Top 12 Record Acquisitions of 2006

In no particular order, these are the dozen best records I bought or traded for this past year.

Dicks - Hate the Police 7"
This might be the record that's been on my want list longer than any other. I first knew the song from the Mudhoney cover in the early-90s, and when I got into collecting KBD records a couple years later, it was already impossible to find and way above my head dollar-wise, a status it still holds to this day. But thanks to what I can only describe as an elaborate three-way trade, it cost me some rare posters I had previously gotten cheaply and didn't care about. Crossing this off the want list after 10+ years was extremely satisfying.

Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl 7" (porno sleeve)
I might be late to the trend, but in the past year or two, I've become obsessed with this record. Besides being lyrically over-the-top, and catchy as anything, it's hard to think of a punk single that was released in more countries, and with more sleeve variations. And in general they are cheap, so it doesn't require the typical deep pockets of collecting overseas punk sleeve variations (anyone want to sell me a Japanese Dead Boys "Tell Me" for $20? I didn't think so.) I'm most of the way towards having all of the Jet Boy Jet Girl 7" variations, but this so-called mystery pressing was the one I wasn't sure I'd be able to find. Low Down Kids covered this one pretty well so I won't repeat the details here. This was one of the first things I bought at this year's WFMU Record Fair, and as soon as I found it, I knew that even if I bought nothing else at the fair, I'd be happy with my haul.

Nubees - Crosswalk 7"
I was going to restrict this to all 70s/80s records, but this is too good to leave out. For the back-story, see Dave Hyde's first T-B column (Ed.: and here) , which turned me on to this. I recall always seeing the record in the Existential Vacuum discography, and being curious about it, but I unfortunately never bothered to ask Ryan about it. I'm even more loathe to spend serious money on a "new" record than an old one, so I wasn't sure how I'd get one of these, but thanks to a big trade with extra cash coming my way, I basically got the record for free, plus some walking around money.

Village Pistols - Big Money 7"
I first bought this record about 5 years ago, and in retrospect it was a pretty great deal, but at the time was the most I'd ever spent for a record. A short time later I was buying my house and thought I needed more cash. I felt guilty about spending so much for a record, and when presented with a really great offer, sold it. Ever since then I've regretted it. This was the year I was able to cross it off the want list again, hopefully permanently. It cost me more than the first time, but was less than I sold the other for, so I figure I've still come out ahead.

Vomit Pigs - Take One 7"
If it had an original sleeve this would have been my top score of the year. I seem to recall a Japanese seller on eBay in the last couple years who unloaded a totally trashed and unplayable copy with a respectable sleeve. If anyone knows where that ended up, please get in touch.

News - Dirty Lies / Chop Chop Chop 7"
Thanks to a trade in previous years with Australian super-collector Henry Weld, I already got the Babeez single, but this one, after they changed their name to the News, had always eluded me. Against all odds, two came my way this year, and one was a ridiculously underpriced eBay buy-it-now. But good spares never hang around long, and this one let me cross another Aussie monster off my list...

Leftovers - Cigarettes and Alcohol 7"
It's so hard to find a good trade - too often you just need to sell your spares on eBay and buy other records with the proceeds - which is why I was so happy to get contacted by an Australian collector out of the blue who needed my spare News, and with the addition of a more minor Aussie punk record (which was not in my trade pile, but I'm sure I'll find it again) was willing to send me his spare Leftovers. I'll call this my trade of the year.

Erratic - I Wrecked Myself 7"
This is definitely the oddball on this list and easily the least sought after (and least valuable?) of all these records. I had gone to the apartment of a pretty well known local punk scenester who had been in bands since the early 80s and wished to sell his collection. It quickly became obvious that (#1) most of the older and better stuff was long gone and (#2) a lot of really, really shitty punk records came out in the 7" glut of the 90s. But somehow the Erratic single was in there. I'm a huge fan of Mike Rep, who has been doing great psych/punk/garage recordings in Ohio since the mid-70s, and this sleeveless 1980 single from just outside Los Angeles is about the closest I've heard another band come to his style.

Hubble Bubble - S/T LP
Ivy Green - S/T LP
Kids - S/T and Naughty Kids LPs

I'm listing these all together as they all fit the theme of top-notch Euro punk albums. These records, along with the Vomit Pigs, Village Pistols, and one copy of the News 7" listed above all came from the same incredible collection of a major punk collector who decided to get out of the collector scum rat race this year. A handful of his records landed on eBay, many more were sold at a pair of NYC record fairs, but the majority of the good stuff went through private sales, and in thanks for a previous favor, I was able to get first dibs. I only wish I had more to spend, but had to cut myself off at about 20 records. I always hate buying LPs from overseas as you get killed on shipping, and there's a higher chance of broken or lost packages, so it was really nice to get these all at once in person.

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