1. Evil Army Ė S/T LP/CD (Get Revenge)
Brutal thrash metal from Memphis. I love this band and this album fucking kills. Iím glad to see that they are touring too, 'cuz when I see emí there will be an Indian war mosh going on. Deal with it.

2. Hue Blancís Joyless Ones Ė Fait Accompli LP (P.Trash)
A great record that grows on ya like the moss does on those trees in the backwoods of Algoma. I love the Algoma boys, and they are some of the best people Iíve partied with in all my years of being an ass kicker. ďFait AccompliĒ is also a great Sunday morning hangover record.

3.Iron Maiden Ė A Matter Of Life And Death CD (Sanctuary)
Iron Maiden still got what it takes to put out classic metal. ďA Matter Of Life And DeathĒ is one of the best records Iron Maiden has put out in years. Most of the songs are nine-plus minutes long, but seeing as Iron Maiden is probably the most epic heavy metal band around they need to make each of their songs epic. On that note Iíd like to add that Nicko McBrain is a total fuckiní dude.

4. Razor Fist Ė Razor Fist Force CD (Trigger-on-the-Dutendoo)
This album brings me back to my high school glory days. It was a time when I had greasy long hair, a stone washed jean jacket, and my walkman with metal tapes. Chixxx hated me, but I didnít care because metal was the only thing that mattered back then. Razor Fist really capture the classic early 90ís thrash on their album, and the singerís metal screams are so wild he sounds like a yodeler. Epic yet trepic.

5. The Cuts Ė From Here On Out (Birdman)
It seemed to me that not too many people paid much attention to this album. Itís a lot different that ď2 Over 10Ē for sure. To me its more like a 70ís glam rock-n-roll album rather than their previous efforts. It is another album that grows on you over time.


Devo @ Oneida Casino Green Bay
Seeing Devo was a lifelong dream come true for me. The concert was pretty awesome, and Devo fucking got pretty wild. The only shitty things at the concert were Bow Wow Wow and the fucking tools that tried talking shit to me and Atom V. I pretty much needed to be held back, because I was gonna put the boots to those fuckheads. For the safety of others around me and for the tools that started shit-talking they were lucky I didnít lay a Turd Moonsault from the top of the speakers on to them.

Horizontal Action Blackout 2006
Itís finally over and The Blackout is done and just a memory. I will miss going to this every year, and not just for the music either. I met a lot of great people and made some pretty fucking good friends because of this event. From getting almost kicked out on the first night to tearing the house down on the Brian Costello show, it was a blast. I got to see a lot of great bands like Terrible Twos, Persuaders, Marked Men, Time Flys, Cheater Slicks, and The Mirrors. Iím still kicking myself for missing Mangina though.

The Feelers @ Maritime Bar Appleton
The Feelers played at a few blocks from my house, and they killed. The place was packed and they seemed to have a really good time. The BBQ at Holcombís Bar & Grill before hand was pretty stellar too. Now I just wish that the owner of the Maritime would get his head out of his ass and start booking good shows. The guy booked a couple more shows, but bailed out and cancelled because he doesnít know rock-n-roll!

Birthday Suits/We March @ Main Stage Bar Green Bay
Birthday Suits were pretty incredible on this particular night. It was probably the best time Iíve seen them too. Mathew is a pretty fucking insane drummer, and Hideo is no slouch either. We March always kills live too. I think they are way underrated in the hardcore scene, and also check out the huge We March interview I did for the next TB!


I was originally going to choose Samoa Joe again for WOTY. Then out of the blue Kurt Angle jumps ship to TNA after getting canned from WWE. TNA pulled the wool over every wrestling fan's eyes with the big surprise of Kurt Angle. I was then going to choose Kurt Angle for WOTY but didnít. Now the moment weíve been all waiting for......WOTY is......Homicide! Homicide is part of the best tag team in the business today, LAX (Latin American Exchange). Homicide can brawl and wrestle in pretty much any type of match against any type of opponent. Along with his partner Hernandez and manager Konnan, LAX have won the NWA tag titles a couple of times this year, and are the current champs. LAX were also involved in an intense fued with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Two of their matches are definitely match of the year candidates. The first being the Ultimate X match and the other is the Six Sides of Steel cage match. All this is good enough reason to make Homicide WOTY, but the biggest achievement for Homicide has to be him defeating Bryan Danielson for the Ring Of Honor world title this past December. Bryan Danielson held the title for fifteen-plus months and it seemed like nobody was going to beat him any time soon. Finally, Homicide got the title shot he deserved, overcame the odds, and beat Danielson to become the new ROH champ. Hereís to you Mr. 187, for being the wrestler of the year!

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