Record Reviews - July, 2000

A Plant For Texas "You Can Still Rock In America" CD

"Agri-core?" Ha! A Planet for Texas is one of those rock bands you just have to see live. Looking through the crazy pictures in their CD booklet you know it’d be awesome. Anyway, this band is a mix of straight up rock ‘n’ roll with a spice of silly pop. They sorta remind me of the Rehabs if they hung out with Boris the Sprinkler. There’re 13 tracks including, "Crop Rotation/Rules" and "My Lovely Homicide." (JD)
(Diaphragm Records 2480 Indianola Ave. Columbus, OH 43202)

Bruisers "In The Pit" CD/LP

By now the Bruisers should be a punk household name. Al Barr, ex-Bruisers vocalist, is currently in the Dropkick Murphys, and if you like the new Dropkick Murphys you’ll like the Bruisers. This CD is a collection of unreleased material, alternate versions of old songs, and a lot of live recordings. The unreleased stuff ain’t too bad, but if you have their other records don’t bother with this one. It’s more of a fanatic record than a must-have record. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Candy Snatchers "Color Me Blood Red" CD/LP

I thought this was supposed to be a new album, grrrr… Well, whatever it’s the Candy Snatchers! These fuckers are one hell of a punk ‘n’ roll band. This here rekid contains a live show and some 7" tunes. I say go to a Snatchers show and witness the carnage for yourself. There’re 20 songs including, "No Time to Waste", "30 Grams to Life" and a fantastic cover of the Kids’ "Do You Wanna Know?" The vinyl is limited to 1000, like I care. (JD)
(Black Lung PO Box 3692 Morgantown, WV 26503)

Changing Men/Thee STP 7"

The Italian dudes The Changing Men play a straightforward punk rock with no bullshit. Their song "City Frog" is real catchy and real punk, fucker! Thee STP are Gods! Mr. Metius has one of the best rock ‘n’ roll vox ever to best screamed into a microphone. Again, wonderfully catchy tunes with a set of balls. (JD)
(Ghoul Records)

Dementia Thirteen "Do the Snake!" 7"

Hey, wait a sec… Am I listening to my "Back From the Grave" comps? No way cool cats, it’s Dementia Thirteen! And you could be the first rock ‘n’ roller on your block to "Do the Snake!" Talk about a group with some taste. Dementia Thirteen do the impossible, in this century anyway, they keep their music simple. The common timbre here is guitar, bass, drums, and organ; furthermore the music is a refreshing change to the normal slop that gets regurgitate these days. Boy I’m bitter. (JD)
(Smilin’ Bob Record Co. PO Box 1002 Homewood, IL 60430-0002)


Dillinger Four "Versus God" CD/LP

I’m due for a new D4 record. These guys are one of the leading pop punk bands of the new millenium. They have single-handedly breathed new life into pop punk with their melodic songs and crunchy guitars. Dillinger Four has the wits and power to overcome the stereotypes of this genre. You know if you’re not the Ramones or crying like an emo brat you’re not pop. Well fuck all ya’ll cause D4 gives you what you crave! Now stand up, get into your car, go to your local record shop, and buy this record! (JD)
(Hopeless Records PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)

Explosion "Flash Flash Flash" CD/LP

This is on Jade Tree?! The Explosion have one of the freshest punk rock sounds I’ve heard in a long time. These boys have the look and timbre of a modern day Clash. They are aggressive as all get out and civic enough to spark some questions in the frozen minds of our youths. With an eruption of energy and serious glare in their eyes the Explosion may very well save punk rock. There are 14 songs including, "No Revolution", "Reactor", and "The Ideal." (JD)
(Jade Tree Records 2310 Kennwynn Rd. Wilmington, DE 19810)

Kill-A-Watts "Kill Kill Kill Kill" 7"

This is the first Rip Off record in the last 6 months that has truly rocked my world. Todd from Trick Knee Productions gave me the lowdown on these guys quiet a while ago and there has been a lot of animosity directed towards them. With good reason of course, these little waifs are surly fucks with a disregard for discipline. The Kill-A-Watts' brand of punk is like a runway train speeding towards genocide. If you don’t immediately start pogoing your brains out the moment the needle hits the vinyl you must have had your head amputated. (JD)
(Rip Off Records 581 Maple Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066)

Lower Class Brats "The Plot Sickens" CD/LP

More pogo punk rock from those Texan fucks. This is possibly the best stuff I’ve heard from these kids. They seem to have more energy in their perpetually peppery beats and astonishingly catchy chords. There’re 13 tracks and you can pop this sucker into your PC and view two videos! Wow. (JD)
(Punkcore PO Box 916 Middle Island, NY 11953)

Runnin’ Riot "Reclaim The Streets" CD

This was originally released on Rejected Records two years ago in Ireland. These boyos keep it together with some tight punk and oi tunes. It’s more 80’s UK punk rock than oi, but who cares; they’re good. If you dig a lot of fast, aggressive punk you should check these guys out because they manage to keep some melody to their songs. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Righteous "And the Saga Begins" CD

"Drink to survive", "Fight to survive", "Fuck to survive." You know the sad thing is they’re serious. Is this skinhead thing getting a little too outta hand? Yes sergeant! What a bunch of wankers! (JD)
(Chapter 11 Records/TKO Records)

Skeptix "Pure Punk Rock" CD/LP

Let’s see… oh ok, here we go… Attention Blitz and Discharge fans! Get this CD to hear more spotty kids play loud, aggressive music that makes you want to break things. This disc contains a collection of all their old stuff including, "Routine Machine", "Traitor" and "So The Youth." Why hunt down the out of print vinyl when the CD comes to you! (JD)
(Captian Oi c/o PO Box 501 High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 8QA, England)

Special Duties "’77 in’97" CD/LP

All right, I finally get to hear this fuckin’ thing! The Special Duties are one of the few old punk bands that actually haven’t twisted their sound into something insufferable to my ears. If you like the early SD records you will be getting this album. They have a bunch of new tunes like, "Judge and Jury" and "London Town" coupled with some great covers like, "Crass War", oops I mean "Class War" by the Dils. Yadda, yadda, yadda this is some punk rock history folks. (JD)
(Captain Oi! PO Box 501 High Wycombe Bucks HP10 8QA, England)

Splash Four/Crash Normal 7"

Those French miscreants the Splash 4 has delved deeper into the 1977 European punk sound with a snotty attitude and buzz saw guitars. They keep with the droning, continual melody and that works for me. Yes indeed they are good, but what really tickles my dick is this band Crash Normal, also out of France. These boys play some totally unpredictable Jon Spencer blues/rock ‘n’ roll. The guitar is a wall of garage fuzz, just the way I like them, and they use all these electronic sounds to enhance the songs. I’m a lookin’ for more. (JD)
(Yakisakana Records 51 Rue Pierre Renaudel 76 100 Roven, France)

Thee STP "I Miss Your Lies" 7"

Check yourself into a hospital cause thee STP are gonna blow your mind! Oh yeah, you want rock, well they’re gonna give it to ya! This 2 song sevie contains one original, "I Miss Your Lies", and one cover, "Ruby Tuesday", of the Stones. You’d think thee STP would have to bend their sound a little to cover that tune, but nope; they actually roar through the Stones and take "Ruby Tuesday" straight to Hell! Buckle up Johnny! (JD)
(Hang Over Records Via D’Annunzio 9 20123 Milano, Italy)

Thee STP "Motherfuckin’ Town" 7"

You Italians are lucky; you get to experience thee STP every day. Us Americans have to wait for them to throw us a bone. Everybody should be into these boys! Thee STP can rock out with even the most distinguished punk rock ‘n’ roll bands including the New Bomb Turks and the Humpers. This 7" is one of their absolute best ever! It’s fast, loud, and full of at-ti-tude! There’re two killer tunes here including, "Stormy Stare." Don’t you even try to resist this 45! (JD)
(Tre Accordi Records via Martiri delia Liberta n 18 20090 Segrate [MI] Italy)


TV Killers/Crash Normal 7"

Hey, all right! It’s another TV Killers 7"! I just can’t get enough of these guys. They can play such credible ’77 garage punk it confounds my mind just thinking about them. If you pick up any of their many, many records you won’t be disappointed. Another band that I want to hear more of these days is Crash Normal. I am just floored by their bluesy rock ‘n’ rolla mixed with all these technological tones. Their song "Super Bus" is a thunderous shock to the system. The bottom line is these guys kick ass! (JD)
(La Pon’t Ach 5 Impasse Du Lavoir 86360 Chassenevil Du Poitou, France)

V/A "Kill All The Boyscouts" vol. 1 7"

This is a 4-song oi/punk rock compilation put out by Oink and Durango ’95 Records. The first band is the Warriors outta England. They have pretty good lyrics and groove to a slower stride than most punk rock bands. The Posers are the complete the opposite of the Warriors in that they’re a malevolent HXC punk band with a mind for mayhem. Next up are those nutty skinheads Ivano and the Templars doing "T.N.T.", the best song on the 7". Lastly, to top it all off, we have Adolf and the Piss Artists with "No Cross to Bear." This is straight up punk with a severe boot to the ass. Overall this is a worthy comp, and I hate 7" comps. (JD)
(Oink Records PO Box 27813 Washington D.C. 20038)

V/A "Straight From The Gutter and into Your Panties" CD

Come on, it’s a Junk Records comp! You already know this contains some of the best rock ‘n’ roll we have to offer. Some of these bands play such blisteringly fast punk it makes your ears bleed. The Spitfires, Bullys, Jet Set, and Hellbenders are just a taste of the kick ass punk ‘n’ roll that awaits you when you pick this up. So get sussed out and get this comp! (JD)
(Junk Records 7071 Warner Ave. F-736 Huntington Beach, CA 92647)

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