Blackout 2002, I drank more at this one, but for some reason, I feel like this is the one where I was wearing a bright red sport coat and a Dead Kennedys t-shirt (only semi-ironically) and I was running down the stairs at Beat Kitchen and Mr. Tim Vulgar was running up the stairs and he knocks into me and says, "Oh sorry man...hey, are you Joey Vindictive?" which was funny, natch, so I said No, I'm Brian and that's how we met, but I don't even really know if that was at the 2002 Blackout because I kind've lump most of the Beat Kitchen shows into one big show because in some ways all shows are the same (get drunk, act like an ass, clap at the appropriate times, like this band, so-so that band) but when you get right down to it, the biggest thing I remember about the 2002 Blackout was how fantastically obnoxiously annoying Lyle Sheraton was as Master of Ceremonies. You wanted to kill him, but really, you just wanted to yell back because he had a microphone and you didn't..........and when, a few months later, when Todd and Brett wanted me to MC the 2003 Blackout (a move they've probably regretted ever since) after I introduced the Tyrades (who invented punk rock, in case you were wondering if it was The Sonics, Stooges, Ramones, Dick Hell, Dick Tators, or even The Sex Pistols....nope! it's the Tyrades, and you can ask them if you don't believe it) (and the Tyrades wanted the FBs to play the 2002 Blackout but the HoZac crew said Nuh-uh because they were worried Doc Filth would throw a beer bottle at some singer's head (like he did to the Candy Snatchers vox back in 98) and Mac would get us banned for....uh...I dunno, howling?) (bummed us out at the time, but it definitely worked out for the best because 2003 was my favorite Blackout if I had to pick) by saying a joke I made up that went like this: "How many Chicago garage rockers does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer? One, but they won't do it until "Horizontal Action" tells them it's cool." Wocka, wocka indeed, but material like that was all it took to be asked to MC the thing, and I knew I had big shoes to fill due to the stellar job Mr. Sheraton achieved, so thanks, Mr. Sheraton, for setting the mold of proper MC behavior, and thanks Spits for playing everything in your reprotoire, and thanks to the Furies even though you didn't get to play that long that night........ - Cozz McThrobb

Everybody Sexareeno.
Roy and Annie, Les Sexareenos. Canderson: "This was my blackout. I was so shattered I kept forgetting to rewind my film and kept opening the back of the camera. Sexareenos were really good, I'm sure."
The Deaner
The Mayor of Canada, Emceeing Pantsless in front of a stunned A-Ron
Wendy, The Paybacks (being served by Matt Williams)
Clone Defects...again?
Clone Defects. Canderson: "Man I love that shirt."
Spits mayhem...
..and more Spits mayhem...