2006 Mix Tape Monsters

(in diplomatic alphabetical order)

Standouts and "hmm... wow" moments recollected from the piles of 45s slapped onto mix tapes for my car, excluding those singles from late in the year I haven't picked up or listened to yet.

Bayonettes - Stuck In This Rut / Sour (Deranged)
Anthemic LA/Dangerhouse styled two-sider belted out by a chick who can sing and scream. A winner in what can easily fall into a yawn-inducing genre.

Carbonas / Die Rotzz - split (Die Slaughterhaus)
The Carbonas' urgent track "Satisfy Me" alone sates me more than their entire LP — top notch adrenaline rush on par with the "Frothing At The Mouth" and the "Blackout" singles, and Die Rotzz up the ante big time with intense new contributions.

Hibachi Stranglers - Our City Doesn't Stink All The Time (Florida's Dying)
Fugged up, yet precise and coherent, creepy, over-the-top garage punk. Fresh, brash, instantly memorable. A masterpiece for the new millennium.

Hipshakes - Big Black Hole / Never Enough (Goner)
Misleading band name conjures up feelgood sixties retreading, not the spastic, blink-and-it's-over garage punk caterwaul spewed forth. Dare I say this tops the Slovenly 45?

Home Blitz - Apocolyptic Grades 2005 AD (self-released)
This fucker blindsided everybody, and rightly so. Pure pop channeled through crude garage/DIY sensibilities.

Imaginary Icons - Eye Con / Fade (Daggerman)
Similar to Tyvek below, moody UK DIY comparisons abound, and the sublime hooks of "Eye Con" won't exit my brain.

Ivan And The Terribles - Camel Clutch +3 (Yammering Half Wit Productions)
Graft the Turnbuckles from Minnesota onto Wisconsin 25 years later and the ensuing racket would resemble this tatty crew. The bass player gets into some serious cock-thrusting action.

Nix - Speed Freaks EP (self-released)
These sneering skateboarders manage to one-up their mythical debut with a catchier, equally snotty effort.

Tyvek - Mary Ellen Claims / Honda (X! Records)
Forget the flipside; "Mary Ellen Claims" is possibly the best new song I heard all year. Mere words like "Wire," "haunting" and "postpunk" can't do it justice. Just go out and buy the damn thing, already.

Wax Museums - Mosquito / I Eat Vomit / Worm (Rehab)
brevity + moronic lyrics + urinals bashing + drum machine = i want more more more. did i mention brevity?

Honorable Mentions

Angry Angles - Apparent Transparent EP (Plastic Idol) and split w/ Digital Leather (Shattered)
This band's songwriting excels with each release, and after seeing them live in Boston, I especially dig their bipolar nature — the calculated, intricate studio side and the frantic, hyperspeed live versions.

Formaldehyde Junkies - Jesus Christ Vice Grip EP (Fashionable Idiots)
Sloppy, tuneful hardcore/punk with an instantly recognizable sound and amazing titles like "Negligent Binge Of Self Destruction." I'm no hardcore expert, and I'm admittedly picky about the genre, but count me pickled aboard this bender.

Haunted George – 45s on Nasty Product and Solid Sex Lovie Doll
Though I’m very apprehensive about one-man-band releases, ex-Beguiled and Necessary Evils sicko Steve Pallow delivers what must be hell’s version of folk music. I always hit rewind a good two times when “Down At The Lone Wolf Club” finishes playing.

Homostupids - The Glow EP (My Mind's Eye)
Opening cut "Apeshit" careens out of control like early Jerry's Kids, at the cusp when hardcore just morphed from simply "fast punk." The best 30 seconds you'll have away from your favorite "weird porn™" site.

Tri City Thundercats - Rapid Transit / Simulucra (Myoclonic)
Criminally stupid band name aside, upstart label Myoclonic presents two near-perfect artpop tunes which end before you've fully digested what you loved about them. So you listen to them again and again.

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