Record Reviews - May, 2000

Arthur Kay & The Originals "Back Street Warrior" 7"

Hey Boot Boys! Get your groove on with some traditional ska. These cats have a very surreal sound that’s good for chillin’ out after a hard day’s work. There’re three songs kiiid. (JD)
(Durango 95 Records: Muselli Carlo via Stevani 5 29100 Piacenza, Italy)

Black Cat Music "One Foot in the Grave" 7"

Wow, Lookout really goes all out for their bands, a two song 7". BCM are a blend of melodic pop and rock 'n' roll. They are loud and at least act punk. Nevertheless, their music is lifeless and volatile. Many parts of their songs are so ungodly garrulous I had to turn off the record player. (JD)
(Lookout! Records PO Box 11374 Berkeley, CA 94712-2374)

Cruel & Unusual "S/T" CD

Cruel & Unusual are a fast paced punk rock band. I'll admit that their music does strike me as anything spectacular, however if you're into hard-edged punk with a devilish demeanor, they right be up your dark, deranged alley. There're 12 tracks including, "Smell", "F**kin' in the Street", and "Fast as You". Mortville has done better. (JD)
(Mortville Records 4263 Austin, TX 78765)

Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder 7"

I'm totally into D4. They actually have the talent to script catchy, effervescent punk rock. The guitars are fuzzed out and the vocals are buried in absolute sonic fervor. Yeah, they're good. Pinhead Gunpowder are, err, Green Day. I don't like Green Day. There are five songs in all buckaroo! (JD)
(Adeline Records 5337 College Ave. #318 Oakland, CA 94618)

Dropkick Murphys/The Business CD

Fuck, these guys can play some kick-ass punk rock! Here are two great bands mingling their creative talent to assemble one fantastic record. Taken from the studio recordings of the Mob Mentality 7", this full-length record has a couple extra originals and a couple extra covers including, Sham 69, the Who, and the Outlets. There’re 12 tracks on this fab CD such as, "Boys on the Dock", Hang Up Your Boots", and more punk! (JD)
(Taang Records 706 Pismo Ct. San Diego, CA 92109)

Guitar Wolf/Shutdown 66 "OZ TOUR" 7"

Guitar Wolf, those Japanese monsters from the East are back with yet another cool song "Refrigerator Zero". Guitar Wolf have crafted their brand of bluesy garage into a exquisite ball of mud. Perhaps the coolest thing about this 7", for me anyway, is Shutdown 66's song "Fink Is King". It's a song about Fink of Teengenerate, quite gratifying for any fan of those bad boys. This record might be a bit pricey with all the posters and shit they pack in it, but for garage fans it's worth it. (JD)
(Corduroy Records 41 Fellows St. Kew VIC 3101 Australia)


Ignorance Park "Bad Luck...or the Plan?" CD

Is this the same Mortville Records who put out great records by the Valentine Killers and Teen Cool? Ignorance Park are again, not bad, but not fantastic either. They have a clean sound mixed in with ominous 80's Circle Jerks'esque three chord songs. I bet they're good live, but their in Texas and I'm in New York, oh well. There're 10 tracks including, "Back of You Mind", "FBI In My Toilet", and "Buzz Off". (JD)
(Mortville Records 4263 Austin, TX 78765)

Lazy Cowgirls "Somewhere Down the Line" CD

These chaps (OK, it's just Pat Todd now) were, at one time, the best band on Earth, This was over a decade ago, and they've since relinquished the teeth-clenching ass-shake evident on classics like "Tapping the Source," but I still dig 'em. I just saw them a month or so ago, and that probably colored my affection for this disc -- it's more Stonesy than anything, and I'm not sure how I woulda' reacted otherwise. Fans still need to pick this up -- the songs are good, and Pat remains a moving vocalist. (TK)
(Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Les Sexareenos "Live! In The Bed" CD

Yeah honey! This CD has got to be the most fun I’ve had listening to records all month! If you can picture The Sonics and The Spaceshits in a jamboree you’ll have Les Sexareenos. The organs, guitars, drums, saxophones, all come together in a beautiful rock ‘n’ roll chef d'oeuvre. If you like the rock and or roll you’ll be purchasing this CD today. (JD)

Misfires "Dead End Expressway" CD

A rather bland pop punk band. The vocals don’t have any balls. Their music is kinda catchy, but too mid tempo and choppy for me. There’re 10 songs I don’t feel like naming and you probably don’t feel like reading. (JD)
(Modern Radio Record Label PO Box 8886 Minneapolis, MN 55408)

Mistreaters "S/T" EP 7"

Probably the closest yer gonna' get right now to the Gories/Oblivians/Beguiled Crypt-period. Milwaukee lo-fi blues deconstruction with balls. "Stranded" is a monster and the other three (also on their great demo) slide along a two/three chord groove and suddenly explode into screaming and chaos, catchy too. Much recommended. (TK)
(Big Neck P.O. Box 8144, Reston, VA 20195)

Moral Crux "The Side Effects of Thinking" CD

Moral Crux are like the Ramones, they'll always be around. These tunes were recorded between '88 and '89. The politics are a wee bit old, but the meaning still remains. With songs like "Fight Back" and "Revolutionize" you might be persuaded to watch the news. If you're into 80's HXC punk with a trace of pop, Moral Crux are right for you. (JD)
(Panic Button PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614-8010)

Nobodys/Beautys CD/10"

I haven’t been interested in the Nobodys since their amazing debut CD on Hopeless Records. Their brand of hard-edged pop punk has run its course for me. However, if you’re the one who is hooked on brain-dead, fuck off punk rock check out their earlier records. Now the Beautys are an engaging pop punk band people should watch out for. The Beautys crank out catchy, melodic pop with adoring female vocals reminiscent of early Just Add Water 7"ers. If you’re a PC fuck you can still buy this record cause it is a partial benefit for the Diana Price Fisher Foundation. The D.P.F.F. provides "social, cultural, and recreational services to adult cancer patients." Badda Bing! (JD)
(Sub City PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)

Paris@2AM "It Wasn't an Accident..." CD

Man am I gonna' catch shit for this. OK, I hate emo as much as the next guy does, more probably. But I've enjoyed this Wisconsin band for quite a while -- this disc doesn't capture their (believe it) live fury, but I guess it'd be impossible to program the fucker to kick and spit on you. "Languid" dreamy jangle gives way to ballsy hardcore and atonal jamming -- shit, if you have any inclinations towards this type 'o thing, pick it up. (TK)
(No Karma, P.O. Box 71203, Milwaukee, WI 53211-7303)

Queers "Beyond The Valley…" CD/LP

Yeah, yeah, yeah the new Queers record is out. Big fucking deal! Listen up kids cause I’m only gonna say this once, The Queers aren’t significant anymore! They’ve only released three good albums, "Grow Up", "Love Songs for the Retarded", and "Down Back Down". How much rehashed Ramones chords can you take? Anyway, "Beyond The Valley…" has 14 tracks including such listless songs as, "Stupid Fucking Vegan", "Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)", and "My Cunt’s a Cunt". The brats will shell out their allowances for it, the rock ‘n’ rollers will give it the finger. (JD)
(Hopeless Records PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)

Randumbs "Things Are Tough All Over" CD

A street punk band with a sense of humor, what a rarity. Alas, humor isn't the only thing you need to be a kick-ass punk band. Their brand of punctual punk rockin' mixed in with gruffy vox and a hefty amount of energy is implicative to early Pink Linclons. If you dig bands like the Quincy Punks or excessive amounts of alcohol, you'll flip for the Randumbs. There're 15 songs including, "Carny Hag", "Valley Of Sickness", and "Cronies". (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)


Retardos "S/T" CD

Rats, these aren’t the cool Retardos… These guys are from Scandinavia and play hard rockin’ punk along the lines of the Backyard Babies and Glucifer. I can't say they are as good as those other northern bands. The vocals really need some work. Their songs don’t really grab me, but maybe you’ll like them if you can’t get enough of those Vikings from the East. There’re 10 tracks including, "Up Yours", "Burn In The Fire", and "Been There-Done That". (JD)
(Scooch Pooch Records 5850 West 3rd Street Suite 209 Los Angeles, CA 90036)

Rotters "Pull it and Yell" CD/LP

Yes, another 1970’s punk reissue from Bacchus Archives. The Rotters where out of CA in 1978. They sound like a rawer Raped, the UK punk band. Their lyrics are totally insensate and the guitars sound like someone took a chainsaw to ‘em. Yes this be punk rock, but it’s not a prerequisite. If you’re the type that must have every Killed by Death record in the world, you fucking nerd, you’ll want the Rotters. There is some valuable information on the band in the insert and there're 12 tracks including, "You’re a Nip" and "Disco Queen". (JD)
(Bacchus Archives PO Box 1975 Burbank, CA 91507)

Screamin’ Furys "Comin’ Round" 7"

The Screamin’ Furys are like a cross between the Rip Offs and the Kinks! Their guitars are really trashed out and yet they can generate catchy bursts of rock ‘n’ roll. Dig it my brothers, these boys can shake their moneymakers. There’re only two songs, but they’re worth it. There’s plenty of howling and upheaval for all ya’ll! (JD)
(Screaming Apple Records: Dustemicher. 14 50939 Koln, Germany)

Shot To The Curb "Make It Last" CDEP

Shot to the Curb are street punk band outta TN. They have a sound resembling that of a more melodic Workin’ Stiffs and Rancid. STTC’s music has crunchy guitars and catchy punk rock for the kids. It says here that this is a demo CD. Well, I think these boys should be shopping these little ditties around because with songs like "The Time Is Now" and "Carnage" these punk rockers are gonna hit it big. (JD)
($7 ppd: Bloodline Records 604 Heather La. Sevierville, TN 37876)



Spaceshits "Radio Shits Rock N Roll" LP

This is odd. The Spaceshits are an awesome garage punk outfit outta Canada. They fuse the fury of Teengenerate with the soul of the Devil Dogs. Why release a live recording of them? The sound quality is all right for a live radio recording, although I’d rather listen to their studio records. This particular record has all the hits including, "Backseat Boogie" and "More Abuse". If you don’t any of their records fuckin’ get ‘em asshole! (JD)
(No address)

Statics "Vol. 1" LP

The Statics are a spectacular garage punk band. This here is a compilation of all their best shit, plus a few unreleased goodies. If you haven’t heard the Statics get ready for some wicked, fuzzed out nasty beats. This is rock ‘n’ roll straight outta the garage and headin’ for damnation. (JD)
(Rockin’ Bones c/o Gualtiero Pagani Via Cuneo, 2-43100 Parma, Italy)

Toxic Narcotic/The Unseen "Boston's Finest" 7"

Toxic Narcotic are a crusty HXC punk band with graveled vox and ultra speedy tunes. It's pretty hard to screw up crust. I can get into the Unseen a little more. They have a catchy sound fused with a pogo punk fire. "Stand Up and Fight" is probably their best tune. (JD)
(ADD Records/Rodent Popsicle Records)

Trust Fund Babies "S/T" LP

I have a bit more proclivity towards this LP than their last 7"er. The TFB’s have a garage/’77 feel to them that is connected to the Stitches and the Infections. Their songs are catchy and tightly contrived. I think the vocals could have been more amped up, but that’s just me. There are some classic tunes on this slab ‘o plastic such as, "Don’t Beat on Me" and "Took Yer Heart". (JD)
(Rapid Pulse Records PO Box 5075 Milford, CT 66406)

Unborn-SF "Pearls for the Swines" Picture 7"

Here’s some speedy Finnish street punk. I can dig the drumbeat, but that’s about it. The vocals are just too "PeeWee Herman on crack" for me. They obviously have a Special Duties influence but the Unborn-SF’s music is too sub-par for the average punk rocker. There’re 3 songs here including, "Mad Cow Stomp". (JD)
(Alternative Action Records PO Box 174 11101 Riihimaki, Finland)

Under The Gun "One Nation…" CD

Let’s get this over with… Under The Gun are a melodic pop punk band with lots of pop and little substance. At times you can hear a spurt of activity in tracks like "Rejection" and "Welcome to my Hell", but then they switch sides and pussy out. I don’t know, they’re like Big Wig? Whatever. (JD)
(Fastmusic 401 Braodway #2011 New York, NY 10013)

V/A "Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here’s The Tribute" CD

Bahaa hahahahahahahahahahahaaa! If only you could hear this piece of dogshit of a record. Fuck me! Why do I subject myself to this assailment of perpetual excrement? Oh yeah, to warn my fellow rock ‘n’ rollers not to buy it! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have sunk to the bottom of the barrel. First it was the Ramones, let’s make the Sex Pistols the last tribute record ever. I’m pleading you record labels, "STOP THE INSANITY!" There’re 17 songs that will make you quit listen to punk and take up swing dance. (JD)
(Radical Records, Ltd. 77 Bleecker St. #C2-21 NYC, NY 10012)

V/A "Radioslok" 7"

It’s like a European rock ‘n’ roll sampler! Alrighty, we start out with the Out Four. They aren’t a bad garage punk band but their song leaves me a little flat and empty. The Upstars are kinda cool. They have organs and a 60’s backbeat, however there’s too little rock action to keep my attention. The Satelliters fuckin’ rock! Buy every one of their fuckin’ albums. I’m serious jerky! And last but not least we have the Grabbies, a decent punk rock group who enjoy being little clangorous shits. This isn’t the best compilation to depict the fantastic European rock ‘n’ roll, but at least they’re trying harder than those fucking American cocks are! (JD)
(Slok: Fermo Posta 37036 S. Martino B.A. Verona, Italy)

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