'04, perhaps my favorite Blackout. The big thing about the first night was The Lids. I imagine it was the first and last time a good majority of us saw them. But they were a perfect blend of Supercharger and the Shangri-Las and the girls were cute too. I also remember The Winks sucking real bad. I missed most of Headache City, and the Deadly Snakes played one of the longest sets ever (at least until Reigning Sound the next year..), but it was a huge party. The Friday night show has to be one of the best Blackout nights ever. Dirges ripped as an opener, then the Real Losers pulled off a great performance, even better than the record was, and the the (non-drunk) Catholic Boys electrified the crowd (at least until the Plastic Letters dude got up on stage and ruined it). CPC Gangbangs put on one of the most rocking sets I have ever witnessed, and the twin showmanship/rockitude of Roy and the Mayor of Canada on the same stage is something to behold. Then The Reatards absolutely destroyed the crowd with one of the best sets I have EVER seen, Blackout or elsewhere. It was incredible, and then some. Expanded original line-up, they were super tight and Jay was super angry at the disco ball. Saturday featured the First BC Show with BC I ever saw, with a Tyrades performance/interview that was well worth getting up early for. Saturday was all about the Testors, with not-so-old man Sonny Vincent wowing us all, and being courteous enough to include an encore. The best Blackout 'old band reunion' of the three I've seen. Knaughty Knights were remarkable, if only for Rich Crook's hilarious audience baiting, Clorox Girls were a lot of fun too. Lowery and his Zodiac Killers were entertaining, and who can forget them playing 20 minutes of music videos before their set, and then going on to play the exact same songs that we just saw in the video! Lotsa other cool times, record shopping at Reckless, had a better hotel right next to a great Greek restaurant, RFA and most all of the TB staff were there, the various rumored pants-shittings, good times for all. But man, The Reatards owned Chicago in 2004. (If you want to read the expanded version of the 2004 Blackout coverage, go here.) - Filthy Rich

time to lose
Chris Shake, Real Losers
Catholic Boys (with mic being commandeered by Derek of Plastic Letters)
Roy and The Mayor, CPC Gangbangs
Justin, Clorox Girls
Saturday Night Suicide
Sir Steave and Jay, Reatards. Canderson:"One of my favorite bands and favorite shots"
Where's that disco ball?
Jay Reatard hates us
Sonny Vincent