Record Reviews - June, 2000

Banana Erectors "S/T" LP/CD

This is kind of an old release, but whatever. Hailing from Japan, the Banana Erectors are an absolute doppelganger for the Ramones. The recording quality sounds more in the End of the Century camp. These pop sings are fairly well contrived and would make any Ramones fan proud. There’re 13 tunes including, "Fed Up With High School Days", "Break My Heart", and "Fun at the Beach". (JD)

Burnouts "Go Go Racing!" CD

Outta Denmark we have the rip roaring Burnouts! These boys and girls have the rock ‘n’ roll all up in their shit. This is punk ‘n’ roll with some balls. The vocals are an extravagant fire that combines a suave persona with the wild screams of James Brown. There’re 12 tracks here including, "Hellcats are Go" and "Action Man". This disc is best play in you car stereo goin’ 95 mph on the highway. (JD)
(Bad Afro Records Poste Restante, Frederiksberg Alle 6 1820 Frederiksberg C, Denmark)


Casualties "Who’s In Control?" 7"

I’m in control that’s who! Bahaaaaaa! Err… um… The Casualties are an exceedingly faddish pogo punk rock band here on the East Coast. I try to discourage people from buying their records because, well, it’s hackwork. They are unoriginal, uninspired dribble. However, if you’re into Manic Panic, lots of chants about the "establishment", and catchy sub-par Blitz-core songs you might like them. (JD)
(Punk Core PO Box Middle Island, NY 11953)

Defiance "Nothing Lasts Forever" LP

Defiance have the ability to scribe catchy pogo punk tunes. Their lyrics are very politics orientated and their music is as sharp as their wit. The backup vocals couldn’t get any better and the stream of brilliant, hook laden guitar solos are a dream. They’ve got 10 new songs including, "Don’t Want It" and "Kill The Bastards" Get ready for this mean pogo punk rock, they’ll be terrorizing a stereo near you! (JD)
(Mind Control Records 1012 Brodie St. Austin, TX 78704)

Donnas "Live" 7"

To anyone into the post-Radio X Donnas get this 45! Hear how the Donnas are supposed to sound, like utter shit. That’s good, the Donnas sound way better with the treble turned all the way up and the bass turned off. This is a live recording, of course, and contains 5 songs such as, "Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine" and "Gimmie My Radio". (JD)
(Kryptonite Records 827 Lincoln Blvd. Manitowoc, WI 54220)

Fitts "S/T" 7"

The Fitts are an all girl group that I can’t help but compare to the bodacious Babes In Toyland! Jay Reatard recorded this 45, which would explain the raunchy sound that’s rapidly fast. This cantankerous punk rock will set your ears on fire, so be on alert. There’re five songs including, "Kill Kill Kill" and "Daddy Says". (JD)
(Contaminated Records PO Box 41953 Memphis, TN 38174)

Gimmicks "Honeymoon’s Over" CD/LP

The Gimmicks are back. I’m too sure what to make of this record. It’s an unhealthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll. They branch off of the straight rock ‘n’ roll route and head towards more of a New York Dolls, Radio Birdman, Sons of Hercules approach. The Gimmicks are an exceptional rock ‘n’ roll band and if you dig the bands I’ve mentioned above you’ll be diggin’ these boys too. There are 10 tracks including, "Strung Out" and "Kissin’ Off the Truth". (JD)
(Estrus Records PO Box 2125 Bellingham, WA 98227)

Negative Man "Nobody Cares" CD

This is straightforward street punk with the rough vocals and a heavy guitar sound, ‘cept for those pop-punk solos. These guys don’t fuck around, they say what’s on their mind and don’t have any indecisions about it. Negative Man seems to be having fun with their music and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. There’re 11 songs on this CD including, "Jerrys Gotta Go" and my reason to love this CD, a callous version of "I Don’t Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats, hil-fuckin-arious. (JD)
(AMP Records 92 Kenilworth Ave South Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8K-2S9)

Royal Beat Conspiracy "Gala Galore" CD

Fuck man, this band covers almost every form of rock music. I can hear some early Rolling Stones, Blues, Rockabilly, and even Disco; you heard me, Shaft-style. Every song on this CD has a different vibe, which comes together very nicely. All you punk rockers will shun these boys, but if you are a lover of music like I am you should get this CD ASAP. All I can say to convince you this is kickin’ shit is punk sucks and the Royal Beat Conspiracy are cool. Get with it! (JD)
(Bad Afro Records Poste Restante, Frederiksberg Alle 6 1820 Frederiksberg C, Denmark)

S.C. Volunteers "S/T" 7" EP

This is fairly straight up punk rock similar to the Bodies, and such. S.C.V. play catchy, Ramones driven 3-chord punk rock. The vocals are snotty enough and the beat is fast enough. No, they’re not bad, but they ain’t astounding either. I say give them a test run and see if they fly with you. There’re 4 songs including, "No Loyalty" and "We’re Still Here". (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)


Stratford Mercenaries "Sense of Solitude" CD/LP

I’m not a big fan of punk reunion tours or old punk bands spewing out new records, that’s just me. However, I can’t ignore bands like the Stratford Mercenaries who put fucking amazing punk records out. The Stratford Mercenaries feature members of Dirt, the Buzzcocks, and Steve Ignorant of Crass. While the Stratford Mercenaries’ sound dips heavily in to the Crass pool there is a significant Buzzcocks sway here. This is great English punk rock and you need this if you love either of these bands. There are 10 tracks including, "No More Running", "See It Through" and "Sunday Morning Neighbours". (JD)
(Southern Records PO Box 577375 Chicago, IL 60657)

Terminus City "Justice Isn’t Always Fair" CD/LP

No, No, No! Take it off! Gross, what I first thought to be the Oi version of Judas Priest turned out to be a craptacular version of the Anti-Heros. These street punk kids can hardly play their instruments! Stick a dick in its ass, Terminus City are done! (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Thee STP "Sin Temptation & Pain" CD/LP

All you rock ‘n’ rollers can come out for thee STP! This punk rock ‘n’ roll band, from Italy, has a hard rockin’ edge and combines the Supersuckers’ intense energy with the catchy chords of the Ramones. This band does everything lavishly, from their loud driving guitars to their in-your-face vox; thee STP are a rock ‘n’ roll band to be reckoned with. This band has dealt with a lot of great record labels such as Ghoul Records, Rapid Pulse Records, and Safety Pin Records; if they believed in them you should to! There’re 13 tracks heavy on the rock including, "I Can’t Go Wrong", "Adult Vides", and "Too Much". (JD)
(Ammonia Records via G.B. Vico 1 20123 Milan, Italy)

Those Unknown "Malice & Misfortune" CDEP

An American street punk band outta the early 90’s, these boys have punk credentials coming out of their ass. This newest installment is just as good a their old shit. Even though there are only four tunes they’re all sensational. If you don’t know who they are and want to find out where the Dropkick Murphys got there influence from this is a good place to start. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

White Stripes "De Stijl" CD

Oh yeah, this is what I’m talking about! The White Stripes are why I’m still writing for you bastards. These cats are totally stripped down rhythm and blues motherfuckers! I’m talking about the kind of reelin’ and a rockin’ that makes you jump up and shout "Hell Yeah!" This band basically revolves around vocals, guitar, and drums, the elements of rock ‘n’ roll. The White Stripes are able to deliver this genre with power and an emphasis on quality. This is possible the best CD I’ve heard all month. (JD)

Zeke "Rock & Roll Catastrophe" 7"

ZEKE! ZEKE! ZEKE! They will always have a home here at Blank Generation. Zeke are full-throttle rock ‘n’ roll! This record is a very clear live recording of the boys. If you’re a super-fan you’ll want this, however it doesn’t contain any new songs. There’re 4 tunes including, "Don’t Give a Fuck" and "V-8 Blues" on pink vinyl. (JD)
(Black Lung Records PO Box 3692 Morgantown, WV 26503)

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