About a month before this, I ran into Dr. Filth at some party on St. Patrick's Day and he was yakking about some band he wanted to start, and would I play drums, and I was like, Yeah, whatever dude, because the last band we tried to do lasted maybe one practice (he was the only one to respond to fliers I put up all over the city when I first moved to Chicago in '97) so I thought, Sure, I got nothing else to do this summer, and then he called me about going to this thing the Blackout and I was like, Yeah, sure, whatever, because by 2001, I had ceased going to pretty much all shows except for this one band The English Softhearts who might be the best band Kevin Krunchie (back when he rocked under the nom de punque Scrappy Spice) (before Marc Bubblebath was corrupted by the uberhip of Wicker Park) ever took part in and had given up on not just rocknroll but ESPECIALLY CHICAGO "rocknroll" (a term I use loosely as it applied to the Windy Shitty in that foul epoch of 99-01)...............jaded jazzbo fuck I was becoming and the Blackout saved it just in time, ESPECIALLY THE MULLENS!!!!! And this was the Blackout where I met Brian Nervous (who had good taste in shades) (very Ripoff) and Mac Blackout (who hadn't yet perfected his feral howl) and Dirt Mark (the only dude at Columbia College who walked around wearing a Stooges jacket) and we went to this party in some house with a hottub (yup, the Casa de Canderson y Billiams y that drunk dude Al) and well, for me, it definitely started with seeing the Mullens, that confirmed that something really worth my time and everything I was looking for in music and entertainment and good times was happening righ-cheer, brah and the party was great too because people were just hedonistic for the sake of hedonism and that was refreshing after so many pointless parties my stupid fellow Florida expats would drag me to where emasculated melonheads in cardigan sweaters acted smug and aloof and really disgustingly on the make like Williamsburgers in Training but this was just pure Midwestern Hijinx and it was very welcoming and all about the eff you enn and not once did anybody throw around lame showbiz terminology like "advance," "draw," and "advance ticket" (to the best of my blissfully ignorant knowledge). So, thank you, Mullens, and thank you Dr. Filth for answering my ad way back when. - Cozz McThrobb

The Mayor of Canada
Lyle Sheraton, The Mayor of Canada
Tav Falco, Panther Burn
Tav Falco and The Panther Burns. Canderson: "they sounded pretty good after a four hour or so sound check.."
Timmy vulgar, Cloney D's
Tim Vulgar, Clone Defects
The Mullens
The Mullens. Canderson: "can't wait to see them again this year"
Mick and Potter: Dirtbombs
Mick Collins and Tom Potter, The Dirtbombs
The Fabulous Andy G
The Fabulous Andy G
Timmy Vulgar: jacuzzi aficianado
Tim Vulgar in Canderson's jacuzzi