whopping 18 tracks on this CD including, "Mosh Pit Moron", "Pornhogwraithe" and "Quit Your Job". (JD)
(Know Records PO Box 90579 Long Beach, CA 90809)

Gluecifer "Head to Head Boredom" CD

This is a collection of Gluecifer's singles and live recordings, now in digital format. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this nefarious hard rockin’ band, Gluecifer have a heavy guitar sound related to the likes of Turbonegro and Zeke. These speed demons can rock like a mother, so be on the look out for a live show. There’re 14 songs here, including "1994", "Dick Disguised as Pussy", and "Rock ‘N’ Roll Asshole", which is what I am so fuck off! (JD)
(Devil Doll Records PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)

Hot Snakes "Automatic Midnight" CD/LP

The Hot Snakes possess Speedo from Rocket from the Crypt, and yes, it's definitely some manifestation of RFTC. The 'Snake's sound is heavy on the rock with screamin' vox and a peculiar melody. I can hear more alternative rock than rock 'n' roll or punk, so I really don't luxuriate in this record. Though, I'm sure fans of RFTC will be purchasing the record pronto. There're 11 songs on the disc including, "Salton City" and "Past Lives". (JD)

Hudson Falcons "Desperation & Revolution" CD

This is a big improvement over that dreadful spilt 7" with Dud for Dud. The Hudson Falcons still maintain their street punk sound, but it goes down a whole lot smoother. Their material is more hook laden and tight. If you can picture a minor-league Bruisers or Wretched Ones you'll have the Hudson Falcons. There are 14 tracks including, "Working Class War" and "The Rat is Dead". This would be an appropriate endeavor if you were a genuine street punk fan. (JD)
(GMM Records PO Box 15234 Atlanta, GA 30333)

Jimmies "Let The Fat Men Plunder" CD/LP

The Jimmies are outta Oregon, people still live there? Well they can at least produce some rippin' pop punk. These guys have a sound in tune with the Ramones and Social Distortion. The Jimmies are laid back mofos and are all about chicks and fun. The songs on this record are tightly constructed and catchy as all fuck. They spank ya with 14 tunes including, "Summer High", "Prostitution Prom Queen", and "Quit Fuckin Around". That's two genuine pop punk records from Pain Button! And here I thought this sound was dead. (JD)
(Panic Button Records PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)

Joneses "Criminal History" CD

Thank you Sympathy for reissuing The Joneses early songs! These boys were from LA around the mid 1980's. They could've easily been compared to the Heartbreakers or Chuck Berry. I'm in a total punk/rock 'n' roll time warp! Twenty tracks to dance to including, "Pill Box", "Criminals", and The Avengers', I do believe, "Second to None". You better get hip to these cats or suffer an agonizing life without hearing this rock 'n' roll genius. (JD)



Kill The Hippies "Shit Covered Hits" 7"

As soon as the needle hit the vinyl I began to hear remarkable pop/garage punk that I haven’t heard since the great Shitbirds! Kill the Hippies script some catchy, snotty, brisk punk rock tunes. The production is total crap and I’m fuckin’ in love! This 7" features 8 songs including, "I’m gonna puke on you" and "Rockin In Tokyo". Two thumbs up! (JD)
(Rock Action Records 10825 Springfield Rd. Poland, OH 44514)

Kill The Hippies "Will Not Over Stimulate" 7"

Cool 3d cover… Yeah, so more garage/pop punk rock from Kill the Hippies. If you can picture the Ramones mixed in with some Rip Offs you’ll be set. The sound quality is total shit, punk rock, fucking wackiness. Simplistic and fun, that pretty much sums these guys up. You get 7 songs including, "Neon Toilet" and "Mulligan Stew". (JD)
(Rock Action Records 10825 Springfield Rd. Poland, OH 44514)


Los Infernos "Rock and Roll Nightmare" CD

The Los Infernos sound like the Misfits if the Misfits were more rock 'n' roll and less punk. These boys are straight forward toe tappin' rock 'n' roll, but there isn't enough rock for me to hook on to. It's all so average and nothing seems special or extraordinary. There're 12 tracks including, "Gimmie the Gun", "Nowhere Fast", and "Demons". (JD)
(Alternative Tentacles Records PO Box 419092 San Francisco, CA 94192-9092)

Malakas "Too Good To Be True" CD

Somewhere in some dingy tavern the Malakas are strumming their guitars and riling up the barflies. These boys can write some catchy and abrupt tunes. They are slowed down and striped down to the bare roots of Johnny Cash and Johnny Thunders. The raspy vocals are a plus, but if it were on vinyl I would have it on 45 RPMs. Ya know JT’s "Ask Me Know Questions" on the "So Alone" album? That’s this CD dipped in whisky. The total number of tracks is 10 including such songs as, "Born to Lose" and "I Want to Go Home". (JD)
($10 ppd USA/$12 ppd outside: I-94 Recordings PO Box 44763 Detroit, MI 48244)

Neurotones "My Baby Howls" CD

Hey rock ‘n’ rollers! Check out this swank little band! The Neurotones have the barroom beats and groovin’ guitar sounds to keep you on the dance floor. This band sounds like Johnny Thunders, Elvis Presley, and The Makers all rolled into one chillin’ rock ‘n’ roll combo. There’re 11 tracks including, "Bad Connections" and "Breakdown". (JD)
(Sonic Tone Records PO Box 264 Newport Beach, CA 92662)

Piranhas "Piranhas Attack" LP

This record is going to be a catalyst for punk bands of the future. The Piranhas have something called talent and are very cultured in 1977 punk and rock ‘n’ roll. If you are a chronic punk rocker you are gonna hear The Stooges, Dead Boys, and Screamers. The keyboards act as a constant solo mechanism while the savage Bators-like vocals invade your mind. The sonic dynamism of the guitars and drums are so forceful it makes you go into convolutions. Like their name the Piranhas are going to gnaw at your very essence and demolish all that you thought you knew about punk. (JD)
(Tom Perkins Records PO Box 970936 Ypsilanti, MI 48197)

Radio Birdman "Radios Appear" LP

Is this a legitimate release? Well regardless, you all should do yourself a favor and pick up a Radio Birdman album. They were out of Australia in the late 70’s and rocked those little koalas until their heads detonated! This particular album happens to be one of their best. Plus, it contains extra songs like, "Love Kills" and "The Stooges’ "TV Eye" that are not found on the US pressing. Sonic Power, Punk Rock! (JD)
(Trafalgar Records)

Sixer "Truth Hurts" 7"

Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys have had an unquestionably influence this punk group. They ain't too shabby and no doubt fit right in with the East Bay crew. Two spirited punk rock tunes for the kids including, "Fallen Angel". Let's mother friggin' go! (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Slaughter & The Dogs "Do It Dog Style" LP

This is a record no one should be without. Slaughter & The Dogs are a punk band from the 1970’s. They can only be described as a louder, angrier, and rawer Eddie & The Hotrods. This kind of rock ‘n’ roll socks you right in the jaw. Luckily, whoever pressed this included the "Do It Dog Style" LP, "Cranked Up Really High" 7", and the b-sides to the "Dame To Blame" and "Quick Joey Small" 7"s. The sound quality is a little below normal, but it’s not that big of a deal since it’s almost impossible to find the originals. I don’t care who ya have to kill to get this record, just get it! (JD)
(no address)

Splash 4 "Rules of Life" 7"

Do I have this 7" on the right speed? The A-side is a bit too superfluous for Splash 4. The B-side starts off with a swift tune called "Armchair Thrill Seeker", but soon afterward goes into another flop. You know what this reminds me of? Those Killed by Death 7"s that should have remained dead; totally forgettable in 10 minutes. (JD)
(Lookout! Records PO Box 1374 Berkeley, CA 94712-2374)

Sussed "Sussed Out" CD

Hey! Where are these boys parkas? These Sussed are an Oi band from the early 90’s. This CD has some quality Oi that deals with the working class and rejection from society. If you like all the English Oi bands like the Oppressed or anything on Captain Oi Records check these guys out. There’re 21 tracks from earlier EPs and an album. (JD)
(STA Records 311 Auburn Ave. #2 Cleveland, OH 44113)

Toilet Boys "Broken Home" 7" (picture disc)

The Toilet Boys make me mad. They can write some pretty rockin' tunes, and then they can write some really shit tunes. Fortunately, this 7" has two out of three kick ass songs. They are heavy Glam rock ‘n’ roll, with a snotty dudette… err yeah, singing. If you like the chungin’, chungin’ guitars and wanna check these cats this is your best bet. (JD)
(Devil Doll Records PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)

Traditionals "No Choice" CD

The Traditionals are a street punk/oi band similar to early Swingin’ Utters. They have their political motives united with catchy, rockin’ tunes. Actually they sound exactly like the Swingin’ Utters, so if you’re into them you’re into the Traditionals. There are eleven songs including, "Win Some, Lose Some" and "Waste of my Time" (JD)

V/A "Heads Will Roll" CD

Fuck Yeah! Sonic Tone Records has released an exemplary punk ‘n’ roll/garage punk compilation. This disc features 28 bands including, The Bobbyteens, Humpers, Starvations, Zeke, and much more! This is punk rock. If you want to update your feeble knowledge on the up and coming punk bands or know more about the CA rock ‘n’ roll scene this is your comp. (JD)
(Sonic Tone PO Box 264 Newport Beach, CA 92651)



Sonny Vincent "Parallax In Wonderland" CD

Sonny Vincent, a venerable NYC punk rocker, has released a new CD. He's even managed to bring along Captain Sensible (The Damned), Wayne Kramer (MC5), and two ex-Stooges for the ride. The result is a rock ‘n’ roll blast not felt since 1976! They prove to all you disbeliveers out there that they can still rock on! It’s punk, it’s rock, and it’s good so go get it. What are you waiting for, your man? (JD)
(Devil Doll Records PO Box 30727 Long Beach, CA 90853)

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