Stripsearch – Jesus Over New York / Galileo (7-inch)
Label: Vinyl Repellant 811216
Year: 1981

Back in the late-70s, poet/performer Emily XYZ, then a college student in Buffalo, NY, received a copy of GG’s “Bored To Death” EP for review in her zine. The two corresponded and soon became good friends, staying in sporadic contact until the end. In 1981, GG and Al Chapple headed up to Outlook Studios in Maine to play drums and bass, respectively, on Emily’s debut single. The two tracks, produced by Willie Alexander, are catchy female vocals punk-wave (no keyboards), a bit of a departure from what you’d expect to hear the boys playing. The record was not issued with a picture sleeve, only an oversized folded double-sided insert with lyrics, credits and bits of collage artwork. Many copies turn up without this insert, though I’m not sure if it’s because a majority of the pressing was issued without them or if they were just a casualty of time. (In the late-1980s Newbury Comics in Boston stocked copies with each of the four band members’ names rubberstamped, or possibly printed, on each corner of the white innersleeve. I saw these in person but never picked one up at the time. These were most likely old stock copies that either GG or Emily brought over for resale, spurred on by the surge in publicity circa 1988-89.) Emily released a second 45 “Hey Kid” b/w “Who Shot Sadat?” the following year, complete with sandpaper cover, but GG and Al did not perform on it.

Stripsearch, sleeveless

"...The record was not issued with a picture sleeve..."

Stripsearch, insert

"...only an oversized folded single-sided insert with lyrics, credits and bits of collage artwork..."