Compiled/written by Jason Litchfield

GG Allin & The Scumfucs – You’ll Never Tame Me (cassette)
Label: n/a
Year: 1985
Tracks: I Wanna Fuck Myself / Fuck Women I’ve Never Had / Needle Up My Cock / Ass Fuckin, Butt Suckin, Cunt Lickin, Masturbation / You’ll Never Tame Me / Torture You / Bite It You Scum / Scumfuc Tradition / Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die / Kill The Children, Save The Food / I Wanna Piss On You / Fuck The Dead

The pinnacle of mid-period GG. The recording and performances elevate this cassette to the quintessential release for any newcomer wanting to discover GG in full trashy scumfuc regalia. Recorded in 1985, the Scumfucs — in this tight, solid incarnation including bassist Al Mead (a.k.a. Al Lee Slime) of NH metal band Knightmare and pals — blaze through (s)hits from the Hated In The Nation tour, a handful of new ones, and one atonal noise composition called “Torture You” which was left off of the “Dirty Love Songs” LP. GG the country music fan snuck in covers of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Family Tradition” and “Women I’ve Never Had,” most assuredly unbeknownst to the bulk of his fans. Also, “I Wanna Piss On You” is a reworking of the Jabbers then-unreleased “Nuke Attack.” This cassette comprises all of side one and half of side two of “Dirty Love Songs,” as well as a bulk of the “Hated In The Nation” tracks.

You'll Never Tame Me cassette You'll Never Tame Me cassette