If you're looking for a link to a particular band or label just go here: www.grunnenrocks.nl . Evert has compiled an unbelievably detailed (and cross-referenced) list of bands, labels, and people. So if you're looking for discographies, track listings, contact info, or anything in between, Grunnen Rocks is the place. The closest thing to the Bible on the internet.


Lipstick Killers:   Mark Murmann's site that contains both CompHELLation, an in-depth guide to KBD, Bloodstains, Back to Front, and all other '78-'83 punk compilations, plus his ACTION! photozine.

Killed By Hype:   An amazing site run by collector and nice guy Paul Routenberg, specializing in KBD-era punk. Detailed lists and reviews of compilations, plus country-by-country discographies. Opinionated and generally dead-on.

Kill from the Heart:   A pretty detailed worldwide hardcore site with a lot of great links and info for mostly pre-1990 acts. A great resource for tracking down those Brazilian hardcore records or if you need to brush up on your Terveet Kadet knowledge. Packed with obscure stuff.

Collectorscum.com:   A page that houses Henry Weld's Music Pages (extensive Australian punk/Radio Birdman discographies) and Volume 3 of the Discography of American Punk, which is a fanatical list of pretty much any early American punk record you can think of, divided by region/state, and with cover scans/pressing info for most of them. Plus, the Discography of Punk 8-Tracks among other things. An incredible resource.

Goner Records:   The world's hottest bulletin board, plus mailorder/news/pics/Memphis courtesy of Eric Oblivian.

Australian Post-Punk:   A comprehensive discography of the Australian post-punk scene, with a lot of sleeve scans. Linked to the No Night Sweats site, which has some interesting MP3's as well.

Hyped to Death:   Chuck Warner's site for his incredible reissue/compliation CDs, plus shitloads of links to most of the bands that appear on them.

The Mod Pop Punk Archives:   Very nice informational site, with discographies, sleeves scans, and MP3's from 1976-1985 power-pop/mod bands.

Trouser Press:   They pretty much stopped paying attention starting in 1996 or so, but for anything before then it's still an invaluable resource for discographies and well-written reviews for all that is/was "New Wave" or "Underground" at the time. E-mail your questions to Ira Robbins himself, he actually answers them.

All Music Guide:   AMG pretty much picked up where Trouser Press left off. Much less reliable, but surprisingly informative on occassion.

Smashin' Transistors:   Dale Merrill's site for great interviews, record reviews, Bancroft Records and more.

Blank Generation:   Where it all started. Joe has been nice to archive the stuff at the On/On Switch site. He's a good guy.

Horizontal Action:   Sex,drugs,and rock'n'roll from the greatest print mag in existence.

Punk Rock Videos:   Great site for video of live shows at a cheap price. Lots of good stuff.

WatchMeEatAHotDog.com:   Does this really need explaining?

Garagepunk Forums:   Check out Kopper's message board to stay up to date on the day-to-day ramblings/news here. Also, check out his Wayback Machine radio show.

Failed Pilot Productions:   From the brains behind the sadly deceased Cimarron Weekend.

Roctober Magazine:   Okay, maybe Roctober is the greatest print mag in existence. They both hail from Chicago. Check out record reviews by the mighty Flamin' Waymon Timbsdale.

Break My Face:   Uber-collector Ryan Richardson's KBD band history site. Go here for the story behind Tapeworm and others.

Savage Magazine:   Long running Swedish garage-rock mag from the Savage Brothers.

Ugly Things:   For the classic garage fan hidden inside us all.

Tian An Men 89 Records:   Crazy label issuing world-wide punk. Site is home to an insane Asian Punk discography, covering thousands of bands/releases from China to Turkey. Also the source of the Eastern European Punk Discography. Amazing.

Modern Drunkard Magazine:   Essays on the art of getting hammered. For serious souses only.

Let Them Eat Lead:   Cool on-line mag, with pdf versions of their issues. Hey, that's a pretty good idea....

No Fuckin' Chance:   If you just can't get enough Nanne Tepper, go here for more reviews, rants, and handy European tour schedule for all of you on the continent.

The Label Index:   Amazing index containing discographies/catalogs for over 2,000 indie/punk labels from the Seventies to the present. Print version coming soon. Massive.

Trakmarx:   UK based web-zine with a mindset similar to ours. Great interviews, features, and the like. Recommended.

Blastitude:   Great e-mag focusing on some more 'out there' sounds, as well as good old punk on occassion as well. Tony Rettman's stuff is particularly good.

No Stages:   All things Dave Hyde. Soon to be finished compendium of writing and photos ans other stuff, plus the home of The Nubees cover project.

Popsike:   Archive of recent record auctions (from eBay and other sites) so you can check out how much that Avengers single you've been thinking of selling has been going for.

Ryan Richardson:   Not just the home of Break My Face, but Strange Sisters (lesbian pulp), Gay on the Range (gay pulp covers), and Negative Feedback (eBay revenge stories). Great reading/looking for a rainy day.

Perfect Sound Forever:   On-line mag that's been around for quite awhile. Tons of great old articles archived here, plus some new stuff occassionally.

Mongerama:   Home to The Monger, KBD collector extraordinaire and moog/porn aficionado.

Black and White Noise:   Great photo site.

Punk Rock Picture Sleeves:   Pretty self-explanatory. Tons of shit, handily divided by country.

Dementlieu Punk Archives:   Detailed and vast site devoted mainly to Eighties punk/hardcore heavyweights. This guy also has an awesome site devoted to Big Black site linked from this.

Exploitation Retrospect:   Quality exploitation film review site that also dips into the zine, music, book, and porn fields.

Low Down Kids:   Home of the Virtual Bootleg and the equally ridiculous, but far more expensive lathe-cut single series. For KBD losers only.

French Record Sleeves:   Jam packed site of nothing but Seventies/Eighties punk rock/new wave records scans. Wow.


Underground Medicine:   The absolute best mailorder/distro out there. Also the home of Rapid Pulse Records.

Know Crap:   Another great one, they accept Paypal, and stock a lot of stuff Disgruntled doesn't have.

Disgruntled Mailorder:   On-line shopping cart and lots of good stuff with pics/tracklistings. They have a 3 7"es for $10 deal too.

Midheaven Mailorder:   Home to Revolver Disrtribution as well, they stock a ton of shit, both inside and out of the garage/punk realm.

Contaminated:   Label/mailorder run by Alicja Trout that features a lot of obscure Memphis and non-Memphis stuff you won't find elsewhere. Very frequent updates.

Bomp! Records:   Home to Bomp Mailorder and all of their affiliated labels, serving up the finest in garage and punk as long as I've been alive. Now accepting PayPal as well.

Bistro Distro:   Canadian distro, small but well stocked in the rarer punk and hardcore spectrums.

Recordshop Base:   The ultimate in Japanese mailorder. Yeah, yeah, I know, the site is Japanese. Doesn't matter, the titles are in English, and you can e-mail them lists of what you want. They gladly accept American record geek money.

Nice-n-Neat Records:   A record label and distro out of Minneapolis run by Hideo from Sweet JAP that has lots of Japanese releases unavailable elsewhere in the States, plus a bunch of other great stuff.

Incognito Records:   German mailorder with the finest in European swag. Once again, the titles are in English, e-mail them with what you want, and they will help you out.

Zaxxon Virile Action:   The best in Canadion mailorder/distro, and home to ZVA Records as well. Lotsa good imports.

Gemm:   Used record sale site. Better deals than you think, and tons of sellers/stock.

Super Happy Fun:   Great mail-order for "unofficial" copies of unreleased, lost, and extremely obscure films. Very reliable.

Diabolik DVD:   All kindsa "officially' released gems here: Jap horror, exploitation, current Euro-trash, and other stuff you won't be seeing at Blockbuster.


There are now a ton of great music blogs out there, most worth checking out every day and many with MP3's: Agony Shorthand, The Next Big Thing, 7 Inch Punk, Looking for Gold, Lexicon Devil, The Punk Vault , Vinyl Mine , Letters Have No Arms , Blog 2 Comm, Something I Learned Today , Strange Reaction , Dressed for the H Bomb , Crud Crud , The Disassembly Line , Post-Punk Junk, Sex Kittens Compare Scratches, The Record Robot, Garage Punk, 200 Lb. Underground , Teenage Gluesniffer , punkrecords.org , An American Punk in Suburbia , Blow Up Doll (girl pop) , , Sonic Corpse Glide (heavy stuff) , Low Down Kids , Little Hits , Worthless Trash , Pure Pop and Static Party.