1. Stooges - s/t 2xLP (Elektra) remastered version with extra tracks HOLY FUCK. I fall into a drugged stupor every time I listen to this. The second LP (or CD, if you swing that way) is all outtakes, mixes done by John Cale that weren't deemed up to snuff for the Stooge crew. But just listen to the mind-melting take of "Ann" on the second disk. How the fuck did that not make the cut? It's like musical heroin, straight in your vien, expressway to your heart, head. Though I don't think the lads from Ann Arbor were quite up to the level of serious opiates yet, this stretch of music portends Iggy's mid-70s junkie meltdown. Seriously. Plus it's total fucking heroin in that I can't stop listening it. Beat my head against a wall. Slobbering. This is music on a totally different level. I swear this double LP set was worth the $26.
  2. Pets – Sticky Situations 7" (Sweet Rot) Catchy, poppy, punky, spunky, sticky. Whatever. It's a great first from Sweet Rot and the Pets.
  3. Cococomas – 7", split +live There are lots of great bands from Chicago. Cococoma are one of my favorites at the moment.
  4. Maggots – (Let's Get) Tammy Wynette 7" (Discourage) High-quality reissue that is long overdue. If it had included a reproduction of the original, limited toy maggot that came with some of the records, this would have been beyond perfect.
  5. Ghetto Ways - Party Down 7" (Contaminated) Better than their recent, second album. four songs that totally live up to the title, smartly packaged in a spray-painted paper bag.
  6. X- Aspirations LP (International Electronics) I seriously never tire of listening to this record.
  7. Sonic's Rendezvous Band In anticipation of the 6 CD box set coming out in September, I've been gorging myself (more than usual) on all the Sonic's Rendezous Band material I can get my hands on. Almost all of it is live, sub-par quality, in terms of recording. But the music is just blistering. I used to wonder why people bought all those shitty live recordings of the Stooges, Dead Boys, not to mention the Stones...and fuck, any band. Now that I am one of those people, I kinda get. It's a craving to hear more, any scrap.
  8. Busy Signals - Can't Feel a Thing 7" (Shit Sandwich) For completely different reasons, the Busy Signals are my other favorite, current Chicago band (Cococoma are the other, see above). Their "Can't Feel a Thing" sealed it for me. I mean the first was good, but this is as close to a perfect 7" as I've heard this year. Absolutely killer punk rocked by a pop hurricane.
  9. Scandinavian punk I'm not one of those people falling over themselves trying to track down the super-limited versions of the already hard-to-find Kick 'n' Punch releases. I settle for the domestic (that is, US) releases of the current crop of Scandinavia hardcore that is hardcore more in the way that a lot of early punk bands were considered hardcore: They played punk, fast. Think the Zero Boys. This crop of Scandinavian punk hits my ears with the kind of hardcore I can sink my teeth into. I need even just a little melodic touch and this shit has it in spades.
  10. Grit, Noise and Revolution: the Birth of Detroit Rock 'n' Roll (David A. Carson) This book details the rise (and fall) of Detroit-area rock, from the R&B of the early '50s through the hardrock of the late '70s. It starts off a dry, like an encyclopedic blow-by-blow of who was in what band and who recorded them. But once it hits the mid-60s, the heart of the book, it gets more colorful, more readable.


Top Ten Records Sitting in Stacks in My Apartment, that have yet to be listened to (no order - in top ten based on anticipation and level of guilt over not having listened to)

  • The Yips - Bofire in a Dixie Cup LP (I love there first single. This has been sitting here sealed for a couple weeks. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Curley Weaver - 1933/1950 LP (Rare country blues recordings reissued on an Austrian label. Has BLind Willie McTell on it, one of my favorites. Just got it so I don't feel guitly about his one. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Various - Dance Calypso! LP (Actually did a little dance when I found this one on Monday. A Cook Labs record on colored vinyl. Calypso from the 1950s. I am in heaven. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Chico Hamilton - El Exicente LP (I love Chico's Impulse stuff a lot. This is on Flying Dutchman so it is either great or it blows. "Electric Saxophone" is in the credits. Don't remember when I picked this up. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Dahmane Ben Achour - Musique Classique Alerienne LP (I'll buy any record where the dude on the cover is wearing a fez especially if I know I won't find it again. Got this in Paris in April. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Mort Sahl - At Sunset LP (For about 5 years the only person who could touch Mort was Lenny Bruce and I think Mort is funnier. Actually Mort is more of a political commentator while Lenny was a philosopher...or something like that. Anyway, here is a Mort I haven't heard yet. Right time period and on red vinyl. Found it a few weeks ago for $4 so why pass it up? I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Various - Mexican Rock and Roll Rumble and Psych-out even Souther of the Border LP (A comp of Latin American 60s garage & psych which I know has to be good. It's just that I haven't had the time to play it in the year and a half since I got it. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Alan Vega - s/t LP (Truth be told I did put this on the turntable and dropped a needle on it but then the phone rang and I had to go into the other room and the only creatures who heard this were the silverfish that infest this place and the possum that hangs out on the roof. It's only been here since April. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Operation S - s/t LP (Never bothered to pick this up when it came out but my buddy Ryan said that I need to pick up a gatefold edition when I was in Paris cuz he wanted a gatefold. Didn't find one. Got back and Zaxxon was offing all their LPs so I snagged 2 of these. One for Wells and the other form me. That was a couple months ago. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)
  • Various - Them Boners Be Poppin' LP (I have heard this lots of times but that was in the 1980s when this came out and before many of you were even spawn. I never got it when it came out and have been looking for it for years. Six months ago I found one for ten bucks and bought it. You would think with Tales of Terror, Verbal Abuse, and Fang on it, this would have hit the platter by now. It hasn't and I feel really guilty over this one. I'll get to it soon. I am sure.)


Ten Totally Awesome Bassists with Totally Awesome Bass Tones

  • Tracy Pew (The Birthday Party)
  • Min (A Frames)
  • Harry Crosby (Swans)
  • Wilf Plum (Dog Faced Hermans)
  • David Clough (Zero Boys)
  • Jah Wobble (PiL)
  • David Wm. Sims (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard)
  • Pat Noecker (Liars/nO Things)
  • Peter Hook (Joy Division)
  • Vern Rumsey (Unwound)


Sheer perfection: Ten songs that have been getting constant play lately

  1. Black Randy and the Metrosquad: "I Slept in an Arcade"
  2. The Clean: "Tally-ho"
  3. Half Japanese: "Calling All Girls"
  4. Urinals: "Sex"
  5. Verlaines: "Death and the Maiden"
  6. Angry Angles: "Things Are Moving"
  7. Ego Summit: "Half Off"
  8. Shit Dogs: "Raw Meat"
  9. Marked Men: "It's Wasted"
  10. Maureen Tucker: Playin' Possum (entire album)


Young Steve Borchardt’s Top Ten Favorite Lyrical Couplets That Come to Mind At the Moment

  1. "You’re using Tampax Super, she’s Using Kotex Pads
    She’s got those grown up ovaries, I wish I was your Dad."
    From “I’m in Love With Your Mom” by VOM (Live at Surf City 7”)
  2. "The place I live sure seems like jail
    I’ve got no one to post my bail."
    From Eddie and the Hotrods’ “Quit this Town” (Life on the Line LP)
  3. "One of these days you’ll see what I mean
    Well I’ve gotta treat ya like the soda machine."
    From the Users’ “Sick of You” (Sick of You 7”)
  4. "You only mock the avant garde
    because it’s a bit too hard."
    From “Please Ban Music/Gegen Alles" by the Country Teasers (The Empire Strikes Back LP)
  5. "Squeeze on my nut
    lick on my butt."
    From the Triple Six Mafia’s “Slob On My Knob” (Tear Da Club Up Thugs LP)
  6. "Then I got a tattoo of a dolphin on my belly button
    and Bobbie got a tattoo that said Panama City Beach 3003."
    From the Black Lips’ “Dirty Hands” (Let it Bloom LP)
  7. "We got new thoughts, new ideas, it’s all so groovy
    It’s just a shame that we have seen the same old movies."
    From “Private Affair” by the Saints (Eternally Yours LP)
  8. "It’s the dues you’ve got to pay
    for eating burgers every day."
    From the Dictators’ “Master Race” (Dictators Go Girl Crazy LP)
  9. "Sorry, sorry you’re always in a hurry
    You didn’t always look just like Nick Fury."
    From the FM Knives’ “TV Light” (Useless and Modern LP)
  10. "I used to tear my shirt, but now you’ve torn my heart
    I knew you were a Hulkamaniac right from the start."
    From Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band’s “Hulkster in Heaven” (Hulk Rules LP)


Top 10 Things in General

  1. Moving to Japan in September
  2. Government Warning live
  3. Isterismo demo tape
  4. HUF SF Clerks Pack Air Max 90s
  5. Bay Area broads & bros
  6. The Last Survivors "2001-2005" CD+DVD
  7. The Ralphs reissue
  8. Rich people with ebay accounts
  9. Releasing my first record
  10. -10000000. Probably not seeing all of my friends for at least a year - I'm gonna miss you all!


The ten records from this issue's review column you really need, I'm not shitting you (not including reissues):

  • Dry-Rot "Permission" EP (Cold Vomit)
  • Feeelers "Just Can't Get Enough" EP (Contaminated)
  • Homostupids "Brutal Birthday" EP (Richie)
  • Junkpile Jimmy "Alberhill" 2XLP (Cartel Ilustre)
  • Wrists "Freak of Natures" EP (Die Stasi)
  • Bassholes "Jack at Night" 7" (SSLD)
  • Lamps "Fred Astaire" 7" (SSLD)
  • CPC Gangbangs "Mechanical Man" 7"(SSLD)
  • Jay Reatard "Blood Visons" LP(SSLD)
  • Live Fast Die "Pissing on the Mainframe" EP (Douchemaster)