Trickknee's Best of 2006 Shit

I fucking hate making lists! Jesus Christ! But I guess I should "throw down," like the 20-somethings say. Like 2 years ago, there were tons of great 45s out there - I couldn't keep up, so no "you missed blah blah and the blah blahs" emails, please. All 25 listed below are more than worthy of a purchase, and I even had to leave some goodies off. LPs, shit, maybe it's me (probably), but I didn't hear a lotta good ones. I had to stretch the brainbone just to include 10 I wanted to listen to more than a few times. Maybe I'm just getting more impatient in my old age? Last year seemed to be a banner year for the LP, so I'm hoping to see another flip flop in 2007. Like usual, bands I am or have been involved with at Trick Knee Enterprises don't get listed, but please don't let that stop you from picking up the fine Pink Reason and Hue Blanc records that came out in 2006.


1. Tyvek "Mary Ellen Claims" - Fave new band of 2006. Great wobbly UK-reflective punk that's even better in the flesh. Catchy as Filthy Rich's ass mitt, too.

2. Bassholes "Jack at Night" - Straight-up blast that took me by surprise (even though I've always dug the 'holes). "New Rose" should be impossible to cover and agonizing to listen to, but it's the opposite of both.

3. The Hipshakes "Not Oblivians" & "Stick Around" - Best young punkers in the universe. Bruce rules (it seems)!

4. Home Blitz "Live Outside" - Shamblin' pre-punk punk-pop mess, as good as the first one. Time for a "Live at Budokan" type dubble-document.

5. Black & Whites "Fucked Up Heart" -I don't have the other one yet, but this baby definitely shows that southerners have a knack at popstuff that knows how to swing.

6. Cheveu "Clara Venus" - Left field machine punk with a touch of garage...I dunno, hardest band to categorize on the list. Unique and hypnotic, ya just gotta like it.

7. Anteenagers MC "Lets Not Have a Party" - Frustration folks do a more jump-catchy p-rock thing. Probably their best record. "Cars" is a hell of an anthem.

8. Hibachi Stranglers "Our City Doesn't Stink All The Time" - Not enough good punk rock out there, I tells ya. This 'Samoans through the oughts artpunk filter fills that gap nicely.

9. Frustration s/t - Every Frustration record is great, and this is no exception.

10. The Black Lips "Party at Rob's House" - Only this low because it's a live record, and I usually hate live recs, but "Oh Katrina" is a hook-monster (despite what Blajewka Joe sez) that pops in my head as much as any other song I've heard this year.

11. Homostupids "Brutal Birthday" - Offbeat & all over the place punk/electronic/kitchen sink shit that never seems forced and always retains a catchy edge that keeps the earbones tuned.

12. Time Flys "Reality Is A Rock Band" - My least favorite TF release so far, but it's still got that just-pre-formula punk rock thing goin' & a box fulla hooks. One of the elite bands out there.

13. Live Fast Die / VCR split - LFD is always a good mungy listen, but the real story here is the youngsters in VCR - cool B-Lipsy punk-garage that makes me anxious to hear more.

14. The Wrists "Freak of Natures" - Had their great demo for a while (who didn't?), and these are the best tunes from that. Two basses? Wacky! Artpunk with balls & heavy kersmack rhythm sense.

15. Wooden Shjips "Dance California" - S3 comparisons are more apt on this one than their 10". High level dreamy, spacey, whoah dude rock.

16. Tunnel of Love "Ghetto Child” - Kings of lo-fi art-trash garage.

17. Thomas Function "Vanity Lights" - A little more of a dramatic production than I usually go for, but this can be filed next to exceptions like the Cuts and Deadly Snakes. Subtle secret weapon - perfectly timed driving bass that propels the band and keeps the whole thing "rockin'."

18. Human Eye "Dinosaur Bones" - A welcome Vulgar return. D-Bones is awesome spacepunk swirl & a song I recognized as hot shit from the live show. Do we need another cover of "Hologram?" Nope. Great fucking drummer.

19. Black Time (all 3 7"s) - OK, I admit it - Black Time overload. But that's just me. All their singles are top notch UK rootspunk pants-seat experimentation. "Control Tower" is the best of the lot. "Girls in the Garage" finds 'em knocking about in the, uh, garage.

20. Knaughty Knights- Tommy Of The River" - Not as tops as the Goner one, but Rich has really been pulling off some exceptional pop numbers lately.

21. Busy Signals "Can't Feel a Thing" - I like the first one a little better, but this is a goodie, too. Lightning strummed punk pop w/ the biggest douche in the universe on triangle.

22. Pissed Jeans "Don't Need to Smoke" - Wherein Pissed Jeans pulls off a fast (for them) straight-up rocker that just destroys backed w/ a more typical PJ moment.

23. CPC Gangbangs "Mechanical Man" - CPC were always one of the most exciting live bands on the planet, but the recordings (except the first 7", which is basically a totally different band) hit the RAWK too hard for my taste. This one hits the RAWK but displays an energy level that makes the whole thing fly off the table.

24. Nothing People "Twinkie Defense" - 'Nother sorta weird story about oldsters from the farmfields putting together a p-rock art project that combines too many influences to go into here. Beddy interesting.

25. Ivan & the Terribles "Camel Clutch" - Well, it only took a dozen years or so for these (now) ex-Mystery Girls, Tantrums & Ladonnas to get a record out. Pete finally put down the cum bottle long enough to do it himself. Stupid BFTG meets Antiseen on the A and stupider wrestling-themed instros on the B.


1. Jay Reatard "Blood Visions" - I have no idea why this record polarized so many Jay fans. It's packed full of Jayhooks, Jayvox, Jayguitar, and Jaytude. The best set of songs he's released in a long time. What's not to like?

2. Frustration "Full of Sorrow" - Yeah, they like Joy Division. Yeah, 4 song 12" imports are expensive. Yeah, it's worth it.

3. LiveFastDie "Bandana Thrash Album" - Stupid stupid stupid. Duh. Idiot rock. A few mediocre numbers, but the goodies more than make up for 'em.

4. Evolutions "Go too Far" - I'm barely able to be objective on this one, being one of about a dozen people to see them play over the last couple years, but I gotta honestly believe that this is the REAL THING when it comes to mean ass punk rock, a true rarity nowadays. Roy's songs hit up the KBD, while Jamie's are in the 90s gay-rage punk vein (Oblivs, Mummies).

5. Haunted George "Panther Howl" - One lone desert fox (er panther) moanin' (er howlin') 'bout whoknows. Atmosphere so thick you could fuck it. Best roots display of 2006.

6. Fe Fi Fo Fums "Shake All Night" - It must be hard to do the early Rip Off garagepunk trash thing nowadays, because there's like 500 bands trying and less than a handful succeeding. The 'Fums know what's up, and what's up is a 90s themed party with bandit hats & mummy wraps.

7. Alarm Clocks "Time Has Come" - Even if this record weren't that good (and it is very good), this would be an incredible story. Band disappears for what, 35 years, and comes back with a set of songs that could be lifted directly from '66. Completely without parallel as far as I can tell. Blind test yer pals & few would be able to tell that this is contemporary.

8. Frantic "Attaque Of The Grizzlie" - I don't even like the Adolescents that much, and this certainly recalls their edge-of-hardcore harmonics, but this record is a great breezy listen with monsterhook hits like "White Town" and "Adderall."

9. The King Khan & BBQ Show "What's For Dinner" - By all rights, I should like this just as much as their modern-classic debut LP, but it hasn't forced listens for me in the same way. If this were the first thing I'd heard by these two, I'm sure it'd be tattoo'd to my ears, but as it sits, I like it just fine.

10. Hank IV "Third Person Shooter" - Sounds like this one shot right outta the mid-80s, which makes me like it more than if it were actually FROM the mid-80s. I'm not a huge AmRep/T&G fan (with several exceptions), but this is exceptionally well done for the genre. If you're into that sorta thing, I'll bet it'd be yer favorite new record (and make sure to check out the Lamps & Pissed Jeans & Clockcleaner while yer at it).

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