TB Bluesmen,
That was a great fucking article on KBD. I always wonderd about the origins and where the term originated. Your site's become a frickin' invaluable resource for me. I'm completely sincere although I may sound like a total twat. -J.

J.- don't thank me. This was just one of many laudatory e-mails we received regarding this fantastic article. So thanks GG, and please come back with further junk someday. We'll leave a light on...and to all of GG's peers, if you're reading, we want to hear stories from the record collecting trenches from you too. Drop us a line.

Subject: Hey fat boy...
From: criminaliq-at-hotmail.com
To: termibore-at-aol.com

...I'm from London, England - not fuckin Wales.

This short and hilarious missive stems from a review of the Rotten Fruits 7" from the last issue in which I insinuated that Mr. Hurley might hail from a country other than Mother England. Apparently, calling an Englishman Welsh is an incredible insult. Had I only known this, there could have been one less fistfight at Horrible Fest...

Hi there!
in case somebody is interested into french rock (One never knows...), below a new site that features over 400 7" vinyl singles by french rock bands from the 70/80's with 30s sound samples and cover arts...Rock, punk rock, rockabilly, power pop, ska , coldwave, mod, etc... Just have a look and circulate to your friends..
all the best!

Dear French Guy, Awesome site, thanks for the heads up! Anyone of you Francophiles needing a look at that rare Scuba Drivers or Electrick Garbage sleeve should scope this out. A serious resource with a ton of scans of just about any rare French punk/whatever record you can think of. And in case anyone cares I need this record.

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