Key: (RK: Rich Kroneiss)(DH: Dave Hyde)(BG: Brandon Gaffney)(RSF: Rob Vertigo)(JC: Jesse Conway)

Actual Water “Leon” cassette
More blown-out crash and burn from Telephone Explosion. Many a drunken jam by a band I ain’t ever heard of. Canuck punk/pop trash that fills a tape well. Evidently this a comp of sorts, using tracks from older OOP releases along with some new tunes. Groove punks wailing their bat shit heads off and sounding like even lower-fi friends of Ty Segall, TV Ghost, Beach Boys, Sonic Youth and the Feelies all at once with some classic shit stained '66-sixties production. What a joyful mess. Side Two is an epic journey of a riff as heard through a cheesecloth mic filter and the outside walls of their practice space. Sounds like it was a nice day out. Whah? Conceptual…100 made. (RSF)
(Telephone Explosion // www.telephoneexplosion.com)

Apache Dropout "Chachacha" cassette
Shit-fi psych project from ex-John Wilkes Booze member(s). Really phantomic recording sound, giving the songs an almost not-there quality. Ghost-psych. Or it was just recorded really poorly. Guitars slip from vague riffs to Spacemen 3-like drones throughout. Sometimes sounds Barrett-ian, one track is like a super lo-fi Doors, always sounds really murky. Touches of acoustic folk and country slip in and slip out. Fuzzy organs. Is that a fiddle? Hillbilly moves? Guitars that sound backward. Warbling vocals. Drums from another room. "Devil Story" is what would result if Mr. Blank Dog was really into Johnny Cash instead of The Cure. The more fried psych moments are invigorating, the more country-folk stuff is a little too hippie for me, and the vox sometimes veer into too-over-the-top territory, but this is an interesting project with some fresh approaches to the modern lo-fi-psych idiom. More acid, less folk is always a good mantra to live by if you ask me. I wonder how the hell they pull this off live. Tape is already in its second pressing, you should snag one before Woodsist signs them. Comes in neat envelope packaging, which does make it a bitch to store though.(RK)
(Magnetic South // www.magneticsouthrecordings.com)

Asocial Terror Fabrication demo cassette
Guppies have two feet, not four. In an overcrowded pond, there are chances of starvation and death. Or will they grow a pair and step on the lilypad with Isterismo, Kriegshog, Abraham Cross, Stagnation, etc? (JC)
(self-released // ssssxcxuxmmmm-a0000e-at-ezweb.ne.jp)

Bad Sports s/t cassette
Wax Museums are dead, people. Much like the dissolution of the Carbonas left new bands crawling from the wreckage in Atlanta, the Museums split leaves Denton short their most popular band and gives members time to focus on other projects. Five track SXSW tour cassette here, a teaser of sorts for the upcoming LP on Douchemaster. "Dead Pets" is choice grade pop-infused punk, written by TV's Daniel, that eerily sounds a little Carbonas-ish. "Nothing But Agitation" is powerpop infatuation, "I Need It" and "Can't Remember Your Name" are simply catchy punk. "You Don't Wanna Know" is a demo with Orville playing everything that sounds great, probably the best cut here. Overall, sounds a little less garagey and goofy than I remember the singles being, this shows off a poppier side that will jive with the DM roster just fine. I have a feeling this band is going to be huge in Milwaukee for some reason...Maybe you can get a copy of this from the band...(RK)
(self-released // myspace.com/badsportsband)

Dark Lingo “#2” cassette
Pittsburgh noisemakers that Richie was kinda half into last time around, so I thought I’d see what’s shaking. Walls of muck and scree brought on via bass and drums duo. Kinda’ groovy, occasionally spazzy…like a toned down Godheadsilo or a Lightning Bolt on a softer side. Side Two's opener ("Hostile Credence") is what I wish USAisaMonster sounded like. Some pretty cool production stuff happens in the solo overdubs and between song banging that makes me say this is more than just an improv’d practice tape. Shit, the dirtheads even sound a tad like a Seventies funk band at points…figure that one out. Bringin’ it on, only Helios style with some Pacific NW/Redwoods damage dolloped on top. Could be PA folks have a lot of time on their hands. Not mind blowing, but an enjoyable ride nonetheless. Real nice printed pro-tape design and a fancy fold out tray card. 150 made. Thanks! (RSF)
(Facss // myspace.com/facss)

Ehrgeizig "Demo 08" cassette
One-man lo-fi Norweigan black metal project from Stefan of Estrogen Highs. Really, it's more on the Midnight side of things than the Bone Awl side of things, which is cool since poverty metal is basically the cousin of budget rock. Pretty decent, it holds up for its fifteen minute duration. Good riffs, vocals are tastefully done, doesn't get too fast, maintains an eerie vibe and the prerequisite evil-sounding intro is included. Limited to 100 copies.(RK)
(self-released // jsgc138-at-yahoo.com)

The Elks “The Black Plague in Mono No. 4” cassette
Maybe a fitting soundtrack for drinking espresso and playing that game Nightmare where you’ve gotta submit to the freakin’ gatekeeper or else he’ll banish you to the black hole or whatever. Ever play that game? It’s a total bargain bin board game complete with a VHS tape some lonely 40-year-old filmed the master of in his basement with one ‘dem new fancy Hi-8s with medieval knight Halloween getup on. It’s got a oneness with this Elks tape in that it’s a tad cheesy, second-tier and depressingly captures the essence of a no-budget attempt to produce something dramatic, coming up embarrassingly short. In the Elks’ case, Garageband drum beats, self-conscious training-wheel metal and artificial Castlevanian synth-chimes don’t exactly translate to impending doom too well. If the sounds were less amateurish I could see some people digging it, but in this state of mish mashed aural confusion any sort of intended angle is missed. (BG)
(Jerkwave Tapes // myspace.com/jerkwavetapes)

Endangered Ape "Ape Shall Not Kill Ape" CDR
Synth-punk stylings from the prairie province of Alberta. Sounds rather similar to Lost Sounds (I know, lame synth-punk band reference, but it's true in this case) but with more UK influence (or a better fake UK accent than Jay's). The three-part suite "Tales of A Survivalist Horror" sounds like a busier Tubeway Army with some Bauhaus vibes added for extra creepitude. I looked at this and thought I was gonna have to sit through some Canadian Primate 5-esque garage goofery. I hate synths, but I was actually glad this wasn't garage. Dramatic and rather punk synth-stuff, I guess Black Wave is still alive...(RK)
(Self-released // myspace.com/endangeredape)

First Base bonus tape
Give away cassingle for the first 50 people who bought the debut First Base 7". A-Side is a cover of Abba's "Does Your Mother Know" (which I would've never known if someone hadn't told me), B-Side is "I'm Afraid of the Dark" which has a neat computer blurp and sort of a dark lyric ("I've got the devil's mark.."...who knew there was such evil behind the tunes!). Another winner. I would say someone should put out an LP, but I think I like the short format for this stuff. I want more either way...(RK)
(Pizza Party Records // www.pizzapartyrecords.com)

Flyin' Trichecos "Sniffa Across America" cassette
Tape comp of the Trichecos catalog to date, meaning it has the four songs from the single plus "Recidivist" from the Criminal IQ compilation, which is my personal favorite Trichecos moment. All housed in a classy looking tape case with the naked-chicks-doing-blow artwork from the 7". I think they were selling this on tour. Tour meaning they drove to Pittsburgh to play a show at Roboto and cleared out the venue after three songs, a cinder block toss and a few punches in the balls. You need to get on this train now before it flies completely off the tracks.(RK)
(Paula's Pussy // 11213 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102)

GG King "Last of the Night Wiggers" demo
Essentially the last Carbonas line-up minus Dave on drums and switching instruments a bit. Six "ruff" demo tracks, and they're all really good (well...except the cover of "The Letter"...), definitely a decent couple of singles here. "Babbling Voices" and "Head in the Clouds" touch some slower and sleazier punk moments than the Carbonas did, "Drug Zoo" is right up there with any of their catchiest cuts, "Flowing Robes" is practically a crossover song (I'm talking about the metal/hc crossover you idiots...) and "Witching Hour" is catchy garage-trash. I felt really bad about the Carbonas bust-up, but I feel a whole lot better knowing GG is down there in ATL still carrying the torch.(RK)
(self-released // myspace.com/ggkingband)

Gardens “Sweet People” cassette
Jangle-slop up-tempo pop from Michigan. Sounds like a practice tape. Adds some charm, I suppose. I think this would appeal to the recent crop of SF garage band fans. Like Fresh & Onlys and Noddsss n’ shit. There are some Mirrors cum Velvet inspired jams, but I find myself drifting away and losing focus. Oh well. Odd Ralph Nader and KRS-1 spoken bits spliced in between the tunes that tend to drag it down a bit. Someone will love this. Just keep the politics out of my punk. Er, pop. What is this MRR? (RSF)
(Telephone Explosion // www.telephoneexplosion.com)

Howl s/t cassingle
"Candy River" is a robotic jungle full of found sounds and tribal drums. Plinky garage riffs that build into air raid sirens and keys that come along as the whole thing swells back n’ forth. Brings the exotica paranoia full circle. Muddled vocals-as-instrument sprout up through out and it’s kinda’ cool. Somewhere in the mix, Ruggero Deodato is shooting a sequel to Jungle Holocaust…and I’m lost on the island. The second track ("We’re Considering") goes the jazz route, and does it quite well. Pretty somber stuff from the get go. A bunch of electronic beats blow it a tad, but the 'Meet the Residents' overtone makes me nostalgic with a case of warm n’ fuzzies. Still can’t help but wish there was more to it all, or at least more songs to figure out if I’m down with this totally or not. Not a shabby lil’ outsider release… (RSF)
(self-released // jaboit-at-gmail.com)

Kommie Kilpatrick demo cassette
Like Eighties hardcore? Hey, so does Kommie Kilpatrick. Ever hear Angry Samoans? Hey, so has Kommie Kilpatrick. Subscribe to the same ethos as Jesus Christ Allin, designating burgers, babes and booze as the holy trinity? HEY, SO DOES KOMMIE KILPATRICK! Unfortunately I think the Jabbers cover is a note off… But at least they’re from Detroit. I was looking through their myspace photos and it seems that girls actually go to shows in that city, so I have no temperament for the antagonistic lyrics they use to scoop the cake off of their life problems. (BG)
(self-released // myspace.com/kommiekilpatrick)

Lebenden Toten “Cataleptic Noise Contamination” cassette
Bzzattttttaaaaaarrrghhhhhh!!!!! Here’s the cassette companion to this winter’s Australian tour from Lebenden Toten. The feedback shrieks as ever, and the band has honed a sound that is without peer. Here they are at their tightest, noisiest, most chaotic.(DH)
(??? // try Australia)

MayDay demo cassette
This album demo made me so morose gleeful and depressed glad when I got the advance copy freakin’ thing from Melody that I stayed drunk for three days maybe a couple hours. I didn’t go to work drink much of that whisky but it hit me directly in the scrotum nonetheless. I had a horrible physical fight with my wife roomy Rick and neighbor hip & cool over a stupid bottle of 10 mg Valiums wonderful stunt where they burst into my abode serenading me with the traditional Navajo ditty “Eddie Vedder in Space.” (She I threw an ashtray my fan, a brick laundry hamper, and a five foot candelabra this very cassette tape shattering the case, but I got her down and beat her head on the wooden floor up to use the bathroom so everything was chill like benadryl). I called up the editor of this magazine Steve (on my bill day off) and did virtually nothing but cough up phlegm listen to his recap of me crawling facedown across my mattress a la The Grudge spouting a confrontational “this is it… this is fuckin’ it!” in an alcoholic stupor for three hours minutes, wishing somewhere in the back of my deadened brain that he could give me a clue as to why I should like this record woke up in a pool of my own urine. …That said, this is a good three-songer of surf-infused pop compositions played with the vigor and sneer of hardcore punk musics. A refreshing whiff of the Niagara pipelines to the corrupt beaches of Buffalo proper that seems to have as tight a grasp on the lyrical department as Nickel City big-wigs do on avoiding any capital-generating reform here in the other mistake by the lake. Good that there’s an exciting up-n’-comer now that Plates have gone on hiatus/odyssey of self-discovery to perhaps return from teaching God’s language to Korean children in about a year, and Brown Sugar sound like straight-up fuckin’ New Wavvve these days (and sometimes have duck-haired posers sing for them!). Hopefully these cats get a record out soon. (BG with help from the late great Peter Laughner. Life Stinks!)
(self-released // Melody: 867-5309)

Stan McMahon Band s/t cassette
Debut release from Stan McMahon, Portland Oregon's very own "Human Jukebox" and the founder of the first (and most well known) Guided By Voices tribute band, Giant Bug Village. Stan is in his fifties and writes songs that are certainly in the Pollard vein, referencing Beatles, Kinks, Neil Young and a healthy Elliot Smith infatuation as well. Dreamy low-key pop, including a GBV cover ("Johnny Appleseed", and he supposedly knows another 150 or so GBV songs) and others that reference his love of Pollard and Co. ("Acid Ranch", "Lip Smacking Good"). Some of the fuzzier and sappier stuff could even merit a Lou Barlow reference. Twenty tracks worth of well done adult oriented indie-pop. I'm rooting for the guy.(RK)
(Burger Tapes // myspace.com/burgerrecords)

Medical Tourists CD-R
The snazzy packaging caught my eye before I’d even left the post office, “Medical Tourists” stamped across the envelope making me wonder what new timeshare scam I’d accidentally signed up for. (How did they know I wanted to visit Missouri again?) Inside, the silk-screened and stamped card was wrapped around a patch, CD, and the note enclosed proclaimed “We’re proud to be the most out of date band in St. Louis”. So let’s see..I put the CD on and was surprised to hear synth punk that was pleasantly out of date. In fact, this reminds me a whole lot of another mind-western synth group, Dow Jones & The Industrials. Seven tracks, plenty of synth, but with enough guitar that you don’t forget that this is punk. Nice effort all around.(DH)
(self-released // myspace.com/medicaltourists)

Menthols "Stereoisomer" cassette
Kalamazoo's Menthols really let it all hang out on this tape, turning every song into a fucking marathon jam session. This has gotta be at least sixty minutes worth...betwixt tracks you get soundbites from films, reggae cuts, random chatter and other quirky sounds. It does help keep things light between the high-carb zone-out tracks. Menthols certainly make you want to like them, plying their working class rock grooves and simple structures and rhythms and coming off like the house band at some Rust Belt freak-out joint. At their best the sound like a more laid back Cows digging into some groovier psychedelic material. When they find a good rhythm, they can stretch it out over some dreamy expanses. And it seems like the deeper you get into the tape, the darker the vibes get. I think on their singles they came of as a goofy party band, on this tape they sound like basement-psych jammers. Which I dig. Nine or so cuts, and a couple have that should've-stayed-in-the-rehersal-room stink to them, but there's a good half-dozen or more excursions into space here that work out real good. I hope they put out an LP of stuff like this.(RK)
(Amateur Depression // www.myspace.com/amateurdepression)

Milk Music s/t cassette
Five song cassette release from this new Pac-NW combo, with Diltz Barrett of the now-defunct Catatonic Youth in the fold. Rumors whisper of a Sex/Vid connection as well. Regardless, it sounds little like either of those bands. It's heavy rock with burly vocals and guitars with some emotive hooks/riffs. Think mid-period SST rock, maybe a less talented early Dino Jr., Tad without the fat, Kim Thayil basement tapes from his his high school band...I can keep making shit up if you'd like...Low fidelity recording lends a raw punk edge to these tracks as do the hoarse and off key vocals. "Nervous Wreck" is the hit, "Pipeline" is the jammer, everything in-between rocks well enough. With a bit of polish and some tightening up, this could make a fine vinyl release. No idea how limited this is, but I'd recommend not waiting to find out.(RK)
(Self-released // milk_music-at-hotmail.com)

Mig & Min Ven s/t cassette
A tad poppier vibe lathered on all that great Scandinavian KBD-era bizarro-punk like Massmedia, Kriminella Gitarrer, Urban Slake, Oslos Bors, P.F. Commando, Vandaalit, Branda Barn, Haeverk, namedrop, namedrop, namedrop. That tundra-exotic Scandi enunciation is what really adds an interesting splash of flavor to what are essentially tread and retread three-chord bangers.(BG)
(Rabalder Records // myspace.com/rabalderrecords)

Nerve City “Hell” cassette
I first heard Nerve City at one of their seldom live appearances. They played in a basement corner of a hipster frat party in Philadelphia (Pumas not togas); the bands provided background noise for most, so although the place was packed it seemed as though only a fraction of us huddled around to watch. This pseudo-intimate environment, proved to be a good way to hear the songs for the first time and while I enjoyed the set as a whole, there was one track that I was particularly impressed with. “Living Wage” was stuck in my head that night, then the next, and I was shocked to find that it was not included on either of the demos the band had for sale. It took a while, but the track finally found itself to cassette on “Hell”. So, you need this for the anthemic twang of “Living Wage.” It’s followed by five tracks, all of impeccable quality, one gloom filled strum after another.(DH)
(Amateur Depression // www.myspace.com/amateurdepression)

New Das Beach Boys Experience "Singles Going Steady Vol.3" cassette
Ten minutes or so of tape warble billed as covers of "Wooly Bully" and "Louie Louie". Comes with lyric booklet and other paraphenalia that leave me wondering whether this is just a practical joke or scathing commentary on the state of today's underground music scene. Or both. I'd say you should find out yourself, but I don't want you wasting your time.(RK)
(Climax Your Mind // climaxyourmind.blogspot.com)

Outdoosrmen "Electric Pube!" cassette
Tape compilation of the two Outdoorsmen seven-inches in a pink spray-painted case with an actual pube taped to it. Almost as gross as the Haircuts 7". You've hopefully heard glowing things about these singles already, and you can just buy this for the car or something. Some of the best no-frills garage punk action paying tribute to the BFTG/Teenage Shutdown era without any modern trappings. Great stuff.(RK)
(Wild American // www.wildamericanrecords.com)

Permanent Feels s/t casette
Solo recordings from Stefan Estrogen Highs, who's a pretty prolific guy, in case you didn't notice. A lot of the A-side exists in similar sonic territory as his brother-in-arms in Medication. Lo-fi folk, except a lot lower-fi and quite a bit sloppier. Interesting "Scavenger of Death" cover. The B-Side heads more for Pink Reason's turf, getting into a down-and-droney style. Recording is real hazy and I think his vocals sound a lot better on this side, probably because they're masked with effects a bit more. With a little work and some hip connections, this could be on various NYC boutique labels someday. Limited to 100 copies.(RK)
(self-released // jsgc138-at-yahoo.com)

Population 1280 s/t CDR
It's pretty ballsy to cull your name from a Jim Thompson novel, but NYC's Pop.1280 do an admirable job of living up to their moniker. The ominous riot cop graphics tip their hand right off the bat, hinting at the opressive and dark feel-bad dirge-punk they're trafficking. Singer has a distinguished basso-warble he wields with just enough theatrics to give the songs some presence without sounding forcefully wacky. "The Man With No Skin" and "Bed Bugs" lumber about with weighty bass and drums and prickly guitar, "Times Square" and "Trash Cop" add deep synth lines for near-industrial creepers and "Is It Ugly?" contains some post-punky tribal movement. Evokes images of the seedy side of New York City, past and future, actually made me think of Abel Ferrara films at some points. They have a single coming out in the fall I'm interested to hear now. Should be big with fans of ugly music.(RK)
(Chromecity // myspace.com/population1280)

Pollution “n.s. Drugs” cassette
Horrifying delve into the trenches of drug-fueled abandon, taking on some Pissed Jeans- and Drunkdriver-esque mannerisms with a knack for translating into soundwaves the crumbling of post-industrial cities and their inhabitants’ sanity, all while keeping the classic Touch ‘n Go card tucked neatly up the sleeve. Drumming is very attentive to what diseased vain of the psyche the riff is slithering through and the vocals are similar to the ‘driver’s Berdan but doesn’t quite reach the horrific peaks the likes of the Repos trekked to with their use of vox reverb (I’ve never even seen those Chicagians...their records are scary enough). Regardless, there’s some real titty-twisters on this one, not for the faint of heart but recommended for those with doped sensibilities and a soft spot for Songs About Fucking. (BG)
(c6recordings // myspace.com/pollutionpollutionpollution)

Resist Control demo CDR
Heavy-hitting Buffalo blast-core outfit delivers a dozen rippers on this demo, surprisingly good for a genre I don't usually flirt with. Well recorded, deftly played, vox are delivered with real authority. Super fast and powerful 'core, with tasty and crunching riffs, leaning in a Crossed Out/Cap Cas powerviolence direction. Par for the course song topics (society is ugly, the media is bad, consumerism runs rampant, etc..), nice John Frum reference, and really, this isn't the type of shit where you're paying too much attention to the lyrics anyway. It's all about blowing you away with power and velocity, and they play that game well. Ex-Towpath! 100 copies of the CDR, I think there is a tape version as well.(RK)
(self-released(?) // www.peterwalkeerecords.com)

Roman Candles "Everybody Dies" and "Read Books/Make Art" cassettes
At first glance I thought I was privy to some new releases from the latest Blank Dogs/Gary War collab, but then I realized they're calling themselves the Roman Warriors...or Purple Helmets...or something like that. Roman CANDLES are straight-up silliness from Yorba Linda, CA. Acoustic guitar and accordion. ACCORDION. If you went to summer camp, and remember how on the last night you had that big bonfire and a couple of the older counselors would bust out a guitar and a tambourine and sing stupid songs, that is pretty much what we have here. Yeah, they "cover" "Show Me The Way To Go Home". Yes, they did. Heavy Dead Milkmen influence, especially on the "Read Books..." where they ditch the accordion occasionally and play some more uh...mature(?) songs. Oi vey. Maybe if you're really into the more child-like aspects of say Box Elders or some Burger Records outfits, you could dig this.(RK)
(Aztec Records // myspace.com/romancandlesmusic)

Royal Headache s/t cassette
Perhaps the Australian version of Boys Club? Sort of. Not really. These kids can't play as good as Boys Club. Really. Lightweight garage-pop tunes about girls and getting dates and that sort of stuff. Sloppy as all get out and containing a hook (or barb) or two. "Don't Want To" sounds like a blatant swipe of a Reds song. Actually, this is more like Marked Men or Busy Signals than anything too garage-like. Not so much power in the pop. Or punk for that matter. Nothing that I'm too in love with. I'm not really charmed by the songs, the crooning is a little too croony and I get the feeling they're going for more of a Buzzcocks thing than a budget-rock thing. Not that it's wrong, but it's a far more difficult thing to do. They might even be Mods. Who knows.(RK)
(self-released // myspace.com/royalheadache)

Sir Lord Von Raven "Please Throw Me Back Into The Ocean" cassette
Tape version of the SLVR LP from the ex-frontman of Time Flys with support from Greg Ashley and other Bay Area hippies from like-minded acts like The Cuts and Howlin' Rain. There's even a Silver Jew in the band? What? I find that more surprising than the Terry Six guest shot. I've had a difficult time with the LP. It recreates the excesses of Seventies glam and mixes that with Fifties rock/doo-wop vibes, resulting in something that sounds like a Happy Days episode where Fonzie is played by Marc Bolan. Vocals get pretty over the top and campy at times, and they occassionally break into something rocking and/or psych-like, but for the most part it's an interesting melange of different Bay Area "styles", meaning from my outsider perspective, it melds a cleaner version of the retro glamrock of Time Flys and Apache with the vision of singer-songwriter dudes like Ashley and Brian Glaze and finishing it off with a good dose of lo-fi garage-punk a la Nobunny or Hunx. It doesn't work a lot of the time, I think maybe the tunes are a bit lacking in the hook department and a lot of this comes off sounding like scrapped numbers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But there's a decent two or three tunes here for people who dig the parties involved.(RK)
(Burger Tapes // myspace.com/burgerrecords)

Sex Church “False Alters” Tour Cassette
After seeing this act live a week ago, my first thought post show was, man…that’s some high powered Japanese propulsion right there. Loud as piss and full of psych’d out doom. Not in the High Rise or Boris sense, but the Seventies heroin abused elder long hairs are apparent. A Les Rallizes nod and add infinitum. These boys really start to scorch live when they spread their flailing appendages out. This here tape proves it to those missing the boat or the non-believers out there. Go to Church. Christ. I’m getting ahead of myself talking about side enders first. Whoops. The tape starts off with a new wave pop number of the Eighties mixed up with Spits like blunt punk ("Ghost"). Awesome warble-y guitar lead that goes down like a drowning surfer. "I Don’t Wanna’ Die" is one of the poppiest and peppiest of the ball punchers, like a really great non-abrasive Black Time song…. "Mistaken" kicks out the side end jams with a repetitive force. Shit gets surly. Way better than that Wooden Shjips everyone squirts jizz over these days. No beards here…though, some mustaches are apparent. Rock n’ Rule. Then the ending hits like the Rising Sons I speak of. People need to hear this. As good as this is, live it was even more a monster. "The Floor"’s Marychain/shoegaze vibe carries the torch over to side two. Kinda’ like a little towelette to wipe the damp sweat from yer brow. Sweat caused by the prior fit: the end of side one. But it ain’t so calm for long. There’s a couple of catchy numbers to go ("Leaving" and "Not Anymore") before it hits mach III at the NASA launch pad all over again. There oughta be a tour in the works with The Nothing People, that’d be a doozy. Only 48 of these made…what, too lazy to hit 50? Damn. Pick it up quick! (RSF)
(self-released // myspace.com/sexchurchnow)

Brendan Sullivan “Wooley Eyes” cassette
Here’s an odd one for me. Roots acoustic folk with piano and occasional layered f/x thrown in. Some instrumentals, porch stompers, and balladering for Sunday time with the family. Not overly weird or too straight foreword to be written off. It’s really nice. Yeah…I said it. Ever listen to Sean Smith? That is where I’m coming from. Or maybe a cassette release from the defunct Seattle Home Recorded Cassette label. Mike Johnson LPs and Kind Confused Man tapes roll into my thought passage as it plays. Not as precious or fey as KCM…less gruff than Mike, but prolly just as whiskey soaked and honest. He has a pretty good presence for this stuff. Not something I would throw on daily, and I’m definitely not a expert in genre, but def worth keeping for time spent with a mason jar watching’ the sunset…porch swing lazies with the bride. Then I’d throw on some Gun Club for the deep sexin’, no-whut-i-mean? Fancy vellum sleeves with custom individual inserts. Pretty. 100 made. (RSF)

Tall Turds s/t CDR
Very likeable dirty garage-punk from somewhere in New York. Shit-fi stuff, no pussyfooting, just mean old rockenfukkenroll. Obviously not reinventing the damn wheel you dickhead, but I think this is primo Crypt Records fare, reminiscent of the glory days when you had to actually rock to get over with the crowd. I've never compared a band to The Dirtys in my life, but these guys are almost there on a few tracks. Pretty refreshing take on this shit, reminds me a lot of Hollywood (the band, you jerk) at times, but not as sludgy. The Oblivians if they were from Buffalo and on Big Neck. There's a killer seven-inch contained in here. Fuck, I gotta go call Bart.....(RK)
(self-released // myspace.com/tallturdz)

Teepee “Wooden Noise” cassette
Every time I look up there is a new Teepee release and you have to wonder if our man ever gets a chance to leave the house. He’s in Miami — beautiful beaches, Cuban sandwich shops, Marlins baseball — but that is all ignored in favor of cranking out more music! It’s an admirable stance to take. This one, Teepee release number 47, finds Eric jamming the acoustic guitar for five tracks. I was hoping that the scaled back approach would yield some interesting results, but for me this is one of the less remarkable outings. The songs seem a little aimless, maybe too much meandering. Or perhaps tonight was more of a Reagan Youth night for me. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to the next batch of releases to see what Teepee can come up with next.(DH)
(self-relesed // teepee-miami.blogspot.com)

TIREFIRE "Microwave" cassette
Brutally effective black metal rising from the ashes of various shattered NOLA bands. Members of Die Rotzz (Andy), Persuaders/Kajun SS (Panzer), Mangina (the legendary Matt Muscle) and co-conspirators from other outfits I'm not going to pretend I know of, recorded by Quintron live at the Spellcaster. How's that for a fucking resume? TIREFIRE (all CAPS no space) deliver authentically black salvos of trash-metal with riffs that are as good as the song titles: "Eyehateweed" ("Fuck Potheads..."), "Posercaust" ("Slaughter Posers..."), "Sideswiped By Satan", "Bomb the Homeless"...this isn't some half-assed shit, it's proficiently played, loud and hateful sounding, as black metal should be. These dudes know what they're doing, it's not some shitheads playing metal for a goof or some shit. Not for little girls or power-pop wimps. If you like Evil Army or Razorfist, buy this and step into the Thunderdome. True metal fans need only apply for this piece of white hot shit metal. Limited to 300 copies, and yes, that's actual blood on the cover. A lot of it. Buy one now before they kill you at Gonerfest while you're watching Box Elders.(RK) (Rhinestone Records // myspace.com/tirefire504)

Tyvek “Blunt Instrumental” and “8-8-08” cassettes
If an album and European tour single did not provide enough new Tyvek, fear not as there are a couple of cassette releases camping out on their merch table as well. The group’s proclivity for releasing demos has, by now, provided a thorough compliment to their official vinyl output. Cataloguing rehearsal, live, and demo material, these releases are stocked with raw, possibly incomplete ideas as well as varying takes and attitudes on setlist staples. But about these two in particular. “Blunt Instrumental” isn’t exactly as the title implies; of the five new tracks only two lack vocals. There’s a skeletal feel throughout as the band works out these tracks; perhaps not surprisingly songs that sound the most complete are those with vocals. “8-8-08”, besides being a couple of days after my 29th birthday, is a short-n-sweet live tape. We only get six songs, as the notes state, “cause the police shut down the show”. This is the three guitar, full band lineup, and what songs they got in before the raid they nailed (including their finest, “Air Conditioner”). My copies of these are numbered out of 125 and 150 copies, respectively, but I suspect there are other runs of the tape out there, so these should be obtainable. (DH)
(self released // myspace.com/tyvekmusic)

V/A Cave Weddings/Midwest Beat split tour cassette
I'm love with Cave Weddings. Fact. "Last Time" is another throwback soda shop hit. Why I love this stuff and didn't dig Eric & The Happy Thoughts so much is anyone's guess. But yeah, twin un-amped guitar action, no drums, total winner. Midwest Beat cut, "Belladonna", is a jangly cute-folk strummer with nice harmonies and better than anything on their 2x7". Handheld transistor radio packaging and station tuning intros/outros make for a nice little release.(RK)
(self-released // try myspace.com/thecaveweddings)

V/A "The Church and Commune Volume 1: Oakland" cassette
Short and sloppy comp of Oakland bands via TCAC, a "commune" organizing like-minded bands for "worship" or some goofy shit. Ghost Fink's "Catacombs" is droney mood instrumentalism. Meh. Uzi Rash Group do silly acoustic shit for Woods fans. Nobunny does the always showstopping "I Am A Girlfriend". The Ears offer up the best cut (aside from Nobunz of course), a sloppy fried garage swipe that sounds like a totally incompetent Seeds or some crap. Supposedly more volumes seem to be forthcoming...(RK)
(TCAC // myspace.com/thechurchandcommune)

V/A "The Church and Commune Volume 2: Pet Songs" cassette
Okay, they got me with this one. Four song comp of songs dedicated to pets. I will confess, I'm an animal lover. A sucker for 'em. So I applaud this release. Seattle's Johnnie Heinz does an acoustic ode to "Lumpy". NYC's Rare Form dedicate their quirky pop cut to a bunny called "Percy Sledge". Cleveland's Stink Lines do "Little Kitters" with some Shaggs-ish ineptitude. The most touching is James Luster's uke and whistling "Mummy Rat", which made me think about my dearly departed friend Jonas. SOB! Seriously though, I love this concept. They should get some PETA sponsoring and get some big guns for another volume on LP or something....I'd buy it in a second.(RK)
(TCAC // myspace.com/thechurchandcommune)

V/A "The Dead Hand: Human Machines" cassette
The bad thing about tape comps: it's a pain in the balls to fast-forward around the songs you want to skip. A whopping 27 cuts on this from the nation's finest noise/heavy/weird/experimental bands. Bands I was stoked to see on this: Vaz (post-Hammerhead darlings), Homostupids (unreleased version of "Calling the Doctor"), Drunkdriver (doing a Christian Death cover!), Deathers...and uh, that's all. The rest comes from some semi-notable noisy acts (Burmese, White Mice, Weasel Walter), Cleveland (Clan of the Cave Bear, Self Destruct Button), NYC (Zs, Child Abuse, Relapse Records recording artists Dysrhythmia, Maw, Archaeopteryx or however the fuck you spell it...) and others of similar mindsets from across the country. It's all fairly abrasive, a little post-punk, some post-hardcore, some prog-noise, some grindy shit, skronk, math rock, cling-clang, free jazz, "avant garde", all your favorite ridiculous genres...many levels of abrasion, yeah. This thing is a bitch to get through, I gotta say. About 75% of the tracks are previously unreleased, and about 25% of the tracks appealed to me. Music lovers who are more in line with the visions of Weasel Walter and Load Records will enjoy this far more than I have.(RK)
(Damage Rituals // www.damagerituals.com)

V/A "Killed By Modern Problems" cassette
International punk comp with some known bands and a couple unknown surprises. The good: Steaknives sound like an Italian 'Terminal Boredom'-era Registrators, School Jerks sound like a Canadian Germs, Social Circkle do a pretty killer cover of The Left's "Youngster on the Force", The Trites play some good and compressed ray-gun punk. There are some stinkers too (that Uragany song is super annoying, Rich White Males sound as bad as their name..) and a few middling cuts (I think the Braindamage just misses being upgraded to good...Robocock do not live up to their name...Bob Burns sounds average as always...). A pretty well-rounded (and average) comp, and at twelve tracks, just the right size. 200 copies.(RK)
(H.R.S. Records // hrsrecords.blogspot.com)

V/A Mall Crawlers/Indian Casino split cassette
Indian Casino (and the Jail Hippie Family Band) do a side worth of instrumental reverbed-all-to-hell C&W influenced soundscaping. Mostly made up of guitar whisps and twang, a harmonica on a track and a lot of bedroom-style atmosphere. Would make for a good music bed for radio show mic breaks perhaps. Mall Crawlers side is all synth and guitar twiddling nothingness. You barely realize that you're listening to music. I'm not sure you should even call that music.(RK)
(OreGan // www.ore-gan.blogspot.com)

White Whale s/t cassette
Rather promising punk rock tape from out of nowhere. Four songs worth of tempo-shifting mature-ish punkitude, sort of in an RFTC vein, utilizing the Speedo vocal treatment, proficient bass playing, trebly guitar...the tunes whizz by, recording is nicely medium-fi. Effectively emotive without being e-m-o. Not bad at all for a demo, they seem to wrestle with the tunes a little which I find endearing. Will keep an eye on these kids...(RK)
(self-released // turnuptuneout-at-hotmail.com)

Wizzard Sleeve s/t cassette
A nicely done tour release from the synth-punk pride and glory of the Deep South. There are six tracks here—three new demos backed with a trio of pillow-over-your-head quality live tracks that includes a cover of fellow HoZacs — BroZacs? — Catatonic Youth. Wizzard Sleeve has an album upcoming and if these demos are an indication, it’ll be a heavy trip.(DH)
(Jeth-Row Records // myspace.com/jethrowrecords)

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