SHORT EYES: Bloodstains Across Reagan’s Coffin

A Tour Diarrhea

By Mitch Cardwell


SHORT EYES was a punk band from Oakland. The formed, functioned and disbanded all within 2004. The members envisioned a band that scared the shit out of people with 70s punk-inspired songs with an overtly vicious delivery. The sound of the band was either kept secret or vaguely explained (“Bean says we sound like The Fall”) to curious parties until the band’s live debut. For about 15 minutes in a damp Oakland basement, the band flat-out attacked the audience on all fronts, musically and physically, causing close friends and unknown on-lookers alike to run in fear. To this day, the best description of the band’s sound and presentation was thrown out at this show: “European Killed By Death meets Born Against”. For anyone who knew the members, seeing them in action for the first time was a huge surprise. I don’t think anyone ever expected to hear the violent sounds unleashed by the band, let alone see their well-mannered, polite vocalist explode at the drop of a hat. The line-up that was responsible for all songwriting, recording and 99% of their California live shows was:

Vicious Vince – drums (Vince (last name withheld), self-proclaimed “East Bay Grease” and MRR shitworker)
Bad Korea – guitar (“Bean”, currently known as Gene Splice)
Aleksander Terrible – bass (Aleksander Prechtl, formerly of Hate Mail Express)
Icki – vocals (Mark Murrmann, MRR and CompHELLation fame, ex-Rock’N’Roll Blitzkrieg honcho)

In late June 2004, Short Eyes embarked on what would be their only U.S. tour, “Bloodstains Across Reagan’s Coffin”, dubbed affectionately in correspondence with the death of Punk’s patron saint. Armed with a tub of hand-screened T-shirts and 100 bloodied CD-Rs of their only recording, the band was ready to hit the road. I forced my way into tagging along with them, offering to help out in any way I could (merch table, picking up heavy shit, driving, bro-jobs, etc.). A problem presented itself when Terrible’s busy work and school schedule prevented him from taking part in the tour. His suggested replacement was a Sacramento, California wild-man that was known and feared by many. The touring line-up was:

Vicious Vince – drums
Bad Korea – guitar
Martin Heroin – bass (van and trailer owner, backslider, malcontent)
Icki – vocals
And, unfortunately…
Bitch Deluxe – mountain and fists (fat guy, asshole, nurse, MC of TB)


Short Eyes hopped on this show at the last minute. Terrible had set up this show for The Red Onions, whom Short Eyes had befriended in Los Angeles on their trip down south. In retrospect, the pairing seemed quite odd, but certainly made for great shows. This was the first full show with Heroin on bass and the level of uneasiness increased drastically. Disgustingly, Heroin was clad in cut-off shots, biker boots and a leather vest. He would remain shirtless for the next three weeks, wearing the vest every…single…day. During their set, I remember Icki screaming in Mimi and (my girlfriend) Karri’s faces during “A/C Transit”, which I thought was hilarious. Dan On/On Switch got a serious kick out of their Dow Jones & The Industrials cover (debuted for the first time here, I believe). Bad Korea handled merch for the first night, and I believe they sold more CDs and shirts on this night than any other night of the tour, no thanks to me. My night basically consisted of over-priced tall cans, hellos, goodbyes and arguing with my girlfriend about my lack of preparation and burritos. I left for laundry duties (which, it should be mentioned, took place at two different locations 40 miles apart from each other) and slept 3 hours before meeting up with the other guys.

6/27 :: TRAVEL DAY
At 9am, Bad Korea informed us that someone had mysteriously broken into his apartment and stolen 60 Short Eyes CDs. Perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect. We made all the necessary calls to prevent this scoundrel from selling these CDs to the local record stores (Bad Korea is a used buyer at the much-famed Amoeba Music in Berkeley, CA). Our touring vessel would be Martin’s mid-90s Ford mini-van. Yes, MINI-van. An early pit stop in Sacramento for final van touches and Pancake Circus (where the waitress told Icki he was “very doable” while taking our order) proved to be a fruitful one. From that point forward, we hauled ass to Denver: 28 straight hours, stopping only at firework stands and truck stops. Places like Love’s, T.A. and Flying J are good for three things: fried food, cheap soda/coffee and runny malt liquor shit sessions (Costello’s Functional Blackouts tour scorecard tipped me off to this, and I can say that I experienced this on a semi-daily basis for the entire three weeks). Cabin fever, motion sickness, and irritable bowel syndrome popped up quick. In a word: hallucinogenic. Vicious assigned a special amount of importance to listening to Born Against as the sun was coming up in Wyoming. I found it strangely cool as well.

6/28 :: Denver, CO – Monkey Mania (FRIENDS FOREVER warehouse)
Denver is a fairly unimpressive city. I don’t drink Coors. I ate my usual “play-it-safe” meal (a club sandwich and fries) at a Greek restaurant while everyone else scarffed humus and other hippie food. Icki redeemed himself by stuffing a quarter-pound 7-11 smoked sausage INSIDE a custard-filled chocolate éclair and eating it for $1.00. Pictures exist (THANK GOD!). Monkey Mania is the warehouse/loft inhabited by in-van rockers Friends Forever. The show had something like 7 bands, nearly all of which were ironic, over-sexed 80s synth crap. I assumed that this was a coastal phenomenon, but things have apparently spread all over. These are sad, sad times we live in. Short Eyes set off hundreds of fireworks during their set, filling the room with so much smoke that I had to RUN outside to breathe. They were shooting bottle rockets and whatever else at the crowd. Not to be outdone, the crowd shot fireworks at the band, which only intensified the chaos. Bad Korea suffered a NASTY burn to his calf, which became infected and was a constant source of disgust for everyone. No merch sold (SHOCKER!!!), but the Monkey folks put us up. I slept on a questionable, filthy futon mattress in the middle of the warehouse. Alcohol, fake blood, real blood and fireworks residue blanketed the floor. It was actually totally great! My trend of throwing away my socks every time I changed them started here. We awoke to a call from a friend at Amoeba that had recovered the stolen Short Eyes CDs! The asshole actually tried to sell them to the store Bad Korea worked at! What are the odds? Mimi shipped them to our buddy in Shreveport and they were there, awaiting our arrival. I would expel black snot and boogers for the next three days.

6/29 :: Lawerence, KS - Pirate House
6/30 :: Lawerence, KS - Replay Lounge (SHOW CANCELLED)

Vicious is a Lawerence native, so we were welcomed with open arms. The Pirate House was his old house and he used to throw shows there, so this was an important homecoming in more ways than one. We were greeted with a vegan feast, High Life on ice and two-ply bath tissue. I was convinced we were in heaven. The openers were clearly Built To Spill/Modest Mouse enthusiasts, but Short Eyes covered the night in beer and, thankfully, less indoor fireworks. Immediately after their set, I went to take a piss. In mid-stream, some hippie walked in and asked “Did you just start or are you almost finished?” It was the single best question I’ve ever been asked. We spent the night drinking on the porch (a truly fantastic ‘Merican activity that I had never really taken part in), yelling and giving into our inner pyromaniacs by drenching people’s limbs in Everclear and lighting them up. Heroin ripped his shorts (one of three pairs he brought) off and threw them on the roof. Bad Korea took a piss over my shoulder, which, by this point, didn’t seem all that weird. I’m also pretty sure that he was the first Korean to run through the residential streets of Lawrence, KS while wearing creepers at 4am. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I woke up to a very sweaty (possibly nude) Vicious sleeping next to me. He regularly engaged in bedtime terrorism: dumping people out of their bags and inserting of foreign foods were popular among his other tried-and-true infuriating tactics. For breakfast, we hit up Steak’N’Shake. Thank you Baby Jesus for that fine, fine establishment. Heroin ordered a peach/cappuccino milkshake…shirtless. The bar-show was cancelled, so we hit a great record store (where I picked up Inflatable Boy Clams, Icky Boyfriends and Crimson Sweet singles!) and made off to “The Lake”. Armed with a 12-pack and a boom box, my experience at the lake was my first (and probably best) quintessential Midwest moment. The scenery, the people, the tunes (copious Journey and Boston blasting) and the vibes were all too perfect. I could’ve stayed there a week and been fine with it.

7/01 :: Shreveport, LA - KSCL Radio
We drove through the night and got pulled over (no tail lights!) just outside of Arkansas. The sheriff took a liking to Heroin’s bulging pecks and cruiser attire and let us off with the agreement that we would stop at the rest area right past the border and cool it ‘til sun-up. Naturally, I couldn’t sleep. I spent the next four hours watching traffic and the sunrise. Right before everyone woke up, a semi-toothless man pulled up in his pick-up and cruised me for hot gay sex. FINALLY! I respectfully declined, as I could tell he had a lot of yard work to do, if you know what I mean. Just outside of Louisiana, we were denied Waffle House (due to Heroin’s attire, or lack thereof). Instead, I found myself eating a sandwich named “Dude” at Dairy Queen. We arrived at the doorstep of the incredibly hospitable 2004 Southern Gentlemen, Chris Brown. Again, High Life on ice, porch drinking and a vegan feast greeted us. I only mention the vegan thing (I love the meat) because it was a big deal for Bad Korea and Vicious, who had survived on little more than side orders of fries and shitty salads for the bulk of the trip. Chris gave us the grand tour of Shreveport, which included a great thrift store and a much-hyped trip to Southern Maid, makers of what have to be the finest donuts in the universe. Chris had set up a show at KSCL and booked a pirate-themed gangsta rap band (Pillage People) to open things up. Fire and ice my friends, fire and ice. I don’t think the Short Eyes set has ever been broadcasted, but the tapes Chris gave us sound better than the rough-mix CD-Rs that we were selling. Coolest nightclub/upholstery shop of the entire tour: SHREVE TRIM. Shreveport was the first instance where lighting and shooting bottle rockets IN THE VAN didn’t seem like all that dumb of an idea. Perhaps foolishly, Chris would join us on our journey for the next four days.

7/02 :: New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar w/THE ORIGINAL THREE
The caravan arrived early enough for a decent stroll down Bourbon St., which I found to be quite pricey and merely semi-impressive. Saw a strip bar that offered a special “WASH THE GIRL OF YOUR CHOICE” teaser, which had Heroin beside himself for the remainder of the tour. His cry of “All I want to do is wash an ass” was heard on a daily basis. We ran into Bateman (Therapeutic Records honcho, NOLA booking dude, WatchMeEatAHotDog.com guru) at Crystal Burger (the ghetto, inferior, Southern version of White Castle) and made our way to The Circle Bar. After loading in, we were greeted by Icki’s old buddy, Mr. Tom Hopkins. Tom is a former MRR coordinator and famously loud-mouthed drunk. His presence was the saving grace of an otherwise insane evening. I took 20+ pictures of Tom getting spanked by random passers-by. I will not show any of these because I’m sure it could lead to him being disbarred (he’s a lawyer or the mayor or something). NOLA was Heroin’s time to shine. After an endless stream of vodka-cokes (I know…he’s crazy), Short Eyes played while Heroin disrobed completely and shot four bottle rockets OUT OF HIS PENIS (first words he said the following morning: “My dick is gray”). He knocked drinks out of on-lookers’ hands (mine included) and broke the P.A. while climbing on it. The bartender HOSED HIM DOWN while he was “playing”, which is one of the funniest, most disturbing images these eyes have ever seen. I advised the band to load up quickly and we got the fuck outta there, crashing at a hotel an hour outside of NOLA. Great town. I’d love to see it again without Heroin’s balls.

7/03 :: Jackson, MS - Martin's Lounge w/NOWHERE SQUARES (SHOW CANCELLED)
7/04 :: Memphis, TN – SHOW CANCELLED
Bateman had informed us that our Jackson AND Memphis shows had fallen through due to (A) the holiday weekend and (B) everyone in the surrounding area having far more interest in The Neckbones/Final Solutions/Dutch Masters show in Memphis. Hey, seemed like a reasonable explanation to me. So reasonable, in fact, that we decided to go to the show ourselves. There’s no way I could possibly convey what went down in Memphis in a short blurb. We did shit that could only be recounted in an epic poem or “America’s Most Wanted” dramatization. It was 36 of the most chaotic hours I’ve ever spent, pure and simple. It started at 5pm on July 3rd at the Goner store and ended the next night on Jay Reatard’s porch with a glass of gasoline. In between, there was a fantastic show, a visit to a speakeasy, breaded mushrooms, more porch drinking, lots of blood, cops, an ambulance, an emergency room visit (10 stitches for Vicious’ hand), shredded pork covered in ketchup, blown-up Epoxies records, more cops and an endless stream of wisdom/spite from Jay. Unfuckingbelievable. We left under the cover of night, which was probably the best thing to do. If Short Eyes actually had a show in Memphis, this would’ve been the greatest two days in the history of mankind. Or something.

7/05 :: Indianapolis, IN – Day Off
7/06 :: Bloomington, IN – Bluebird
We stayed at Icki’s mom’s place and did some serious stretching and decompressing. Never again will I underestimate the power of home-cooking and clean carpet. Icki’s family also did this awesome thing where they dip barbecued ears of corn in mason jars that are filled with butter, milk and sugar. MIDWEST BITCH! MIDWEST!!! I wish I would’ve taken a picture of Short Eyes in the hot tub out back, but I try to stay away from porn. Vicious dubbed Indianapolis (and the hot tub, specifically) “Acapulco” and I would have to agree. We made our way to Bloomington and met up with Seth Mahern of John Wilkes Booze for a (surprise!) vegan feast. These two days were a big homecoming for Icki and the show at The Bluebird was well attended and well received. Short Eyes played one of their finest shows (with Vicious’ injury being a relative non-factor), ending with Icki swinging from the rafters and Seth tackling and screaming at the band. After the show, we trekked across the street to The Video Lounge and closed the fucker down. Icki was in rare form: mirrored police-issue sunglasses, Las Vegas visor, baby-blue DMZ shirt, horrible tie, porn mustache, drunk off his fucking ass and singing Zero Boys tunes into a longneck bottle of Bud. That image will forever be burned in my brain. We ran around the bar and danced to Misfits and Zero Boys tunes. Bad Korea almost got his swerve on. I was told that I was the first white dude to ever order Red Stripe in Bloomington. Heroin stayed sober but still ended up with a vibrating cock ring by night’s end. I saw a “Cutter” with Breaking Away hair. No bike race though. On the way back, Vicious lit a rather large, explosive firework and placed it on my crotch. Then he took a piss out of the van’s passenger window.

7/07 :: Detroit, MI - Small's w/TENTACLE LIZARDO (SHOW CANCELLED)
Our time in Detroit really isn’t all that noteworthy. The show (at a “Polish Village” just outside Detroit???) was cancelled, which we didn’t figure out until one hour after we had loaded into the club. Total horseshit. Heroin cursed the city and everything it stood for and soon took a nosedive into a tall can of Sparks. The rest of us met up with Tom Perkins and Ian from The Piranhas at the bar on Cass. The bar was having “Bluegrass Night”. No, the irony of meeting a member of The Piranhas on “Bluegrass Night” wasn’t lost on me. Had a few drinks and headed to a cheap hotel in Ann Arbor for R’N’R. Rock City slept that night, apparently. Heroin, wanting no part of the hotel, crashed in the van. When we walked out to the van in the morning, he informed us that he had taken a shit in plastic grocery bag and tied the bag, “duke” included, to the back windshield wiper. Class. We’re talking serious class.

7/08 :: TRAVEL DAY
7/09 :: Milwaukee, WI – Barely Legal House - w/HOLY SHIT!
I was really looking forward to Milwaukee. Heroin did some time there on a Sores tour a while back and made friends with Wendy WhatWeDoIsSecret, who agreed to put our stinky asses up for a couple of days. Much to my surprise, Ryan Kill-A-Watt lived at the house as well. He introduced me to cheese curds and beer brats, both of which impressed me. On the night off (again), we were able to catch sets by The Ponys and Night Terrors. Ran into many friends I had made at The Blackout, which was really cool. NickG informed me that Catholic Boys would NOT be playing with Short Eyes, which was a HUGE fucking bummer. Drank way too much at the show and forced myself to stay sober at the Barely Legal show. Barely Legal…now that’s what I call a punk house. If I didn’t have fleas before I got there, I certainly had them afterwards. Ran into every Wisconsin shithead (Lastname, Trickknee, various Catholic Boys, etc.) under the sun there and was damn happy to see everyone. Well, not Todd. Short Eyes went wild, probably surprising/embarrassing the hell out of the TB’ers in attendance. Icki smashed a light bulb and sent shards of glass everywhere. The luckiest piece of glass imbedded itself in a female breast. At the time, I thought was the absolute coolest fucking thing I had ever seen. Short Eyes makes tits bleed. Good ones too! She showed me! Twice! I also met one of the lovely women from The Tears, but she ran away from me when glass got in her eye. Holy Shit! continued the over-the-top nature of the show and flat-out ruled. Best hardcore band in the Midwest right now, no doubt about it. We headed back to Ryan and Wendy’s and I stared at Ryan’s copy of The Lost Sounds’ Solid Sex Lovie Doll single until the sun came up.

7/10 :: St. Paul, MN – Big V’s
Heading into Minneapolis/St. Paul, I had one thing on my mind: FRIED MACCARONI AND CHEESE. San Francisco punk kingpin and fellow large mammal Floyd demanded that I investigate the orgasmic delight of Grumpy’s signature dish. I must say that these fried nuggets of the gods DO NOT disappoint and I demand every man, woman and child eat a batch before they die. Steve Strange was our guide and friendly face, which was much appreciated by all. Big V’s was exactly what the guys were looking for, having been relatively bar-free since Bloomington. The crowd reaction seemed to be far more severe at this show. People headed to the back of the room immediately after the band started. Icki did his best to engage them (jumping on tables, running in the rest rooms, hopping on the bar, etc), but it didn’t seem to work. All became clear when the fucking folk-punk band with a violin got the crowd batty with delight. Steve cleaned out the best of Icki’s personal batch of singles he brought with him and his contributions made up for a serious lag in the merch income department. Vicious pissed out of the window AGAIN on our way out of town.

7/11 :: Day Off
7/12 :: TRAVEL DAY
7/13 :: Spokane, WA - B-Side
All I can say about the drive from St. Paul to Spokane is that it’s long. Realllllllllly long. I think when we hit Washington, a collective “almost home…” sigh was unleashed. Naturally, our contact and host in Spokane was the famous swinging playboy known as Pat Smick. We got to his house about 1am on 7/12 and started drinking. The following morning, Smick gave me a copy of the elusive Conmen (shhhhhhhhh…pre-Hunches!) 7”EP and I was all smiles. The show at The B-Side wasn’t a crowded one, but I think it made Pat happy. The guys went nuts (like always), but Heroin was in insanity mode once again. Perhaps angered by the low turnout or turned off by the watered-down drinks, Heroin screamed at the crowd and broke a glass over his head, opening a gash on the side of his skull. It was the only time that the illusion of violence at a Short Eyes show became real (or too real) and all of us were a little on edge. Only a special kind of person can bust the butt end of a mixed drink glass over his or her own head. Heroin’s that sort of special.

7/14 :: Seattle. WA - Funhouse - w/MEXICAN BLACKBIRDS
Although we saw flyers everywhere, the attendance at the show was next to nothing. It essentially amounted to The Mexican Blackbirds watching Short Eyes and Short Eyes watching The Mexican Blackbirds. Seattle was definitely Bad Korea’s city. After an hour of serious drinking by all parties involved, Jill from The MBs was paid $28.00 to break Bad Korea’s nose (the fulfillment of a rather peculiar fetish of his: “Broken noses are sexy…I want one…And I want a girl to break it”). She hit him 5 times, missing his nose each time. Pictures exist. She gave us $10 back and Bad Korea’s face was swollen. We made our way to the crash pad, but Icki and Vicious stayed up, swigging plum brandy and vomiting on the porch. Bad Korea woke up with produce in his underwear (courtesy of Vicious) and a slight shiner. Either Jill can’t punch (VERY doubtful) or BK’s a quick healer (probable). Oh…Vicious took a piss on my chest while I was sleeping too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Seattle.

7/15 :: Olympia, WA – Rang Dong
Olympia is a strange fucking place filled with strange fucking people. Where else can you get “Elephant Ears” (carnival food delight that simply must be seen and eaten to be believed) and “Family Packs” of Budweiser? Our host (one of Heroin’s old chums) immediately reminded me of the man-breasted psycho hipster from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. The resemblance was uncanny and caused me a fair amount of stress. The show was thrown (meaning not booked, folks just have shows there without the permission of management) at Vietnamese pool hall, located behind a rather suspect strip mall. I referred to the venue as “Where No One Can Hear You Scream”. The pool hall was divided into two rooms, one of which we were told to stay out of or “bad shit would happen”. As you might suspect, their primary business had nothing to do with booze or pool. Nice. I was convinced we were going to be sold into white slavery if Short Eyes were their usual wild selves. Luckily, the opening act (a one-man performance/noise piece revolving around a novel that doesn’t exist and the medical power of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album, courtesy of our Dolls host) proved that the hard-asses that ran the place had an incredibly high tolerance for the sort of bullshit commonly associated with, uh, bullshit. Short Eyes managed to clear the nose-candy gloom drones out of the room, which wasn’t much of a shocker. The show didn’t help morale at all, but it was certainly one of the most interesting/stressful evenings of the tour. Bad Korea ate a Fish Burger for breakfast the next morning.

7/16 :: Portland, OR – Twilight – w/MARKED MEN, MINDS, ELECTRIC EYE
Portland felt a lot like home. All of us had spent time there, so there was plenty of familiar territory and friendly faces. Jesse KnowCrap played host and let us pillage his distro, toilet and completely heterosexual rose garden. Jeff Greenback drove all the way from Vancouver to shoot the shit with us, which was a pleasant surprise. The show itself was one that we had all been looking forward to (who wouldn’t?) and the guys played one of their best shows in front of a packed house. The one downer was that, in spite of our constant nagging, Sarah from The Hunches wanted no part of the “Break Bad Korea’s Nose” game. I’m certain a go-getter like her would’ve done the job perfectly, but it wasn’t meant to be. After the show, we were escorted to Voodoo Donuts by a friendly batch of Portland punks. Vicious, filled to the brim with liquid courage, foolishly blabbed that he could eat 5 fritters in 30 minutes. Sounds possible, but these weren’t your average fritter. A Voodoo Donuts fritter is weighs rough half a pound and is covered in peanut butter, chocolate, banana chips, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, sugar and some ultra healthy grease/butter/lard substance. They were Hell Fritters. 5 of them weighed 3.5 pounds. Vicious dove in, but it was over before it started. He made it through 2 and a half…but they didn’t stay down long. It was time to head home.

The best decision we made on the entire tour was leaving Portland in the middle of the night. While the other members attempted to bathe and relax, I tried to salvage my gig and actually attempt some sort of roadie activity. I was assigned the task of finding as much beef blood as I could so the band could dump it on the crowd at Gilman St. This ultimate “Fuck You” was hatched by the Short Eyes brain trust almost immediately after their formation, and was pushed back until their very last show. After calling countless meat wholesalers and butcher shops throughout the East Bay, all I could muster was a pint of fresh beef blood. Who knew blood was so hard to come by? After all the piss, vomit, and cheese sauce I had seen in the previous three weeks, I was convinced that a pint wouldn’t scare a roomful of punks at Gilman St., especially the crowd at this particular show. MRR had been ga-ga over NHFTK and the show was filled with staffers, all of whom were especially keen on catching a glimpse of Icki and Vicious’ band. Watching them react to the songs, the performance and (thankfully) the blood was like watching an early 70s screening of Jaws. As soon as Icki spilled it, it was over. Close friends of all four Short Eyes members ran to the back of the room in horror, just as they had at the first show. Heroin relinquished his bass duties to Terrible for the final half of the set, but managed to stir things up from the sidelines. It wasn’t the bloodbath they had originally hoped for, but they went out on a high note. After the show, all goodbyes, thank yous and fuck yous were thrown out. I felt tinges of all the romanticized, Cometbus-inspired travel tales…but I also felt absolutely filthy. All I knew was that I was sad to see my favorite band play their last show, incredibly thankful and, for some unhealthy reason, couldn’t wait to go on tour again.


VICIOUS: Working the cash register at Amoeba in Berkeley and drinking beer on his porch.
HEROIN: In Sacramento, busy with THE SORES and fighting off unwanted houseguests.
BAD KOREA: Pricing your used records at Amoeba in Berkeley and playing bass in BATTLESHIP. He still wants a broken nose.
TERRIBLE: Selling walnuts to hippies in Berkeley and singing in BATTLESHIP.
ICKI: Moved to Ann Arbor, MI two weeks after tour. He’s currently training to become an embedded journalist in a special program offered by the U.S. Military. I’m told his drill sergeant says he’s doable.


Raw Deluxe has just started work on releasing the lone Short Eyes recording on vinyl. Those who were lucky enough to snatch a tour CD-R know that the recording suffers from a painfully rushed mix. Chris Woodhouse has agreed to get the fucker done right, so work will begin on that very soon. Check the Raw Deluxe website religiously for release info. If all goes according to plan, it should be available before year’s end. In the meantime, check out Battleship and The Sores. You won’t regret it.




Live b/w pics by Bitch Deluxe
Color pic by Chris Brown
All other b/w pics by Icki
Mitch Cardwell
P.O. Box 23882
Oakland, CA 94623