Record Reviews - October, 2000

Automatics "Walking With The Radio On" CD

The Automatics were a punk/pop band in England around 1977. This, to the best of my knowledge, is the album that was never released. It was recorded in London circa 1978 but it sounds just as fresh and vital as today's recordings. The Automatics sound like a mix of the Newtown Neurotics and the Ramones. With the exception of a few maturer tunes, this is classic 70's punk and worthy of a release. There are 14 tracks including, "When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again", "Stab It Back", and "British Beat." This CD won't be easy to find since it was put out on a subsidiary of Mangrove, but try (JD)
(Base : ACP Bldg. 3F, 4-23-5 Koenji Minami Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, 166-0003 Japan)

Candy Pants "S/T" CD/LP

Candy Pants!! Oh God, what was Sympathy thinking! Maybe they want to jump on the whole Brittany Spears bandwagon because that's what this little waif sounds like! Who’s gonna take this bitch seriously? Yeah, I guess if you like girlie brat pop that gets right under your skin and makes you wanna shred your ears to pieces you will just have to pick this record up! Oh fuck Toni Basil and fuck you! (JD)

Clusterfux "S/T" LP

This record is definitely for someone with a social conscience. The Clusterfux, now that’s punk, are a hardcore crust punk band with dueling "vokillz" and fantastically tight drumming. These overly aggressive rockers are on the battlefield and waging war with all who oppose ‘em! So take some initiative and check them out. There’re 11 songs including, "Everyone Dies", "Charlie Don’t Surf", and "Dot.Com." (JD)
(Queen City Punks 1200 Madison #562 Denver, CO 80206)

Datsons "See!" CD

This Montreal band really screams nostalgia. The Datsons stand and deliver a trashy, soulful mixture of brit mod-punk, 60’s garage, soul, and power pop. In listening to this, I hear hints of The Who’s early R&B-stomp, The (early) Clash and The Jam’s late 70’s mod-punk, the stones-esque crank of Chocolate Watchband and the prettiness of the Velvet Underground all wrapped up into one really great album. It clocks in pretty long (13 songs in just over 45 minutes), but it never dulls one step along the way. Easily one of the most original and interesting records I’ve heard in a long, long time. Might not tickle the fancy of all the Blank Generation readers out there, but it’s surely shaping up to be a top 5 album this year. (SA)
(Tyrant Records, 78 Rachel E., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2W 1C6)

"Demons" "…Come Burst!ng Out!" CD/LP

The "Demons", that’s how they spell their name, are a loud, brazen, and punk rock ‘n’ roll group. Anybody willing to skip work to catch the ‘Snatchers show should look these boys up. They’ve got a hard-on for guitar solos so be prepared to wank out! This record is a bit pricey for only 6 tracks, but if you’re heading to hell you might as well enjoy the ride. (JD)
(Gearhead Records PO Box 421219 San Francisco, CA 94142)

Diodes "Tired Of Walking Up Tired" CD

One of the best re-issues of the last few years (I think it came out in 98). The Diodes were a punk/power pop/new wave band from Toronto that spanned from 1976 to some point in the early 80’s. These guys did the whole Undertones/Buzzcocks/Rezillos brit-pop thing. But get this; they actually pre-date all of those bands in recorded material. It kinda makes you wonder who really influenced whom… OK, granted The Diodes do not approach the same levels of "amazingness" that the aforementioned bands reached at their peek, but they are certainly one of the many forgotten greats of their era and fans of those bands will definitely need to have this disc. TW, it has 25 songs and spans from 1977 to 1979. Good Rockin’ Shit! (SA)
(Sony/Epic Canada)

Dontcares "Keep ‘Em Rolling" 7"

Get your hotrod gassed up cause this hunk of vinyl is gonna leave you in the dust! The Dontcares are an extremely fast rock ‘n’ roll group and this 4-song 7" clocks in at about 7 minutes. With a little more time and a lot more heroin the Dontcares may even be able challenge the almighty ZEKE to their throne. (JD)
(Eternal Broadcast Records PO Box 138273 Chicago, IL 60613)

Dumbell "Skinned" 7"

There certainly has been a lot of people in this band, six total. Basically these boys sound exactly like the Candy Snatchers, exactly. Dumbell plays punk rock ‘n’ roll with boisterous and inexhaustible guitar strummin’ merged with violent screams of damnation. So yeah, it’s pretty rockin’ shit. There are four songs including, "TV Set" and "Evil." (JD)
(Radio Blast Recordings PO Box 160308 40566 Dusseldorf, Germany)

Evolutions "Hail Fucked Up R&B!" 7"

Anybody who is fuckin’ cool knows about the Evolutions! These cats are ornery little bastards with souls as black as coal. This time the Evolutions get the royal treatment by Yakisakana Records in France. I hope the smooth mat finish and colored paper doesn’t go to their heads. If you think you know a thing or two about garage punk get this 7" and prepare to be schooled! Ok Roy, enough with the 45s, I wanna hear a long player! (JD)
($6 ppd: Yakisakana Records 51 Rue Pierre Renaudel 76 100 Rouen, France)

Exploders "Electric Power" 7"

Fuckin’ Rip Off Records has another potential hit on their hands. The Exploders are an amazing punk outfit with a Damned and Stallions (NYC) direction. They keep it short and sweet with kick ass guitars and heavy hitting bass lines. Who knew Canada could rock this much! An apparent keeper! (JD)
(Rip Off Records 581 Maple Avenue San Bruno, CA 94066)

Firestarter "S/T" CD/LP

The Firestarter album has just been released in Japan and I already have copy! Arigato Masao, for all your help! Now, most of you should know by now that Firestarter features Fink, Fifi, and Sammy of Teengenerate and Jimbo of the Titans. Firestarter performs radiant power pop with a shot of late 70’s punk. The beats are very infectious and revved up for rock ‘n’ roll! If you listen to a lot of Big Star and The Beat you will fall in love with Firestarter. There are 14 tracks including, "You’re Too Late", "Bop All Away", and "Majors Are Lesser." This should be easier to find than the now out of print "S/T" 7" on Target Earth; it has all of Firestater’s songs off of that record anyway. Happy hunting! (JD)
(Mangrove Label ACP Bldg. 3F, 4-23-5 Koenji Minami Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, 166-0003 Japan) (Web:

Forgotten "Keep The Corpses Quiet" CD/LP

I haven’t been interested in these dudes since the 1st 7". What the fuck could they possibly do that's better than their TKO single? Well, listening to this record it appears nothing. Again the Forgotten continue to disappoint me with their pallid performance and lack of enthusiasm toward punk rock. It’s as if they said, "let’s drop this Rancid thing that was doing so well for us before and be like every other ’82 UK punk band." Fuck this shit, the kids will resist, they will! (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Hellride "Shitfaced and Pissed Off" 7"

Anyone who just can’t get enough of that Glucifer/ZEKE sound-age will want to check out this rock/punk/metal group. This is the type of band that I would love to see in a dingy bar with an ice-cold beer. I don’t know about this 2 songer, but an album would be good. (JD)
(Radio Blast Recordings PO Box 160308 40566 Dusseldorf, Germany)

Kamikazes "All-Night Cram Session" 7"

It came out last year, but I thought I’d review it anyway since their new 7 incher on Alien Snatch is getting good feedback… When this originally came out, I sorta dismissed it as your typical Montreal 70’s rock n’ roll revival disc (there are quite a few bands from around here doing this sorta stuff, like Tricky Woo, Demolition and Smash Up Derby to name a few), but to be honest with you, this is a whole lot better than I originally thought it was. They borrow heavily from the Devil Dogs on here (as opposed to their recent, more power-pop influenced stuff), but mix it up with the overdrive buzz-saw guitar sound and snotty vocals of The Brides and come out sounding a whole lot better than most bands in the genre today. 4 cool songs on red vinyl, so check it out. (SA)
(Zaxxon Virile Action, 1956 des Erables, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2K 3V2)

Les Viperes/Sux Evulsors "Split" 7"

Parle vous francais? Oui! Les Viperes are akin to the likes of the TV Killers and Killer Klown. They like the guitars cranked up really high for maximum excitement. Les Viperes are a garage punk band that appreciates a good party! Now Sux Evulsors are another story all together. This cantankerous lot has all the energy and hate of a well-known Texas band called the Motards. Yeah, if the Motards ever had a little brat this is what they’d sound like. There are only 500 of these bad boys so act now, and don’t whine to me about finding a copy later, cause you ain’t getting mine! Go to and maybe, just maybe Jim'll get you a copy. (JD)
(SDZ Records Impasse Janine 95220 Herblay, France)

Lightning Beat-Man "Apartment Wrestling" 7"

The One Man Band! Wow, the first thing I really liked about this record is the fabulous packaging! It’s a fuckin’ pop-out 7" sleeve for cryin’ out loud! That is very cool, however, musically this record is nothing more than a novelty. There’re 8 songs including, "Fuck You" and "Let Me Fuck Your Butt." (JD)
(Sounds of Subterraina!)

Maggots "Apeman 2000" 7"

Hell Yeah! Thanks to Bad Afro I’ve caught wind of this magnificent band! Like I said before, anyone into the Makers will totally adore this group! The Maggots are just fuckin’ outstanding garage punk! I command you to get all of their records! (JD)
(Screaming Apple Records Dustemichstr. 14 50939 Koln, Germany)

Mud City Manglers "Heart Full of Hate" CD

More Zeke Rock. Yeah, the heavy punk ‘n’ roll can be a bit tiresome at times. The MCM’s don’t really do anything wrong, but I can’t hear anything that sets them apart from the rest of those Sweds; wait a minute, they’re from Pittsburgh! Yeah, that’ll do. (JD)
(International Trash PO Box 41 Prahran 3181, Australia)

Onyas "Admission of a Lifestyle" 7"

The Onyas are a hard punk ‘n’ roll oufit that never really thrilled my ears. I don’t know, this record ain’t too bad. It’s got a lot of grit and spirit, but I can’t interpret what they are trying to say to me. You’ll have to give it a listen to see if they make you bounce. (JD)
(Dropkick Records PO Box 192 East Melboune Vic 3002, Austrailia)

Peeps "Talk of the Neighborhood" 7"

The Peeps are a total Bobbyteens rip off! Now that’s not exactly a bad thing. Anyone into girlie garage with tons of attitude and boys on the brain will have to check these kittens out. (JD)

Psychotic Reaction "S/T" CD

These boys are an accelerated, rude, good old 80’s styled punk rock band. Think early Nobodys, but with more balls. I am especially fond of the DIY recording and pressing for this CDR. Psychotic Reaction is an angst-ridden group for the media generation. There are 12 tracks including, "I Hate You", "Secret Sam", and "I Shot Bambi’s Mom." (JD)
(PsychoBubblegum Records 46 Spring St. Ahsonia, CT 06401)


Rabby Feeder "Disposable Zeros of Rock" CD

I had my doubts about this band with the bizarre cover art for their CD, but fuck if I ain’t an asshole. These boys fuckin’ rock! I might be going out on a limb here but just bear with me alright? Do you like the Zero Boys? I should hope so. Ok, now think of their more poppy tunes like, "Civilizations Dying" and "Trying Harder." Ok, combine those snot-nosed punk songs with the fantastic song writing ability of those Boston rockers the Johnnies! It’s an odd combo I know, but lend an ear to these rock ‘n’ rollers for sweet satisfaction. (JD)
(Hello Records 100 E. Vine St. Suite 809 Lexington, KY 40507)

Red Planet "Revolution 33" CD/LP

One of the main qualities I look for in a pop record is, does it interest me? Red Planet give it their all on this record, that I know. There is a heavy drawing from bands like the Cars and the Real Kids. However, after all of Red Planets effort, they still can’t… enliven me with most of their songs. This modern version of power pop doesn’t win me over with its ultra slick production and computer enhanced sounds. If you are a follower of sappy pop like the Yum Yums you’ll probably like this shit, wussy. (JD)
(Gearhead Records PO Box 421219 San Francisco CA 94142-1219)

Secrets "Teenage Rampage" CD/LP

A total waste of space on the re-release rack. The Secrets were a Toronto based punk side-project of Diodes and Viletones members in the late 70s, early 80s. Believe me when I say that the Secrets fucking sucked, because this is a very tempting album to buy. The really, really, really cool cover art of this thing makes it look like the band is gonna be a hybrid of The Dead Boys and The Devil Dogs or something… I figure the folks at Other People’s Music already tapped the re-release well pretty dry with their amazing Teenage Head and Forgotten Rebels re-issues, so they slapped some basement demos, live recordings and shitty piss-takes on rock classics together at the last minute and tried to sell it on the merits of its album cover. We saw the same thing earlier this year with that Frustrators 10" on Adeline and we’re bound to see it plenty more in the future, so the moral of this review is NEVER FUCKING EVER TRUST AN ALBUM TO BE GOOD BASED ON ITS COVER ART. (SA)
(Other People’s Music, P.O. Box 227, Postal Station P, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 2S7)

Sellouts "Black Eye" 7"

Why aren’t these guys on Rip Off Records yet?! They are twice as snotty and three times as loud. These Brazilian kids rock ‘n’ roll harder than 90% of the "punk bands" out there these days! You people should know the score by now, if the Infections were on coke this is how they’d sound. Man Greg is a tool! Sign 'em already! (JD)
(Rockin’ Bones Records Piazzale Della Macina 3 43100 Parma, Italy)



Short Fuses "Beneath the City of the Guitar Vixens" 7"

Does the term ass-kickin’ mean anything to you? The Short Fuses are one fired up rock ‘n’ roll group. There are heavy guitars rockin’, really good vocals, and catchy fuckin’ tunes flyin' all over this 45! The blown-out female vox are what do it for me. She sounds like Larry May, but as a chick! (JD)

Trash Brats "Rocket To Heaven" 7"

I have to say this is the nicest looking sleeve art I’ve ever seen. King VelVeeda must have spent a lot of time working on this design, and it shows. Now beauty is only skin deep, and these dolls are gonna show you they’re more than just a pretty face. Thee Trash Brats are a rock ‘n’ roll scourge that’ll blowout your eardrum. This high-powered rock ‘n’ roll with glitzy pianos and over the top vocals will shimmy & shake the dead. If you’re looking for class you’ve walked down the wrong alley, honey. If you’re looking for a cheap thrill, pay the man, and take her home for a spin. (JD)
(Lawless Records PO Box 689 Hingham, MA 02043-0689)

V/A "Gearfest!" CD

Says here, "100% LIVE SCANDINAVIAN ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!" Fuck Yeeah! This Gearhead comp serves up an unhealthy dose of 60’s r’n’r and punk rock ‘n’ roll, all of which were very well recorded in Sweden two years ago. Some of the better rock acts are as follows: The Strollers, Turpentines, Backyard Babies, Nomads, and the Hellacopters. There’re 16 tracks in all, with one or two songs from each group. If you wanted to know more about the Eastern Europe Rock that's sweeping the nation, look no further. (JD)
(Gearhead Records PO Box 421219 San Francisco, CA 94142)

V/A "Nightmares From The Underworld" 2xCD

This is a double CD re-issue of the original "Nightmares From The Underworld" comps volumes 1 and 2, a collection of Canadian 60’s garage songs that was put out some time in the late 80’s. The first CD starts off scorching. The first 10 or 11 songs in a row (among the batch, songs by M.G. & The Escorts, The Power Of Beckett, The Munks, The Bohemians and The King Beez) fucking rock. Very good sneering guitar stuff that wouldn’t look outta place on one of Crypt’s many 60’s comps. However, with the exception of 3 or 4 tunes, the remaining tracks out of the 20 in total are boring snoozer 60’s pop songs that sound out of place. The sound quality is varying, but overall, pretty decent. The second CD has the same problem as the first, just over half of the songs are great (though not quite as great as the first CD) and the other half suck. The only difference here is that the good tracks are spread out among the duds and the sound quality is much worse (comparable to a later Pebbles comp in terms of sound quality). Overall, it ranks pretty well in comparison to most of the 60’s garage comps available today & you do get a whole lot of great songs, but it’s expensive and you’d be better off buying a "Back From The Grave" or "Teenage Shutdown" comp if your just getting into the stuff. (SA)
(Sound Stories, P.O. Box 976, Evanston, IL, U.S.A. 60204)

V/A "Punch Drunk II" CD

Act 2 in the TKO comps. You see this is what I like about TKO. They release an awfully cheap comp that’s chalk full of new street punk and oi bands. While some of these groups are a little too tough for me, the good out shines the bad with bands like the Reducers SF, Dropkick Murphys, Beltones, Those Unknown, Thug Murder, and Cock Sparrer. A lot of the songs on this CD have yet to be released, so get going. (JD)
(TKO Records 4104 24th St. #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

Vice Principals "After School With…" CD/LP

Another spin-off band that doesn’t cut the mustard. The Vice Principals are the new band of ex-Humpers Scott "Deluxe" Drake and Billy Burks. As expected, they sound a lot like the Humpers, but unlike the great aforementioned punk rock ‘n’ roll band, the Vice Principals lack the bite and the soul to pull off anything good. Basically, this is your average "two ex-band mates getting together and recording a bunch of tunes in the studio in an attempt to revive the glory days of their old band" type deal and a mediocre one at that. It’s not that the songs suck; they sound like songs that were probably on the cutting-room floor of the last Humpers record. But when these songs are played so effortlessly with no emotion whatsoever, it spoils any chance of it being a successful record. And the cover of the Dave Clark Five’s "Glad All Over" (yeah, the one the Rezillos covered) is just fucking godawful. Oh well, at least the Devil Dogs and Teengenerate spin-offs have been cool. (SA)

Andre Williams "Whip the Booty" 7"

How could you not love this record with a title like "Whip the Booty"? Andre Williams and his band, the Countdowns (hint, hint), play garage in the truest sense of the word. These boys get down with their bad selves. For a collector of great rock ‘n’ roll this is a must! (JD)
(Dropkick Records PO Box 192 East Melboune Vic 3002, Australia)

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